SIDEMEN Ruined My Hair (Sidemen Barber Shop) 

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7. mar. 2021

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Konstantin Pred 2 meseci
I have just posted a new video on my tech channel about what headset I use in my video 👉 sltv.info/label/gJmWt9Sqe6SQiYg/video
Kartik Dhupkar
Kartik Dhupkar Pred mesecem
U definetly need that headset 😂
chicken noodles Bhdbc
chicken noodles Bhdbc Pred 2 meseci
Let the trim go lad 😂
emirhan Pred 2 meseci
U got violated mate
Emma Harper
Emma Harper Pred 2 meseci
smart idea to promote ur 2nd channel lol
Emma Harper
Emma Harper Pred 2 meseci
Tahirah Majid
Tahirah Majid Pred 20 dnevi
Hey I hope you're ok I feel bad for you 😔
H Man
H Man Pred mesecem
4:19 konsTANTIN
Gail Cooper
Gail Cooper Pred mesecem
Thank Mon it's josh from the sidmen
Louize Terblanche
Louize Terblanche Pred mesecem
The sdmn send me. I subscribed
Maximus McParland
Maximus McParland Pred mesecem
“ it’s a bribe so they don’t fuck up my hair” Little did he know he would have a bold line through his hair
Jeth Bread
Jeth Bread Pred mesecem
Thanks for the road.
Eduardo Sousa
Eduardo Sousa Pred mesecem
Justin Collins
Justin Collins Pred mesecem
I subscribe to jay lets go.
Envy Pred mesecem
I like ur cut g!
Envy Pred mesecem
Lmao the part u said minus jj because of his beard killed me 💀🤣
Sam Garcia
Sam Garcia Pred mesecem
I just came here to sub for you. Bless your heart and your hair
Benji Buskell
Benji Buskell Pred mesecem
come on guys get him to 1 mill i have been subbed since 87k
El Patchino
El Patchino Pred mesecem
1:31 You violated JJ
Vincent Williams
Vincent Williams Pred mesecem
Kon I have a question who is favorite and least favorite member of the sidemen
Nisci Pred 2 meseci
13:06 not really🤣🤣
Willthepeg Pred 2 meseci
I really annoyed me that all these gizas are so close to each other and I can’t play football and have to wear a mask all day at school
Ava_ Xoxo
Ava_ Xoxo Pred 2 meseci
ogs remember tom and joe with the toilet seat
Jeffry and Jefferson
Jeffry and Jefferson Pred 2 meseci
I know Tom he used to be my barber in Hainault in the gentleman’s club. He was fucking shit he butchered me. I asked for something he done the complete opposite. And when he was stressed or angry he would bash the cutters into your head.
AAO Tube
AAO Tube Pred 2 meseci
Big Ups to the guy who got KON a present.........................well he didn't actually get him a present but Big Ups to him still
This is me.
This is me. Pred 2 meseci
I had that sick math feeling today and not once but twice 🥶
Ba11er_29 Pred 2 meseci
He said minus jj 😂
sou713 Pred 2 meseci
You're amazing at what you do mate, 1 mil soon!
Robert Blunt
Robert Blunt Pred 2 meseci
Taylor Lane
Taylor Lane Pred 2 meseci
I wonder how alex got his hair back
R W Pred 2 meseci
FUCKING HELL!! The wall @ 15:41 scared the shit out of me
Edgar González Casasola
I *LOVE* the vhs camera. Please, keep it. And tell the Sidemen guys if you can record some shots with it for a Sidemen Sunday, it would be amazing
Amir Laukholm
Amir Laukholm Pred 2 meseci
Tanks dude for the activation key. Bro you saved me 400 pounds.
Idk Idk
Idk Idk Pred 2 meseci
I would check out Jay if he wore his mask right...
Kovan Sym
Kovan Sym Pred 2 meseci
that vhs cam looks sick should do a music vid with it looks fire my guy keep up the good vids
Charlie Robins
Charlie Robins Pred 2 meseci
Charlie Robins
Charlie Robins Pred 2 meseci
Shave Josh’s hair
Aquilix Pred 2 meseci
Lucy Haime
Lucy Haime Pred 2 meseci
James is so good looking 😍
TreeVision Pred 2 meseci
“It couldn’t get worse could it?” Oh, little did he know
ParadigmShiftz Pred 2 meseci
If Kon doesnt get 1 mil subs, he should go on a strike 😂😂
Christian alay
Christian alay Pred 2 meseci
He didnt even get 1 mill subs hahahaha
Greatest Legacy
Greatest Legacy Pred 2 meseci
you went on their video what do you expect
—— Pred 2 meseci
“... and everyone else who has a beard minus jj” ~ Kon 2021
viaaa Pred 2 meseci
he does so much for the sidemen then they do this do him :(
Mike Adriaansen
Mike Adriaansen Pred 2 meseci
you should have gone bald xD
KING TIN Pred 2 meseci
Best Product advertisement I’ve seen all year 🙌🏾👏🏾
doppydoggaming Pred 2 meseci
1 mill subs would be sick but you can get it yourself kon not that you cant get good money on your own but the sidemen owe you some really good money for making your tip FUCKED
shu sh
shu sh Pred 2 meseci
kon's face whilst he was getting the haircut was just 'kill me'
Mohamed Ramzy
Mohamed Ramzy Pred 2 meseci
The fact that he didn’t get a million subs is just so sad
Oki Master
Oki Master Pred 2 meseci
“The best shoot day ever” That aged well
Cesar Sebastian
Cesar Sebastian Pred 2 meseci
Let's goo 1 Mil, New Subs here cheers mate 🇮🇩
Romello Carter
Romello Carter Pred 2 meseci
Leanne Pred 2 meseci
I had to sub to you! Fair play, your reaction had me rolling 🤣
Sir Teddy
Sir Teddy Pred 2 meseci
Kon, why are u always so kind?
Kazzan Pred 2 meseci
wear a wig at the next sidemen shoot
Mazen Al Riyami
Mazen Al Riyami Pred 2 meseci
I guess blumaan won't be sponsoring Kon anymore
dremurphy Pred 2 meseci
I remember KSI playing with the tube light in the Christmas muckbang video HAHHA
kingishome22 Pred 2 meseci
Your still not on a mil that's what's killing me 🤣🤣
Farhaan Parsons
Farhaan Parsons Pred 2 meseci
Everyone : hope you get 1mil Harry : I hope you don't and it's all for nothing 😂 Twat 😂
Frankie London
Frankie London Pred 2 meseci
I have f*****king physical tears running down my face 15:25 Nah lol 😂 Great video but that line killed me
Miya Army
Miya Army Pred 2 meseci
Yk I wonder if you putting in the fact Harry said I hope you don't get the 1m subs is actually gonna stop you from getting it😆but you deserve it you're so cool at editing 🙌
chrisspoohbear Pred 2 meseci
And anyone else who has a beard...minus jj
Cacany Pred 2 meseci
Gonna wear hat until it grows instead of going bald lmao
Cheesey Madness
Cheesey Madness Pred 2 meseci
should have just gone bald mate restart the trim completely
Poppy Pred 2 meseci
was gonna sub cause lord KSI said to but im already subbed shit lol gl fam
Max Portelli Chadwick
Max Portelli Chadwick Pred 2 meseci
Flathead screw
Skibbedy Pred 2 meseci
Samir Daoudi
Samir Daoudi Pred 2 meseci
1 mill everyone cmon
Martin Pred 2 meseci
I like Kon but what I dont like bout him is he asks too much
Vincet kolo
Vincet kolo Pred 2 meseci
Kon just need to shave the back to have the R9 hair
James Hurley
James Hurley Pred 2 meseci
Deserves the milli
Connor Wallace
Connor Wallace Pred 2 meseci
What ever happened to charlie, he used to work the shoots more often.
Francis G
Francis G Pred 2 meseci
Konstantin: sponsored by litterally all cameras
Francis G
Francis G Pred 2 meseci
this sidemen Sunday was shit tho tbh
Solomon Cisneros
Solomon Cisneros Pred 2 meseci
Where do you get your covid test kits?
M Wolf
M Wolf Pred 2 meseci
Please everyone just subscribe to him let’s get him to a 1 million for his haircut at least 😂😂😂
Jake Pred 2 meseci
I have that same Camcorder Kon 😂😂
John_d 31
John_d 31 Pred 2 meseci
12:14 “best shoot ever”, ya?! 😂🙏
Malaki Fowler
Malaki Fowler Pred 2 meseci
Thanks for showing us the guests and what not Kon, great video!
Captain Jack Sparrow
Captain Jack Sparrow Pred 2 meseci
He was so hopeful.
XI frankSTAR IX Pred 2 meseci
If they do this again. A good idea would be to keep the youtubers anonymous to all the sidemen apart from the one organising the video before going into the room and they spin the wheel before they find out who it is and that way the person who is getting a haircut will be a mystery to the person cutting the hair and vice versa.
Phanny Schmellar
Phanny Schmellar Pred 2 meseci
I have officially subbed to you for the haircut
Winterdude Pred 2 meseci
Shout out to Kon actually used BlueMan and not just a pretender
HavoK Pred 2 meseci
Where gonna have a cap kon for a while
JAKUBZable Pred 2 meseci
Love how they using old camera in some bits
Jack Thompson
Jack Thompson Pred 2 meseci
Am i the only one that thinks kon looks sick with a hat
Minix 23
Minix 23 Pred 2 meseci
Hey Kon I was wondering what editing software u use
Littleskiddy6 Pred 2 meseci
Jon the amount that the microphones in total for this video cost would have been 2800 because there is 14 and time it by 2
Konstantin Pred 2 meseci
Yup you are right - I have about 10 of the older mics that were about the same price.
Locker-Room Dwarf
Locker-Room Dwarf Pred 2 meseci
Humanity Restorado
Humanity Restorado Pred 2 meseci
Yeah I subbed
Soarrry Pred 2 meseci
Here from the road!
the demon slayer 1058
the demon slayer 1058 Pred 2 meseci
I feel so bad for kon that I subbed 😔😔 hopefully Kon’s hair grows back quickly
Chris v
Chris v Pred 2 meseci
does Kon buy all these lights, cameras, accessories, etc with his own money or how does that work?
The Puki
The Puki Pred 2 meseci
Konstantin for 1million!!
Prahasini Selvakumar
Prahasini Selvakumar Pred 2 meseci
Kon at the beginning: 😆 Kon after getting his hair law mowed:😑
groque Pred 2 meseci
To a million we go 📈
Leonid Bogdanoski
Leonid Bogdanoski Pred 2 meseci
Give the products to jj for his beard
L. H
L. H Pred 2 meseci
1440p vids are sickkkkkk
Dries Delvael
Dries Delvael Pred 2 meseci
i'm here because of "the road" :)
DigDat’s Airforces
DigDat’s Airforces Pred 2 meseci
Took it like a man 👊🏽
It’s Snipez
It’s Snipez Pred 2 meseci
Get Kon to 1 million
Isobel Evans
Isobel Evans Pred 2 meseci
20:02 my favourite part!!
Connor Thom
Connor Thom Pred 2 meseci
Hi kon
Savan Rajput
Savan Rajput Pred 2 meseci
The intro has alot of Bricks
Painting on PAINT Brushes?!
Painting on PAINT Brushes?!