This Music Video Will Make You Cry!!! 

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Starting the year off with a new music video project with Sarah Close as she performs her Acoustic version of 'Almost'. In this video, I take you behind the scenes and give a breakdown of how this music video was put together.
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14. jan. 2020

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Yamohall Pred 5 meseci
100k Subscribers With No Videos Challenge
I didnt cry Ok I cried a bit Kon your amazing!
ShakYoo Tube
ShakYoo Tube Pred 5 meseci
camera man has a camera man
Harry Briggs
Harry Briggs Pred 5 meseci
Such a sick look. I’m wondering if you’ve ever used Red Giant’s Magic Bullet Looks Kon? Allows you to create loads of lens effects such as star filters and simulate stuff like Black Pro-Mist filters, and then of course edit them after the shoot! I’m always nervous about shooting effects in camera because of how baked in they are, so Magic Bullet Looks has been such a life saver for me! Thought you might be interested!
Jokki Pred 5 meseci
imagine using a aninoji pfp
Konstantin Pred 5 meseci
Harry Briggs I do use their plugins indeed , not a fan of those you mentioned at time I feel they can cheapen the look of the video if overused but yeah also a great option to have
Ali heikal
Ali heikal Pred 5 meseci
This got more views than the vid
angusxli Pred 5 meseci
Why does 2:04 look like freezy?
Mourad Dellali
Mourad Dellali Pred 5 meseci
when the bts has more views than the actual song
Rai Costa
Rai Costa Pred 6 meseci
Dont recommend skill share, i just got billed 141 when its say 7 to 8 dollars a month !
Idris Jenkins
Idris Jenkins Pred 7 meseci
Why do people dislike this...
Mustafa Khan
Mustafa Khan Pred 8 meseci
kingkeemz hunter
kingkeemz hunter Pred 8 meseci
dont know if callux understood what he had
Saman Mallikarjun
Saman Mallikarjun Pred 8 meseci
The fact that this video has more views than the actual song...
Arnav Grover
Arnav Grover Pred 8 meseci
The video that actually made me cry was tobis new song
Lewis Simpson
Lewis Simpson Pred 8 meseci
Why was the first voice message 9:59 the second at 10:00
Heliox Pred 8 meseci
Big up the MKBHD hoodie
kaz shah
kaz shah Pred 8 meseci
10:00 cmon Kon, who you kidding? 🤣🤣
Liz Franks
Liz Franks Pred 9 meseci
Already watched the music video before this, but now I'm watching it again
Ladajzo Brinton
Ladajzo Brinton Pred 9 meseci
So, is the song a direct message to Callux or?
Js21 Sj21
Js21 Sj21 Pred 9 meseci
It didn’t
Matthew G
Matthew G Pred 9 meseci
This simple setup and just Kon's vision makes it looks so beautiful. Gonna watch the actual video now. Keeen
T C Pred 9 meseci
Why ain’t you got a milk subs yet bro allways release great content bro
3bood _HKJ
3bood _HKJ Pred 9 meseci
is that callux's girlfriend? oh wait
Jacco H
Jacco H Pred 9 meseci
The 2x speed thing is genius 🔥
can't think of a name
can't think of a name Pred 9 meseci
Kon you may have answered this before but what age did start photography then editing? You're skilful with your art.
Logan Woodward
Logan Woodward Pred 9 meseci
Can you do more of these types of videos when you show us what cameras, lighting, editing and etc. It’s very interesting and love to learn more and those little things to change the dynamic of the shot.
Leen Millss
Leen Millss Pred 9 meseci
Just seen the video you did an amazing job. The video didn't take away from the songs beauty. It was just perfect and clean
Xx GodLike Xx
Xx GodLike Xx Pred 9 meseci
after party studios: am i a joke to u?
Slerpy Sounds
Slerpy Sounds Pred 9 meseci
This didnt make me cry, but i know it made callux cry
Daniel Whiteley
Daniel Whiteley Pred 9 meseci
sarah gettin in youtube be like freezy and con
DaX Pred 9 meseci
The top boy estate is summerhouse not summerset house lol
Tapiwa Muza
Tapiwa Muza Pred 9 meseci
Simen Storøy
Simen Storøy Pred 9 meseci
Everything about this is insanely good! Beautiful song, wonderful music video and superb behind-the-scenes-video!
Simen Storøy
Simen Storøy Pred 9 meseci
Such a beautiful song❤ And superb music video as well! Great work!
VM Pred 9 meseci
Is the song about lux?
Parzival 2
Parzival 2 Pred 9 meseci
1:30 wow she found the background in 1 minute damn that’s quick😂
EthanMorris Pred 8 meseci
Lol Lol lol
Arun Jaswal
Arun Jaswal Pred 9 meseci
When I saw it I thought she was surrounded in mmmmmilk
woody Pred 9 meseci
Resolve is sexy kon! as a complete newb to editing I love its simplicity and ease, and its free!! damn good experience!
woody Pred 9 meseci
@Konstantin I have read that a lot from people who come off the back of other software they have used for a while. I guess going in completely green helps as i literally have nothing to get confused with. If you are used to after effects, it takes so doing to switch something you know to something new for sure. plenty or videos and help out there though ;) All the best!
Konstantin Pred 9 meseci
woodyAUS I found resolve super difficult - going to try teach myself some new things on there!
Jay Gannon
Jay Gannon Pred 9 meseci
what video editing software is that that you are using ?
DMR Pred 9 meseci
Is it just me or does sarah look like Love from 'You'
I forgot my name
I forgot my name Pred 9 meseci
aceeNa Pred 9 meseci
It certainly made callux cry...
Randy Rabel
Randy Rabel Pred 9 meseci
Great vid :D
Daniel Duarte
Daniel Duarte Pred 9 meseci
After seeing the recordings, I gotta ask: when is Sarah doing some grime?
Konstantin Pred 9 meseci
ashrbz Pred 9 meseci
I respect the thumbnail
Meghna Mandal
Meghna Mandal Pred 9 meseci
Such an amazing video kon
Jepta Visuals
Jepta Visuals Pred 9 meseci
Amazing video man! I'm also learning how to color grade on Davinci Resolve, but sometimes when I export my footages from Premiere to Davinci Resolve, it doesn't load some footages...
Jepta Visuals
Jepta Visuals Pred 9 meseci
@Konstantin Oh weird.. I'm going to try it again, thanks!
Konstantin Pred 9 meseci
Jepta Visuals sounds strange - on this project I imported braw 6k footage in the past I dealt with high bit footage and not had any issues
Jepta Visuals
Jepta Visuals Pred 9 meseci
@Konstantin Never tried it on one track, definitely going to try that thanks! But I also heard from other people that Davinci can't show 10 bit footage, do you have experience with 10 bit footage on Davinci?
Konstantin Pred 9 meseci
When you export XML from premier to Davinchi do you have all of your clips on one track or is it on different tracks ( that might be the issue, I tend to export my XML files with everything on one track because I could never figure out what setting in premier to use to export the whole timeline)
Muzza LL
Muzza LL Pred 9 meseci
100% underrated! Absolute G
dyln Pred 9 meseci
Love your editing
Veronika Aleshina
Veronika Aleshina Pred 9 meseci
I love how you go through your whole workflow! How do you go about capturing sound, and sound design for some of your projects? - fellow first-gen Russian editor in Australia ☺️
a Pred 9 meseci
bro you’re actually too talented. i rate the worth ethic sm.
Safet Huskic
Safet Huskic Pred 9 meseci
JJ: Can we film a music video? Kon: Sure, can we like instead of your music just put some PronHub sounds JJ: I dunno man, just f.ck it
Aaron Pred 9 meseci
What’s the remix playing.....
SamsCamera Pred 9 meseci
peak when this had got more views than the MV haha
BadaBingBadaBoom Pred 9 meseci
Sarah should collab with talia
stormtrooper30 Pred 9 meseci
Damn Kon, you the B💣MB!
Klyps Pred 9 meseci
You're too underrated. You should be at *MILLIONS* of subs for your content.
Cloudy MC
Cloudy MC Pred 9 meseci
I didn’t vry
New Jacob
New Jacob Pred 9 meseci
I didnt cry but another Jacob will
Roxburgh Pred 9 meseci
Killed it
Josh Peters
Josh Peters Pred 9 meseci
Sick video! DaVinci is a beast at colour grading for sure
Christopher McKenna
Christopher McKenna Pred 9 meseci
Most underrated SLtv on the planet
Johnny Dah
Johnny Dah Pred 9 meseci
Your content are so underrated
Connor Parker
Connor Parker Pred 9 meseci
Bro your videos are sick man
Ben Ivanovic
Ben Ivanovic Pred 9 meseci
Kon this is incredible, never stop making these videos.
rishi Pred 9 meseci
Oi KON’s videos remind me of mix of Casey and MKBHD, quality stuff bro
Konstantin Pred 9 meseci
Big fanboy of both tbh
Konstantin Pred 9 meseci
linc0ln 55
linc0ln 55 Pred 9 meseci
what do u use to edit *I'm sorry, I'm new so I want to know
Konstantin Pred 9 meseci
Adobe Premier Pro :)
Randolph Pokemon
Randolph Pokemon Pred 9 meseci
This video is like an episode of Hustle and it's blowing my mind
Ladajzo Brinton
Ladajzo Brinton Pred 9 meseci
Hustle was mad. I was watching that like 8 years ago
Gold GotGame
Gold GotGame Pred 9 meseci
My guy randy.
Jaipie Eccles
Jaipie Eccles Pred 9 meseci
It feela weird seeing your gaming channel, i had to click on your channel to make sure it was you
Matthew Jones
Matthew Jones Pred 9 meseci
Randolph Games hey dude
Рамазан Шаймуратов
Интересно, сколько русских подписано на этот канал)
Mattias Galeta
Mattias Galeta Pred 9 meseci
7:39 anyone wanna hack into their WIFI?
iPlayApex -_-
iPlayApex -_- Pred 7 meseci
Gold GotGame
Gold GotGame Pred 9 meseci
Expensivelol1 no
Ivon Lighton
Ivon Lighton Pred 9 meseci
the emotion he showed whilst explaining the sponsor also brought a tear to my eye.
Dev Pred 9 meseci
Honestly this man got such a great talent
Nolwazi Pred 9 meseci
I didn't cry but nice song I would listen to it again.👍🏼👌🏼✨
denden51 Pred 9 meseci
the girl from You!!!!
Malek Pred 9 meseci
Gold Ribbons
Gold Ribbons Pred 9 meseci
love your videos!
freshlybaked Pred 9 meseci
Awesome video! These behind The scenes are great
Saskiyahhh V
Saskiyahhh V Pred 9 meseci
*Ur talent is insane, even something so simple was made into some serious magical, love ur BTS vids 👌🏼🔥*
VORTEXX83 Pred 9 meseci
Kon u are mad talented bro gg u are a true artist lets get kon to 1 mill for this year
Harry Pred 9 meseci
Nobody: Sarah Close: LOVE!! LOVE!!
Don don
Don don Pred 9 meseci
Kon is so underrated
Liam 1234
Liam 1234 Pred 9 meseci
Is she actually singing that fast
Connor Rehbein
Connor Rehbein Pred 9 meseci
Wasn’t going to click on this video but glad I did it was really good, especially since I’m planning a music video currently
HawkGaming Pred 9 meseci
Kon honestly keep this up mate, your vids are so sick for im learning to edit better and take sick shots
SBW_xXPsychoXx_ Pred 9 meseci
Ive been using skill share for a while now and tbh its gr8 So make sure to check it out guys Btw kon nice video buddy❤❤❤
Chris Roughley
Chris Roughley Pred 9 meseci
Callux is in tears right now....
AxTech Pred 9 meseci
What do you think of the price difference between the pocket 4k and 6k and do you think it's worth it?
AxTech Pred 9 meseci
@Konstantin yeah, rigging out the 4k will probably cost about the same at the end of the day, I feel like what you said (saving for the 6k) might be a better purchase in the long run, thanks mate
Konstantin Pred 9 meseci
AxTech what im leading up to us by the time you buy a good speed booster it will be almost the same price
Konstantin Pred 9 meseci
I prefer having the option of a canon mount rather and not using speedboosters also having 6k future proofs you for a couple of years ahead.
AxTech Pred 9 meseci
I want jobs like this
bigwardy111 Pred 9 meseci
Such a tallented guy and love how you share so much detail and your amazing passion for what you do
B Pred 9 meseci
Cheers, sons crying now 🙄😂
Muhammad Zidnii
Muhammad Zidnii Pred 9 meseci
Callum's crying
James Pred 9 meseci
Summer house fool
Corey Proberts
Corey Proberts Pred 9 meseci
Kon mate, great video, always enjoy your little behind the scenes, keep it up.
Tejalkera_Msp love
Tejalkera_Msp love Pred 9 meseci
Great video! 🔥🔥🔥🔥
TIMI Pred 9 meseci
Kon... wow. lad is proper talented, can tell he worked hard just by seeing his knowledge on everything in this video
Vegard Pedersen
Vegard Pedersen Pred 9 meseci
WOW, great work!! I learned a lot from watching thsi. Very interesting with the fan :-)
Zoe Lawrence
Zoe Lawrence Pred 9 meseci
sarah’s music is unreal and so underrated
007 Pred 9 meseci
absolutely love these !!!!
OneSmallPerson Pred 9 meseci
Oi Kon you’re a wizard
TheGamers Pred 9 meseci
When are u gonna stream again? Really love the content bro 💪
TheBoomBouncer Pred 9 meseci
Wow, this vid is mad.
Amy Lieu
Amy Lieu Pred 9 meseci
PC building SPEED challenge!
Funniest Design Fails Ever