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23. apr. 2021

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Konstantin Pred 16 dnevi
10k likes on the video and I surprise Kirsty with a new office set up!!!!
Junior Jad
Junior Jad Pred 17 urami
@Kayden Deandre Yea, I have been watching on flixzone for months myself :D
Kayden Deandre
Kayden Deandre Pred 18 urami
a trick : you can watch movies at flixzone. Been using them for watching loads of movies lately.
Adam Kola
Adam Kola Pred 15 dnevi
Its on 16k now lol
Charlie Boyce
Charlie Boyce Pred 15 dnevi
16k likes mate
Zayan Miah
Zayan Miah Pred 15 dnevi
The vid has got 16k likes
Master Boy
Master Boy Pred dnevom
He is taller than his bedroom door lol
dad 98
dad 98 Pred 5 dnevi
i hope Hannah is not dead
Angel Gonzalez
Angel Gonzalez Pred 5 dnevi
Sheeesh you make bank pri 💰
Richard Webb
Richard Webb Pred 5 dnevi
Well done 👍
Oakley Hodge
Oakley Hodge Pred 6 dnevi
If there is another room beyond the narrow ‘play room’ knock down the wall and convert it into a bigger room. It will open up space and become more useful.
R Sya
R Sya Pred 6 dnevi
Congratulations Kon & Kirsty!!!!!!! 🥳🥳
Querencia.tv Pred 6 dnevi
Wow pretty. Thanks for uploading 👍
The Fullsterkur
The Fullsterkur Pred 6 dnevi
u could print your pictures on the empty walls.. at 2:00
ahmad shahid
ahmad shahid Pred 6 dnevi
Congratulations to you both..... 😊
LeHunter 01
LeHunter 01 Pred 6 dnevi
For the LED light u can put them in like plastic type tubes so it look like a LED light tube and not bunch of little lights.
LUTV Charlie lowrey
LUTV Charlie lowrey Pred 7 dnevi
speakers upupupuppuuppupup
layth salah
layth salah Pred 8 dnevi
Might be too late but thoughts on knocking down the walls downstairs making the living space more open?
TheGaming Guy
TheGaming Guy Pred 9 dnevi
I'm gonna be honest this house is shit if u got the money buy a house that doesn't still have construction to happen
Dutchy Pred 9 dnevi
Massive congrats my guy!! Big moves so very happy for you both :D
IMF VORTEX Pred 9 dnevi
I hate that there are so many useless walls that divide the place in such ugly ways. I wish they would go the open style for the house. But I dont live in UK so maybe it is like normal there.
Svafner Pred 9 dnevi
Please keep us posted with more house videos!
Mohaiz Iqbal
Mohaiz Iqbal Pred 9 dnevi
Hey kon, you can change your staircase barrier into a glass one to make it more modern. Like so he can see this!
Mohaiz Iqbal
Mohaiz Iqbal Pred 9 dnevi
But it would make the whole place feel more open and bigger plus it’ll be a great investment even when looking to sell in the future
Konstantin Pred 9 dnevi
I feel like dust and smudges will show easier on it tho.
Xplorography Pred 10 dnevi
Thanks for mentioning Lan cables in the TV, my smart TV has been lagging for months and it's right next to the WiFi 😂😂
GuyThe Guy
GuyThe Guy Pred 10 dnevi
CSI Pred 10 dnevi
his hhair fixed!
Crispy Pred 10 dnevi
Hang the speakers about 20cm from the roof.
Ali Ali
Ali Ali Pred 10 dnevi
Aren't the doorways too small?
Denholm13 Pred 11 dnevi
build a swimming pool in your garden
Babboo Pred 11 dnevi
This video was so wholesome, it’s so cute because he is so proud and want to show us congrats Kon and Kirsty
Molly Moore
Molly Moore Pred 11 dnevi
zephyr Pred 11 dnevi
Imagine the montages and edits he could make along the way of renovation and especially at the end when its finished and proper done up
L D Pred 11 dnevi
I love build it with Rob! Mad that you watch him too!
Read my ABOUT section PLEASE
Nice! 😍😮
Shirley Donald
Shirley Donald Pred 11 dnevi
Well done to you both on such a massive achievement. Tips: make that small room downstairs into a laundry room and square off the arch in the hallway to fit with your modern look. Look forward to watching the progress 🥰
Jamie Chown
Jamie Chown Pred 11 dnevi
make sure you got a decent staircase in place as its worth making sure its what you want they are a pain to replace.
Emmanuel Z
Emmanuel Z Pred 11 dnevi
congrats on the house Kon!
Bamboo Buds
Bamboo Buds Pred 11 dnevi
Great video, I have a few suggestions for you. Where Kirsty is planning to have a wardrobe can you not turn it into a small walk-in wardrobe. In your office, you can get something that removes the echo in the room if that's what you're after. Not sure what they are called I have watched other SLtvrs do house tours and that's what they have.
Ghani Naseem
Ghani Naseem Pred 11 dnevi
The house looks great congrats kon
Ricardo Castillo V1
Ricardo Castillo V1 Pred 12 dnevi
Kon to a Milly Lets goooo!!!
AbzK'illa Pred 12 dnevi
Virat Anand
Virat Anand Pred 12 dnevi
Go on lad!
sharkiplay66 Pred 12 dnevi
Stanley Lane
Stanley Lane Pred 12 dnevi
Still watching the vids and your content is class being a filmmaker myself it think your content is inspirational and just awesome cant wait to see it fully complete and to see the new office over and out keep up the class videos your brilliant
harun kahramanoglu
harun kahramanoglu Pred 12 dnevi
If you use IP camara's I hope you change the default password else hackers can get into your network very easy and have your private footage
D Swrv
D Swrv Pred 12 dnevi
as a profession those speakers are gunna fuck you ears put it upwards
Becky Mills
Becky Mills Pred 12 dnevi
Big up kon🤘🏻
Smell0121 Pred 12 dnevi
build a shed out of old pallets to save money
Karla Pred 12 dnevi
laminate with a massive rug, so you have the moving ability without sacrificing sound quality?
Eivind Mong Haug
Eivind Mong Haug Pred 12 dnevi
Great job mate!!
MickiMouseDK Pred 12 dnevi
Video idea. "The Sidemen renovate my house"
Javier Sanetti
Javier Sanetti Pred 12 dnevi
Oi my guy! Love Con! Congrats on the house! However, we should all bombard the sidemen and demand Con gets a pay rise
Beats Buds
Beats Buds Pred 12 dnevi
Kongrats !!!!! 😊
Ezzie Benjamin
Ezzie Benjamin Pred 12 dnevi
get a sonos sound bar and two sonos speakers on stands new 3d audio technology works like surround sound
Hadi Najjar
Hadi Najjar Pred 12 dnevi
Congrats bro, u deserve the best
RKB Pred 12 dnevi
Don't know about anyone else if they noticed it or not, but in Kon's office, that last shot, the floor leading up to the back wall from the door looked like it was sagging right in the middle of the wall? Might want to get that checked out before having the carpet put down.
Konstantin Pred 12 dnevi
Got that all sorted now :)
JuniorGame Pred 12 dnevi
Yo At 7:17 you can see a IP adress for a split second. Dont know if its yours or not, but just letting you know.
Max Sutherland
Max Sutherland Pred 12 dnevi
Great Video, congratulations to you both!
King 1256
King 1256 Pred 12 dnevi
I like how Kon was like maybe I could surprise her with her setup like if kirsty isn't just going to watch his videos and find out
boston kissinger
boston kissinger Pred 13 dnevi
Great accomplishment. Only thing that sucks. Is that with the camera makes most of the house looked cramped up. Not alot of room for activities 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Chokyo Pred 13 dnevi
The speakers could be higher, but facing more downwards.
Chokyo Pred 13 dnevi
Definitely paint the doors.
isaac peace
isaac peace Pred 13 dnevi
LG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ????????????????????????????
Abu Siddiq
Abu Siddiq Pred 13 dnevi
Can't wait to see you get another house from Josh as well
Konstantin Pred 13 dnevi
That’s the spirit
Kavisan2Drippy Pred 13 dnevi
Who is here from zerkaa Monday
Harrison Pred 13 dnevi
just asking and don't hate are u to together as a couple because im confused
Az Pred 13 dnevi
Slightly above ear level, then volume level it on your amplifier
Jake Donegan
Jake Donegan Pred 13 dnevi
absolute goat deserve all of it mate🐐🐐
Scott Flavell
Scott Flavell Pred 13 dnevi
Congrats mate, big moment
Noah Willems
Noah Willems Pred 13 dnevi
4:30 what a selllauuuttt
Onderdaan Zwabbah
Onderdaan Zwabbah Pred 13 dnevi
Dirty Dan
Dirty Dan Pred 13 dnevi
Remodeling a home is so much fun, congrats!
Vortex7114 _
Vortex7114 _ Pred 13 dnevi
not a big fan of neon lights and led lights a bit distracting but hey you like them its ur house lol
Trop1cal Gaming
Trop1cal Gaming Pred 13 dnevi
Nah I don’t think carpet is the move but that’s just my opinion
RobloxShadow 019283
RobloxShadow 019283 Pred 14 dnevi
get this man to a mil already.
Zach Richardson
Zach Richardson Pred 14 dnevi
Why don't you put a staircase in the small corner of kirstys office so you can have an office of something upstairs
soupypoopy Pred 14 dnevi
im happy for you bro
Rells Schneider
Rells Schneider Pred 14 dnevi
Surround should go in the ceiling since the couch will be up against the wall.
MeltedInvention Pred 14 dnevi
Nathan DC
Nathan DC Pred 14 dnevi
Great video
Sarosh Reddy Dugireddy
congrats!! You deserve it
Earpsy Y
Earpsy Y Pred 14 dnevi
Sonos speakers in the roof
sleek_ASH Pred 14 dnevi
Can’t wait to see more videos on the house
Sam Osa
Sam Osa Pred 14 dnevi
mimi didi
mimi didi Pred 14 dnevi
Saving tips, get you a prebuilt kitchen at IKEA
Joshua Pred 14 dnevi
Well done mate, thoroughly deserved!
Infinity clothing
Infinity clothing Pred 14 dnevi
“ what year is ah I forgot what year it is ahh ohhh it’s 2021” 🤣
Gosiame Shalot Mokoena
Suggestion for the bedroom, no tv it should be a comfortable haven for you guys Neutral colours, minimal furniture so it doesn't feel cluttered seeing as it's not a huge bedroom, you don't want it cramped clean room clean state of mind type sh*t. It can be boujee it's where you rest guyss
Gosiame Shalot Mokoena
Calming warm earth tones ( greys, brown, white) with a bit of colour in the bedroom is my suggestion
Piers Ellis
Piers Ellis Pred 14 dnevi
should make thate lttle room gym. got space for a treadmill weights and a pull up bar
Sleepy Pred 14 dnevi
Speakers should be higher but tilted down at an angle towards the sofa
Pradeep #LOGANG4LIFE Pred 14 dnevi
Kon please make a lapse of ur sweet home getting ready
Randolph Pokemon
Randolph Pokemon Pred 14 dnevi
Which one is my room
Kirsty W
Kirsty W Pred 13 dnevi
The cupboard under the stairs
Quix Pred 13 dnevi
Fam take joshys your dad will love you being there at his room
Jake Mallin
Jake Mallin Pred 14 dnevi
Congrats Kon!
Old KSI Videos
Old KSI Videos Pred 14 dnevi
Man bought the Annabelle home
Elliot Simmonds
Elliot Simmonds Pred 14 dnevi
Don’t go for carpet with a wheeley chair it’s wrecks it
L J Pred 14 dnevi
i would knock the wall down between the kitchen and the hallway and have it like all open but the living room is still separate from the other doors ygm
Wilfred Palmer
Wilfred Palmer Pred 14 dnevi
If you ever want a dog don’t get carpet
Old KSI Videos
Old KSI Videos Pred 14 dnevi
Train the dog
Mel Murray
Mel Murray Pred 14 dnevi
Wanna see it all!!! Congrats to you both
Calvin Pred 14 dnevi
Big up Kon can't wait to see how you improve the house over time
Dany boy
Dany boy Pred 14 dnevi
Congratulations kon deserved for the hard work
katerina kosarina
katerina kosarina Pred 14 dnevi
Dan Stack
Dan Stack Pred 14 dnevi
Cant wait to see the progress Congrats on the new home too
Aaron Yule
Aaron Yule Pred 14 dnevi
It’ll need to be a bit higher
FunkierCrib Pred 14 dnevi
Where will you put your YT plaques ?
D-Tafel Pred 14 dnevi
do auctions if you want to save money on materials from bankruptcy
One Year Dream Home Update!