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10. jun. 2020

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IV Elmendorf
IV Elmendorf Pred 3 meseci
and holy crap I rewatch the beginning of this....JJ is KSI holy shit! I was wondering that when I watched the challenge video. Man I am not up to date on my UK SLtvr!
IV Elmendorf
IV Elmendorf Pred 3 meseci
hahaha do you use that on your ball? your girlfriend is great
KashiRinaldi Pred 3 meseci
by the time of me watching this u have 640k subs . u easily got this road to 1 mil
BBG Trckz
BBG Trckz Pred 3 meseci
Man has 600 k and only has 66 dislikes man making moves
keshlin n
keshlin n Pred 3 meseci
Shout out to the OG gang! Like if you're with me
Vaseleus Noue
Vaseleus Noue Pred 3 meseci
aye kon i was watching and at this moment 2:33 i saw on your phone that it said 04.15 he woke up at that time to make a vid for all of his subscribers shoutout to you kon. you will probaly do anything to make us (me and the rest of your subscribers kon) happy so everyone who reads this comment, and they havent subbed to kon yet then you need to right now
Band Lover
Band Lover Pred 3 meseci
Such pretty eyes btw
Lalruathlua Tlau
Lalruathlua Tlau Pred 3 meseci
Good thing I subscribed when he only have 250k subscriber 😁
lfcvirgil_ Pred 3 meseci
Mans filming at 4am, dedication
Football boot reviews.
Yo what is that triangle light thing on ur wall called it looks sick
Football boot reviews.
Konstantin oh wow thanks you have made my day keep up the good work and let’s get you to a mil
Konstantin Pred 4 meseci
Nanoleaf :)
Aziz the Hunter
Aziz the Hunter Pred 4 meseci
You're not a badman fammmm!!!!!
Aziz the Hunter
Aziz the Hunter Pred 4 meseci
Please shout me out just in the description
tait marsden
tait marsden Pred 4 meseci
This guy is my g
Baba Boey
Baba Boey Pred 4 meseci
I Actually Not Subed Because Of JJ I really Think You Make More Enjoyable Content Than So Many SLtvrs Who Passed 10 Mil
hmm Pred 4 meseci
ADL 27
ADL 27 Pred 4 meseci
How does he get 3 adverts when he swears when other youtubers say one thing and get demonized
WillGamz Pred 4 meseci
ksi: lets get kon to 500k Us: Gets him to 600k Kon: ?????
Gunsmoke _Fm
Gunsmoke _Fm Pred 4 meseci
Jj shouting everyone out but not deji 🤔🤔🤔
Bei Rus
Bei Rus Pred 4 meseci
Cinecom is best
Marcel Halat
Marcel Halat Pred 4 meseci
ye no, we all know who you are no need to introduce yourself
Izaak Avalos
Izaak Avalos Pred 4 meseci
I love kons hair!
Static Syznr
Static Syznr Pred 4 meseci
Bro kon is a beast and deserves more recognition
Leho Phom
Leho Phom Pred 4 meseci
Actually jj don't even need to tell us to sub him! If you are really ksi's fan or sideman You should be already subbed... Even if you don't watch them!
MaGZ KaRmA Pred 4 meseci
yo if this man doesn't get to one mil ima show up at ur house for not subbing. He is the most chill big brain legend ever.
James Harvey
James Harvey Pred 4 meseci
Come on guys. 398k left until kon gets to 1 mil. We can get him to that in the next 6 months!!!!!
His hair is actually sick
En1go Pred 4 meseci
Btech willne
Adam K.
Adam K. Pred 4 meseci
So you're telling me that Belle Delphine has more subs than Kon? Bloody hell, thats fucking unfair.
NukeSquad Pred 4 meseci
Why his teeth green?😂
MemesAreCool Pred 4 meseci
Congrats on 600K Kon
Martin Shijo
Martin Shijo Pred 4 meseci
bruh we broke the system
Misha Shinkevich
Misha Shinkevich Pred 4 meseci
6 hunnid kk letssgo
Finley Harris
Finley Harris Pred 4 meseci
Congratulations for 600k dude you are sick keep grinding
19 Zeina Mohammad Khamees Al Tah
like in ksi vid, he said let get him to 500k now he is in 600k like:0
Legend Tiger 78
Legend Tiger 78 Pred 4 meseci
Kon is so underrated he deserves more subs
Anson Loh
Anson Loh Pred 4 meseci
Hey Kon u should also go thank ksi for this.He was part of this
Sidharth Dwivedi
Sidharth Dwivedi Pred 4 meseci
Kon, I’m looking to get into videography/SLtv. What camera would you recommend for a beginner/intermediate? Currently I’m looking at the Canon M50.
Raspberry Sauce
Raspberry Sauce Pred 4 meseci
What app do you use for editing please tell me cause I am trying to edit videos and photos
Joel Jeevaruban
Joel Jeevaruban Pred 4 meseci
i have 4 youtube accounts on my laptop (mine, my brothers and my youtube channel and also my second channel) and I subbed on all 4 accounts.
Abhay Pred 4 meseci
1 mill 2020!!
Sandz gaming
Sandz gaming Pred 4 meseci
Aris sagias
Aris sagias Pred 4 meseci
Bro ur amazing
Tay 715 lor
Tay 715 lor Pred 4 meseci
You’re almost at 600k keep it going
Boolin Pred 4 meseci
kon the hardest worker out there i swear, well deserved on the 600k, it’s only up from here 📈
Rose C
Rose C Pred 4 meseci
How do you get on the sidemen tinder videos?? I would love to be on one! ❤️
Evert Niinisalo
Evert Niinisalo Pred 4 meseci
Love your vids mate
Harry Hicks
Harry Hicks Pred 4 meseci
Kon wdym ur trim looking lenggggg
Harry Hicks
Harry Hicks Pred 4 meseci
Who wouldn’t want to sub to this man. He’s good looking, SUPER nice, and everything thing bout him is great. I have never met him and already know he’s great on and off camera. So great to be around. Big up my man!
Jack Pred 4 meseci
Kon deserves a mil at this point ... man grinds hard and deserves the best.
Destiny-Latesha Jones
Destiny-Latesha Jones Pred 4 meseci
Amitabh Basumatary
Amitabh Basumatary Pred 4 meseci
Need more subs
lol ok
lol ok Pred 4 meseci
now pull a gudjon and ignore JJ ever existed
Jerk-off Joe
Jerk-off Joe Pred 4 meseci
sub raiding is cheating and have cost channels to lose verification. i hope it doesn't happen to you
mohammad shayaan
mohammad shayaan Pred 4 meseci
Someone tell JJ post on his subreddit to support KON to reach 1 mil.
Om Gaikwad
Om Gaikwad Pred 4 meseci
his reactions are so funny XD
Awoken Wizard
Awoken Wizard Pred 4 meseci
You should make the sidemen sing a song without them realising ?
Milan Dabasia
Milan Dabasia Pred 4 meseci
Bro i wish my sub equals 500k subs
BJM Pred 4 meseci
Kon is an absolute legend, u deserve this growth u have been doin bits g, all love bro👊🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Xuuk Pred 4 meseci
Void - Gaming
Void - Gaming Pred 4 meseci
Almost at 600k!!!
Pro Kie
Pro Kie Pred 4 meseci
Kon the tick tock god
Zecra_Zer0 Pred 4 meseci
BTW Zach King uses VFX and special effects... you can see him break it down on the Corridor Crew channel on one of the episodes of VFX artists react. Love you Kon!
Aviraj Singh
Aviraj Singh Pred 4 meseci
200000 subs because of 1 ksi video
Arunas Vainauskas
Arunas Vainauskas Pred 4 meseci
Congrats to this man
E M Pred 4 meseci
You can just tell Konn is genuinely thankful for all of his subrscribers.
Matt I
Matt I Pred 4 meseci
Kon grow a beard you would look great
Yfrit Pred 4 meseci
Drama ISPLURT Pred 4 meseci
I been subbed since 25k I'm proud to be a kon fan 💯
Drama ISPLURT Pred 4 meseci
Thanks man for the heart means a lot 💙💙
Higherzzz Great
Higherzzz Great Pred 4 meseci
Kon 🙌🙌 🙌
James Darke
James Darke Pred 4 meseci
J4KE Pred 4 meseci
Damn, he's now at 595k subs!?
Lol Hoes
Lol Hoes Pred 4 meseci
He a pretty cool guy
Joseph Zanbaka
Joseph Zanbaka Pred 4 meseci
Big up Kon, you’ve done bits for the sidemen time for you to shine my G. Your talent needs to be shared with the world.
SIKE Pred 4 meseci
This is actually quality content
NDAS Pred 4 meseci
Kon's a legend
K HD Pred 4 meseci
9:20 joke man
Alfred Christian
Alfred Christian Pred 4 meseci
Ok We got one mission get him to 600 k then get him to 1 Mil by the end of the year 💪🏽
Legends F
Legends F Pred 4 meseci
Get this oak to 1 mil as in now
Aiden Nisbet
Aiden Nisbet Pred 4 meseci
This guy is on 600k legend what a guy
Ali Alibraheemi
Ali Alibraheemi Pred 4 meseci
Adam A
Adam A Pred 4 meseci
Anzar Bogha
Anzar Bogha Pred 4 meseci
The army is tooooo OP.
Mursaleen Ahmed
Mursaleen Ahmed Pred 4 meseci
My first time watching and i do not regret ur so nice to ur fans and now i want to watch u so mucih
Hype Kingzz
Hype Kingzz Pred 4 meseci
At this point Kon will have more subs than josh
Cameron Woodward
Cameron Woodward Pred 4 meseci
Kon to 1mill
YTP Corner
YTP Corner Pred 4 meseci
Me trying to watch a video. Square space 😈
Elle Waudby
Elle Waudby Pred 4 meseci
NEARLY AT 600K !!!
stoheochan Pred 4 meseci
you all arriving late to his channel, this man is a legend
jinto Pred 4 meseci
Ay yo I think the long hair is a look
Magnus Lind
Magnus Lind Pred 4 meseci
Great vid :)
Margarete Tew
Margarete Tew Pred 4 meseci
I never knew Kon had a channel ever since I watch JJ’s video
Road to 25k subs without any videos
MrEatMy Bullets
MrEatMy Bullets Pred 4 meseci
Whole some
Tr1ppy ._.
Tr1ppy ._. Pred 4 meseci
While I’m watching this ur 9k away for 600k
Will Fleming
Will Fleming Pred 4 meseci
Great vid
Footballing ASMR
Footballing ASMR Pred 4 meseci
591k atm
killian_kn Pred 4 meseci
Did the thumbnail get changed for this video??🤔
killian_kn Pred 4 meseci
@Konstantin thank god, i thought i was losing it for a second😂😂
Konstantin Pred 4 meseci
Yeah a little :)
HappyRedBear Pred 4 meseci
100k a Day
Mo Reyad
Mo Reyad Pred 4 meseci
Quality on point... amazing edits .... good personality...you are underrated my man .. get kon to 1 mill
Ross' Reality
Ross' Reality Pred 4 meseci
Kirsty: "Ew theres hair on it. Do you use this for your balls? Kon: "Sometimes..."
Picnic Basket
Picnic Basket Pred 4 meseci
Kon Sensei, I need your help. can you make Adobe Prem... tutorial? we are doing a project for multi soon. but I just started using the software, and it would also be cool if you make an after effect one too. by the way its in a few months..
I Made A Viral TikTok Song