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Weston Rosario
Weston Rosario Pred 25 dnevi
Get to 2 mil so you don’t have to go bald.
cool bro
cool bro Pred mesecem
Clicked on the video and I got a commercial for simba loose ft ksi
_nicole_ Pred mesecem
I have been watching quite a few of your vids, and personally, I love the backstage videos soo much, but they are on par with the more relaxed sitting down vids: Reddit, q&a's would be fun or trying out Japanese/Korean food. Those are really interesting! Love your vids xxx
EricaLynn-13 1987
EricaLynn-13 1987 Pred mesecem
The things I’d do this man my god 😋
Travis DH
Travis DH Pred mesecem
Sick vid bro
yunus ali
yunus ali Pred mesecem
Tharsan J
Tharsan J Pred mesecem
Lit ep big man
777 Subscribers without any videa
Subbed :)
Black Crewmate
Black Crewmate Pred mesecem
Did- he just gave theeee ebeternsiepns. sa award!
Subbing to everyone who subs to me
Sam De Roeck
Sam De Roeck Pred mesecem
Has anyone else’s, just got a post notification just now?
Ridwan Barud
Ridwan Barud Pred mesecem
5 days 3k redit damnnn boiiiis
Jack Smith
Jack Smith Pred mesecem
Get kon to one million
Hunsweb Pred mesecem
Get this guy to 1 mil 😤
DeadFish Pred mesecem
Just wanted to say I really liked when you produced JJ's vids. They were very good and unique
beirika 74
beirika 74 Pred mesecem
I have just sub
Joeee3 Gaming
Joeee3 Gaming Pred mesecem
Yeah I wanna edit
Flash Studio
Flash Studio Pred mesecem
There you it's at 17k likes, let's see the commercial for bluman, subscribing now. Waiting.
Vanshika Shrivastava
15K like done ! :)
The pyro Guy
The pyro Guy Pred mesecem
If Kon can survive ksi reddit without getting bullied he can do anything so get him to 1mil
Jack Vaughan
Jack Vaughan Pred mesecem
14:47 the sidemen should do a super market sweep video
Adam Hassan
Adam Hassan Pred mesecem
do the commercial it hit 15 k!!
Joseph Bennett
Joseph Bennett Pred mesecem
641k as of now.
carlin Ponen
carlin Ponen Pred mesecem
Go sub to greenduck 3000
carlin Ponen
carlin Ponen Pred mesecem
Maybe fortnite
Emily Still
Emily Still Pred mesecem
His voice is so soothing and level
Dark Black
Dark Black Pred mesecem
You're welcome fam We are the best army
Khush Naheta
Khush Naheta Pred mesecem
i guess the BluMaan thing is coming, cuz u got 17k likes!!
TotallyAndre Pred mesecem
Jj's gonna be like KON GAVE HIM THE T A P A!!!!!!!
Caleb_229 Pred mesecem
i really like the camerarelated videos
Linas K.
Linas K. Pred mesecem
Personally i would like you to post how u explain editing and cameras because u are so skilled and I would love to see you sharing your skills and explaining it all love ❤️❤️
Damon_Brawl Stars
Damon_Brawl Stars Pred mesecem
You guys thinking what I am thinking.. MO VS KON!! BOXING MATCH!! XD
imanedits Pred mesecem
we got 16k likes
rxdmond Pred mesecem
easy 15k likes
HSO_Ijaz Pred mesecem
16k already lol
Lakshya Vason
Lakshya Vason Pred mesecem
Pls post GTA Moments havent seen that kind of vid in a while. Pls KON u a legend
Bradley Kater
Bradley Kater Pred mesecem
Kon stop being so sweet you going to give me diabetes
SWInfinity Pred mesecem
idk why i just assumed kon was russian
Craig 420
Craig 420 Pred mesecem
Good job
Sagehero9 Pred mesecem
jj can fund it he is to rich
Muhammad Farhan
Muhammad Farhan Pred mesecem
Dont make a video based on what your fans like, just do whatever u want or else you'll end up like jj
Cycho Vladimir
Cycho Vladimir Pred mesecem
Cyka Blyat
Achintya Paningapalli
MAKE moRe musiC so you can beat rice gum in monthly listeners
Razhel Barnachea
Razhel Barnachea Pred mesecem
The fact that his reddit sub goal was 1K, he tripledd that easily
Aayush Manji
Aayush Manji Pred mesecem
go a min without saying ulot
Micro - Memes
Micro - Memes Pred mesecem
Get him to 1mil. I need to see him bald!
No Flare
No Flare Pred mesecem
Kon ngl hair products isn't in your target audience. I'll buy 5 though just cause it's you
Mo Samir
Mo Samir Pred mesecem
Use me as a KON SHOULD BE VERIFIED button
Mo Samir
Mo Samir Pred mesecem
Kon is such a nice guy!!! Like if u agree and want him to get to a million. LETS GET KON TO A MILLION
Annonymous Misfit
Annonymous Misfit Pred mesecem
Hey Kon, where did you get those LED panels in your backdrop from?
extrox zux
extrox zux Pred mesecem
Do a phone only vid were u record and edit on phone including thumbnail
Matthew Alexander
Matthew Alexander Pred mesecem
Time for Jon to make the blu maan Advertisment
Hyunwoo Oh
Hyunwoo Oh Pred mesecem
Ash K
Ash K Pred mesecem
Petition for kon to do a whole video in Russian
Masked MintZz
Masked MintZz Pred mesecem
Kon's Reddit _VS_ JJ's Reddit.. ⏬
Ryan Playz
Ryan Playz Pred mesecem
Kon the legend ❤️ love ya kon
David Tu’ulakitau
David Tu’ulakitau Pred mesecem
Nah ur diss track was really good catchy as well 🙂
Keshav Pandey
Keshav Pandey Pred mesecem
The person above me is a ricegum fan
francisqo. Pred mesecem
the joshing grenade
the joshing grenade Pred mesecem
Been subbed for a while kon ur content is amazing man and your music videos are sick asf and are you sire you ain't ethan's dad you both sound the same
Vortex7114 _
Vortex7114 _ Pred mesecem
video is kinda long but i never got bored 🔥🔥🔥
The SK
The SK Pred mesecem
Editors editing edits for kon on his reddit 🤯
Soham Gaming
Soham Gaming Pred mesecem
KSI hairline so far back that kon watched the vid a week ago
WFTN Abillites
WFTN Abillites Pred mesecem
kon you also got yourself more subs from the good videos you've put out recently
DrawNoJutsu Pred mesecem
Привет Костя!
speeding hawkins
speeding hawkins Pred mesecem
Jj: Con man u cant just do that! Kon: he deserved it Jj: nah nah anything but the TAPA
Kacper wiechnik
Kacper wiechnik Pred mesecem
His song slaps
Liiam _
Liiam _ Pred mesecem
Is it just me or does Konstantin look like the most genuine guy ever?? Like if I met him on the street I could borrow him my phone and trust him to get it back the next day
J Lakin
J Lakin Pred mesecem
Personally would love to see more camera/editing videos but will watch anything you post mate, so do the vids that make you happy :)
_AquaZz_ Pred mesecem
More videos with TAZ!!!!
Skylark Pred mesecem
He needs more then a post for recognition my man needs 1 mill subs more clout and ofc more recognition
OtakuHedgehog Pred mesecem
kon: "i'm running quite low on my favorite one" also kon: shows an empty pot
BallerKing2345 Pred mesecem
Is it true the best cameraman and editor and director in the game hearts comments?
Kai Pred mesecem
kon is the most chill guy, such an underrated channel - big respect to kon
CM M Pred mesecem
Ksi Reddit is irrelevant. Kon is 👑
Riad-Otaku -Dz
Riad-Otaku -Dz Pred mesecem
well at least i commented on a post that made it to kons video.... CHECK THE COMMENTS GOD DAMN IT KON
RTzeexy Pred mesecem
he deserved a reward but not the biggest reward tobi or josh did the same not knowing reddit/reddit rewards just giving the biggest reward...
MoTheProdigy Pred mesecem
Boys, I MADE IT!!!
slp gaming
slp gaming Pred mesecem
Definitely better than Josh's shit
You Dont Need To Know This
Hope you get to 999k bro, can't imagine you bald.
Shiv Bhandari
Shiv Bhandari Pred mesecem
This is off topic, but Kon kinda has the shame face shape and haircut as la5ty lol
stephen smith
stephen smith Pred mesecem
Would lobe to see kon doing a photography competition with other SLtv photographers someone picks random photo subjects, they each take their best version and someone judges
TD Gibby
TD Gibby Pred mesecem
1 million by the end of the year? Let’s do it!
HRH Pred mesecem
Blumaan is perfect but very cheap
HRH Pred mesecem
You have gone to 2k m8
Mohammed Sheikh
Mohammed Sheikh Pred mesecem
Just wannna say I go loxford in illford and I’m so glad the legend kon also went there
G̷o̷D̷e̷X̷ Pred mesecem
Kons music is legit better then ricegums music as well as Jake pauls lol 😂
M.J.S_ Music
M.J.S_ Music Pred mesecem
Kon I feel like you need to zoom out your camera mate
Marshmallow Muslim
Marshmallow Muslim Pred mesecem
lets get him to 1mil
G̷o̷D̷e̷X̷ Pred mesecem
Yousof Zaid
Yousof Zaid Pred mesecem
Kon has a mad calming voice
wolfie gachaa
wolfie gachaa Pred mesecem
your so hard working kon and underrated, hope you hit 1 mil!💕
MasterOfElementz Pred mesecem
Kon gets 1m = lol baldstantin
Umar Amin
Umar Amin Pred mesecem
I'm not even gonna lie, this Reddit will produce alot of quality content ideas.
Silvestaro Pred mesecem
gang shieet
gang shieet Pred mesecem
A Student
A Student Pred mesecem
PewDiePie was searching for someone to direct his music video in his video yesterday I think. You should apply Amazing vid btw
Awesomedude 570
Awesomedude 570 Pred mesecem
Hey guys remember to chase your dreams. My dreams are to get 10k subs
Rey Walker
Rey Walker Pred mesecem
Hey kon, we know you are good with adobe products so would you be willing to open a channel to show your editing skill?
Weirdfish Music
Weirdfish Music Pred mesecem
He should be at one mill
Shubat Islam
Shubat Islam Pred mesecem
hi kon
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