I made an ADIDAS commercial using my iPhone 

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Big shoutout to @cache bunny
▶️ bit.ly/Cache_Bunny
Green Screen
▶️ amzn.to/2Me6Q3v
50W RGB LED Flood Light
Phone Tripod Adaptor
Rotating Turntable
Go Pro Plugin:
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30. maj. 2020

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AshTalksBoxing Pred 28 dnevi
Started media this week at college, my first assignment is to make an advert for a product and these videos helped me so much for inspiration
So Creative
So Creative Pred mesecem
love the video ideas motivational, as I'm still getting to grips with after effects
Aadil Ali
Aadil Ali Pred mesecem
what was the music used in the intro
putri karina
putri karina Pred mesecem
this whole vid, i only getting "how powerful after effect" is.
Ava with Dad & Mom
Ava with Dad & Mom Pred 2 meseci
What's the title if the first song?
Daniel Pred 2 meseci
"This video is made to show that you don't need expensive tools to create awesome and creative contant!" Adobe AE: "Hold my beer"
Dream chaser
Dream chaser Pred 2 meseci
What video editing app do u use ????
o s
o s Pred 2 meseci
You are a filmmaker and you don't have any green paper at home?
Arham Mahazra
Arham Mahazra Pred 2 meseci
20% editing process 80% SKIPPP ADDD!!!!!
Sol Campling
Sol Campling Pred 3 meseci
What editing software does he use
Elliot Moor
Elliot Moor Pred 3 meseci
i like how he said he didnt have a blue screen or on that sort of stuff and then later pulls out the blue screen
Adrian Navarro
Adrian Navarro Pred 3 meseci
*nyke and addiddasssss*
And-Nonymous Pred 3 meseci
Tbh, iPhone cameras are professional grade, should be sufficient for most things.
Abdul Hadi
Abdul Hadi Pred 3 meseci
Even this guy can grow a beard JJ must be pissed
Hamza Lahlou
Hamza Lahlou Pred 3 meseci
Menace Pred 4 meseci
Is this adidas or nike ? im confused
Rusty Pred 4 meseci
idk how kon only has 600k subs this guy is a madladd we need to get him to 1mil
Jflohan Tv
Jflohan Tv Pred 4 meseci
can someone tell me what the name of the music at the end is ive been searching for that for ages ty
sh3rix Pred 4 meseci
Masking failed at 13:49
Isla Milnes
Isla Milnes Pred 4 meseci
Anyone else notice that the shoes were actually nike
Astrum Pro
Astrum Pro Pred 4 meseci
Can you make a commercial of me not giving a fuck? 🤔 Just kidding.😂
Miqueeli Pred 4 meseci
Damn, that IPhone X video quality is so good.
Dalton Beausire
Dalton Beausire Pred 4 meseci
ad so long i caught up to the buffer bar
CreatedBySid !
CreatedBySid ! Pred 4 meseci
whats the music in the beginning ?
Mr. Sami
Mr. Sami Pred 4 meseci
He deserves more views his videos are good
Charlie Smith
Charlie Smith Pred 4 meseci
That yellow line took way to long
DUS Pred 4 meseci
If u didn’t guess the android camera you probably have a pixelated camera yourself
Dieter Jaenen
Dieter Jaenen Pred 4 meseci
I like that you always show how we can do such things ourselves, with our phones
ReyZinoPlaysRoblox Pred 4 meseci
Mans giving shoutouts to products left right and centre btw he’s to underrated
V.A RUBIIO Pred 4 meseci
this is amazing only if i had adobe after effects and premiere
X4pZy Pred 4 meseci
the thing is not the kamera that you need its the editing program the good resolution is not important the way the video looks with edits and stuff is the important part
Kanye East
Kanye East Pred 4 meseci
Make an ad using ONLY your phone. No pc or pro cameras. Just your phone.
Crispy Cookie
Crispy Cookie Pred 3 meseci
That's painful to edit
Kody N. Felix
Kody N. Felix Pred 4 meseci
Ngl the Iphone footage looks a little shaky in the side by side comparison 😬😬😬
Konstantin Pred 4 meseci
Might be because I was too near the tripod and moved too much sending vibrations down to the tripod
Ƭʜᴜɴᴅer Pred 4 meseci
Kon is one of my fav SLtvr describing what the video is about!
Vedran Tometic
Vedran Tometic Pred 4 meseci
this is cool
ßürkœ Pred 4 meseci
The 86 dislikes are jealous ppl
muhannad arebi
muhannad arebi Pred 4 meseci
You are soo underrated
Luka 97
Luka 97 Pred 4 meseci
Kon is channeling his inner Russian and making an Adidas video! 😆
KRE Pred 4 meseci
Who else read aids instead of addidas
Benji Gate
Benji Gate Pred 4 meseci
Kons sub count goes up quicker than deji's goes down
bbbbear9 Pred 4 meseci
The dad in me was majorly triggered with the waste of tin foil 😆
Philly Trainspotts
Philly Trainspotts Pred 4 meseci
Can someone tell me the back
Pluto TopA1M
Pluto TopA1M Pred 4 meseci
The dorito commercial got me hungry for some doritos
Alejandro Valentine
Alejandro Valentine Pred 4 meseci
Make this a series, love you kon ❤️❤️
Ethan-_- Pred 4 meseci
More like this please kon
KARANLIK GEMİ Pred 4 meseci
*Hayırdır Bilader nicki calıntı*
HyDra Repeat
HyDra Repeat Pred 4 meseci
Aleksa Mihajlovic
Aleksa Mihajlovic Pred 4 meseci
For those who haven't watched JJ video let me tell you we need to get this man to 1 mil share this video with you're friends tell them to subscribe right now >KOSTANTIN TO 1 MIL
WeirdFsh Pred 4 meseci
Don't wanna be that guy but... 13:50, toe of right shoe
Hardcorewolf0 Pred 4 meseci
I was sent here because ksi
Niwar 8 Years Ago
Niwar 8 Years Ago Pred 4 meseci
Ksi sent me
Amogh Mahimkar
Amogh Mahimkar Pred 4 meseci
What's the song in the first 30 seconds ? Pls help
Caliberツ Pred 4 meseci
This video is basically kon flexing his editing skills and shoes, this is just a joke, obviously this is way more then just editing
Big man Dave
Big man Dave Pred 4 meseci
You need to make a pot noodle advert
Ghøst Pred 4 meseci
I got the camera right but i got the iPhone and the android opposite
Kamal Hijazi
Kamal Hijazi Pred 4 meseci
btw i came from ksi's account
jesterXXuptown Pred 4 meseci
Guys we have to get Kon to 1 million and prove KSI wrong 🙏🏽🙏🏽
Zdravko Pred 4 meseci
This man is a living legend!
AJ Pred 4 meseci
A H Pred 4 meseci
I’m not even a videographer or photographer or anything related to this but I love these kinds of videos in depth on how to create such things, find it fascinating! Great job.
Noel min Boel
Noel min Boel Pred 4 meseci
Jeez KSI got him 130k in 2 Days or something! Let's get him to 1 mil before 2021!
Demitrix Pred 4 meseci
Kon literally just gained 130K subscribers in 2 days. Manz on the grind!
FatNi663r Pred 4 meseci
His content ain't that bad either. Might consider subscribing
Reality Mirlz
Reality Mirlz Pred 4 meseci
Who’s here from ksi’s video
Gene Coopey
Gene Coopey Pred 4 meseci
KSI really got you 150k... that’s a real friend😅
Charl Walsh
Charl Walsh Pred 4 meseci
Yesterday he was on 40k subs
shameer husain
shameer husain Pred 4 meseci
kon to 1mil!!!
o n i b a s s
o n i b a s s Pred 4 meseci
Oof I tried that and it was so beautiful🌚
Darren Kumala
Darren Kumala Pred 4 meseci
Without kon sidemen would not have good videos
Benji Strosaker
Benji Strosaker Pred 4 meseci
Did anyone sub just because ksi sent them and then realize he makes good videos
TC_Jxkey Pred 4 meseci
KSI telling people to come over and sub has helped him get over 500k he deserves it so much
Bacon Bitzz
Bacon Bitzz Pred 4 meseci
I came from jj and stayed for kon
Evogrenade Pred 4 meseci
Who else is here after JJ told us to come subscribe🙋🙋
Seth Davis
Seth Davis Pred 4 meseci
Dude I noticed that. I’ve been subbed for about a year but after KSI shouted him out, he gained 122k in two days
Sonny Moore
Sonny Moore Pred 4 meseci
Jj sent me so you best be good
Haris Hamid
Haris Hamid Pred 4 meseci
everyone sub to kon we wouldn't have these sidemen sundays without him and sidemen music videos
LOL GE Pred 4 meseci
Kon 2 1mil
Sam Todd
Sam Todd Pred 4 meseci
He seems really nice
『Mavis • Dragneel』
The people who disliked are jealous they aren’t able to do this lol 😂
Razvan Razvi
Razvan Razvi Pred 4 meseci
Who is here from ksi like if you are
LMS Butcher
LMS Butcher Pred 4 meseci
JJ sent me
Shams Tanvir
Shams Tanvir Pred 4 meseci
Let’s get this guy to 1 million subs well deserves it.
Ace Pred 4 meseci
Kon will get to 1 mil by the end of the month. Let's go Kon
Mikail Pred 4 meseci
JJ Pred 4 meseci
JJ send me, happy to be a part of the gang!
Izzad Saad
Izzad Saad Pred 4 meseci
come from ksi
david Cruz
david Cruz Pred 4 meseci
Ngl, i came to sub because of jj, and i stayed cause this is some good ass content. And idk shit about editing and i still will watch this.
Cornelius snake
Cornelius snake Pred 4 meseci
So happy for you kon getting almost 100k more followers in only a day. Ksi gave a good shout out and you deserve it. You are a madness bro! Your filming and editing skills are unmatched. So much love for you bro
Tyler C
Tyler C Pred 4 meseci
If we can’t get baldski let’s get kon to 1mil
Calum Wilson
Calum Wilson Pred 4 meseci
This guy edits videos for josh and flims for josh and the sidemen he’s a photographer he produces jjs music videos and still makes banging content so underrated
Duke Myshron
Duke Myshron Pred 4 meseci
Anyone here cuz of KSI?
skills and tricks
skills and tricks Pred 4 meseci
Respect to jj and reddit man literally gained kon 150k in 24 hours heavy respect to jj for the amount of people he helps
RHIAN Pred 4 meseci
Young _
Young _ Pred 4 meseci
Came her from KSI video let’s go the legend to 1 MILLION SUBS BY THE WND OF THE YEAR
DeniGS70 Pred 4 meseci
Its not a kon vid without a squarespace sponsor.
Jellyduckface Pred 4 meseci
I came to the channel because KSI talked about it in his last video and I really do enjoy this content
Greasykiwi Pred 4 meseci
Should do one with ONLY a phone.
Joseph Murphy
Joseph Murphy Pred 4 meseci
1 mil 2020 🙌🏽
JerkySprite TV
JerkySprite TV Pred 4 meseci
This is sick
Acidic Pred 4 meseci
Yo let’s get him to 1 million cause jj don’t think we can, let’s prove him wrong
Tatenda Makoni
Tatenda Makoni Pred 2 meseci
@Acidic np
Shuja Pred 4 meseci
Armzilla 123
Armzilla 123 Pred 4 meseci
PhantQm Panda
PhantQm Panda Pred 4 meseci
Classiest Dig
Classiest Dig Pred 4 meseci
Jori Javier
Jori Javier Pred 4 meseci
This man did it nice! Not only for iphone !
Will France
Will France Pred 4 meseci
mlackin Pred 4 meseci
Mad over 100k in like 12hrs. Much deserved respect 👌👌🙌
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