My first WEIGHT LOSS WORKOUT session 

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9. mar. 2019

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Viv4TheWin Pred 4 meseci
Last 👍🏾👌🏾😂
Kaustubh Kadu
Kaustubh Kadu Pred 6 meseci
kon's making at least a million pounds off this single video because of the million ads I watched, ffs so many ads. Keep up though.
N. G
N. G Pred letom
Good job
Azure Pred letom
That hairline keeps making me look at it
iblamekristy Pred letom
Always love the vibes in your videos! Really enjoyed seeing your workout with Dida, and the fact you were learning at the same time. Can't wait for more 🙌🏼
GiftEm Pred letom
That workout looked really damaging to the knees. Please have a doctor check out your knee to make sure you haven't done it any permanent damage with that workout. Take care.
syed farzaan
syed farzaan Pred letom
red alert bts hurry up bro
Heffe Pred letom
incredible music vid. congrats mate!
brunoMARVz Pred letom
Don't lose too much weight. You carry it well ;) Just lift weights and build some more muscle
Rashed Elamin
Rashed Elamin Pred letom
Dead channel
ragermoe Pred letom
Why this man not have 1 million sub
Ginger Josh
Ginger Josh Pred letom
He deserves more credit he does literally all of the sidemens videos and diss tracks
Macks Pred letom
It was great meeting you in Newcastle the other day ❤️👍🏼
robert fenner
robert fenner Pred letom
9:46 Fun fact also because for the break down of fat into energy requires the water (chemically)
robert fenner
robert fenner Pred letom
(From a like from the legendary kon)
Christos Louridas
Awesome man I was about to start then my 2nd hernia hit. Hopefully after fixing it I will be fully operational. At least I can do my Shotokan training. Thanks for sharing the plan Dida. Now the weather is good here in Greece will 100% try them outdoors once I'm good to go.
Draven Fajingler
Draven Fajingler Pred letom
one more week Kon until very noticeable change
Nightlight Pred letom
Kons just one of those guys who looks fat even though he isn’t really
Anand Kp
Anand Kp Pred letom
Eager to watch red alert
fifaboy Pred letom
Are u Ethan's brother
Tim JD
Tim JD Pred letom
Can we see a diet video!
Patryk Kadlubowski
Amazing work, we want to see more fitness videos!!!
Kevin TH
Kevin TH Pred letom
Can you put in the description howmany reps you do of each excercise per round? I’m interested
OHJA Pred letom
bezinga 2
David Barrett
David Barrett Pred letom
Proud of you Kon x
Panda Pred letom
I've always thought you were Ethan's brother haha
Tristan Hall
Tristan Hall Pred letom
ShabaQ Pred letom
proud of you
Sven Correia
Sven Correia Pred letom
Lets go boy, you can do it!!
Neil Robson
Neil Robson Pred letom
Where is this workout plan???
Lolll 123
Lolll 123 Pred letom
He doesn’t need to loose any weight he will look to skinny he should just try and lift Weights and get like muscle
Bruno Choromanski
Kon is gonna be a 'Buff Russian Boy@
Robbiewilk1 Pred letom
Good luck bro be determaind
JohnMOTM Pred letom
do it... i love these vidoes and ur editing is mint
Jamie Markham
Jamie Markham Pred letom
Does jucie count as water??
HJ Pred letom
eyy this is awesome! I had the same problem where I spent too long on my computer and eating shit food. 1 year ago i started losing weight and went from 64 to 53 kg. Then I grew in height by 15 cm and weighed 60 kg. Now i am 68 kg with 8 kg of muscle boii. Its awesome
Eightiez Pred letom
What s the outro song?
ZeOnlyMellem Pred letom
I drink like one glass of water a day.
bojmax Pred letom
You should make this a series, Kon!
Jasraj Singh
Jasraj Singh Pred letom
When fans say he looks like bhez it's the truth now he's losing weight too
Jakob Sloth
Jakob Sloth Pred letom
Make this a series mate It's really entertaining to watch Keep up the good work👌🏻
Lukas K
Lukas K Pred letom
Amazing work Konn, real good start ;)
Supermies mm
Supermies mm Pred letom
Do weight training with True Geordie
khaled omran
khaled omran Pred letom
Subbed just to see your progress throughout the year. Gl bro
Liam Dolecki
Liam Dolecki Pred letom
Yes!!! Love it when youtubers do fitness transformations, good luck💪🏻
Versatility Pred letom
im probably too fat to do one leg squats xD
connorsmithy00 Pred letom
Kons setup is my actual wet dream 🤤🤤 so jealous
Charlie Samii Pour
more More MORE
Emil Pred letom
Go on Kon! Maybe you can post more of this kinda stuff on the gram?
Wake Pulse
Wake Pulse Pred letom
Kons funny af
August Kallin
August Kallin Pred letom
Really entertaining to see you exerice actually, keep up with the good work!
ghaffar majid
ghaffar majid Pred letom
You have the foundation..just gotta keep on going and be confident :)
Erik Klepp
Erik Klepp Pred letom
Kons doing dort nite dances at the one legged jumps
Ryan Chambers
Ryan Chambers Pred letom
I'm so proud of you kon , keep going
Cole Does Everything
Could you do more vids like this.
Grant Handley
Grant Handley Pred letom
Loved this video man, would like too see more of these!
Ross Moran
Ross Moran Pred letom
Should do weekly vlogs about progress
DJ SHTEEX Pred letom
I also always drink sparkling water mixed with water cuz of fizz :D
Balázs Jenei
Balázs Jenei Pred letom
EVERY LIKE on the video and on this comment lose 1kg of Kon's weight jk that would be too much
Sam Livera
Sam Livera Pred letom
Since when were Kon's eyes so fucking blue
EdoVames Pred letom
This got me motivated. On the road from 90 kg - 70 kg
Alex Pattison
Alex Pattison Pred letom
I'm a Personal Trainer that work in the fantastic personal training studio, Soho Fitness Lab, based in the centre of Soho. I would love to have the opportunity you train and work with yourself and your team. My email is alex@sohofitnesslab.com, please give me a message and we can sort out the details. ✌️✌️
Lydon Green
Lydon Green Pred letom
Keep up the good videos Kon and good workout video Kon and good video Kon.👍
Ayoub Pred letom
Dida is helarious lol
Nate 209
Nate 209 Pred letom
Nice you inspired me to edit thanks love your edits
Callum Camara
Callum Camara Pred letom
Love seeing the exercise demonstrations as well as you doin them 👌
OliverF2004 Pred letom
I really like this type of video, I think it’s good when videos like this are mixed in with your normal videos.
Stigma Pred letom
M7amad panda
M7amad panda Pred letom
Do more of these videos plz
Felicitas Mayer
Felicitas Mayer Pred letom
Ok, I saved that video into my fitness playlist 😊 thank you Kon & Dida for the fitness input, i have a computer job as well and will definitely try this to exercise more!
Saiful Khan
Saiful Khan Pred letom
Hey what is the drum instrumental used Kon?
Christopher Garrod
Hello good video konstanin and thanks you 💓
Putz _plays
Putz _plays Pred letom
Love it bro keep up the good work keep putting up videos like this to inspire other people
Josh Cook
Josh Cook Pred letom
More videos like this
Unknown Welsh
Unknown Welsh Pred letom
Proud of you bro
JAYCE Pred letom
0:33 dude looks exactly like Santi Cazorla
Jeppe Nielsen
Jeppe Nielsen Pred letom
Please do more! I hope you soon achieve your goal!
Reece Cockburn
Reece Cockburn Pred letom
Do this more great video
MiX[Ep] Pred letom
BioShell XL
BioShell XL Pred letom
anybody know what editing software Konstantin uses
Elliott B
Elliott B Pred letom
These are the sort of exercises I want to do but don't have any room in my house or in garden. But don't want to go out in gym to do them or public cos not very confident
FaddyB Pred letom
sub to pewdiepie
PlayerzOP Pred letom
Keep it up Kon and keep posting these videos
end Pred letom
dope video, keep going
Elijah Gastineau
Elijah Gastineau Pred letom
Yessssss can’t wait for more
Kot Pred letom
As a Ukranian living in Portugal, we all know that our nation is strong enough to do anything 💪
Kot Pred letom
@Statistics Management let's keep that apart, no wars here 😀
Statistics Management
Apart from winning against Russia in a war.
Scrappy-Watch entertainment
Join JJ and Viddal in a boxing session...
1 Pred letom
please get stronger than ur brother lol
I LxOsaru I
I LxOsaru I Pred letom
10:41 where can I find this document?
Ben Brown
Ben Brown Pred letom
Honest opinion: not a fan of this video
Zorda YT
Zorda YT Pred letom
That video made me wanna do the same .. pls do more if these vids and hope u achieve ur target ♡
Waqaas Maqsood
Waqaas Maqsood Pred letom
Would love to follow this, and pick up tips too!
Imagine Pred letom
You got this kon stay motivated
PaiNfull Bhoot
PaiNfull Bhoot Pred letom
Hi kon
Daizn Pred letom
i do 8 hours a week 6 hours swimming and 2 hours football (or soccer)
Mustafa Azami
Mustafa Azami Pred letom
Awesome man
Tohtori Sykerö
Tohtori Sykerö Pred letom
After watching this video I went to the gym and actually did better than normal. I guess this gave me motivation. Dude hope you do more of these :)
Ben Lewis
Ben Lewis Pred letom
Killin it Kon 💪💪🙌🙌🙌
Zubair Bhatti
Zubair Bhatti Pred letom
Good start, just keep going and in no time you're gonna be fitter than JJ! :)
Graham Webb
Graham Webb Pred letom
go for it kon we believe in you
Subhaan Ullah
Subhaan Ullah Pred letom
Let's go fatboy
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