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Wanted to keep you updated on some of the shoots happening this week.
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18. nov. 2017

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Adnan Z
Adnan Z Pred letom
Goooo kon love you
Rai Car
Rai Car Pred 2 leti
I know Casey uses it too, but what is that first song??
ReloadedRemix Pred 2 leti
Wayyyyyyy Southend Airport!!!
Liam Challoner
Liam Challoner Pred 2 leti
Can you tell us what song was in simons video proof I can fight at 1:04 pllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssseeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MrFerryvp Pred 2 leti
Love the vlogs Kon! Keep it up! If you need a ride in Holland hit me up.
I forgot my name
I forgot my name Pred 2 leti
man like kon with the weed
Curious Cat
Curious Cat Pred 2 leti
Have fun in Amsterdam, lots of hate! I mean love... But with a hint of hate and jealousy. And when looking at art put your hand on your chin and pretend you get it, if someone asks anything, just point at a section of the artsy thing and say "there is so much emotion here" then "so amazing". Works every time.
A0Z Pred 2 leti
Great video , it the kid u signed the boots for
Clink Clink
Clink Clink Pred 2 leti
Hey Kon where did you get the diamond? I would love to use it for photography
Emily Pred 2 leti
Qua'littty' video again Kon 👏
ManLikeChelsea Pred 2 leti
Having the joys of seeing this pretty darn earl but didn’t have chance to like and comment until now! Enjoy Amsterdam, I’m sure you will x
Anthony Chatfield
Anthony Chatfield Pred 2 leti
Great ending kon, really shows you're great editing!
Matteo Vlogs
Matteo Vlogs Pred 2 leti
Sick video keep it up
Sam Sweet
Sam Sweet Pred 2 leti
He's 100% going to Amsterdam for weed...
Jfam Pred 2 leti
honestly who even dislikes Kon?
Rachel Lee M
Rachel Lee M Pred 2 leti
Simon don't watch 1:42-2:05
Siddesh Venkatraman
Lit vlog buddy! ❤
Noor El Deen
Noor El Deen Pred 2 leti
I still see his face and just think it's Ethan
Beatrice Gabriel
Beatrice Gabriel Pred 2 leti
when Josh's parmesan pile is bigger than my future lmao hope you have fun in Amsterdam
havish Pred 2 leti
What’s a diamond
Bon_Bon8977 Pred 2 leti
a natural gemstone made from carbon pressure and 2000 degree heat and its really strong it can be shot from 1000 miles and not break
HungryHaxG Pred 2 leti
i love your vids they keep me entertained and actually their super good in quality i love you and keep the vids up
Brandon Goodwin
Brandon Goodwin Pred 2 leti
Kon is the real leader of the Sidemen.
HoLgEr 72937394747582937472
diamond at 2:05
Shwill Pred 2 leti
my dad is thick cromptom
Libby Ballard
Libby Ballard Pred 2 leti
Ayyyy new vlog was litttt 🎉💜
Trickshots Only
Trickshots Only Pred 2 leti
Prachet Agarwal
Prachet Agarwal Pred 2 leti
Catching fish as big as CARS
Catching fish as big as CARS