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22. okt. 2018

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Tumble Pred mesecem
how do you make them really clean instargram pop ups ??
Sidharth Dwivedi
Sidharth Dwivedi Pred 4 meseci
Kon, I’m looking to get into videography/SLtv. What camera would you recommend for a beginner/intermediate? Currently I’m looking at the Canon M50.
FrostyFuzes Pred 3 meseci
Same, looking at the cvm-v30
LILXLUMBØ Pred 4 meseci
Dida is like when you ask someone if they need help thinking theyll say know but you end up helping them all day
Hamsa Essam
Hamsa Essam Pred 4 meseci
The monage😂😂
Lightning Bike
Lightning Bike Pred 5 meseci
With cameras?
Vinitaa Ranjan
Vinitaa Ranjan Pred 5 meseci
The worst thing that I hate is Harry and Vik are wearing socks
Tejalkera_Msp love
Tejalkera_Msp love Pred 7 meseci
I love seeing behind the scenes!!
Liana Pred 10 meseci
what camera type do you suggest for vlogs?
Tejalkera_Msp love
Tejalkera_Msp love Pred 7 meseci
I don't know who you are asking, but I know the Cannon G7X Mark II is apparently good. :)
Rae Morningstar
Rae Morningstar Pred 11 meseci
I would love to be your assistant for a day
Aliraza Hingwala
Aliraza Hingwala Pred letom
song at 6:22
Remix Dave
Remix Dave Pred letom
Song at 5:15 is Dansez - Outbreak
Rohan Verma
Rohan Verma Pred letom
Kon might be the best video editor on SLtv. His music choice is peak
will Bond
will Bond Pred letom
When kon is talking about sound quality the mike goes 5:07
Thanoid Pred letom
Pretty sure that was intentional
tol Pred letom
Whats the song at 5:15 ?
Remix Dave
Remix Dave Pred letom
Dansez - Outbreak
mohannad4321 Pred letom
Who thought the thumbnail was Kon half naked
Karl-Mihkel Orn
Karl-Mihkel Orn Pred letom
3:57 how to get this angle
Noah Alejandro
Noah Alejandro Pred letom
This is the best
Tondi Pred letom
There's a spider climbing on your shoulder 0:52
Mega Bros Squad
Mega Bros Squad Pred letom
Whats the name of the song you use in this music
Chante Te Kanawa
Chante Te Kanawa Pred letom
Hi kon, love your work!! What gears on a budget would you recommend for a wedding? Sending love from New Zealand ❤
Kavin Verma
Kavin Verma Pred letom
What’s your gear
Liam21 Pred letom
At like 1:05 there is a spider on him
Adonnys A
Adonnys A Pred letom
Can anyone tell me what he uses to edit videos?
Gandalf Pred letom
The fucking way you said Røde it sounded like Rode lol its actually red but in Danish and with and e
Dave Alex
Dave Alex Pred letom
6:20 sidemen getting baptized
Mengpeng M
Mengpeng M Pred letom
Do you also edit the Sidemen videos??? You do an amazing work btw
Elliot King
Elliot King Pred letom
You've done well getting this to 10mins, respect
LEWZR Pred 2 leti
You should invest in a Zoom h6 or something, that way u have 4 external inputs and aren't limited at all, thats what i use for all my film shoots
Konstantin Pred 2 leti
LEWZR yeah I’ve got two of them and two zoom f1’s didn’t think to use them on this shoot could of helped if I had one on each side and middle close to the guys
Tom Jameson
Tom Jameson Pred 2 leti
I wish you success kon.
Julie Anne
Julie Anne Pred 2 leti
The amount of effort to make one video amazes me with these guys
FrenchieFries Pred 2 leti
these vids are absolutely great! Lowkey I'm such a tech head and do a load of freelance so it's cool to see what you're using! I wish I had any opportunities to film for big content creators looks like a really fun environment.
Konstantin Pred 2 leti
I used to do a lot of corporate jobs Set ups are quite similar tbh just less fun haha
Richard Sweetnam
Richard Sweetnam Pred 2 leti
What cameras do you use to record your viseos ?
Richard Sweetnam
Richard Sweetnam Pred 2 leti
What cameras do you use for your videos?
Mark Upson
Mark Upson Pred 2 leti
I love you x
Florinda D'Archivio
love these set up videos
TheDagerz Pred 2 leti
any camera recommendations for purely photography?
AndretheDias Pred letom
Canon 1dxii is the best Eos r for mirrorless A6400 for a smaller option Also a 16-35 and 24to105 lens also if you dont need weather sealing go sony a7iii woth the 24-105 and 12-24
David Dvid
David Dvid Pred 2 leti
ur russian boi is back lmao, gotta support the only proper russian youtuber
Wakm Pred 2 leti
Kon where did you learn all this? It’s so sick I’d love to learn to do it and I love you keep up the great vids
ZX T Pred 2 leti
Kon is basically an entire film crew on his own
soupy Pred 2 leti
The music at 5:25 is nice. Name?
anthony wilshire
anthony wilshire Pred letom
Dansez - Fasion :)
Christian Arie Rotty
Its impossible not to leave a like in this vid
Zac Clayton
Zac Clayton Pred 2 leti
These videos are so interesting! Quality work.
CrispAsianTuna Pred 2 leti
What is the song at 8:25
xxthegreatxx S
xxthegreatxx S Pred 2 leti
Any tips on instant cameras kon?
Phillip Cawthorne
Phillip Cawthorne Pred 2 leti
Song at 5:10?
Remix Dave
Remix Dave Pred letom
Dansez - Outbreak
Lewis Rogers
Lewis Rogers Pred 2 leti
You should really start a channel with Laurence.
Tix Pred 2 leti
why do you look like you part of the EDL?
Unknown 100
Unknown 100 Pred 2 leti
3:10 is the good part
Jordan Jones
Jordan Jones Pred 2 leti
This is really good I would love to see a video on how u edit side man/other vid
Tomo720 __
Tomo720 __ Pred 2 leti
Gs 🔥🔥🔥
Dannicii Pred 2 leti
On 0:56 anyone else saw the spider crawling on Kons right shoulder?!?!?!? Lmfaooo
Konstantin Pred 2 leti
Oh dam!!!! I’m shook now what if it crawled up into my ear 🤢
Shai. Apex
Shai. Apex Pred 2 leti
Sick video
Calum Bird
Calum Bird Pred 2 leti
Love Your videos!
Skxrlxt Pred 2 leti
I'm doing a short film for my Year 12 HSC. On average probably 10-12 minutes? What camera do you recommend, I want something good quality and audio isn't insanely important. Love from Australia btw, keep it up Kon.
Konstantin Pred 2 leti
Any camera that you can get your hands on tbh just make sure you use good support for it eg... tripod, stabiliser - if you have smooth looking footage it steps up the game already regardless how expensive your camera is. Mic wise look into a shotgun mic that you can hook up onto a boom pole with a wind muff. Get some portable lighting too maybe?? Make sure your scenes are lit well
TMVinyl Pred 2 leti
7:24 Kon flexing that 100K subscribers plaque. Congrats again matey
Sajid Beruni
Sajid Beruni Pred 2 leti
I really enjoyed this, I would like to see way more of these. It would be lit if it was for every week.
Andreas Johansen
Andreas Johansen Pred 2 leti
What song is he using from 3:14 - 5:56?
Abel Pred 2 leti
Rishi Chandu
Rishi Chandu Pred 2 leti
kon should be a sideman
saz19s8 Pred 2 leti
You should’ve done an ASMR unboxing of that audio device
Brent B
Brent B Pred 2 leti
What are your views on the Panasonic Lumix G7? Or if you have other recommendations for a camera? I'm looking into that camera currently for myself.
Brent B
Brent B Pred 2 leti
Awesome! Thank you!
Konstantin Pred 2 leti
Great affordable camera was looking to get one at some point.
Max Needleman
Max Needleman Pred 2 leti
Hey, I was wondering if you could recommend work experises to help me in my a level in photography and to have more knowledge of cameras. Love your work and all the Sidemen's keep it up.
DOPE BOY Pred 2 leti
Wow, I’m so excited to see your name pop up on the credits at the end of the film as a main producer because you are amazing bro, congratulations and keep it up!!!
MaddyD Pred 2 leti
Vik slow-mo dabbing and jumping in the pool is the funniest thing with the classical music 😂😂😂❤❤❤
XiXora Pred 2 leti
Why would you use the camera to grab sound? Is this pretty normal for video projects? Would a separate recording device/mixer work better? Not my field of expertise. Just wondering :)
Konstantin Pred 2 leti
To be safe.... yes it’s handy to record sound on a separate source incase your camera cuts off (in this case I was monitoring the audio from the camera so there was no chance of that happening) But for speed and convince you can risk that. By speed I mean time spent syncing audio later in post.
MarloSoBalJr Pred 2 leti
Guys. Countdown to how many more Sundays we'll have at the mansion 'cuz the four boys are moving solo
Vinnie Vincent
Vinnie Vincent Pred 2 leti
My type of video, loving this content. And thankyou for going into the tech details, helps a lot.
Dave Smith
Dave Smith Pred 2 leti
Liking these videos
dewhirst69 Pred 2 leti
Is there any chance of showing some basic editing techniques. Using light works or something people can access.
SamSned97 Pred 2 leti
Hes getting Kon-sistant with his uploads now
Ali Sheikh
Ali Sheikh Pred 2 leti
Genuinely produce better content than some of the actual sidemen
Owen Henthorn
Owen Henthorn Pred 2 leti
Can u do a video of your cameras
Athul Gopz
Athul Gopz Pred 2 leti
Why is JJ, Simon, Vik and Josh leaving the sidemen house?
Eli_021 Pred 2 leti
How do you keep the cameras recording for the whole duration of the video?
Coppin A Feel
Coppin A Feel Pred 2 leti
Kon I have no idea if I saw it in one of your videos but I saw this jumper that said "Style" on it in Russian can you tell me where I can get it? Safe
Ameen Pred 2 leti
Tom Walsh
Tom Walsh Pred 2 leti
The music at about 5:18 sounded like a remix of Logan Pauls diss track towards JJ
Sulaiman Javed
Sulaiman Javed Pred 2 leti
The video should be named as “behind the scenes of sidemen video”
Danny Dodds
Danny Dodds Pred 2 leti
What's the camera on the jet ski called?
Teddie Luckett
Teddie Luckett Pred 2 leti
Man like vikkstar123
Skittlez Pred 2 leti
Love theses videos
Agr Pred 2 leti
Think of it like this, without kon we wouldnt have sidemen sundays, love u brother
TheAaronArch Pred 2 leti
Please show us how u edit your videos
DeveshExcite Pred 2 leti
Great vid as usuall
Leyton Playz
Leyton Playz Pred 2 leti
Yooo this vid is lit as f**k
londonxlove Pred 2 leti
Lol you made them falling look so beautiful
Nicole Lawrence
Nicole Lawrence Pred 2 leti
How long does it take to edit a sidemen Sunday video?
Zippy2707 Pred 2 leti
5:08 the better qua-ty the sound will be XD
Aayam Tiwari
Aayam Tiwari Pred 2 leti
I'm pretty sure that was intentional. XD
Crimson Pred 2 leti
What camera do you use to capture your slow motion footage?
Pindyy SvS
Pindyy SvS Pred 2 leti
Thnx Kon for uploading these types of videos. I really like them, it gives much more depth to those videos from Sidemen, and also into the directing stuff, what effort&tiem goes into them (and your camera collection is just awesome). I need to watch the actual video again with now knowing how it was filmed, Just thnx again I guess :p
Pindyy SvS
Pindyy SvS Pred 2 leti
For next week, yes please show how you edit. I really like the behind the scenes stuff
Dont click on my name
Im so damn hungry
Josh Ferry
Josh Ferry Pred 2 leti
6:31 top ten anime betrayals
chakra Pred 2 leti
tbh sidemen contents are on fire with kon
nvyxion Pred 2 leti
aye nice video
Siron Arokk
Siron Arokk Pred 2 leti
how long does it take to edit a sidemen video and a podcast?
Christopher Rosa
Christopher Rosa Pred 2 leti
Kon you put in so much work for everyone and I don't think that they appreciate you enough, you are an example of someone who goes the extra mile always and you can see that you really love what you do
Max Hollestelle
Max Hollestelle Pred 2 leti
You should be happy to meet all of them man, im so jealous! Would be awesome to see all of their goofy faces and just joke around and get a tour of that massive ass house
MarloSoBalJr Pred 2 leti
All before the SDMN House become obsolete before the year is over. Everyone moving alone😔
Fred Schoenmaker
Fred Schoenmaker Pred 2 leti
soundarja Pred 2 leti
Anyone want some support for their channel? Sub to me and comment done. I'll repeat
Richie TV
Richie TV Pred 2 leti
How does switching to each camera work?
Jfam Pred 2 leti
Nice silver play button 😊 You'll get the million one soon enough