KSI - Adam's Apple ft Alesa (Official Music Video) Behind The Scene & Reaction 

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My First Vlog!!! I take you behind the scenes of how we shot the new diss track to NetNobody Adam's Apple also..... KSI reacts to KSI's disstrack
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8. sep. 2017

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Konstantin Pred 2 leti
King Kon merch now available kingkon.co.uk/
Itz Con
Itz Con Pred 4 meseci
My name is Constantine
umar5123 Pred 8 meseci
Konstantin lemon and ginger tea cures coronavirus
IAmTaylor Pred letom
I might get some illness that, that won't heal then go to doctors and then sue Konstatin for false medical advice LMAO If only I was a idiot who can't think for himself I would so love to sue someone for this but I am not a snow flake so you're lucky this time Konstantin
Big brony Telly tubby
How only 3 comments
Uncle George
Uncle George Pred 2 leti
2 reply in 5 months
Meme Heaven
Meme Heaven Pred 7 dnevi
Kon don’t want to get copyrighted on a song he filmed and setup. Such a g😂
Darragh Farrell
Darragh Farrell Pred 17 dnevi
1:04 covid-19 be like👋
ImThat OneSilentDude
AmackGaming Pred 2 meseci
think that lemon and ginger will cure corona???
Larry Danso
Larry Danso Pred 15 dnevi
It won't cure corona but it will help with and against Corona!
Austin Bishop
Austin Bishop Pred 2 meseci
1:03 why is everyone worried about corona?
Zarifxxx Pred 2 meseci
Ah yes finally, we found the cure
TheRuiner 101
TheRuiner 101 Pred 2 meseci
In some parts Did the sound not come
Him. Pred 15 dnevi
Jacob it’s his old label that copyrights I believe
Jacob Pred mesecem
@Akshat I dont think ksi is gonna copyright his song organiser and this came out after the song
Akshat Pred 2 meseci
cause of copyright stuff
AmackGaming Pred 2 meseci
its so he didnt ruen the song
cal willolfc06
cal willolfc06 Pred 2 meseci
Yeah I thought the same mate
Raj Savani
Raj Savani Pred 3 meseci
Did anyone noticed that jj's son had his identical black face but baby mama ' s identical white hands 🤭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Guardian737 Pred 3 meseci
Still his best diss-track
CritzCraig Pred 3 meseci
11:25 Robbie Rotten 👁👄👁
Cheeko TK
Cheeko TK Pred 4 meseci
Why is the music not there for the song?! copyright?
Adi Chatterjee
Adi Chatterjee Pred 3 meseci
Emir Hadzic the song was available two months ago when I watched this video. The change has to be recent copyright
ColeGD Pred 4 meseci
Emir Hadzic no this wasn’t released before the track, it’s JJ’s old label that has copyright to this song now, therefore it’s copyright for Kon to use it unfortunately
Emir Hadzic
Emir Hadzic Pred 4 meseci
Naah,I believe this was released before Ksi uploaded his disstrack,so he didnt want us to hear it on this vid
Kyle Kamga
Kyle Kamga Pred 4 meseci
2:43am on 9th June 2020, this was on my recommended
Justin Massam
Justin Massam Pred 3 meseci
1:23am on 19th of july 2020, this was on my recommended
Big Ado
Big Ado Pred 4 meseci
Omg KSI’s team took the audio outta this video. RIP kon.
ThaRager Pred 4 meseci
its not the team, its youtube with their fucked copyright restrictions...
Mohammed711 Pred 4 meseci
How about Covid-19 1:05
ツSolarr Pred 4 meseci
This is a banger
Wajahat Pred 4 meseci
Did Adam really shit the bed?
Zarifxxx Pred 2 meseci
Ye lol
LilSavage Pred 3 meseci
AGENT CR4ZY Pred 4 meseci
Blake Pred 4 meseci
Adam really shit the bed
Lower Zero
Lower Zero Pred 4 meseci
He had diabetes
Dick Hurts
Dick Hurts Pred 4 meseci
The silent parts like 👁👄👁
Cobra Pred 4 meseci
2:45 Wow it really got muted for copyright while he was filming the music video lol
Ben Francis
Ben Francis Pred 4 meseci
1:02 how to cure coronavirus
Showery Pred 4 meseci
Son Vegito101
Son Vegito101 Pred 4 meseci
Iamgoose Pred 4 meseci
Is it just me or does this video cut out a bit
Haz Pred 4 meseci
harvey skinner yeah it was
harvey skinner
harvey skinner Pred 4 meseci
SLIME ZY copyright i think
Kwelazi Gaming
Kwelazi Gaming Pred 5 meseci
Her kid is going to get bullied fam, peak times, kids stay in school, still like the beat though
Paarth Singh
Paarth Singh Pred 5 meseci
Kon I have one question is tobi's video shot at the same place as this
Realcakeman645 Pred 5 meseci
Paarth Singh no it was somewhere else i think
Josh Lawson
Josh Lawson Pred 5 meseci
Paarth Singh I think so
diamond rebel
diamond rebel Pred 5 meseci
i dont understand why dont they sing not play it
Hans-Kristjan van der Hoeven
You can’t really jump around and sing at the same time + the audio would be horrible
Sonny Addison
Sonny Addison Pred 4 meseci
And it helps them with rythym
JJB2012 JJB Pred 5 meseci
and plus if he kept messing it up they would have to record both the audio and video
Carter Grohe
Carter Grohe Pred 5 meseci
if they sing while recording the audio track isn't as good because they would have to use an invisible mic with worse quality than studio mics
Sandersxn Pred 5 meseci
Kon cuts the audio to avoid claim, still gets calimed lol
TafFox Pred 5 meseci
it's gets cut sometimes after it gets claimed
XW Pred 5 meseci
Matth3w 6142
Matth3w 6142 Pred 5 meseci
Can the lemon and ginger tea cure coronavirus
Elias A
Elias A Pred 5 meseci
CCPD JOKER Pred 5 meseci
1:04 “Lemon and ginger... have any disease in the world it would cure you “
Son Vegito101
Son Vegito101 Pred 4 meseci
@Realcakeman645 its a joke jeez
Realcakeman645 Pred 5 meseci
ItsWurbz its a virus not a disease
Codahh Pred 5 meseci
Well that didn't age so well..
Chaz Mallah
Chaz Mallah Pred 5 meseci
my wrist got ebola
KeelKiller123 Pred 5 meseci
My neck got corona
Abel Rios
Abel Rios Pred 5 meseci
He has the craziest edits ever but can't put sound throughout the whole video
Johan Groth
Johan Groth Pred 4 meseci
nah back then he didnt have his own label now he does
Realcakeman645 Pred 5 meseci
zyl br probably coz it had so much but its annoying coz the person who made the song is in the vid
zyl br
zyl br Pred 5 meseci
@Dj Ma7soon i thought jj's label allowed anyone to play any of his music without a copyright claim
Dj Ma7soon
Dj Ma7soon Pred 5 meseci
P A N no because of jj’s label
chr!s Pred 5 meseci
Did kon do the music video subtitles? because if he did the n word was said like 5 times lmao
Jason Wood
Jason Wood Pred 5 meseci
cameron which whats good podcast was it on
cameron Pred 5 meseci
swear this was just spoken about on the what's good podcast but anyway english isn't kon's first language, and apparently he struggles with doing the subtitles for songs, so he usually gets them to give him the subtitles to put in the video. like it mattered anyway, it wouldn't even be him saying the n word
Wuli bear
Wuli bear Pred 5 meseci
It's time to play the game! Why is this in my recommended?
xIhsan Pred 5 meseci
I searched for this what you guys on about?
محمد عاصم عباس
@xIhsan so you watched this Two year old video right at the same moment all of us got recommended. 🤔
xIhsan Pred 5 meseci
@Kyng Because I like Kons behind the scenes videos
Kyng Pred 5 meseci
xIhsan why would you search this video? Lier
محمد عاصم عباس
Yeah yeah we believed you
Pranav Krupanand
Pranav Krupanand Pred 5 meseci
Vertisy Vengeful
Vertisy Vengeful Pred 5 meseci
Probably spent like 20 minutes trying to fix them
ItsScones Pred 5 meseci
Literally closed and opened SLtv again because of it 😭 shoulda just looked here first
Nick Hyphen DBL
Nick Hyphen DBL Pred 5 meseci
I got worried
Nick Hyphen DBL
Nick Hyphen DBL Pred 5 meseci
Okay cool
Forceus Pred 5 meseci
Im not gonna say last you 6 year olds
Nick Hyphen DBL
Nick Hyphen DBL Pred 5 meseci
Deshan Wijesinghe
Deshan Wijesinghe Pred 5 meseci
Something Good20
Something Good20 Pred 5 meseci
2:46 sound cut out
TRAP_REALZ Pred 5 meseci
@Snak Pak yh it's an option, you either cut out all sound, or you cut out that part and leave the rest In
Snak Pak
Snak Pak Pred 5 meseci
SLtv copyright system automatically cuts out the audio since the music is back when JJ was under a label. The sound used to actually be there when the video was first uploaded.
CM Pred 5 meseci
DA JOSH GOHIL Pred 5 meseci
tony Samson
tony Samson Pred 5 meseci
Very last
sean Pred 5 meseci
More last
Engleev Pred 5 meseci
Last last
Electra Games
Electra Games Pred 5 meseci
Joe Upton
Joe Upton Pred 5 meseci
Astrodan Pred 5 meseci
TomTheLad On Blitz
TomTheLad On Blitz Pred 5 meseci
Jordan Elias
Jordan Elias Pred 5 meseci
Getting it up to 1k comments
Jordan Elias
Jordan Elias Pred 5 meseci
Getting it up to 1k comments
Jordan Elias
Jordan Elias Pred 5 meseci
Getting it up to 1k comments
Jordan Elias
Jordan Elias Pred 5 meseci
Getting it up to 1k comments
BenSHI Pred 5 meseci
This video has been copyright claimed by JJ’s label so that’s why the audio is cutting out so Kon can still make money from this vid :D
xIhsan Pred 5 meseci
@Karayan Actually yes there is ads I got one in the beginning of the video and yes it is muted because JJ's label same thing happened to pewdiepie dumbass
محمد عاصم عباس
@Karayan nice
Karayan Pred 5 meseci
Let me educate you smart ass. First of all there are no ads. Second of all since they are friends if claimed by JJs label it is removed by JJ. This was one of his first videos and he didn't have ad revenue anyway
FDRX _ Pred 5 meseci
9:16 what is that? Sound is has been cut....
Toxic 14
Toxic 14 Pred 5 meseci
Guycose Kon*
Arctiguana Pred 5 meseci
Ksi’s label copyright claimed parts of the vid so con cut out the sound so he can still can paid
DedTech Pred 5 meseci
It’s so he can make money from the video
Bgregg Pred 5 meseci
what do you think it was obviously where he cut out the music because he didnt want people to hear it
jacobb1_ Pred 5 meseci
Tell me If anyone it watching this during Lockdown, and he said Lemon & Ginger will cure Any disease... please be Coronavirus
Aubrey Smith
Aubrey Smith Pred 5 meseci
Is it just me but the sound cuts out sometimes?
Samuel Gaming
Samuel Gaming Pred 5 meseci
So he isn't basically playing all of jjs music,
Fanther Pred 5 meseci
4am on 14th May 2020 this is on my recommended.....
Alban Ramadani
Alban Ramadani Pred 4 meseci
10th june 03:51 am
MultiGamer402 Pred 4 meseci
8 June here
FORDERN JOSH Pred 5 meseci
Yeah same on Monday 25th May 2020
hoodfights compilations
Same in the 23rd
Ben Huxtable
Ben Huxtable Pred 5 meseci
No one cares
EXXO Pred 5 meseci
yo why this suddenly in reccomendeds lool
Arctiguana Pred 5 meseci
EXXO yh wtf there are so many comments form like the past week
Nicolas00 Pred 5 meseci
*good job 👁️🔥*
Ryu Pred 5 meseci
nice to see an x fan late watching
Nicolas00 Pred 5 meseci
*4:22** always sleeping 🤣🤣🤣*
Andrive Pred 5 meseci
1:05 we need that for Corona
Ryu Pred 5 meseci
The Navigation
The Navigation Pred 5 meseci
0:07 jj's face he thought kon finished editing his face that was one of the best parts
The Navigation
The Navigation Pred 5 meseci
@Graeme Duncan first of all I wrote jj thought kon finished editing, jj thought that not kon and plus it wasn't supposed to be a "a good comment" so think before you wright prick, lets hear what you gonna say next
Graeme Duncan
Graeme Duncan Pred 5 meseci
smh why do ppl like this it’s not even a good comment plus he said it’s corrupted not finished ffs
Prengelz Pred 6 meseci
He looks like dan bull or dan bulls brother
Neil Binoy
Neil Binoy Pred 6 meseci
The real winner is Kon of all the diss tracks
Tiggy Volts
Tiggy Volts Pred 6 meseci
The editing on Kon's part make everything 10x better I swear
MAVERICK 42 Pred 6 meseci
Did JJ Copyright he's kons video because he was playing the track in the video lol
Tom Wormell
Tom Wormell Pred 5 meseci
It was JJ's old label
Ne_ Pred 6 meseci
1:04 damn I should try it
Králway Pred 6 meseci
Ne_ 😂😂😂😂
Joshua Lucchese
Joshua Lucchese Pred 6 meseci
luke finna cure corona virus
NOT HEX07 Pred 7 meseci
J0nny Flash101
J0nny Flash101 Pred 7 meseci
1:03 the its a cure for any sickness Goverment,there is the corona virus cure FBI OPEN UP
Gabe ZietZ
Gabe ZietZ Pred 7 meseci
FAB Pred 7 meseci
Ebrahim Hakimi
Ebrahim Hakimi Pred 7 meseci
i fking thought that was net nobody 8:40
Graeme Duncan
Graeme Duncan Pred 5 meseci
Giorgio Ruhupatty DIDNT ASK
Giorgio Ruhupatty
Giorgio Ruhupatty Pred 6 meseci
Netnobody actually has a minecraft channel with 11 mil subs
SwiftlessYT Vlogs
SwiftlessYT Vlogs Pred 7 meseci
Ebrahim Hakimi I saw that the moment I read your comment lol
Marwth Pred 7 meseci
I just discovered this wtf
Jamie .S
Jamie .S Pred 7 meseci
1:00 that's covid solved then.
Jacob Chaloner
Jacob Chaloner Pred 7 meseci
Why tf is there no sound in half of it
RJ Pred 7 meseci
the audio got claimed
Matuboy Brawl
Matuboy Brawl Pred 9 meseci
Rip kon had to type the n word
Manana Lomidze
Manana Lomidze Pred 10 meseci
9:19 why the sound is turning off?
Itsyehippo HD
Itsyehippo HD Pred 8 meseci
@ItzKobster nah mate i appreciate corrections, and help from others
ItzKobster Pred 8 meseci
@Itsyehippo HD You're welcome. I was expecting you to get pissed off 😂.
Itsyehippo HD
Itsyehippo HD Pred 8 meseci
@ItzKobster ok thx i thought it meant they had a license to use the content
ItzKobster Pred 8 meseci
@Itsyehippo HD I'm guessing you don't know how this works. If it shows it's been licensed in the bottom it's been claimed. Click on the "learn more" it's in blue. This is for proof btw.
Itsyehippo HD
Itsyehippo HD Pred 8 meseci
@ItzKobster also where does it say its been claimed all i see is the licensing from umg
Juiced1 Pred 10 meseci
Like after 8:14 did anyone notice that JJ said something? I would’ve loved so hear it in the music video lol
TheRemainingsOfFlayz Pred 7 meseci
@Aymen Derghal you was right
Aymen Derghal
Aymen Derghal Pred 8 meseci
@puff noob no i'm talking about it not being in the official song
Aymen Derghal
Aymen Derghal Pred 10 meseci
i told you you didn't want this, i thik they took it off cuz it sounded shit😂
Brad W
Brad W Pred 10 meseci
Ngl Kon is a g videographer his vids are always on point KSI musics shit though 😂
emily Pred 11 meseci
rip audio - sick song still
Flourrish Pred 10 meseci
Nah it was claimed by UMG so it had to be muted
Issa Chaker
Issa Chaker Pred 10 meseci
Probably because he wanted us to go to the actual video and watch it
CJ Wallace
CJ Wallace Pred 11 meseci
Wait 2 years later, Kon, did u get copyrighted?😂
Nathaniel Steward
Nathaniel Steward Pred 10 meseci
CJ Wallace by UMG, not ksi...
Agent Z46
Agent Z46 Pred 11 meseci
Man, can't even hear Jj's reaction anymore. :(
ixDawn Pred 11 meseci
Umg on a killstreak
UltraJadeGamerX 1
UltraJadeGamerX 1 Pred 11 meseci
Legendary video.
Brocro Pred letom
Imagine getting copyright striked by the guy you made the video for
Lewis RH13
Lewis RH13 Pred 11 meseci
a label bought the diss tracks. They even copyright strike JJ. It's bullshit.
Red Ed
Red Ed Pred letom
UMG fucked this vid
FLX Quicxy
FLX Quicxy Pred 8 meseci
Duck you
Chinfu Pred letom
Sick song but Ksi got played for two things. The Views was just the cherry on top
Crunchybrunchy Pred letom
OMG MY NAMES LUKE Listen I know you don’t care about me or my age but deal with it
Deborah G
Deborah G Pred letom
Kon why is ur audio fucked up
Lewis RH13
Lewis RH13 Pred 11 meseci
JJ's previous label bought the diss tracks
GamesMatter Pred letom
@Deborah G thats youtube being stupid
Deborah G
Deborah G Pred letom
That makes sense lol
lokven Pred letom
The song is copyrighted lmao
Luke Quin
Luke Quin Pred letom
I think its SLtv muting it when it hears the music
Aidonkulus Pred letom
This is a good track but ksi got fucking played by adam.
Keshon Henderson
Keshon Henderson Pred letom
@Chinfu yeah but he got drama alerting crying about not having his kid cause of all the beef
Chinfu Pred letom
@Jotaro Kujo you're actually trolling. Did you even pay attention to the end of Adam's second track?
Dxm Lol
Dxm Lol Pred letom
legend of dumb dumb right here
Gasem Pred letom
Joke man
Slaps Botz
Slaps Botz Pred letom
Lmao your a joke
Nico LH
Nico LH Pred letom
The audio got cut out for the tune FFS
Marquise69 Pred letom
Who's here 2 years later? 💯🔥🔥
XMachiavelliRizeX Pred 11 meseci
Im not
XMachiavelliRizeX Pred 11 meseci
Im not
Don Pred letom
Angry Penguin
Angry Penguin Pred letom
Marquise69 nah
James Stassi
James Stassi Pred letom
Arbaaz Pred letom
Good job kon
Legend of Nibbaheem
his sickest disstrack of all time
Алекса Павловић
@Medhessh Sureshkaran yo but the video on On point damn fucking banger...
FfL _DXXM Pred letom
Medhessh Sureshkaran Ye
Datucha Pred letom
why are you still here?????
Medhessh Sureshkaran
Yh cus he replied to both disstarcks on him that's why it sick af
Bruh Pred letom
am i the only one who noticed jj is wearing a dallas cowboys hat
Mandrake Pred letom
simon: lya!
Stuff Stupid stuff
Will lemon and ginger cure my depression
Angry Penguin
Angry Penguin Pred letom
Stuff Stupid stuff yes
Is this the place where the episode of " Cant pay, well take it away " was filmed, when the got into a garage full of cars and a lot of police was called ?
Kyle Pred letom
Kon is so lucky to have the n word pass
Vangular Pred letom
Riyadh prove it
Riyadh Pred letom
De Goat I have the n word pass aswell
ryry hamilton 6
ryry hamilton 6 Pred letom
Will lemon and ginger cure my cancer
ryry hamilton 6
ryry hamilton 6 Pred letom
Sure will
kevson 97
kevson 97 Pred letom
ask callux
Shout out to those ppl including me who thought that the baby is a real baby
Explo1t Pred letom
basically only you
Ziad Exp
Ziad Exp Pred letom
Best music video director ever.
Cubing LAB
Cubing LAB Pred letom
Apurba Koirala
Apurba Koirala Pred letom
Kon is the nicest guy in all of universe
Luka Luka
Luka Luka Pred letom
What about Tobi? He is the nicest guy I ever seen
Stuff Stupid stuff
He s is nice but Keano reaves is better
Alexander Scriabin
Agreed. He's very humble as well
Alex Jumps
Alex Jumps Pred letom
That is soo gooooood
Negan Lucille
Negan Lucille Pred letom
9:00 for start of the video lmao
Rapt Ace
Rapt Ace Pred letom
Strutzy Pred letom
What it’s a bts video start of the video is 0:00
Tyrone Roche
Tyrone Roche Pred letom
The screen ksi is watching is different to the final edit up top
Nova Pred letom
Lucas Liebetrau
Lucas Liebetrau Pred letom
basically just ksi jumping around like an idiot
Adam Williamson
Adam Williamson Pred letom
Sick track. Did really well
Sync Wavey
Sync Wavey Pred letom
i know right
Sync Wavey
Sync Wavey Pred letom
i know right
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