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Miniminter goes to the toilet - sltv.info/label/sJafvLGnkaSvip4/video
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1. apr. 2018

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John Fries
John Fries Pred 2 meseci
Who else is just going through Konstantin old videos and came across this
Edvard Doert
Edvard Doert Pred 2 meseci
You kinda sound like Richard from TAWOG at 0:26
Pedro O.
Pedro O. Pred letom
1 year later poo
Michael van Hoek
Michael van Hoek Pred 2 leti
Brooke Neilson
Brooke Neilson Pred 2 leti
Kon with the duck has me deaddd 😂😭😭
Wraith Pred 2 leti
Dafuq is wrong with your face @ 2:09
WILLPOWER 226 Pred 2 leti
What did I just watch
Jack's Page
Jack's Page Pred 2 leti
Mike was doing the awkward look around people do in the urinals while taking a piss
A MYsteRY Pred 2 leti
You so deserve more subscribers mate. Less that 100k?? That's disgraceful of us😱 You should have at least a million bro😅
Sean May
Sean May Pred 2 leti
This video helped me realize that Simon actually rehearsed this....
YM SkillzZ
YM SkillzZ Pred 2 leti
I actually thought Simon set the ONE camera and just recorded him by himself
peppery boi
peppery boi Pred 2 leti
Rebecca Alice
Rebecca Alice Pred 2 leti
Did I just really watch Simon on the toilet again for 10 mins 😂
Ben Pred 2 leti
I wish I was payed for going to to toilet
Abby Autumn
Abby Autumn Pred 2 leti
Simons bathroom is clean af
CNINE Pred 2 leti
he purposely made it more than 10 mins
Hayden D
Hayden D Pred 2 leti
if he did a real one then he had no toilet paper??
AlergicToApples Pred 2 leti
When you don’t realise your reflection in the towel rack 😂😂😂 Edit: Never mind they spotted it afterwards 😂😂😂
LoGang vs SideMen
LoGang vs SideMen Pred 2 leti
Brroooo @4:46 😂😂😂😂 that selfie mannnnn
Kieran _67
Kieran _67 Pred 2 leti
Man like kon
Tristan Howard
Tristan Howard Pred 2 leti
Kon's like this is the longest 10 minutes of my life. But you know you have made it when you can do a behind the scenes of Simon tking a shit. lol
Ras Syk
Ras Syk Pred 2 leti
Has anyone else noticed you can see his reflection in the mirror
hannah kramer
hannah kramer Pred 2 leti
i literally just watched this instead of doing an essay...
Lauren Welshie
Lauren Welshie Pred 2 leti
Why did I find this so entertaining 😂I loved it 💪🏼👏🏼
EccentricNoir Pred 2 leti
I have the same face mask as Simon
Are you Ethan’s brother
Paper Mask
Paper Mask Pred 2 leti
This is not the same video as Simon's, paper towel was empty and the towel rack was covered
Navaneeth Kesavan
Navaneeth Kesavan Pred 2 leti
Wasnt there no toilet paper in simon’s vid throughout the vid? But there is some toilet paper here on kon’s vid.. EDIT: i know now
Shae Stevens
Shae Stevens Pred 2 leti
Emily Jayne
Emily Jayne Pred 2 leti
The finest quality Kontent😂😂
Peeper Pred 2 leti
2 bros sitting in the bathroom 5 feet apart cos they’re not gay.
phiphi _tours
phiphi _tours Pred 2 leti
Fabulous tube vid
Kaan Erkul
Kaan Erkul Pred 2 leti
This is not just for the video but i just want to say you are legend about filming! I said it 2 or 3 times before in your videos but i feel like i had to yell this to everyone. I wish i can watch you live while you are filming i have to see this
Kaan Erkul
Kaan Erkul Pred 2 leti
Konstantin 😱😱😱😱im dead seriously ahahah😂thanks bro💪💪💪
Konstantin Pred 2 leti
Ahaha thanks for the love :)
mmaniac Pred 2 leti
Ewwww Simon doesn't use toilet roll!! Jk ily Simon
Dab Hater
Dab Hater Pred 2 leti
I laughed so hard that I almost cried 😂😂😂
Angela Koehn
Angela Koehn Pred 2 leti
That’s shit content
Blake Hucker
Blake Hucker Pred 2 leti
Dmjh Dmjh
Dmjh Dmjh Pred 2 leti
I understand now the coughing and the farting in Simon’s video was to cover up the noise kon was making
Josh Nichols
Josh Nichols Pred 2 leti
Anyone else notice that in Simons video there's no toilet paper but there is here?!?
T0RcH314 Pred 2 leti
Can't believe you wasted 20 minutes of your lives with this... :'D Awesome skits though, props to both of you, respect
smileymiley Pred 2 leti
This is so weird but I love it. Wtaf is going on with you
MarloSoBalJr Pred 2 leti
Was this also make a Kon bored in a shower video as well? That also explain the edited fart noises in Simon's video
gisxllz Pred 2 leti
you’re legit my mood for the first 4 minutes of filming yourself in the shower
Alex C
Alex C Pred 2 leti
this is actually hilarious
Sonny Pred 2 leti
how comes in his vid theres no toilet roll but in this one there is
Maddie Izzi
Maddie Izzi Pred 2 leti
SLtv content at its finest 😂 well done kon that floor looked very uncomfortable
Wait, you mean you stood there in the Toilet with Simon filming him take a poop the whole 10 minutes 29 seconds? 😂
Saleem Hussain
Saleem Hussain Pred 2 leti
Saleem Hussain
Saleem Hussain Pred 2 leti
Lets get him to 100k subs
Milli Jnes
Milli Jnes Pred 2 leti
I commend you Kon for this idea, lol!
Wesley Kamerman
Wesley Kamerman Pred 2 leti
Behind the scenes sounds a bit weird right now.
lePeach Pred 2 leti
I was thinking the whole time that there was no toilet paper left or reflection of Kon in Simon's video. Thanks for the clarification in the end :D
OlioBGMOTI - Bulgaria
Jay Pred 2 leti
The way kon had to blur out Simon's bum in the edit is weird cuz he wouldve seen the actual crack
mr BlueJT22
mr BlueJT22 Pred 2 leti
Noticed your reflection really early on, went straight to Simons video to see it and it was gone, thought that was really good editing, nope just reshot the poo. Classic. Happy April fools
Harriet Poole
Harriet Poole Pred 2 leti
if i had to make this i wouldn’t be able to stop laughing well done kon 😂 and the pic you took of you and simon was great😂
Harriet Poole
Harriet Poole Pred 2 leti
how did simon not laugh when you were playing with the duck i was pissing myself😂😭
Kaspar Volmar
Kaspar Volmar Pred 2 leti
Dafuq are you doing with that rubber duck?! 😂😂
Richelle Mackenzie
Richelle Mackenzie Pred 2 leti
It always means a lot when I look at comments to see a SLtvr that actually goes through and likes them
Tehiti MP
Tehiti MP Pred 2 leti
After 2 girls 1 cup now we have 2 men 1 bathroom 😂
Toxic Ride
Toxic Ride Pred 2 leti
did anyone notice that this video and simons video were different? they got us big time 😂
Toxic Ride
Toxic Ride Pred 2 leti
nvm just watched the end 😂
aleshia Pred 2 leti
Kon you're just the best 😂
100 Mohamed suhail
100 Mohamed suhail Pred 2 leti
Was he playing smthng
100 Mohamed suhail
100 Mohamed suhail Pred 2 leti
Kon can u tell wht simon was doing in his phone the whole tym????????
Olivia Gillman
Olivia Gillman Pred 2 leti
its literally like you werent even there to simon😂
Stephen3341 Pred 2 leti
wow the quality was amazing thanks kon keep up the good work
Tesfahiwet Kahsay
Tesfahiwet Kahsay Pred 2 leti
Konstantin can you please make video of Ksi behind the scenes of his new music please make please
7tilly Pred 2 leti
I couldn't stop laughing!! How did Simon not even laugh one bit HAHA x
flodnaR Pred 2 leti
Who watched all of this video and skimmed through Simons? 😂
Fruit Gaming
Fruit Gaming Pred 11 meseci
Bartek Jamróz
Bartek Jamróz Pred 2 leti
Gabralinho111 Pred 2 leti
Justin Mills
Justin Mills Pred 2 leti
Did Simon actually take a dump
Conner Duncan
Conner Duncan Pred 2 leti
Let's let it sink in, we're watching somebody have a shit, what is wrong with us😂😂😂
ZX T Pred 2 leti
0:37 Baby lotion, I wonder what he uses that for???
EstablishedIn01 Pred 2 leti
The duck part omg😂😂😂😂
EstablishedIn01 Pred 2 leti
Best video yet😉😂😂nahhh for some reason I was hysterical during this 😂😂looking forward to seeing tonight’s video mate😁
yen Pred 2 leti
This feels like the sims lmao
The 1717th
The 1717th Pred 2 leti
The fact you recorded this twice, one for each of your videos...and that I watched both...what is my life.
Ellie Whelan
Ellie Whelan Pred 2 leti
You missed the opportunity to call this video 'on the toilet with Miniminter' 😂
Bryce Tiltman
Bryce Tiltman Pred 2 leti
This is probably the best video youve ever produced. Ive never seen such interesting and captivating content, that not only grips the audience but also really shows what its like to be part of the sidemen life. Such a brilliant video, i wish i could be apart of something so amazing.
silkgreen Pred 2 leti
Pure simplicity, the Sidemen.
Martijn Lok
Martijn Lok Pred 2 leti
Wtf hahahahha amazing content kon! Hahah
I forgot my name
I forgot my name Pred 2 leti
BrianKk0802 Pred 2 leti
This is just like you are invisible and Simon cannot see you XD😂
Ben Turner
Ben Turner Pred 2 leti
_David123_ plo i
libby naughton
libby naughton Pred 2 leti
IM DEAD💀😂😂😭😭😭
Samuel Longman
Samuel Longman Pred 2 leti
It is funny but didn't you find it awkward being in the bathroom together?
Hiitsjammy Pred 2 leti
who else laughed when he played with the duck?
Joshua Beddow
Joshua Beddow Pred 2 leti
The struggles of trying to sit sown without hitting the tripod haha. Love your channel mate.
Ishan Mishra
Ishan Mishra Pred 2 leti
Quality content
Zeldig Pred 2 leti
Okay, Kon ... How much did Simon have to pay you to film that video?
Ani X
Ani X Pred 2 leti
Kons precious
DLP Games & Vlogs
DLP Games & Vlogs Pred 2 leti
another bangin video from kon :)
Tatiana Poddubnaya
Tatiana Poddubnaya Pred 2 leti
Wow, thanks Simon. You've given April fools video for both yourself and Kon!
Zoe Bird
Zoe Bird Pred 2 leti
You never fail to make me laugh so hard 😂😂😂😂😂😂
ManLikeChelsea Pred 2 leti
Why am I laughing at this???? What’s wrong with meee???
Lauren Welshie
Lauren Welshie Pred 2 leti
ManLikeChelsea I laughed too why I don’t know 😂
ManLikeChelsea Pred 2 leti
Konstantin that, maybe? And you and that duck! Honestly such great content, now I’ll sit and wait for the second video 👀
Konstantin Pred 2 leti
because I banged my toe? :(
Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan Pred 2 leti
When you can make more money of filming your self reacting to someone pretending to take a shit in silence than a well put together video of something interesting
imogen mcleod
imogen mcleod Pred 2 leti
how tf did he not laugh at you i’m crying😂😭
Devang Pred 2 leti
imagine this video coming out before Simon's video
Anna Ritchie
Anna Ritchie Pred 2 leti
You know your friendship is going to last when you can do this together 😂
saima khan
saima khan Pred 2 leti
I'm done! 😂😂 great vid kon! 😂
Lorenzo Nigretti
Lorenzo Nigretti Pred 2 leti
ffs i was thinking for the entire video "how the fuck did Kon knocked on the door if he was sitting in the shower" and then it turns out it was a complete different poop 😂
Always Prema Banned
The most patient man goes to the best video director Konstantin
Max Maier
Max Maier Pred 2 leti
I use the same hair spray as simon😍
Miles Clent
Miles Clent Pred 2 leti
Max Maier omg I was so gassed when I found out I did too 😂😂
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