How We Made KSI SUPERHUMAN [DOMAIN Behind The Scenes] 

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Costume @josephjcrone
Key MUA @brushpuppie
Stunt Co-ordinator @howesmarten
B Cam Operator @thomasterminet
Focus (A) @marcusalbertsen
Focus (B) @anildurucamera
Loader (A) @charlie_knight_
Loader (B) @finnmagnet
Camera Trainee (A) @_charlietierney
Camera Trainee (B) @t_heodore
FPV Drone @louishouiller
Gaffer @oliver__craig
Spark @josephargreaves
Spark @ravi.doubleday
Sound @jworthy_sound
Sound (Pickups) @majer_cristian
Art Director @jimmyvantwest
Art Assistant @barney_props
Art Assistant Elizabeth Dayo
Costume Assistant @gingemcrae
Assistant Stunt Co-ordinator @actiondanstyles
Rigger Reuben Mosely
Rigging Assistant Joe White
Rigging Assistant Graeme Clint
Medic Gary Marriott
Prod Co @zebrafishmedia
PC @alexfelstead
Prod Runner @tanitotanitotanito
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13. jan. 2021

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Shane Daniels
Shane Daniels Pred mesecem
Very nice
Alex Tutorials
Alex Tutorials Pred 2 meseci
IMO, the BTS is better than the actual song lol
Anny The Anon
Anny The Anon Pred 2 meseci
eh jj used the orange track suit after all/
THEGAMING3EAK111 Pred 2 meseci
i really want to get into acting but i dont know the people or the contacts to help me get there i was just wondering how you started and how you got to the point your at?
iRyan Gamez
iRyan Gamez Pred 3 meseci
6:30 so nice from jj
Stanley Lane
Stanley Lane Pred 3 meseci
I'm a filmmaker of Music Videos, short films and an actor I love the sidemen videos and said to myself what's it like to shoot this stuff and all the music videos from the boys have some really cool visual style and here you are the channel for me I subscribed keep the behined the scenes vids coming love the content and you work really hard I know what's its like to be on set early and be the last to leave all the best KON
Stanley Lane
Stanley Lane Pred 3 meseci
@Konstantin Thanks for the warm welcome Glad to hear it you work hard for it man it pays off all the best
Konstantin Pred 3 meseci
This comment made my day! Welcome to the channel hope to keep creating bts content!
bbguns1234 Pred 3 meseci
11:45 We just do this *elbows towards lens. Guy in black in background; Fuck it, giv us a fistbump xD
Marcus Nerløe
Marcus Nerløe Pred 3 meseci
10:56 Nathan Dawe in a van
FeNozi Pred 3 meseci
Great shadow boxing
Madeline Mccanns pink bike
Ksi Reddit 4:10 ksi forehead no bandanna
Karl Robinson
Karl Robinson Pred 3 meseci
Synergy, Prestige Worldwide... sounds like someone watches The Apprentice lol... saying that maybe now i think i've just got a Sidemen Sunday challenge.
F.A Pred 3 meseci
it genuinely confuses me how your not bigger, because the content you produce does not reflect the size of your channel, you're gone be so much bigger Kon I can already tell
Steve Coleman
Steve Coleman Pred 3 meseci
Good times Kon 👍🏻 bruises and broken ribs, but good times! 😆
Sinan Abusalah
Sinan Abusalah Pred 3 meseci
Yo Kon fix the title from behind the scene to scenes
Jakob Winterborne
Jakob Winterborne Pred 3 meseci
9:16, nice to see someone using a mamya rz 67 120mm film camera in 2021.. from a fellow hassleblad shooter. #filmisnotdead
Manree Pred 3 meseci
"Basically John Wick with super powers.." *and Black, don't forget*
RH - 10ZZ 714401 Castlebrooke SS
Byron whitelow
Byron whitelow Pred 3 meseci
Kon's videos bang not gonna lie but he need to do more music videos because they are sick👌
Nathan Dereje
Nathan Dereje Pred 3 meseci
god damn ksi 300 hed is so big myn is 4 head how about your
Dan Surf
Dan Surf Pred 3 meseci
2:44 who is your Fpv drone pilot?
IAPLAYZ Pred 3 meseci
How does this only have 41k views.
Solomon Gad
Solomon Gad Pred 3 meseci
Epic BTS. Cheers JJ for giving this to ya man. JJ always impressing me with his virtues. Good luck with ur 1mil goal, i'll share at the least...
「 Deadpoppin 」
「 Deadpoppin 」 Pred 3 meseci
anyone from 100k cal challange?
Fouzia Sheikh
Fouzia Sheikh Pred 3 meseci
this is the part where beta squad did there hide and seek
AK GAMER Pred 3 meseci
Kon rn when I'm commenting this he is at 699k subs OMG
Mohammed Tammous
Mohammed Tammous Pred 3 meseci
how is that not getting viewss!!!
matt 364
matt 364 Pred 3 meseci
Questions people may find obvious but was kon the boss of all this???
matt 364
matt 364 Pred 3 meseci
Great man nice work ! Thank for you personally replying !
Konstantin Pred 3 meseci
JJ is boss at the end of the day, my role as a director alongside Guy was to bring the ideas to life and oversee the production. This involves a lot of decision making and planning weeks before the shoot down to the actual delivery of the edit. To put together such a large crew and handle creative side of things would not be possible, you can check out my description to see who had what role :)
Happiest Firstman
Happiest Firstman Pred 3 meseci
would love to see a Kon cameo easter egg in his next clip/video
Daniel D
Daniel D Pred 3 meseci
Imagine all that editing and JJs forehead is still as big as the warzone map
amh H
amh H Pred 3 meseci
Nah if you have an eye for it you’ll realise where the memes for sidemen videos slot in the video so seamlessly
amh H
amh H Pred 3 meseci
amh H
amh H Pred 3 meseci
this mans storytelling editing skills
Daily 8ight
Daily 8ight Pred 3 meseci
Ngl if Jj filmed a movie again it would be sick
Conscious Pred 3 meseci
Here before 700k
Life of J&E
Life of J&E Pred 3 meseci
Boss video Kon!!!
AJ Pred 3 meseci
Wait who is kons cameraman
Brandon Murray
Brandon Murray Pred 3 meseci
My guy
Kingdrapermusic Pred 3 meseci
Insane levels! Kon man, you are the 🐐
Weemitoad Pred 3 meseci
This is probably the best music video I've ever seen. You've smashed it Kon.
Jelly Bean
Jelly Bean Pred 3 meseci
Here before 700k! Congratulations Kon! :)
XmitzuX Pred 3 meseci
wtf how does this guy only have 699k cmon guys make him reach 1 m plzzzzzzzzzz
ezzwy Pred 3 meseci
4k resolution for BTS?? fuckin hell LOL
V2ube Pred 3 meseci
Kon had the best melee fighting scene, i've never seen such a perfect scene, i didn't spot any ghost punches or incorrect reactions
Conor Godfrey
Conor Godfrey Pred 3 meseci
Does anyone know what the title of kons actual job is
Sai adhitya T
Sai adhitya T Pred 3 meseci
Screw the 6 people who disliked this Vid
Hi Pred 3 meseci
Kon make a home photography studio
Tehqzy Pred 3 meseci
Not in the back of the head 😂
Jack Mc Neill
Jack Mc Neill Pred 3 meseci
Not going to lie. These are some of the best videos on the platform at the moment.
HarrySw4 Pred 3 meseci
A red for BTS 😂. Kon is really getting there now isn’t he 🔥🔥
Aaron Nerella
Aaron Nerella Pred 3 meseci
Steelers Gang
Steelers Gang Pred 3 meseci
Come on guys! Sub to Kon..... He legit deserves 1mil.....
Tony Mputhia
Tony Mputhia Pred 3 meseci
8:26 😂 Jokes!
Lispy Pred 3 meseci
Tell that chicken im already subbed
Noor Nagra
Noor Nagra Pred 3 meseci
This deserves more views 🔥
Jay Foster
Jay Foster Pred 3 meseci
Я наблюдаю за тобой Константин около 1-2года, ты сделаешь историю о себе как ты оказался в такой индустрии ещё и в UK ?
RP Entertainment
RP Entertainment Pred 3 meseci
Kon the 🐐
Beau Goddard
Beau Goddard Pred 3 meseci
KSI is just built different. That's how...
evo melvo
evo melvo Pred 3 meseci
Almost 700k subs kon
Finerzz 13
Finerzz 13 Pred 3 meseci
This was sick, nice work kon and the team 👍🏻
Emad Norouzi
Emad Norouzi Pred 3 meseci
So good🔥🔥
Sheep Godz
Sheep Godz Pred 3 meseci
Since “The Moment” will be a song in the next album I hope they get kon again for the music video. Would be dope
will Bond
will Bond Pred 3 meseci
Lorenzo must have had a workout filming this
daygias Pred 3 meseci
Kon t'es vraiment talentueux mon gars ❤
Bryce Todich
Bryce Todich Pred 3 meseci
JJ I saw you hit that man with a mean left 😂 poor guy
Steve Coleman
Steve Coleman Pred 3 meseci
Was just a scratch 😉
Varsom Pred 3 meseci
Show the Editing BTS next 😃
Emma Fowler
Emma Fowler Pred 3 meseci
Name a more iconic duo than JJ and Kon... I'll give you a minute
Ismael 1
Ismael 1 Pred 3 meseci
Why was the Nando’s being loud for
Priya Kainth
Priya Kainth Pred 3 meseci
Anyone know where Kon’s reddit is?!
StepKickKing Pred 3 meseci
I’d love to see you and JJ make a short film, like 30-60 minutes. That’d be awesome 🙌
Kitty KitKat
Kitty KitKat Pred 3 meseci
Heyo ppl, if anyone can answer this question for me, I would be very grateful. I am currently studying mechanical engineering with a passion for photography and I want to get into videography and film making this year. Are there any jobs that integrate both engineering and production of videos, films etc?
Kitty KitKat
Kitty KitKat Pred 3 meseci
@Lorenzo Levrini Hey Lorenzo :) I’ve sent you a DM
Lorenzo Levrini
Lorenzo Levrini Pred 3 meseci
Hey this is Lorenzo, I’m Kon’s DP, I studied engineering. Happy to chat to you about it if you DM me on insta.
Devastators Army
Devastators Army Pred 3 meseci
JJ you are funny JJ jumps when big boy Kon plays domain
Neon Pred 3 meseci
I’m glad jj hasn’t just forgot about you for making videos for him with all these big artists and getting big directors for it
Кот Беленький
Prolly one of my fav vids so far. I think what wouldve topped this video is seeing the bts and then the edited shot or seeing them in a split screen. But good job and lets hope you make more bts coz i love them
MegaJuned123 Pred 3 meseci
Kon x Troy Roscoe 👀👀👀
JeeEmm Pred 3 meseci
JJ crapped himself when you played domain in the speaker
Jay Eli
Jay Eli Pred 3 meseci
Kon does not get enough love fam. this BTS is insane
DiyaCake Pred 3 meseci
You can see how much Jj and Kon gets along which reflects in their amazing work they make together!
Dev Patel
Dev Patel Pred 3 meseci
The music video was sick!! I love your work Kon!!!!
George Pilkington
George Pilkington Pred 3 meseci
the guy who gets pulled through the van and choked was my rock climbing coach, absolute legend. Sean Bingham, class stunt guy, in vikings and assassins creed
George Pilkington
George Pilkington Pred 2 meseci
@Arif sean Bingham, his instagram is "the bingthing"
Arif Pred 2 meseci
whats hsi name
Distinct Skateboards
Distinct Skateboards Pred 3 meseci
This. Was. Sickkkkk Kon. My man
sceeone1 Pred 3 meseci
yes kon vlogged kind of
Sammo. Pred 3 meseci
Wasnt the place they filmed this, the place where beta squad did their hide and seek against SWAT members?
Prince Alligator
Prince Alligator Pred 3 meseci
Gumer Gamer
Gumer Gamer Pred 3 meseci
TSD_ Scar555
TSD_ Scar555 Pred 3 meseci
Sorry but this video was not as good as it was made out to be
Adam Campbell
Adam Campbell Pred 3 meseci
6:32 JJ acc hits the guy lmao
HunterAc3 Pred 3 meseci
Then he made sure he was okay, JJ is such a good person
Jash Kumar
Jash Kumar Pred 3 meseci
Domain music video is underrated
Carter Moran
Carter Moran Pred 3 meseci
I love to see the bts of these vidoes!
Rohan Vickers
Rohan Vickers Pred 3 meseci
Did a great job the music video was insane!
David Asplund
David Asplund Pred 3 meseci
I love how in "Ligther,' JJ spits the bar "John Wick with it..," and now it is coming together in this song and the resemblance with the visuals. It really shows the consistency and storytelling in his lyrics and the visuals. Anyone else clocked this?
Adam Grant
Adam Grant Pred 3 meseci
Wasn't the best music video in my opinion
alan dolan
alan dolan Pred 3 meseci
Dean Pred 3 meseci
Fun fact: This was filmed in the same place the BetaSquad filmed their hide and seek
Kemianna Spence
Kemianna Spence Pred 2 meseci
i thought so you know
Owen Scott
Owen Scott Pred 3 meseci
i was about to comment that until i saw your comment
Codullah Pred 3 meseci
Fun Fact: this is the first fun fact I've seen that's actually fun because I didnt know that
Tehqzy Pred 3 meseci
adama PogChamp
adama PogChamp Pred 3 meseci
Wait so youre telling me jj isn't superhuman?!!?!
Tharsan J
Tharsan J Pred 3 meseci
lit ep
Attala Aufarrafi
Attala Aufarrafi Pred 3 meseci
Kon, you should react to Rewind Indonesia 2020 It's a rewind of Indonesia's 2020 that is made by SLtvrs, it's like a short movie. It has an amazing story, visuals, audio. It's definitely something you would like. And don't forget to use subtitles
Kyle Nottage
Kyle Nottage Pred 3 meseci
Kon is a legend for bts on the sidemen shoot big up to him
Osman Qazi
Osman Qazi Pred 3 meseci
Get a new sponsor ffs😂
Daxter Cage
Daxter Cage Pred 3 meseci
Show us the editing workflow!
Prince Alligator
Prince Alligator Pred 3 meseci
He might not have a video of him editing
Erica Play’s
Erica Play’s Pred 3 meseci
Kon is so talented it’s crazy insane I def see him doing some awesome crazy movies in our future
Divyansh Tyagi
Divyansh Tyagi Pred 3 meseci
This song and video deserved a lot more 💯
Cybrtygr AM
Cybrtygr AM Pred 3 meseci
Let’s remember the origins of KonstantinBTS back for the ogs
Saiyanshh Pred 3 meseci
Kon is a 🐐 goat