We swapped diets for 24 hours (ft ClickForTaz) 

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16. mar. 2020

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Becca Rourke
Becca Rourke Pred 2 dnevi
Kon Your toast wasn’t toasted enough & you’ve got to do your beans on the hob so the bean sauce gets thick and nice 😂 there’s a skill to the art of beans on toast 😂😂😅
ToXic_ TRFC Pred 7 dnevi
I am a subscriber of you both and I think Kon will be eating Raman all day
Saoirse Hegarty
Saoirse Hegarty Pred 13 dnevi
Can beans explode... Yep take em out!! 😂
Sean Ogendo
Sean Ogendo Pred 25 dnevi
Lol taz is the best
AnnikaTanja Pred mesecem
Why am i always on taz’s video in off hours of the day, feeling more and more hungry
RosePnut Pred 2 meseci
I’m addicted to this video. About my 10-20th time watching it
QuazySZN Pred 2 meseci
Us should've called it chef swapped his diet wiv an amateur chef
NeonButterfly Pred 2 meseci
GemmaXx Pred 2 meseci
Am I the only one if I dropped toast on my own floor I’d eat it?
Darren Dimmock
Darren Dimmock Pred 2 meseci
Yo that toast was not cooked
rubah Pred 2 meseci
Got Bored
Got Bored Pred 2 meseci
8:27 why does kon sound like David Attenborough
na nigha
na nigha Pred 2 meseci
mistra galletti
mistra galletti Pred 2 meseci
I am italian and love u taz but u fuckin up that pasta
Tyche! Pred 2 meseci
Did i just see someone review beans on toast...
Rogue Wolf
Rogue Wolf Pred 2 meseci
Her avocado wasnt right lmao
Tristan Singh
Tristan Singh Pred 2 meseci
if youd like new flavors, look at food blogs on insta, there are some people with really dynamic plates and the images make them more appealing
Taahil Hussain
Taahil Hussain Pred 2 meseci
Dry ass toast
Divyansh Pandey
Divyansh Pandey Pred 2 meseci
Why m i having some w2s vibes from her🤣🤣🤣
Devansh A
Devansh A Pred 2 meseci
Hey Kon This was seriously a really really really good video. A friendly vibe throughout the video. You and Taz should do collabs more.😉
Devansh A
Devansh A Pred 2 meseci
Konstantin Pred 2 meseci
I will let you into a little exclusive here, there’s a video coming out tomorrow with Taz on my channel :)
josiah percimoney
josiah percimoney Pred 3 meseci
you should make a cooking channel bro, like for real id watch it man, and ur really creative with ur meals
josiah percimoney
josiah percimoney Pred 3 meseci
i think Kons gf was jealous mate, SHES A LEGEND THEN!!!!!
Vojta22 Pred 3 meseci
WOW what a crossover!
JaiLee D
JaiLee D Pred 3 meseci
fried banana and ice cream is not weird hahahaha try ketchup and banana
Kaiipop Pred 3 meseci
My two fave youtubers yayy
IV Elmendorf
IV Elmendorf Pred 3 meseci
i mean i think its healthy. food is a focal point of life. its just about balance. extremes in anything is bad. man i haven't eaten in like 3 days this was not the video for me to watch right now
IV Elmendorf
IV Elmendorf Pred 3 meseci
OH MY GOD the pasta shortage right at the start of the pandemic
IV Elmendorf
IV Elmendorf Pred 3 meseci
oh but that omelette was so so so sad, but the Kon's breakfast bangle sando looks amazing!
IV Elmendorf
IV Elmendorf Pred 3 meseci
Sames, Avacado just makes me slightly nauseous
s powers
s powers Pred 3 meseci
You definitely do NOT eat such diet ....the disrespectfulness to your woman on camera about washing the plate is foul
Slyfox Gaming
Slyfox Gaming Pred 3 meseci
I would love to see a video of you cooking with or for some local chefs> maybe cook for them first then have them teach you what they would have done differently with the dish you picked
Rage or Die
Rage or Die Pred 3 meseci
5:00 That is not toast not enough brown
Nico Pred 3 meseci
im a simple person. if i see taz, i simply just *clickfortaz*
Snowdon Donnelly
Snowdon Donnelly Pred 3 meseci
Liar is literally the only thing that has been filmed in my town
vrqxxc Pred 3 meseci
We learnt in this video that Kon cooks for 3-4 hours a day
vrqxxc Pred 3 meseci
Clickfortaz is good looking
zohaib k
zohaib k Pred 3 meseci
Taz:we have Ad:instagram
Xialax Pred 3 meseci
I can't believe you live in the UK and have never had beans on toast
Bing pot
Bing pot Pred 3 meseci
fuck off
fuck off Pred 3 meseci
I'm not being mean but who the hell has SALMON! For breackfast, like you have to be that top class to have salmon 🐟 for breakfast. I normally have a peace of toast for breakfast and that's good enough for me 😂
Just Subscribe
Just Subscribe Pred 3 meseci
The beans 😂😂😂😂
Farrel Rabbani
Farrel Rabbani Pred 3 meseci
That indomie thoo 🔥🔥🔥 if you know you know!
Ofa_77 Asire
Ofa_77 Asire Pred 3 meseci
Dominik Pugar
Dominik Pugar Pred 3 meseci
Kon is honestly underrated I love this guy
Ethan Butler
Ethan Butler Pred 3 meseci
If you like marmite you should try beans on toast with cheese and marmite. Marmite first then beans then cheese sprinkled on top so it melts. Goated.
PHX Suns
PHX Suns Pred 3 meseci
Weird colab but ok
DarkSpecies1703 Pred 3 meseci
I'm here for Taz
Dominator Jam
Dominator Jam Pred 4 meseci
Food tech teachers watching at 1:49 will ebe screaming at the screen
akashi kurota
akashi kurota Pred 4 meseci
14:22 kon shookd
Jigme LW
Jigme LW Pred 4 meseci
Oi kon, you missed out on the indomie ramen mate, those are very good
Luke Games
Luke Games Pred 4 meseci
She spent two hours making a shitty bagel 😂😂
Kasia Czapraga
Kasia Czapraga Pred 4 meseci
That moment when u see Polish food in the shop....
Crocos Camel
Crocos Camel Pred 4 meseci
holly shit man don't put 90 ads in one vid..
Mainak Chaudhury
Mainak Chaudhury Pred 4 meseci
where do you get your music for your videos Kon ???????
Oldman Xan bro
Oldman Xan bro Pred 4 meseci
I'm trying fried banana now
DeV* YT Pred 4 meseci
Hold on a second... Firstly that bread wasn't toasted enough and secondly did you even butter the toast 😂
DeV* YT Pred 4 meseci
@Konstantin never the less still great quality content keep it going 👌
Konstantin Pred 4 meseci
Tbh I agree about the toast 😂😂 I have since tried toasting it a bit more and I can confirm it’s much better haha
Spencer Leir
Spencer Leir Pred 4 meseci
WHY DOES HE KEEP HIS EGGS IN THE FRIDGE (sorry, no hate I just really really disagree with that)
Konstantin Pred 4 meseci
My flat is usually quite hot and stuffy even with open windows so it’s probably better I store it somewhere colder to preserve them for longer
Afnan Rafeek
Afnan Rafeek Pred 4 meseci
Man taz is too cute
Alidarly Gonzalez
Alidarly Gonzalez Pred 4 meseci
kon : "fired banana who is gonna try that?" Me,a hispanic : 👁👄👁
Azzam Muhammad Ihsan
Azzam Muhammad Ihsan Pred 4 meseci
oyy, Kon, where did Taz got that Indomie? It's an Indonesian brand that actually my mothers friends aunt made/found the recipe like a long time ago (edit, I think Taz is from asia isnt it =/ )
Belinda smith
Belinda smith Pred 4 meseci
Me knowing Taz on her channel when he said breakfast I instantly thought bread banana beans sorted.😂💖
Alex Squire
Alex Squire Pred 4 meseci
Am I the only one that noticed that kon said there's a skill to makeing beans on toast 😂😂
gUCCI 69
gUCCI 69 Pred 4 meseci
new friend for vikstar
Matthew Simmons
Matthew Simmons Pred 4 meseci
that is not toast
Zaineb Hussein
Zaineb Hussein Pred 4 meseci
Cooked food in the same fridge with raw meat?🤔🤔🤔
Saif Ahmed
Saif Ahmed Pred 4 meseci
Is taz muslim and isnt samon haraam
Kris Powell
Kris Powell Pred 4 meseci
Bruv, did you make that toast on the radiator?
Magic X1
Magic X1 Pred 4 meseci
Phonk_Tofu Pred 4 meseci
TAZ is soo Positive and Happy Person, I love Herrr❤, She is like a small Child, Love her Energy❤❤💯
Mr.Dave Blank
Mr.Dave Blank Pred 4 meseci
People acting like they’ve never had beans on toast as a kid
MrCactus Pred 5 meseci
Im glad she actually tried to eat it and all, like some people are just gonna say no and never try anything else..
Alisha Pred 5 meseci
Food comes to those who love to cook ~Ratatoulie
Charlie R
Charlie R Pred 5 meseci
thyre just beans on toast
2Frosty Pred 5 meseci
Eggs are not dairy
Mystery Pred 5 meseci
Put cheese on teh beans and toast
Louis gibbs
Louis gibbs Pred 5 meseci
OK kon what you wanna do for the beans on toast is toast the bread a little more then butter the toast and cut it into 4 and 4 again for little squares, then put the beans on the toast with some pepper and alot of cheese. There you go!
Fadi Muhammad
Fadi Muhammad Pred 5 meseci
Being south Asian spice is never enough
Jack Scanlon
Jack Scanlon Pred 5 meseci
7:06 she’s never had a breakfast as thickkk as kons…
harryw262 Pred 5 meseci
I don’t like ur birds con
cheesedog 6118
cheesedog 6118 Pred 5 meseci
I'm glad it is a full 24 hours
Nikbar Pred 5 meseci
420k subs jeez
Kian Griffiths
Kian Griffiths Pred 5 meseci
I’m sorry she talks too much 😂
Antonio Brennan
Antonio Brennan Pred 5 meseci
Taz: im not much of a breakfast human
Subscribe to KSI
Subscribe to KSI Pred 5 meseci
Literally been watching 2 youtubers recently... the sidemen and ClickForTaz.... this has just made me very happy🥺
sern chicken nugget
sern chicken nugget Pred 5 meseci
Ew... But so funny I love Taz she should be in the sidemen they only have boys one girl isn't so bad ✨✨🥯
Amazanta Pred 5 meseci
I watched the hitchhike vid I didn’t realise it was you took a while to put both dots together
David Davies
David Davies Pred 5 meseci
2 hours to make a bagel Creased hahahahahaha
Luconium Pred 5 meseci
That wasnt toast it was more like warm bread
Joei Sanchas
Joei Sanchas Pred 5 meseci
Not to be rude his girl deserves someone way better looking than him
Eric Pletl
Eric Pletl Pred 5 meseci
Nobody: Italian people: ma perché porcoddio il pesto è rosso
Awwab Ahmed
Awwab Ahmed Pred 5 meseci
this is how many times taz said geninually
adninhoo Pred 5 meseci
Taz is so cute
BellaGoth Pred 5 meseci
Fried banana with sugar and cinnamon and ice cream is actually a very traditional dessert recipe here in Brazil... And it's soooo good... Think I'll make some today 😅
Huiya Yuan
Huiya Yuan Pred 5 meseci
The enigma of beansssss
AuroraFiola Draws
AuroraFiola Draws Pred 5 meseci
At first I thought she said I’m from cook for Taz xD
Oliver Gladwin
Oliver Gladwin Pred 5 meseci
I love how at breakfast kon was like oh I'll add this like he knows what he's talking about
gangstamatchia25 Pred 5 meseci
If her name is Taz, I expect her channel to include videos of her suplexing people
Where are the Avacodes
Viks sister
Zidane Rafique
Zidane Rafique Pred 5 meseci
I’d rather haves tazs breakfast
Adil Halim
Adil Halim Pred 5 meseci
Because you didn’t put butter on it