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Dell: dell.to/3ojUXe0
NVIDIA Studio: bit.ly/NVDAStudio
This means you are able to render up to 5X FASTER WITH YOUR GPU
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23. okt. 2020

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Umr_zhr Pred 24 dnevi
Is it just me or I thought this was the video where Kon made the Custom Plaque for Josh hitting 4M subs
Konstantin Pred 24 dnevi
Thinking to make a short bts video for that actually, might be a reddit style vid as I do t have much bts footage
Fishguy2264 Pred mesecem
Nice new background Kon😉🙂👍
Tejalkera_Msp love
Tejalkera_Msp love Pred mesecem
Love this video!
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin Pred mesecem
I think that was the best sponsor vid ever
Konstantin Pred mesecem
Cheers dad
Rohan Goyal
Rohan Goyal Pred mesecem
Nice one Kon! I have the xps 15 for video editing and I keep noticing quite poor representation of deep blacks (gets glitchy). Do you or anyone else have this problem?
Konstantin Pred mesecem
Go to your start panel and search for an app called Dell Premium Color - I personally use the “Photo (Adobe RGB)”setting
ali shah mohammad
ali shah mohammad Pred mesecem
From where did you learn such cool editing.....like a course or something🤔🤔 kinda think i could do something in that field...ig
Amen Molla
Amen Molla Pred mesecem
I have a idea pad 120s in shambolic condition with a Intel Celeron Dual Core N3350 which makes an i3 look like an i7-i9, I don't know if I'll be able to buy the dell but it's deffo on my Wishlist now. Only Kon could get me to sit through a 10 minute ad.
Ziyan Ali
Ziyan Ali Pred mesecem
I can't afford this :/
Jags29 Pred mesecem
imagine having that kind of money to just put on buying a laptop. 😂 Oh to be wealthy
Danny Goldsmith
Danny Goldsmith Pred mesecem
Do you have a discord? Because I have an ok camera and I don’t really know how to use it because I saw your video with kirsty
Lakshya Arora
Lakshya Arora Pred mesecem
Happiest Firstman
Happiest Firstman Pred mesecem
I love listening to you Kon. Your knowledge and sharing is awesome mate. Thanks for helping me envision and creating ideas in my head, of what I can do with editing etc.
Charliep435 Pred mesecem
changed the thumbnail and title but we move
Penny Hoffman
Penny Hoffman Pred mesecem
KON PLEASE TELL ME WHAT DRONE U USE DURING SIDEMEN SHOOTS (the acrobatic one used in stuff like fall guys)
Penny Hoffman
Penny Hoffman Pred mesecem
@Konstantin thx like what kind of fpv drone or do u hire someone that’s like a professional pilot. Btw I didn’t think you’d actually reply but love the content keep up the good work
Konstantin Pred mesecem
It’s an FPV drone
Konstantin Pred mesecem
I will make a video about this soon
Lucas Egerer
Lucas Egerer Pred mesecem
howd you know this is the exact thing i need right now
Sean Williams
Sean Williams Pred mesecem
I would love to have the opportunity to use this stuff..
PirateRadioDude Pred mesecem
Sponsor was half of the video, kon’s getting bread Edit - my bad it was the entire video
TKg4m1ng Pred mesecem
Can you tell What editing software do you use please
TKg4m1ng Pred mesecem
@Konstantin can you tell me a good way to make subs
TKg4m1ng Pred mesecem
@Konstantin thanks
Konstantin Pred mesecem
Adobe premier pro
Pratham Dhawan
Pratham Dhawan Pred mesecem
nvm den
nvm den Pred mesecem
I thought he's gonna speak about his belly fetish Simon told us about
CBKMVSIC Pred mesecem
The laptop is 3k - Spoiler
Tarun Sharma
Tarun Sharma Pred mesecem
During Video: watching this video with eyes wide open and absolutely taken in with this laptop. After looking at the price: me sobbing in the corner of my room
FunkierCrib Pred mesecem
Wow, almost £3,000 Where’s mr beast when u need him
FunkierCrib Pred mesecem
Ffs this is why I need a job :/
FunkierCrib Pred mesecem
Bro I’m literally watching this while waiting for my video to finish rendering, it’s been rendering for 30 hours
Sneha magar
Sneha magar Pred mesecem
I can only dream of getting this laptop....😰😨😭😭
GRiiZZ Pred mesecem
That Dell laptop is looking beautiful
Xplorography Pred mesecem
Wish a laptop company would sponsor me, cant afford a new laptop and dont wanna do finance 😭😭
Denis Chernyakov
Denis Chernyakov Pred mesecem
@7:52 Is the sidemen clip grey so it will be easier to color correct during editing phase? Do you by any chance have a video on how to color correct? Asking for a friend
Jose soccer
Jose soccer Pred mesecem
Big fan
Hello There
Hello There Pred mesecem
i reckon if u change the title from something clickbaity to something tech-y clickbaity it will get more views like "This one trick could speed up ur render in Premier Pro"
Hello There
Hello There Pred mesecem
at first i though it's going to be a reddit vid, weren't gonna click but im glad i did oh and btw shouldn't this go on the tech channel?
Please say why my number is not verified in fiverr in mobile.
Nikola Pred mesecem
I bought the xps 13 laptop 3 months ago and it’s amazing
Ash Pred mesecem
Damn that GeForce oR tE eX
Sean Pred mesecem
I know that this is sponsored, but you could also use Handbrake to transcode video. Also comes in useful when a specific device does not support more modern codecs. If you need more advanced configuration, ffmpeg is handy too.
Concrete Pred mesecem
I like how i have no idea of videography and editing but i have never skipped a vid of kon
vithusan jeyakumaran
Does the king himself respond 👑 plz do one of the best youtubers out there
Ritij Jutur
Ritij Jutur Pred mesecem
Damn. I actually liked this video even though it was an ad. Probably because it was creative and it gave a perspective from an editor. Also because it's like a linus tech tips vid or MKBHD. Make more of these please
Кот Беленький
Okay now that laptop would literally be perfect but the fact it doesn't have usb ports is an absolute bummer
Konstantin Pred mesecem
It has 4 usb c ports - you will find that most manufactures are moving towards this port for many reasons. so eventually usb A will be very rare.
Y N Pred mesecem
My G
Bulgarian George
Bulgarian George Pred mesecem
lool i have to export parts of my video so i can see if the transitions or motion blur looks good
P X Pred mesecem
What was your opinion on the colour accuracy and quality of the screen?
V4IB Pred mesecem
I feel betrayed
SURREALL Pred mesecem
I can't afford that 😂😂 not yet
4life4win Pred mesecem
Your Eyes are soo...... blue dabadii dabadaa!!!
Rohan Anil
Rohan Anil Pred mesecem
Best dell ad Atleast one which is not boring
Muhammad Taha
Muhammad Taha Pred mesecem
My laptop is just a little bit different than this one, and all I use it for is watch kon’s vids in 8k 😂😂😂
Callie Sharpe
Callie Sharpe Pred mesecem
Hi konstantin and I am always watching you when you upload new videos thanks konstantin also I am always be there for you but see you when you upload new videos
Jash Kumar
Jash Kumar Pred mesecem
10 minute advertisement
Cwookie Pred mesecem
As an Dell XPS 15 owner I seriously don't recommend it. They're famous for their throttling after a few months of use. Throttling to the point where your CPU is running at 0.78Ghz during editing and exports. There are countless of people who are experiencing the same with a i7 + 2060 option. Don't believe me? Google it. The VRAM isn't cooled and is right in between the CPU and GPU. The XPS 15 was desinged like that since their first edition of this XPS (9550 version) and they never changed a thing.
SeeKing Avenger
SeeKing Avenger Pred mesecem
I thought you was coming out
TJ B Pred mesecem
Ngl Kons pretty cute
lilya Pred mesecem
did i just watch a 10 min ad for a cool laptop that i cant probably afford? i sure did! kon, you’ve done an amazing job here :)
Jason Pred mesecem
That1Ginger Pred mesecem
The Title: Exposing My Biggest Secret Alternate Universe: Exposing Todays Sponser 😂😂😂
Nalaci Pred mesecem
You make and help create Great quality content. seriously, people don’t have the patience for a 1 hour video but if the creators, directors, producers and editors do a great job 1 hour becomes too short leaving viewers wanting more. Cheers Kon, You’re a badman Fam.....Sabakaaaaaa
Dom White
Dom White Pred mesecem
I don’t know if you know Kon but the 30 series gpus are out
Dom White
Dom White Pred mesecem
@Konstantin yeah that’s gonna be a mad pc then
Konstantin Pred mesecem
Yahhhh for my next desktop pc build I'm going to cop the 3090 i think
Man like Nathan
Man like Nathan Pred mesecem
I think Simon just did on sidemen reacts if u know u know 😂😂
D Donawan
D Donawan Pred mesecem
Had like 20 adverts in this advert
NII T. Pred mesecem
Me: not understanding anything in this video so far. Also me: This video deserves a like. **Likes vid**
Linah M
Linah M Pred mesecem
Luke. Pred mesecem
*Me thinking Kon is admitting to being a feeder after watching SidemenReacts*
nvm den
nvm den Pred mesecem
Broo I just wrote that then saw your comment lol
Raptor 06
Raptor 06 Pred mesecem
Navaneeth Kesavan
Navaneeth Kesavan Pred mesecem
Sam Lindauer
Sam Lindauer Pred mesecem
p1mmyt0w3ll Pred mesecem
omg same! i saw this video title before i watched their video and when he said about kon i was wondering
dead games
dead games Pred mesecem
weres the 3090
Dan Williams
Dan Williams Pred mesecem
Jake Driver
Jake Driver Pred mesecem
I would of thought your biggest secret would of been that you are actually called Barry or summet.
Nigel M’lord
Nigel M’lord Pred mesecem
Kon is a feeder
artsy_drag Pred mesecem
are you going to unbox the GOPRO HERO9
nojmee ee
nojmee ee Pred mesecem
My playback resolution does look like minecraft 😅
Abuggy Y
Abuggy Y Pred mesecem
TEch WIse 2203
TEch WIse 2203 Pred mesecem
Me editing 0:26
DudeGetRekt Pred mesecem
The segway to the sponsor tho
Hashir Khan
Hashir Khan Pred mesecem
@Lastname Firstname nice name btw
DudeGetRekt Pred mesecem
@Lastname Firstname ooh okay thx
Lastname Firstname
Lastname Firstname Pred mesecem
Hashir Khan
Hashir Khan Pred mesecem
Welcome to the Konstantin channel
Avid Gamer 19
Avid Gamer 19 Pred mesecem
This is more iKONik that kon got a sponsorship from dell... I mean look where he is from where he came from ❤️ ... Nothing but respect for my g🥰❤️❤️
Luke Sargeant
Luke Sargeant Pred mesecem
Secure the bag my g
AxTech Pred mesecem
Just got a Alienware pc from dell, I9 rtx 2070 32gb ram, it runs like an absolute champ in every program, including cinema 4d, yet premiere still manages to crash lol
Mohammad AL Mahamid
Mohammad AL Mahamid Pred mesecem
Biggest click bait of 2020
Eironas Pred mesecem
Kon answer this as soon as possible ARE YOH HEALD AT GUNPOINT????
Bailey Holmes Music
Bailey Holmes Music Pred mesecem
Kon the best youtuber !!!!!
Kartikeya Kumar
Kartikeya Kumar Pred mesecem
Kon with the vikkstar thumbnail and title
Matthew Clifford
Matthew Clifford Pred mesecem
1:57 explain
Aditya M
Aditya M Pred mesecem
2:23 he exposed one of Josh's upcoming videos I think
Aditya M
Aditya M Pred mesecem
@Husky Feline true...
Husky Feline
Husky Feline Pred mesecem
Just a reddit Monday so it doesn’t mean much as we know it’s coming
Jake YT
Jake YT Pred mesecem
the gourd king pumpkin
The real secret is that you way over saturate blue when you edit
Zeyad Agha
Zeyad Agha Pred mesecem
Big up kon he is so professional Edit: (Why are most the people here are bots)
KausThita Pred mesecem
"I feel personally attacked now" lmao 😂
Chobi Pred mesecem
Am I the only one who noticed Aphmau's old roleplay intro music in the background?
KausThita Pred mesecem
Noti gang! Goat is back!!
ProPixelGaming Pred mesecem
boy i need that laptop
Shaheed Pred mesecem
heart meh pls🥺
w_sffer 1
w_sffer 1 Pred mesecem
first 30
Jakob Sharpe
Jakob Sharpe Pred mesecem
This video is brought to you by *not squarespace for once*
Andrew Pred mesecem
Bertie Powell
Bertie Powell Pred mesecem
JM7 Breezy
JM7 Breezy Pred mesecem
Early gang
Jacob Silver
Jacob Silver Pred mesecem
That informercial was amazing!
charlie hughes
charlie hughes Pred mesecem
Bobo Oboli
Bobo Oboli Pred mesecem
pin this if you love your fans kon!
I hate PEAS
I hate PEAS Pred mesecem
First lol
JoneFN Pred mesecem
*Literally 99% won’t see this but God bless and stay safe read my name btw* 💙💙💙💙.......
6 7
6 7 Pred mesecem
12th ill take it
Alt Booya
Alt Booya Pred mesecem
World's BRIGHTEST Flashlight?
my message to KSI. lmao.
The Herd Mentality PC
Ogledi 2,3 mio.
World's BRIGHTEST Flashlight?
my message to KSI. lmao.
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