How I Edited SIDEMEN Christmas Songs Music Videos 

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17. dec. 2019

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Konstantin Pred 10 meseci
👍 for The Gift ❤️ for Merry Christmas
MC BigMac
MC BigMac Pred 4 meseci
🍆 for Callux In that case... 🍆
Christine Garcia
Christine Garcia Pred 6 meseci
Cody Smith
Cody Smith Pred 9 meseci
I don’t need gifts i am the gift
Piggynhippo Pred 10 meseci
@Ibrahim Shehzad I'd assume not otherwise the sidemen would do it, ofc they may be busy but still
Ibrahim Shehzad
Ibrahim Shehzad Pred 10 meseci
Konstantin is it easy to edit them just asking
AVIRAT Pred mesecem
oyyy mate you have helped me a lot
Daniell De Carvalho
Daniell De Carvalho Pred 3 meseci
Do you pay for premiere pro
Adi Nounou
Adi Nounou Pred 5 meseci
love your videos man. please make a premiere pro tips and tricks video!!!
Adi Nounou
Adi Nounou Pred 5 meseci
love your videos man. please make a premiere pro tips and tricks video!!!
Luis Greenwood
Luis Greenwood Pred 8 meseci
AxTech Pred 8 meseci
but how many times did premiere crash?
JayneeGoesViral Pred 8 meseci
i love this
AB 50
AB 50 Pred 8 meseci
You fucking legend subscribed
Tobias Junker
Tobias Junker Pred 9 meseci
poor kon he has to look at jj´s ass every video
Tapiwa Muza
Tapiwa Muza Pred 9 meseci
Yaku Zafier
Yaku Zafier Pred 9 meseci
1:25 🤫
Tahmid Mz
Tahmid Mz Pred 9 meseci
kon is a cool guy but i feel like he uses sidemen for clout
nxahsvids Pred 5 meseci
How 😂
alysha Pred 9 meseci
Kon is actually so underrated.
Spencer Wood
Spencer Wood Pred 9 meseci
Kon, search "Dutty Moonshine Big Band" on fb. They're a Swing & Bass group who have just be signed by Universal and are looking for someone capable of shooting 3 music videos on 4 figure budgets during Jan/Feb... think it could be a great opportunity for you They have just released the post searching for someone today.
Kimora Pred 10 meseci
Kon has does so much for the sidemen and honestly he deserves more subs!!
Salman Adam
Salman Adam Pred 10 meseci
You're a Legend 👑💯👍
jay k
jay k Pred 10 meseci
What's the name of the video editing app?
nxahsvids Pred 5 meseci
Its called Adobe premiere Pro (on computer)
Bengal Pred 10 meseci
Kon is top. Top is Kon.
Sino Pred 10 meseci
Soo you have a big role in The sidemen
Kuku Pred 10 meseci
jallow is one among the 39 dislikes
Joe High
Joe High Pred 10 meseci
Just me or are kons eyes at the start really red
Parz 2ND ACC
Parz 2ND ACC Pred 10 meseci
Mans a legend innit
Mr. andy
Mr. andy Pred 10 meseci
Константин, У тебя есть Настоящий талант ,Молодец. 🙌🙏
Paramjeet Kaur
Paramjeet Kaur Pred 10 meseci
You really could have done better !!!
stackzYT Pred 10 meseci
honestly you are so underrated you deserve more credit for everything you do imagine editing so many vids jus so we can enjoy watching sidemen vids every week #MasterMindBehindSidemenSunday
Chowinz Pred 10 meseci
kon: ok so they sent me a TBJZL 9000 it's pretty cool
Matt Cooper
Matt Cooper Pred 10 meseci
Kon! Could you leave a link for the RetroGrade Preset please?
Konstantin Pred 10 meseci
It comes as a package of many plugins from RedGiant : www.redgiant.com/products/universe/ It’s a subscription based thing sadly but proven to be very useful to me in alot of edits
thehardwareguy Pred 10 meseci
Love these videos man! always learn something new! Thank you.
Worst Behavior
Worst Behavior Pred 10 meseci
I don’t know sh*t about video editing but I still enjoy watching these videos!
Kolya Henaway
Kolya Henaway Pred 10 meseci
But he still messed up “the gift” lyrics. When tobi said ill he put I’ll.
Joe Sinclair
Joe Sinclair Pred 10 meseci
Here before 100k
Josh Nunn
Josh Nunn Pred 10 meseci
Please to a tutorial on how to make perfect glitch effects just started using them but they end up not looking very natural and look chopped into my videos
End33r Pred 10 meseci
What audio recording software do you find is most newbie-friendly?
Tejalkera_Msp love
Tejalkera_Msp love Pred 10 meseci
Great video!!! :)
ProfJeffy Pred 10 meseci
Kon why don't you use a Captions layer for the captions? That works so much better than having to copy a text layer every time imo
Konstantin Pred 10 meseci
I find that too fiddly and less control of other assets. With the way premier does text now I can just drag the same text layer out for whatever duration I want and then make cuts and change it that way, it treats each cut as an individual text layer.
Ali Hussain
Ali Hussain Pred 10 meseci
Great video👍
Hasan Pred 10 meseci
This man is so talented
Hristo Popov
Hristo Popov Pred 10 meseci
shit content mate
Kaz666 Kazek
Kaz666 Kazek Pred 10 meseci
Where is the slavic squat ?! :D
Shamar Esin
Shamar Esin Pred 10 meseci
GHP HD Pred 10 meseci
Like so Konstantin can see Yo! Sidemen collab with John Boyega would be sick and I think he would really fit in! Would be perfect for team Nigeria🇳🇬 vs UK🇬🇧
cmcfall77 _
cmcfall77 _ Pred 10 meseci
Kon, check out Joyner Lucas’ most recent music video where he shows how his adhd video was made, just in case you needed inspiration for something, love your work bro 🙌
pascal de graaf
pascal de graaf Pred 10 meseci
I really like these vids and done a lot of editing but cant find any work in it at the moment and cant afford premiere
Konstantin Pred 10 meseci
Try editing in Resolve it’s free!
Samu Gabor
Samu Gabor Pred 10 meseci
also ever thought about using luts or cine grade (or davinci for that matter) instead of lumetri as its limited
Konstantin Pred 10 meseci
Samu Gabor for certain projects like music videos with a high budget always - something like this with a quick turn over time I feel like I can get away with not putting it through such a long process. I did nothing specific with lighting due to the challenge limitations - we had to do this on no budget)
Samu Gabor
Samu Gabor Pred 10 meseci
4.53 im guessing u meant interpreting the footage meaning changing to 25fps but yh audio can get out of sync fair point but if u record in 60fps the normal slow motion (surprised u used 50 please explain why curious) then its harder to know the percentage every time!
Konstantin Pred 10 meseci
The % will always stay the same Filming In PAL setting means you get 25fps or 50fps - meaning you’re timeline of your final project that you are working on should be 25fps Working in NTSC format you can film either in 30fps or 60fps - your final timeline should be in 30fps
Sagudante Bugasolago
Sagudante Bugasolago Pred 10 meseci
sick sponser
Ethan James
Ethan James Pred 10 meseci
Keep killing it kon love the work you do
MyEddie345 Pred 10 meseci
So many little knowledge bombs for Premiere Pro editing, make more how to's/tutorials Kon! You're a big help
Alex EH
Alex EH Pred 10 meseci
kon is tooooo sick
kerry dent
kerry dent Pred 10 meseci
What did he study at uni
Jerry George
Jerry George Pred 10 meseci
I fifahd
I fifahd Pred 10 meseci
You're so sick
LORENZO MILIND Pred 10 meseci
LEGEND! learning so much more from your videos!
Brep Godiola
Brep Godiola Pred 10 meseci
The man, the myth, the legend.
Roronoa Zoro
Roronoa Zoro Pred 10 meseci
I love how keemstar commented on the song and he showed the beginning where your name pops up 😂😂❤👌👌👌
Harmxn Pred 10 meseci
Lmao my name is Harman and I thought "wait did he just thank me?"
itsjoanne.x Pred 10 meseci
SR Pred 10 meseci
bro your eyes good??? been red for a couple of vids now
Sid Killick
Sid Killick Pred 10 meseci
How long did they take to edit roughly?
LSD-Rick B-172
LSD-Rick B-172 Pred 10 meseci
This was really useful for me to edit my book review
Chmbrs - Rocket League
Chmbrs - Rocket League Pred 10 meseci
please make more videos like this.
trix offical
trix offical Pred 10 meseci
do you have the footage so we could make a re-edit
Olivier Paagman
Olivier Paagman Pred 10 meseci
Is he high?
Frennzyy Pred 10 meseci
Oh my god is your hand ok, did you go to the doctor it must be really painful after setting your hand on fire, hope you recover fast.
OMG It's Glitchers
OMG It's Glitchers Pred 10 meseci
This video is amazing i learned a lot, please do more of these
Iconic_LeFty Pred 10 meseci
Kon lad, it’s December. You could have made this a 10 min vid.
Konstantin Pred 10 meseci
It’s cool didn’t wanna waffle
Mercrader Pred 10 meseci
You are talented good job kon ❤
Ambush Rebel
Ambush Rebel Pred 10 meseci
Great video definitely wouldn’t mind more videos on editing
Littlerage Gaming
Littlerage Gaming Pred 10 meseci
Very good Kon! I could learn so much from you! Also, just a little thing towards the end of the video the Microphone started to go out of sync with the video (you probably already know this though)
Littlerage Gaming
Littlerage Gaming Pred 10 meseci
@Konstantin you know what that's pretty clever can't lie! That's a shame I didn't know about these. I'm pretty sure people would love to see someone editing at how professional you do! I know I would on twitch!
Konstantin Pred 10 meseci
Littlerage Gaming I use it for shortcuts when editing, I did some live streams on my channel but have not explored Twitch yet
Littlerage Gaming
Littlerage Gaming Pred 10 meseci
Also do you stream on twitch as you have a stream deck?
Littlerage Gaming
Littlerage Gaming Pred 10 meseci
Stream labs can be an arse! I have the problem when streaming my switch
Konstantin Pred 10 meseci
Dam I’m blaming stream labs for recoding it like that! Should of slipped it a few frames on premier to fix it!!
Ryan Mitchell
Ryan Mitchell Pred 10 meseci
anyone else think he should get more recognition?????
Joe Looker
Joe Looker Pred 10 meseci
Cheers kon for all the great tips!
NavilNDG Pred 10 meseci
ion remember askin but yes please
Eyad Ghosn
Eyad Ghosn Pred 10 meseci
im studying marketing and love using premiere pro but want to learn how to do more complex things like you just showed us, i can only do basic things
Bleh Pred 10 meseci
The edit in the studio where Simon disappears at the *"pop"* adlib was so epic. I wish you spoke about it, I'd love to know what effect you used.
Bleh Pred 10 meseci
Thanks mate, the morph cut made the transition look so smooth. I'll definitely find a way to incorporate that in future projects.
Konstantin Pred 10 meseci
I should of mentioned that! It’s simply shot on a tripod and I asked him to step away from the frame after he done his lyrics. In the edit you just cut to that blank shot and that’s it! I went on a little further with that technique and added “morph cut” between the shots
Keven Atalla
Keven Atalla Pred 10 meseci
Highly underrated and under-appreciated tbh
Owen Allen
Owen Allen Pred 10 meseci
Do you pay for premiere pro yearly?
Ben Pred 10 meseci
How did you highlight the lyrics?
Rasmus L. Andersen
Rasmus L. Andersen Pred 10 meseci
Can you please explain how to started in the first place of filming and editing Sidemen videos? :-) (Maybe in a video?) Keep up the good work!
Dillsy Samej
Dillsy Samej Pred 10 meseci
I will prolly never do editing but this was rly good
luna Pred 10 meseci
The JME clones were insane
MC BigMac
MC BigMac Pred 4 meseci
luna Pred 10 meseci
Thank you for this Kon 👏 you deserve more attention and love!
Vizion Pred 10 meseci
hey Kon, cool to see these types of videos, but I was wondering maybe you could show a bit more in depth on how you organize your projects, clips etc. My projects are always so messy and I tend to. get lost all the time.
Konstantin Pred 10 meseci
Try starting off with organizing different assets into clearly labeled folders.
Harsh Srivastava
Harsh Srivastava Pred 10 meseci
Damn bro you need some sleep!! Look at his eyes lol
Mikey Smalls
Mikey Smalls Pred 10 meseci
Kon is so UNDERRATED sub to him please!!!
The Biscuit
The Biscuit Pred 10 meseci
I love editing, thanks for sharing all the tips!
Pundah Pred 10 meseci
What in the Tesla is that microphone 💀
Roxburgh Pred 10 meseci
Brilliant video brother. Loved it.
Waleed Pred 10 meseci
I have the biggest crush on you. Had to let this one out of my chest
anialee Pred 10 meseci
ok, but why you so inspiring though? 🤩 now I want to start making vids again 😍
erinistheworst Pred 10 meseci
Kon, what's your editing computer's specs? I've wondered this for awhile. Anyway great video man!
Zaid Kidwai
Zaid Kidwai Pred 10 meseci
Merry Merry Christmas >
michael figueroa
michael figueroa Pred 10 meseci
Another Masterclass by Kon, great work!
Bibhushan Rajthala
Bibhushan Rajthala Pred 10 meseci
No 10 mins?
Bacon War
Bacon War Pred 10 meseci
Kon you are allowed to blink you know
ajai Azrai
ajai Azrai Pred 10 meseci
He's being held captive.
Blu Ray
Blu Ray Pred 10 meseci
You're so underrated, you should get alot more recognition 🔥🙌
Michael Pred 10 meseci
Damn, Kon’s mic looks like a Tesla ciber truck
TW MS Pred 10 meseci
Kon the guy to do an ad and not make the video 10 minutes
K_Adams25 Pred 10 meseci
Big up JBL and AKG!!!
RuthlessBruttal Pred 10 meseci
hey man, i just want to say mad respect for your work ethic, discipline and organization
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