I made a Doritos Commercial in my dining room 

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13. maj. 2020

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Konstantin Pred 4 meseci
For those asking for the final result it was in the start of the video! My bad should of edited it to show up at the end too.
Bailey Watkins
Bailey Watkins Pred 3 meseci
Doritos should actually use this tbh
Muhammad Vika
Muhammad Vika Pred 4 meseci
Akash Jaichandran
Akash Jaichandran Pred 4 meseci
@GamingClover559 ツ h
Meeeme Pred 4 meseci
Demian Pred 4 meseci
looks like real Doritos commercial lol
Notorious Toxic
Notorious Toxic Pred 2 dnevi
I was like why he talking so fast me when I realize the sound is 2.0
Yo Mandz
Yo Mandz Pred 3 dnevi
You're so clever! Love it
Chris Wyatt
Chris Wyatt Pred mesecem
£1.25 for a bag? And they're on sale? London be mad. Never buy it when over £1
ROESN Pred mesecem
Where did you get the animated backgrounds from ?
L. oko
L. oko Pred mesecem
aRkive_clan Pred 2 meseci
video idea kon, editing a sidemen vid on iphone
aRkive_clan Pred 2 meseci
@Konstantin soz mate it was just a idea love u content so mush i edit my videos n movie maker how sad is that lol
Konstantin Pred 2 meseci
aRkive_clan you want my phone to explode ?
mpia mangwata
mpia mangwata Pred 2 meseci
Your ethens brother or twin
Zawazuki Pred 2 meseci
Wow, this turned out stellar!
Khoyrul Miah
Khoyrul Miah Pred 3 meseci
I learnt so much from this guy
Tobi Fapohunda
Tobi Fapohunda Pred 3 meseci
For the transition between the salsa and the original doritos you used it in your diss track
Liquid Nash
Liquid Nash Pred 3 meseci
I even checked to see whether its an ad or not....rofl
Sara Mclaughlin
Sara Mclaughlin Pred 3 meseci
I thought the video was a real ad LOl
Flavoured Tech
Flavoured Tech Pred 3 meseci
thats a great advert, good work dude
Josh Newbury
Josh Newbury Pred 3 meseci
Very professional
Army Plays
Army Plays Pred 3 meseci
JSTEV Pred 3 meseci
You are very talented great job!!!
Mestador Pred 3 meseci
My mouth did water
Jotinha Pred 3 meseci
literally got doritos ad
Sir Skiward
Sir Skiward Pred 3 meseci
You should contact doritos to make this an ad
Charted Pred 3 meseci
Imagine it being a SLtv advert
Hood Meme Clips
Hood Meme Clips Pred 3 meseci
Someone hire this guy
Hood Meme Clips
Hood Meme Clips Pred 3 meseci
Most Recent Comment Here
RG Reaper
RG Reaper Pred 3 meseci
1 question : How did he put a stick through the doritos 🤔
YesOrDie Pred 3 meseci
This is some good photoshoppingz tbh I would think this was a real commercial
Meta Slushy
Meta Slushy Pred 3 meseci
10:11 who else thought of t-bone
Rio Pred 3 meseci
Original content
Richard Smith-Miller
Richard Smith-Miller Pred 3 meseci
My mouth watered before he even said anything about it
Palmtree pugs
Palmtree pugs Pred 3 meseci
Wow 🤣🤣🤣
Owenjames HD
Owenjames HD Pred 3 meseci
Me at the end 👁️👄👁️
Phady Pred 3 meseci
I eat a whole lemon
Nicholas Boorman
Nicholas Boorman Pred 3 meseci
So it's obvious but as soon as I seen with paid promotion I was like please Doritos do the right thing
ツJester Pred 3 meseci
If you're wondering why the video is low contrast, it's so he can enhance the color using his choice of editing software.
krosblox Pred 3 meseci
you did a great job at making a ad
Cadon1401 Pred 3 meseci
This video is sponsored by doritos... ohh wait nevermind
Leo Adderley
Leo Adderley Pred 3 meseci
My mouth did not watered
Univerthh Pred 3 meseci
kept seeing this on recommended so I decided to click it
j12692 j12692
j12692 j12692 Pred 3 meseci
This is probably the only commercial I would fully watch
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name Pred 3 meseci
IF KON DOESN’T GET 1MIL BY THE END OF 2020 ima be pissed
PyR0 Pred 3 meseci
“I made a Doritos commercial in my room” Gets ad for kitkat🙃
Mirza Munif
Mirza Munif Pred 3 meseci
Kon I know you check through old comments so I am hoping that you'll tell me what camera you used to shoot the ad
Samu Lee
Samu Lee Pred 3 meseci
0:23 u can see the greenscreen on the bowl lol
If i do this
If i do this Pred 4 meseci
Monopoly Pred 4 meseci
Trea Catling
Trea Catling Pred 4 meseci
Who else thought he was gonna say his sponsor was doritos
Wonder Pred 4 meseci
omg im so hungry now
MeAnimates Pred 4 meseci
How to make a commercial (DIY version)
DJKiller123100 Pred 4 meseci
literally the instant the lemons came out my mouth watered, that was quite coola nd weird
Jergio_Job Pred 4 meseci
I really liked this video
XinscSZN Pred 4 meseci
I like how he says *douhritos*
Ghozt Dawn
Ghozt Dawn Pred 4 meseci
@Ghozt Dawn
Ghozt Dawn
Ghozt Dawn Pred 4 meseci
gobi Pred 4 meseci
how hungry are you: 724,196 people: yes
Matt Bradbury
Matt Bradbury Pred 4 meseci
This looks legit lmaaooo
Iam_Aidan_ Pred 4 meseci
Kon is mad talented
Lorus Gaming
Lorus Gaming Pred 4 meseci
your hair doesent look that bad
Tom 116
Tom 116 Pred 4 meseci
Everyone gangster until you get a doritos ad on this vid.
RareYoutuber5000 Pred 4 meseci
gg. cant wait to see this on me tele
PwnBloxxed Pred 4 meseci
not to be rude but the editing looks like five minute crafts LMFAO
Julian Griffiths
Julian Griffiths Pred 4 meseci
i just noticed how fun your vids are hahahaha
Fenn Flory
Fenn Flory Pred 4 meseci
Bites into lemon, creeps nah fam
Mr Twan
Mr Twan Pred 4 meseci
He just wanted a good reason to get some Doritos
Clowd Pred 4 meseci
My mouth watered!
euphoric_tsumi Pred 4 meseci
DORITOS BETTER USE THIS edit: with credit obviously
avfg2mqt gouveia
avfg2mqt gouveia Pred 4 meseci
am i the only person that doesn't think lemons are to sour
SimpsonGaming Pred 4 meseci
the before and after pictures are not the same picture (i think)
Subing to anyone who subs to me
Now do paper
Joseph HoeingRobinson
Joseph HoeingRobinson Pred 4 meseci
This is the first video I saw on your channel and this is amazing, I subscribed just because this one video.
Pandrome Pred 4 meseci
This actually looks very professional
Blue Cat
Blue Cat Pred 4 meseci
Im eating doritos and watching this!
PHARA GeoT3x063
PHARA GeoT3x063 Pred 4 meseci
Why wasn't the ad quality on 4k
Usim Pred 4 meseci
Probably was but your watching off SLtv
Mixt 696
Mixt 696 Pred 4 meseci
Konstantin are you romanian?
AD4M Pred 4 meseci
Hey guys how do i find the skip ad button?
Luke m
Luke m Pred 4 meseci
5:01 his eyes look dead and his voice does aswell
Lars van Bergen
Lars van Bergen Pred 4 meseci
This is an amazing video! Enjoyed it
Quarantined Gamer Lemon
What program did you use? Also the kit link in the description is an ip tracker link so if you click it your ip is tracked
PHARA GeoT3x063
PHARA GeoT3x063 Pred 4 meseci
Doritos hire this dude
DesPaciTO_sPAjdER Pred 4 meseci
so here`s where the camera man went
CALL ME VITAL Pred 4 meseci
When he bit the lemon I got a watery mouth while having heart burn (acid reflex)
JaVe ZR Pred 4 meseci
Where has quarantine brought me today!
Raagul Sureshbabu
Raagul Sureshbabu Pred 4 meseci
This is really good
Harry Friend
Harry Friend Pred 4 meseci
This made me hungry, and it’s midnight so I cant eat 😭😭😭😭
Jash Doshi
Jash Doshi Pred 4 meseci
Awesome! Do check out my commerical too
Owen Read
Owen Read Pred 4 meseci
when u said beef hula hoops I was literally eating them
Kieran CSC
Kieran CSC Pred 4 meseci
Let’s get kon to 10 mil
Reecent Pred 4 meseci
Does anyone have a link to the preanimated backgrounds that @Konstantin used?
ALFYX 5 Pred 4 meseci
That music sounds like the ninja melk music
Diamondsquad. Pred 4 meseci
This deserves my subscription.
Joshua Davis
Joshua Davis Pred 4 meseci
This is quality work don’t get me wrong and I could probably never do this but I don’t think this would be Dorito advert quality
Tranquil’s Memes
Tranquil’s Memes Pred 4 meseci
This is quite early but..... Congratulations on 600K!
lightning ik
lightning ik Pred 4 meseci
Just a suggestion I think you should put the final product at the end of the video
Oh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeah
This is just making me crave Doritos
The Start Of RavenzStuff
At Least You Did it
NeonBanditYT Pred 4 meseci
Lol I got a Doritos Stacks ad before the vid started! 😂😂
Mqamar Pred 4 meseci
Hire this man
ZurfixClips Pred 4 meseci
This guy is so talented
FunnyTonight Pred 4 meseci
simply Awesome ! Konstantin What Are You Doing Tonight ? if Nothing Lets be >>>> ♥ FunnyTonight ♥
Jacob Dawson
Jacob Dawson Pred 4 meseci
Who else has just eaten Doritos. | | | V
Panday - PUBG MOBILE Pred 4 meseci
*Doritos want to know your location*
cRownn Pred 4 meseci
Where is the end product? How it looks like wtf
cRownn Pred 4 meseci
@Konstantin ahh shit my bad bro i must have skipped it somehow.. it looked really good!! Keep it up
Konstantin Pred 4 meseci
It was at the start
1 Nick
1 Nick Pred 4 meseci
Doritos should hire him....
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