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What I use to track calories: amzn.to/2HwmhlF
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John: j10k._
The camera's I used for this video:
GoPro Hero 7: amzn.to/2LhCix3
GoPro Fusion 360
Sony A7SII



2. sep. 2019

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Marcelo Souza
Marcelo Souza Pred 3 meseci
well....studies show that calories burned on these fit watches are grossly overstated
krotonic crater
krotonic crater Pred 3 meseci
he the most underated youtuber everrrrrr
Pencil X
Pencil X Pred 4 meseci
It's because your heart has to work harder wich means burning more calories
Brian Boyle
Brian Boyle Pred 4 meseci
go on lad u an inspiration u be jacked in like 2 months my g
UniQz Kas
UniQz Kas Pred 5 meseci
I don’t know how Kon does this. He’s so talented
BTSdepresso o
BTSdepresso o Pred 6 meseci
The amount of times Charlies been slapped for being late to shoots, is hilarious
Tatevik Atanesyan
Tatevik Atanesyan Pred 9 meseci
Kon bro can you do stream and speak russian. I can Привет бротан
Will Pagan
Will Pagan Pred 11 meseci
You guys should try to down load on apple strore the app called calorie munch out .... its great for the entire family
Willy C
Willy C Pred 11 meseci
Did he rlly just say ‘badmington’?
Main_Hoe07 Pred 11 meseci
can anyone tell me why Kon looks like Lazercorn from Smosh at 4:51????
Dawson Malinowski
Dawson Malinowski Pred 11 meseci
Love the Peter McKinnon soundtrack
TheLegitMind Pred letom
Kon was basically me and my friend, we were terrified first time round because we scared of heights, then we wanted to do it again and again
P3RVY S4GE Pred letom
My name is babatunde! 😂😂😂
Lewis Barlow
Lewis Barlow Pred letom
It all depends on your resting heart rate, if it is higher it takes you less time to get to a heart rate where you are burning calories. The fitter you get though the lower your resting heart rate will become
malik memo
malik memo Pred letom
10:40 burning calories depend on height, weight, age, and gender so you weight more and you are taller than your friend that's why you burned more calories
lukasnielsenyall Pred letom
Amazing Video and series!!
basxco Pred letom
9:20 babatunde in the background 😂
Bsred Ghjt
Bsred Ghjt Pred letom
Great work man keep doing what you're doing
fluskii Pred letom
The more overweight you are the more you lose weight
DylanTKicks Pred letom
Thought this was a bhez vid lol
IDK WAFFLE Pred letom
I have swim 2000 Meters I'm 12
The WebMaker
The WebMaker Pred letom
let us know the weight change :)
Obvious Lee
Obvious Lee Pred letom
Obese people burn calories easier under normal exercise than someone who’s fit, because there’s a higher mass of fat being converted into glucose for respiration, whereas in someone’s who’s fit (unless they’ve just ate), have significantly less fat or glucose to be used in respiratory to release energy for exercise and activity.
Leander Raknes
Leander Raknes Pred letom
Anyone know what the name of the clock and app is?
Konstantin Pred letom
Link in description
David 32
David 32 Pred letom
I'm gonna love this challenge 🔥🔥🔥
ed12fn Pred letom
That behind the scene sidemen vid was interesting. You should do vids of that
Anna English
Anna English Pred letom
Can you do more videos of be hind the scenes with sidemen
Devil Sami
Devil Sami Pred letom
Such an old vid
Oregon grower
Oregon grower Pred letom
You can only do this if you’re over weight or just bigger then normal. If I did this I wouldn’t lose weight because I’m already in shape
olly Pred letom
Your heart is a muscle so you can train it, a stronger heart can push more blood in one pump than a weaker heart which means you heart is doing more beats to pump the same amount of blood Tomas someone healthier
A B Pred letom
I like Kon and this is a creative video so far, but as a guy who has been focused on fitness for the past 3 months, I cringed when he said he burned 2000 calories after simply walking up to a zip line 3 times. Simply getting your heart rate up doesnt burn that many calories. If that were the case, we would get slimmer just by riding roller coasters and watching scary movies. That watch, or the way he is reading it, is definitely inaccurate. And even though you're a bigger guy, walking up flights of stairs also doesn't burn that much energy in such a short amount of time. Despite popular belief, cardio is the least efficient way to lose weight. Kon, if you actually want to burn a reasonable amount of calories in a single day, the best thing you can do is weight training AND adjust your nutrition for optimal calorie consumption. Our body is an engine. What you put into it is more important than how you use it. Good luck and keep learning.
Konstantin Pred letom
Love that thank you!!! Will defiantly try that side of things out, I was aware in the past just wasn’t sure how to make it entertaining on video
I4AM- SAVAGE- Pred letom
The real people behind the sidemen ( the editors and the camera people ) , you kon
Alan G
Alan G Pred letom
you're trying hard to lose weight im sitting here with a couple of cakes from greggs
Luke Snelgrove
Luke Snelgrove Pred letom
What fitbit does he use?
splaterpus23 Pred letom
KON, review the watch. I've heard fitbits and Samsung watches don't take your heart rate into account when tallying up calories.
Liam Flex
Liam Flex Pred letom
I wonder if the sidemen make a lot of money off sidemen because they have so many employees and costs
Kieran S
Kieran S Pred letom
Great video! You instantly earned my sub
WARmachine ROCKS21
my boy is doing bits
Tarley Smith
Tarley Smith Pred letom
I love your videos! And you thank you for keeping me entertained ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Ali Shah
Ali Shah Pred letom
Does anyone know which Fitbit he uses to keep track of the amount of calories he’s burning
Konstantin Pred letom
Ali Shah link in my description!!!
Samarth Kochhar
Samarth Kochhar Pred letom
❤️❤️ Kon you mad lad. Nothing but love and support
lake Pred letom
loved this video. keep up the good work
Oliver Lawton
Oliver Lawton Pred letom
Kon v jake Paul on the under card
Ben Lewis
Ben Lewis Pred letom
I love Kon's vlogs! 😁😁
x7Black Cobra
x7Black Cobra Pred letom
What Fitbit does kon and the sidemen use for their videos
x7Black Cobra
x7Black Cobra Pred letom
Chears Kon, I need one of those, love your vids
Konstantin Pred letom
John Hubbard link in the description
Calvin Bennett
Calvin Bennett Pred letom
That's my school
Calvin Bennett
Calvin Bennett Pred letom
Oasis arena
Finlay Crowe
Finlay Crowe Pred letom
Good luck mate good on you !
Zuju Ztyle
Zuju Ztyle Pred letom
Adam McMillan
Adam McMillan Pred letom
Kon, toue burning more calories because your heart is working harder to pump blood around your body, plus your taller and bigger than him
Josh Parker
Josh Parker Pred letom
loving the intro kon nicely done in mid air 👌
lxam Pred letom
The reason that your burning more is because your heartrate is going up more and going down more. The blood is being pushed around your body really quickly therefore you are burning more calories. (i think. I am fat so what do i know)
joshua laity
joshua laity Pred letom
What is the song st 11:13??
J143 Pred letom
Go to Warwick castle
All about boxing
All about boxing Pred letom
This was a fun video❤️
Mail Effilloj
Mail Effilloj Pred letom
What Fitbit did you use?
Mail Effilloj
Mail Effilloj Pred letom
Konstantin Pred letom
The Versa - I left a link to it in the description
Ejkeke Wikekw
Ejkeke Wikekw Pred letom
Weigh yourself just with like shorts on and don’t hold the camera when you do as it will give you a better idea of your weight bro
denden51 Pred letom
i called you out on youtubbe :)
Blazenith Pred letom
Which Sidemen knows Simon the best is coming out😁😁😁
KingNAZ Pred letom
Get Randolph involved
Heaney_S Pred letom
Boris bike😂😂
Jamie West YT
Jamie West YT Pred letom
Looking forward to the other episodes 🔥🙌🏼
Bobham24 Pred letom
Kon you need to sleep man! You have the biggest bags under your eyes!
Dutchy Pred letom
Ayy finally, been waiting on this for two weeks since the sneak peek bro :D Sick vid, lookin forward to the next parts!
Gold Ribbons
Gold Ribbons Pred letom
I think it's because the more someone weighs, the more calories they burn even with doing the exact same exercise as a skinny person, it's something about how your body has to work harder. Anyways, loved the video. cant wait for a part 2!!
alx100 Pred letom
Please do continue this series (maybe less ''extreme'' than 5k maybe 2k or 3k) on for maybe a few months ! A) You'd Get really Fit B) Great Content C) We can Keep up With your progress with Weight and Cardio which (for most) is entertaining :D *Keep it Up :D
alx100 Pred letom
Ohhhh I'm already LOVING this series :D !!!
Ninian Grant
Ninian Grant Pred letom
Devin Short
Devin Short Pred letom
I love how doing this made you genuinely happy
Jack Turner
Jack Turner Pred letom
How to get fitter while securing bags
Cammi Pred letom
Fuck sake, back to everyone getting you mixed up with Ethan again Kon ;)
ASLAN.M Pred letom
I just realised it’s always raining in London
Jumbo Pred letom
Yo after the tinder shoot were they filming 'how well do you know simon'
Amy Lieu
Amy Lieu Pred letom
Proud of you 🥰
Axel Johansson
Axel Johansson Pred letom
Ksi would need this challange
Jkinghdd Pred letom
Such a sick video can’t wait for the others
Jimmy Mills
Jimmy Mills Pred letom
Please do more videos like this, it was a great idea u had, really well shot and amazingly edited pls keep this up my guy
J_Mountford 05
J_Mountford 05 Pred letom
Well done bro🔥👍
Josh Walker
Josh Walker Pred letom
Good content, and mad respect for the grind, keep it up man
James O’reilly
James O’reilly Pred letom
Because you’re heavier you lose more faster keep up the grind bro 🤙
Aron Alagaraj
Aron Alagaraj Pred letom
Someone who is unfit has a weaker heart meaning that for the same amount of exercise your heart needs to pump a lot more in order to supply the same amount of oxygen than someone who’s fit
Nick Richards
Nick Richards Pred letom
Mad dedication!!
Mahad Hassan
Mahad Hassan Pred letom
It almost doesn’t feel like I’m watching SLtv it just feels so clean I can’t describe it
Cameron Goodchild
mario mc shane
mario mc shane Pred letom
You should do more videos off behind the seans of the sidemen
ItsMysty Pred letom
Uf ur bigger your gonna burn more calories than a skinnier person as your moving more weight i reckon
carlos sousa
carlos sousa Pred letom
Amazing 🔥🔥
Massimo Manssens
Massimo Manssens Pred letom
I’m trying to lose weight aswell, i’m going to the gym and try to do at least some kinda sport for an hour everyday, if you want to lose weight you need to keep track of the intake and outgoing amount of the calories, you should try to burn 500 kcal more than you eat a day and yes you burn more kcal because you’re not used to exercise just like me i’m also 108 kg but lost 1.4 kg in a week just by doing what i just said ! Cool vid and good luck ! Keep it going !
baked beans
baked beans Pred letom
Emily West
Emily West Pred letom
You should do this more often
Ashwin Vinod
Ashwin Vinod Pred letom
yes! i enjoyed this a lot kon! more!!
shadza123 sm
shadza123 sm Pred letom
thats acctually a great vide keep up with the good work
LKT Pred letom
Your heavier so you’ll burn more doing the same stuff 👍🏻
Max Pred letom
Sammy J
Sammy J Pred letom
#Konhive reporting early
Atto tame
Atto tame Pred letom
moral of this series: every little bit of thing helps
Rhino 6662
Rhino 6662 Pred letom
You should weigh yourself first thing in the morning after youve gone to the toilet so you get your proper weight
thealmightyva605 Pred letom
The babatunde in the background 😂 I’m really enjoying this video
Mlibi Gaming
Mlibi Gaming Pred letom
I see you kon tryna to copy your twin anyway good thing see you do this kinda thing really motivational
Cilicate Pred letom
Proud watcher . Actually gonna start tracking my cals burned
Rhys Davies
Rhys Davies Pred letom
Kon you absolute legend keep up this fire content ❤️
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