How to FLEX on INSTAGRAM with a TOY CAR 

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19. jun. 2019

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True Geordie
True Geordie Pred letom
That will be 20% for using my studio
DJJAY TO THE GAME Pred 9 meseci
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Cereal Eater
Cereal Eater Pred 9 meseci
@Konstantin I watched the full ads
SkeppyJr Pred 9 meseci
Man like geordie
Gwo Pred 10 meseci
Just take 99%
Scrittles Pred 11 meseci
True Geordie he said it was a random car park XD
Qashful Adzhim
Qashful Adzhim Pred 2 meseci
but toy cars have wrong scale to the actual car
Chris Sizemore
Chris Sizemore Pred 2 meseci
i have a toy car thats six dollars and it opens teh doors like a real lambroghini aventador thats in teh video and its white i got it at kinsmart
Pat Model cars
Pat Model cars Pred 2 meseci
A dark colour model car is the best, it blends in with the background too. I do my pictures with my model kit 1981 Datsun 280ZX Turbo that I built and painted.
Aura Pred 2 meseci
you could've totally masked yourself out of the shot as the car took off, that would've been perfect
Christopher Jansen Ng
Christopher Jansen Ng Pred 2 meseci
Brilliant, video!
Edgars Jonaitis
Edgars Jonaitis Pred 2 meseci
Loved that advertisement! You two have to make videos using that 80s video style!
Konstantin Pred 2 meseci
If you enjoy the 80’s vibes check this video out :) sltv.info/label/kK2by5SrbWOylaI/video
THE 13th D3V1L
THE 13th D3V1L Pred 3 meseci
Raptus2 Wolf
Raptus2 Wolf Pred 3 meseci
I love
Maul Playz
Maul Playz Pred 3 meseci
Eli Snider
Eli Snider Pred 3 meseci
Also those are some huge raindrops on that lambo
Eli Snider
Eli Snider Pred 3 meseci
Also those are some huge raindrops on that lambo
Eli Snider
Eli Snider Pred 3 meseci
Also those are some huge raindrops on that lambo
King Bling67
King Bling67 Pred 3 meseci
I’m trying to do this but I cant
Lolis K
Lolis K Pred 3 meseci
Mumbo 2.0
Shum Choudhury
Shum Choudhury Pred 4 meseci
Great video really enjoyed watching keep up the good work👍
RareYoutuber5000 Pred 4 meseci
"I know you guys will say that lambo doors do go up" Me : "Adventadors are normal :/"
Julian Griffiths
Julian Griffiths Pred 4 meseci
10:20 suicide doors? wtf aint it scissor doors
Sally Lemon
Sally Lemon Pred 4 meseci
Ironing board with boxes 😂 I'd mistaken someone just kicked out of mommas house
NICE EFFORT! Really cool and creative idea. 10/10 Content !
anthony perez
anthony perez Pred 4 meseci
GUYs if you cry youre not soft , The people that dint click this vid are soft so like plz l l l V
mcd erik
mcd erik Pred 4 meseci
Lil tay joined the chat
Amitabh Basumatary
Amitabh Basumatary Pred 4 meseci
Make kon plays vid
SA GAMING Pred 4 meseci
The big mistake the real car door opens upwards not like a normal car
Liaw Jia Yong
Liaw Jia Yong Pred 4 meseci
Tahts one big lambo
David Bubar
David Bubar Pred 4 meseci
The raindrops on it tho would be massive in real life lol
Oh yeah yeah Virus
Oh yeah yeah Virus Pred 4 meseci
the ‘who cant afford a toy car’ gang where you at
Alex Mackenzie
Alex Mackenzie Pred 2 meseci
Chris Sizemore it’s a joke
Chris Sizemore
Chris Sizemore Pred 2 meseci
your that broke
Alex Mackenzie
Alex Mackenzie Pred 4 meseci
Oh yeah yeah Virus over here lol
Unhealthy Memes
Unhealthy Memes Pred 4 meseci
It’s all about the angles
Juan Romero
Juan Romero Pred 4 meseci
The skillshare commercial made my day!!
JRAB FILMS Pred 4 meseci
The toy car is out of focus.
Arlo Cordell
Arlo Cordell Pred 4 meseci
owie!!!🚬 mom's breath smells like hide and seek
Arlo Cordell
Arlo Cordell Pred 4 meseci
🚔"Someone's child is going to be pissed..."
WarzoneCarry123 4
WarzoneCarry123 4 Pred 4 meseci
I love Kon but he doesn’t get enough clout
Bugi.Vision Pred 5 meseci
More fun watching the BTS .. well done
Jack M
Jack M Pred 5 meseci
Is nobody gonna mention how that lambo has gullwing doors? Edit: just watched the whole thing. 😂😉
SirUltim8 Pred 5 meseci
Why instagram specifically u normie
NE CJ Lavendaaa
NE CJ Lavendaaa Pred 5 meseci
Not all lambos lift the doors like that Kon
Justin Scott
Justin Scott Pred 5 meseci
You need to find a place with a similar road
Greatboomb Pred 5 meseci
Tbf I think you lost the seats
Mr GabGob
Mr GabGob Pred 5 meseci
This is insane editing thx for the tips
DcvilMxtt x
DcvilMxtt x Pred 5 meseci
Lil Tay be like
Clyde Pred 5 meseci
Laughs in *Houdini*
God Save me
God Save me Pred 5 meseci
Kinda sucks being American than because we drive on the left :(
XachTux Pred 5 meseci
God Save me just black out the windows and go on the right
NXA Epic
NXA Epic Pred 5 meseci
I feel like England is all ways raining
ControlZ Pred 5 meseci
delforcee Pred 5 meseci
Is it me or does the car sound at around 11:50. Sound like a chiron?
R3flex lul
R3flex lul Pred 5 meseci
Yessss kon
Clankzy YT
Clankzy YT Pred 5 meseci
Helped me get 1000 followers on insta
Mohamed Sesay
Mohamed Sesay Pred 5 meseci
An aventador has butterfly doors
Abdullah 2460
Abdullah 2460 Pred 5 meseci
etna Pred 5 meseci
At 11:51 the subscribe sign doesn't shake when the rest of the scene does.
UK Time
UK Time Pred 5 meseci
konstatin thanks for teaching me how to edit, peace bro
UK Time
UK Time Pred 5 meseci
I can already see bow wow just laughing at this
lendumore Pred 5 meseci
Why the fuck would anyone spend all this time perpetuating a lie to impress a bunch of mentally ill, shallow, one dimensional dimwits who probably can’t even spell the word “car”?? What a colossal waste of time..
Konstantin Pred 5 meseci
It’s not that deep this video is more about showing of a photography technique called false perspective the lambo is just a prop don’t feel too mad 😂
Alpha Pred 5 meseci
I think they're called butterfly doors and suicide doors are the one from Bentley or rolls royce (not sure)
Distinctive Envy
Distinctive Envy Pred 5 meseci
“This video has a sponsor so roll that clip” Me: >>>>>>>> 60secs
I Have No Name
I Have No Name Pred 4 meseci
Envy it’s funny tho 😆
Yt Yt
Yt Yt Pred 5 meseci
not suicide doors those are called scissor doors or vertical doors. some people just call them lambo doors
Daneyyffy Pred 5 meseci
Lambo huracans don’t have butterfly doors and look just like the tou
ZX ItZ j crafts XZ
ZX ItZ j crafts XZ Pred 5 meseci
Thanks I got 268 followers
Paul Simpson
Paul Simpson Pred 5 meseci
I got an ad through the ad 😂🤣😂
Astromaniac Pred 5 meseci
You're a legend
Aakif Naushad
Aakif Naushad Pred 5 meseci
Kon u legend
Naushad Pred 5 meseci
Yo you got lit vids.. defo staying
Muhammad Islam
Muhammad Islam Pred 5 meseci
You friends will say wowww but when they will ask you show me you lambo what will you do then
Oliver the theorist
Oliver the theorist Pred 5 meseci
if kon is the camera man who is kons camera man
Alex Thompson
Alex Thompson Pred 5 meseci
lambos don't have suicide doors
xgamingprox Pred 6 meseci
You couldve left then edited that out
CharIie Anthony Turner
This video is sick!
jeroen Pred 6 meseci
bloody weather
Ebrahim Hakimi
Ebrahim Hakimi Pred 6 meseci
we watching yt on a tinny device Konstantin shrinks the screen me why did the vid stop playing
spidy one
spidy one Pred 8 meseci
Trickymarc Pred 8 meseci
I wish I had adobe
Anupam Shrivastava ꪜ
More videos on this please
Vxp3r Assassin
Vxp3r Assassin Pred 9 meseci
The lambo hurrcain goes normally for the doors
Zaza Pred 9 meseci
This is how hard it is to shoot a video outside studio
RageDasher Pred 9 meseci
This is so pathetic lmao, good video.
VonckjeNL Pred 9 meseci
Weird flex but ok
Kiran James Enriquez
Kiran James Enriquez Pred 9 meseci
I tried it it worked
Kiran James Enriquez
Kiran James Enriquez Pred 9 meseci
100% Working
Jack Mazza
Jack Mazza Pred 9 meseci
0:25 you can tell it’s fake cause those are scissor doors they open upwards
Meme Rodents
Meme Rodents Pred 9 meseci
HE SAID bigger! 5:10
DevZquad Pred 9 meseci
where can i find the green screen follow me on instagram ting anyone plz help!
T5 MrNobody
T5 MrNobody Pred 9 meseci
what editing program is this
Bogdan `
Bogdan ` Pred 9 meseci
Abi talent be like:
Kraxton Pred 9 meseci
Its called butterfly doors, not trying to outsmart or something but just telling you :p
Sadhana Saha
Sadhana Saha Pred 9 meseci
Haha I instantly knew it was fake coz of the aventador doors
Just Frame
Just Frame Pred 9 meseci
Bugatti: 1.5 second acceleration Lambo: 0.5 acceleration
liam baron
liam baron Pred 9 meseci
Lmao suicide doors 😂 suicide doors are doors that open in the oppisite direction, look at rolls royce doors pics
Brad Linsley
Brad Linsley Pred 9 meseci
Somethingsaucy Pred 9 meseci
Suicide doors are inverse, just opposite of normal doors
FlightSimMovie Pred 9 meseci
Too hard, I'll just buy real lambo
All Of The Above
All Of The Above Pred 9 meseci
RhinoStudios09 Pred 9 meseci
Suicide doors are on a rolls Royce
ItsLavaPlayz YT
ItsLavaPlayz YT Pred 9 meseci
Omg 😆 😂
CitSki Pred 9 meseci
0:33 you know whats weird? lambo doors open upwards
TropicalTrapFire 03
TropicalTrapFire 03 Pred 9 meseci
Wow. You are a loser if you do this to "look cool"
IoT RxbugZz
IoT RxbugZz Pred 10 meseci
The aventador has the doors that go up not like the huracan so get your shit together and if you wanna fake make sure you now how the car works ffs
爪丨ム乙• 7 years ago
Use auto art car models
Dominik Tomas
Dominik Tomas Pred 10 meseci
We was done??your grammar...😩😩
hank Petit
hank Petit Pred 10 meseci
Lamborghini Aventador’s have butterfly doors
Pugboy35 Man
Pugboy35 Man Pred 10 meseci
Not all Lambo doors go up some goes like a normal car door like the huracan and also it's not called suicide doors
Dev Pred 10 meseci
My dude called butterfly doors suicide doors like..... Bruh
Make A Toy Car Look Real
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