How To Shoot a Podcast ( The True Geordie Podcast ) 

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18. sep. 2018

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Konstantin Pred 2 leti
Hope you guys enjoy this one, I have now filmed over 100 Podcasts and thought I should share the process of what it takes to make one. Feel free to ask me questions on instagram --> instagram.com/pimpjuicek/
HAVEN Pred 2 leti
how did you come to afford all that gear if you dont mind me asking
Ollie p
Ollie p Pred 2 leti
Really enjoyed seeing this. Would be interesting to see how you take all those angles and audio and edit it together
Harrison Owen
Harrison Owen Pred 2 leti
Brian's dosser
Poppof Pred 2 leti
what is the song at 2:35 please??
Mithusan Pred 2 leti
Love these videos
Hannah Travers
Hannah Travers Pred 15 dnevi
Kon is an absolute unit but his voice is so soft
Prabhu Ja
Prabhu Ja Pred 2 meseci
But simple iam planning on Yi 4k which runs continuous Bro
HüDO NēDEM Pred 3 meseci
What was that external camera battery I want to look it up
SA1513 Pred 4 meseci
What are those mic 🎙 called
Joe’s Entertainment
Joe’s Entertainment Pred 4 meseci
Should I start a podcast??
Jay Rootham-denness
Jay Rootham-denness Pred 4 meseci
Why does Kon look scared in the thumbnail 😂
Phisuals Pred 4 meseci
mate get those amazon ref links in there
Moghster Pred 4 meseci
How do you connect multiple cameras to switch from on a live stream? Does it need a capture card?
Cfc ratz
Cfc ratz Pred mesecem
Bro if u find out let me know
Darren Starr
Darren Starr Pred 4 meseci
Great video. Very well produced. Subscribed! The umbrella focuses the light in a particular direction with the reflective material and the white disk bounces some light back to the reflectors all different angles which is then rebounced back out through the disk, giving a directional soft light. The grid helps you direct the light, you you can put a lot of light on your talent without necessarily lighting all of the room and background nearby.
Ollie Hunt
Ollie Hunt Pred 4 meseci
I got into your Warzone game and killed you 😂
Bushcraft Jon
Bushcraft Jon Pred 4 meseci
I had no idea that much effort went into filming a podcast, I was just thinking it would be pretty easy to do but jeez, I would stand a chance at setting that up myself
Barney Arthur
Barney Arthur Pred 4 meseci
one thing, a grid on a softbox actually focusses and refines the light not spread it.
Mr Baker Explores
Mr Baker Explores Pred 4 meseci
can you tell me what cameras and software you use please
Matty Dough
Matty Dough Pred 4 meseci
Cool video bro
Vonzy Pred 4 meseci
Could you let me know what microphones they are ? 👊🏻
James Short
James Short Pred 4 meseci
the grid prevents the light from spilling so you dont loose brightness.
Fodboldidioterne Pred 4 meseci
Hey man! You should get some affiliate links for the equipment you use - would love to support you, when i buy the lights for myself :)
Mark Ramos
Mark Ramos Pred 5 meseci
Filming with DSLR/ mirrorless? How you record more than 30min?
Liam C news
Liam C news Pred 7 meseci
how do you connect the sound with the audio?
DJ Minati
DJ Minati Pred 7 meseci
Would this work with a focusrite?
Fudgie Mcfadden
Fudgie Mcfadden Pred 9 meseci
Says podcast mics and pulls out A couple of the most underrated mics ever. Aston Spirit 4 dayz
maninsligo Pred 10 meseci
If you could talk about your rig and setup in terms of the products, suppliers and cost, it would be useful for those who are trying to get the same quality of production.
Christopher McKenna
Christopher McKenna Pred 10 meseci
the most underrated guy on youtube. so much of your work goes unmissed...
Sauvage94 Pred 10 meseci
What podcast microphone is that one? I have been searching to the ends of the earth to find it lmao. It sounds so dam balanced!
kbukw Pred 11 meseci
I’m taking microphone and go outside to ask people some questions
Peter Figueroa
Peter Figueroa Pred letom
If you want to learn nothing, watch this
Thomas Milder
Thomas Milder Pred letom
A grid actually reduces the amount of spill on your light. So you can diffuse it without losing the intensity.
Mark Hunter
Mark Hunter Pred letom
Great video, but a grid doesn't spread the light out even more, it does the opposite.
EMGStudios Pred letom
Just an FYI, grids don't spread the light, they actually focus the light.
Disheartened6 Pred letom
you do a lot of work! good job!
Siphiwe Pandeka
Siphiwe Pandeka Pred letom
The level of professionalism that goes into this is really inspiring. Thanks for a great video.
No equipment links?? UHHH WHAT A LET DOWN lol
Blessing Marie
Blessing Marie Pred letom
Very useful video. What microphones are used?
BrodieTV Pred letom
Love the vid Kon, hella informative
Jaxon Broad
Jaxon Broad Pred 5 meseci
All Guns Blazing
All Guns Blazing Pred letom
What’s the microphone recording device called?
Sam Chesover
Sam Chesover Pred letom
Zoom H6
UnderTheRedHair Pred letom
You're a legend Kon. Would love to see you as a guest on the podcast.
Oz Culture
Oz Culture Pred letom
a gear list in the description would have been super helpful
Preston House
Preston House Pred letom
Great video. But a grid concentrates the light. Not spread it out. Really great stuff. Cheers!
AkaBob Pred letom
Kon, I’m at the age where I have to choose my GCSE’s and I only get to choose one expressive arts and right now I am doing dance but we get to choose soon and I’m doing dance as I enjoy it and performing but also because I didn’t get into photography I really like cameras filming videos and editing videos or photos however I am stuck to which to choose how did u get a job like this and stuff I could really do with some help as what u do really interests me
Otto Larsen
Otto Larsen Pred letom
For people asking the recorder is Called zoom h6
Jacob Foster
Jacob Foster Pred letom
im starting a podcast and this is great, im trying to get all the equipment together and its mainly the light which is the problem
Come Geek Some
Come Geek Some Pred letom
This is a great behind the scenes video for a podcast. I'm getting into Podcasting myself and this has helped a lot.
YKcollective Pred letom
Does the recorder have 4 headphone jacks for each microphone??
Mike Hocksbig
Mike Hocksbig Pred letom
Great vid kon
inSpyr Pred letom
How do you override the Canon 30min record window
sol porter
sol porter Pred letom
Laurence the type of guy to wear a swimming cap in the shower
Mekaih Pred letom
what microphone stands are those holding up the Aston mics
NevermindMatt Pred letom
Where about did you get the battery adapter from?
Speicy_ Pred letom
Oof, Is anyone gonna talk about those ear pods... wierd flex but ok...
Ally Law
Ally Law Pred letom
Duuuuude. These videos are so sick! You're a genius, I'm not sure how you find enough time to film & edit all of this stuff. + Your editing is insane! :)
Harris .C
Harris .C Pred 4 meseci
One of UK's best content creators watching the underated Kon
Hutch Pred letom
Ally you G!
Kerrie Pred letom
I actually found this pretty interesting :)
Bronwyn Neil
Bronwyn Neil Pred letom
I don’t think you get the praise you deserve! you literally film for everyone on SLtv, your amazing 🙂
sparky6899 Pred letom
Good to see a proper professional at work.
Ukiyo Pred letom
What microphone is he using
infinitive blur
infinitive blur Pred letom
for anyone wondering , the microphone is the Aston Spirit
Goblin Slayer
Goblin Slayer Pred letom
What mic do they use
Hutch Pred letom
What microphones are they using on the podcast?
Mekaih Pred letom
what microphone stands are those holding up the Aston mics
Richard Sweetnam
Richard Sweetnam Pred 2 leti
What cameras do you use?
Opinionated Phiri
Opinionated Phiri Pred 2 leti
Why is your content sooooooo goooood ... you're super chilled out ..
Flinx Pred 2 leti
True birdie didn’t look shoot 2:06
Fisky 2001
Fisky 2001 Pred 2 leti
Always wanted to know what happens behind the scenes at the True Geordie Podcast and you do a really good job how you do things.
Dans Games
Dans Games Pred 2 leti
Would love to the list of equipment you have!
Jan Rufer
Jan Rufer Pred 2 leti
Great video Kon ❤
John Morgan
John Morgan Pred 2 leti
Kit list would be good.
the oneills
the oneills Pred 2 leti
The people we see behind the famous SLtvrs great vid
Finden 15
Finden 15 Pred 2 leti
Do you remember , we got a photo then spoke to you about on point , and we where in a que next to you talking to Toby
Finden 15
Finden 15 Pred 2 leti
Saw you at tulleys other night , top man
Alex Melnik
Alex Melnik Pred 2 leti
Loved all the insight Kon. Красава!!
Aidan Clarke
Aidan Clarke Pred 2 leti
Amazing editing!
bogusyoshi Pred 2 leti
FrenchieFries Pred 2 leti
what slider do you use? I'm looking into one that's more on the portable side edit: it's a rhino
Thomas O'Donnell
Thomas O'Donnell Pred 2 leti
What camera do you use?
Exploring With Cam
Exploring With Cam Pred 2 leti
Love love love the double audio, you can never go wrong with getting double the audio.
Mati Granica
Mati Granica Pred 2 leti
You shoot at 1/100th and 1600ISO? I'd turn the ISO down a bit and shoot at 1/50th if you record at 24fps
Mati Granica
Mati Granica Pred 2 leti
@Konstantin that's really interesting, I love hearing how other people work! Keep it up man and we'll see how the faster shutter works out
Konstantin Pred 2 leti
Mati Granica however I do want to put a higher speed shutter to the test as I feel it can give more of a realistic feel rather than the usual cinematic look especially if people move around quickly.
Mati Granica
Mati Granica Pred 2 leti
@Konstantin oh okay that make a lot more sense, I was just a bit confused haha. Thanks for letting me know so quickly
Konstantin Pred 2 leti
Mati Granica I didn’t set the cameras up on video so what you see on this video is just a default when I switched the cameras on .... iso varies on the lens I use and lighting conditions but yes I keep the shutter at 1/50th as I shout at 25fps
Baran Pred 2 leti
Hi, a quick tip on how I record interviews and save time is: connect the Zoom H6 to the camera using the audio jack and the microphone jack on the camera. Then listen to the sound using the audio output jack on the camera. Simple and time saving in post production.
Baran Pred 2 leti
Konstantin yes, the zoom H6 is already recording so you can use the audio from that if the camera fails to record etc (but it won't as you will be listening To it on the camera) and as I mention, if the camera stops, the H6 is still recording
Konstantin Pred 2 leti
Baran good tip, does the audio still come recorded as separate files on each mic? What if the camera stops recording?
Flower Power
Flower Power Pred 2 leti
I literally subscribed to you after watching this video. Great to see a sort of "behind the scenes" of the podcasts. I honestly didn't realise the amount of effort you personally put into each podcast, fair play to you. Massive respect for you.
Candid Tourists
Candid Tourists Pred 2 leti
This was great fun to watch and See the effort that goes on behind-the-scenes we are going to start podcast Ing in the future not on this level though LOL thanks for sharing
SCS 2018
SCS 2018 Pred 2 leti
Is he behzingas brother?
Higher Mind
Higher Mind Pred 2 leti
Insane set up! thanks ;)
CalDoesLife Pred 2 leti
This is cool bro
Connor Robson
Connor Robson Pred 2 leti
What mics do you use for the Podcast?
PeteBMX Pred 2 leti
Do you edit the podcasts too?
Virtually Grand
Virtually Grand Pred 2 leti
We appreciate all your hard work.....Thankyou
Reece Vaughan
Reece Vaughan Pred 2 leti
The quality of the podcast is awesome but the constant banging in the background is making it nearly unwatchable for me - might just be my headphone settings but it sounds like someone is in my house when I'm listening late at night
Reece Vaughan
Reece Vaughan Pred 2 leti
Think that might be the issue you know, I didn't see any other comments about it but must of took my headphones off maybe 10 times, especially in the Dizzie Rascal episode, great nevertheless
Konstantin Pred 2 leti
Reece Vaughan do you mean hands banging on the table? As that would vibrate all the way up to the mics
Lauren Williams
Lauren Williams Pred 2 leti
Harley Harris
Harley Harris Pred 2 leti
Must be so sick having a job doing stuff like this
ovvnnes Pred 2 leti
Very interesting and thorough Kon. I got a question: how much would you say does the whole setup cost?
Aaron Askew
Aaron Askew Pred 2 leti
Wait where does the other lapels connect to? H6 doesn't have the extra connections unless if you somehow got to connect it with the LR channels hah
Aaron Askew
Aaron Askew Pred 2 leti
@Konstantin ah ae that works, good thing with dslr cameras making that an easy thing hahah
Konstantin Pred 2 leti
In this case I connected the lapels direct Into the cameras
Kebab Head
Kebab Head Pred 2 leti
I had no idea so much went into filming the pod. Great vid Kon
Harry Searles
Harry Searles Pred 2 leti
didnt realise how much goes on behind the scenes, respect bro!
Asép Karyawan
Asép Karyawan Pred 2 leti
i'm working on my own podcast (audio-based, college guys chats) and immediately shut down by the inflation here lol, cant even find a cheap audio mixer here so i'm stuck using two mics (for trio of chaps) and hoping adobe audition works in my favor. watching this kinda makes me terrified of stepping it up, cant imagine my adhd kicks in when covering 3-4 cameras at the same time lol
Himel Das Gupta
Himel Das Gupta Pred 2 leti
Is kon Ethan's real brother?
Cogsy Pred 2 leti
Hey Konstantin, how much did all the equipment you used in this video cost? Also, did you self learn all the things you know about videoing, sound, light etc or do you have some sort of qualification in it? Eg degree, diploma. If you could cover it in a video or reply to this comment that’d be great. Cheers!
Screwface Pred 2 leti
Yes Kons!!! lol
Craig Anthony
Craig Anthony Pred 2 leti
loved this ! very insightful - ive been looking to purchase a slider for a while now and the one you had looks to be ideal. Cheers for the info. www.reformations.co.uk
Sonny Dortmund
Sonny Dortmund Pred 2 leti
This is brilliant mate, you’re class at what you do 👍🏻
Zhantox Pred 2 leti
btw, the audio on the GoPro sounded great. Didn't pick up on the difference even after you pointed it out.
fillebrax Pred 2 leti
This was a sick video Kon. Never thought there was so much that went into these podcasts!
MEDFORDcs Pred 2 leti
what mic do they use on the podcast ??
daniel smith
daniel smith Pred letom
the best microphone for under a thousand pound in uk slash world ,and its british made @infinitive blur
infinitive blur
infinitive blur Pred letom
it is the Aston Spirit
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