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25. dec. 2020

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Konstantin Pred 3 meseci
FULL BEHIND THE SCENES VIDOE: sltv.info/label/prWWmqmkemSoqmc/video
Jesiah Turner
Jesiah Turner Pred 7 dnevi
@Tadeo River Yea, I have been using Flixzone for months myself :)
Tadeo River
Tadeo River Pred 7 dnevi
A tip: you can watch series on flixzone. Me and my gf have been using it for watching a lot of movies during the lockdown.
S0PH-T Pred 3 meseci
He deserves more subs is wat he needs
Devontae Ndife
Devontae Ndife Pred 3 meseci
Damn ppl really underrate your comment has 3 comments and 4 likes wtf ngl you could be a big role in a Hollywood film😂
Phua Yizhong
Phua Yizhong Pred 3 meseci
Vidoe 😂
Arian A
Arian A Pred 3 dnevi
Kon is a legend
mr krabs son
mr krabs son Pred 2 meseci
I need to know how you made the teleport affect lol
Kemianna Spence
Kemianna Spence Pred 2 meseci
5:20 Isn't that the same guy Anne-Marie gets *yeets through the wall in Don't Play?
Konstantin Pred 2 meseci
Yup! Man like Jordan
Наталья я
Наталья я Pred 3 meseci
У меня не работает чтобы сказать Игра где машина и надо стать машиной большой и выход
BlinGFtW Pred 3 meseci
this was legit better than that dragon ball movie, what a shit show that was
Lum Julien
Lum Julien Pred 3 meseci
You could probably get more views if you named yourself sidemen camera man
Benjamin Fowles
Benjamin Fowles Pred 3 meseci
Kon out here exposing jj
Rahmat Isa
Rahmat Isa Pred 3 meseci
Big up Kon & DOMAIN stunt team 👍👏👏 MASTERPIECE 🔥🔥🔥
Zoe Larkman
Zoe Larkman Pred 3 meseci
As soon as kon said cobra kai! 😁😁
SB GAMING Pred 3 meseci
Kon the third season of cobra kai is out
Konstantin Pred 3 meseci
Seen it!
Mr Active
Mr Active Pred 3 meseci
Who thought the the army people was Warzone or ww2 call duty game thing
Henry Redgate
Henry Redgate Pred 3 meseci
The set for the music video is the same one in Beta Squad’s hide and seek
SD Pred 3 meseci
Yo Kon those moving drone shots were super sick great job with the whole thing.
RH - 10ZZ 714401 Castlebrooke SS
I Love The Video So Much Kon :D So Excited To See The Behind The Scenes.
shahla aafrin
shahla aafrin Pred 3 meseci
The original video wasn't 13 minutes long 😂😂
JAMES GAMES Pred 4 meseci
Video idea for u ( editing a video on Final Cut Pro or editing a video on LumaFusion )
SGB YT Pred 4 meseci
Is it me or does he look like ethans brother?
Kani Km
Kani Km Pred 4 meseci
Just subscribed you deserve it
Divi Photos
Divi Photos Pred 4 meseci
cool video
idk why picking a name is hard
Stunt people are pog much respect
It’s Josh
It’s Josh Pred 4 meseci
tameem uddin
tameem uddin Pred 4 meseci
ITS beerus
Daniel Grønås
Daniel Grønås Pred 4 meseci
Diehard is THE best christmas movie
Adam Oliver
Adam Oliver Pred 4 meseci
If you watch Kobra Kai like
FlossyHD Pred 4 meseci
was the scene the same place beta squad filmed their hide and seek vs army dons
Jacob Dineley
Jacob Dineley Pred 4 meseci
Die hard is a Christmas film
Nye Owen
Nye Owen Pred 4 meseci
Kon should do different types of editing and filming videos. For example editing a gaming montage or a short film for an extreme sport like mountain biking. I would personally be really interested to see the contrast between the behind the scenes of them compared to a music video/SLtv video/advert for a clothing company.
K A G E Pred 4 meseci
Woken in a nutshell
Deleted User
Deleted User Pred 4 meseci
The army scene is kinda similar to the Venom vs army troops scene!
Sterl Soli
Sterl Soli Pred 4 meseci
Big up the stunt team
Mustafa Abdullah
Mustafa Abdullah Pred 4 meseci
Big up Cobra Kai
AnFieldL4 Pred 4 meseci
die hard is definetly a christmas film
Amaan Hussain gaming
Amaan Hussain gaming Pred 4 meseci
Kons goated 🐐
unscripted gamers
unscripted gamers Pred 4 meseci
Isnt this the place beta squad filmed hide and seek
FBRTG Pred 4 meseci
LynxFn Pred 4 meseci
If I see a music vid directed by kon it’s a banger already
The art of Nick
The art of Nick Pred 4 meseci
Not only is diehard a Christmas movie, it's the BEST Christmas movie EVER
rg smith
rg smith Pred 4 meseci
Kon : I didn’t want to make it too violent Also Kon : *makes jj take someone’s head off*
J o v i a l
J o v i a l Pred 4 meseci
Cobra Kai season 3 coming
Mus Rafa
Mus Rafa Pred 4 meseci
Title Twist: What Ksi team didn’t notice “securing KsiDomain Dot Com “👀👀👀
Mus Rafa
Mus Rafa Pred 4 meseci
Plot Twist: His team forgot to secure KsiDomain Dot Com while he was recording the track.
CKOP Pred 4 meseci
BIG UP stunt team
Fat Jayz
Fat Jayz Pred 4 meseci
Shame JJ cant rap
KHALED Pred 4 meseci
You can’t say this was a christmas music video when you intended to release it back in like September lol
RocketRiderYT Pred 4 meseci
Get con to 700k now
RocketRiderYT Pred 4 meseci
Kon my bad
Kashif Rahman
Kashif Rahman Pred 4 meseci
Big up the stunt team
ᛏᛟᚱᛁᚾᚾ ᛞᚱᚨᚲᚺᛂᛞᚨᚾᛞᛁᛟᚾ
Die is hard is a Christmas movie
Goku MUI
Goku MUI Pred 4 meseci
Cobra Kai never dies 🐍
TudioGaming Pred 4 meseci
What did this cost
Theophilus Fangaloka
Theophilus Fangaloka Pred 4 meseci
Brother Kon,this clip was out this world,pure 🔥🔥🔥
My Random Content
My Random Content Pred 4 meseci
So what did we missed ?
Shayan Khan
Shayan Khan Pred 4 meseci
Dude you smashed it!!
William Freeman
William Freeman Pred 4 meseci
kon, cobra kai is awesome i think the new season is coming out on the 1st of Jan
Ben Pred 4 meseci
Cobra Kai s3 comin Jan 1st big up🤓
Simon J
Simon J Pred 4 meseci
This was fucking unreal nice work Kon
D̶e̶F̶o̶r̶m̶ Pred 4 meseci
Tobi ogoh
Tobi ogoh Pred 4 meseci
Mythical King
Mythical King Pred 4 meseci
kon please hire me i want work for u
Lmaohexx Pred 4 meseci
Next music video we need kon and troy roscoe collab plz
AbduelO .S
AbduelO .S Pred 4 meseci
1:19 reference to juice's song "hear me calling"?(the video of course)
ZFare Pred 4 meseci
9:50 kinda like venom and the fbi agents
Sagehero9 Pred 4 meseci
Almost a mil
Meta Animation
Meta Animation Pred 4 meseci
good luck hitting 700k!
Ebz Rahman
Ebz Rahman Pred 4 meseci
One of the best director
YaboiArman Pred 4 meseci
s3 of cobra kai comes on new years kon
Elliot Eve
Elliot Eve Pred 4 meseci
Did you get the area that you shot the video in from the beta squad video where they played hide an seek with sas people?
Ngl jj should acc get into the film industry as an actor, same with kon as a director
TKM Pred 4 meseci
This is sick 😊
Jesus Adonnay Cetina
Jesus Adonnay Cetina Pred 4 meseci
Anyone know what was on the notes ? And The Moment🔥🔥
Static Wolf
Static Wolf Pred 4 meseci
Kon please make a video on how to work with the head model in editing software. 🤙🏾
AlphaLVD !?
AlphaLVD !? Pred 4 meseci
Die hard is lit
Alfie Irvine
Alfie Irvine Pred 4 meseci
Jj needs a action movie
Ajay Festen
Ajay Festen Pred 4 meseci
The stunt team are the real ones! Big up to them
Geralt of Rivia
Geralt of Rivia Pred 4 meseci
they at the place in a beta squad vid
Kaan Lacin
Kaan Lacin Pred 4 meseci
Jallow was right
Scruffy Adi
Scruffy Adi Pred 4 meseci
We need to get Kon to a mil by the end of this year
AMVHEAT Pred 4 meseci
bruhh i also love cobra kai
Baba Chicola
Baba Chicola Pred 4 meseci
Are you the person from Simons Chanel??? You look like the guy
Ismail Mirza
Ismail Mirza Pred 4 meseci
This dude be on the same level as Cole Benett
ROyan Royer
ROyan Royer Pred 4 meseci
Should hop on and do a movie film with ksi. Would make billions. Especially his ability to do so well in fight scenes
GuyThe Guy
GuyThe Guy Pred 4 meseci
Not cool
hi Hail
hi Hail Pred 4 meseci
Die hard is a Christmas film the writer confirmed in the news a week or two ago
COS COS Pred 4 meseci
Kon the G.O.A.T 🐐
Charlie Crump
Charlie Crump Pred 4 meseci
Due hard is not a christmas film, it’s just set at Christmas
Tyla Fitzimmons
Tyla Fitzimmons Pred 4 meseci
Cobra kai season 3 coming out January Apperley
ColdWarswag killingmoths
or another music video of ksi thats really gory
ColdWarswag killingmoths
i bet soon Kon is gonna make a movie
A.J Pred 4 meseci
Die Hard isnf a Christmas Film at all
Abip Bhandari
Abip Bhandari Pred 4 meseci
Anybody eleealise that this is the place where beta sqaud did their hide and seek
Flynnmcrobbie Pred 4 meseci
Big up stunt team
TJ B Pred 4 meseci
This kinda looks like the place beta squad did there swat team hide & seek video
Clone _Madness
Clone _Madness Pred 4 meseci
Dude when i see your freaking name in a music video it's a 100% the best video imma see this day
Georgak Pred 4 meseci
Oohhhhhhhh. So this is the continuation of killa killa
Mryeeter 69
Mryeeter 69 Pred 4 meseci
Cobra kai actually bangs
prod. nexice
prod. nexice Pred 4 meseci
Kon X Lyrical Lemonade needs to happen
Zaiyan Siddique
Zaiyan Siddique Pred 4 meseci
YaboiAmoos Pred 4 meseci
Big up the stunts
theSuhChef Pred 4 meseci
Kon: didn't want the video to be super gory... Also Kon: lets JJ hit a grand slam with a donny's head using a rifle.
Bryan Delgadillo
Bryan Delgadillo Pred 4 meseci
Yes Kon Cobra Kai is dropping the new season in a couple weeks lets goo!!
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