Girlfriend Steals My Camera for 24 Hours … Surprising Results!!! 

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00:00 Intro
01:03 Outfit Reveal
02:06 Photoshoot
08:29 Editing
11:59 Reaction



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DerpyDragon Gaming
DerpyDragon Gaming Pred 13 dnevi
R u sure this video isn't sponsored by RayBands
Kenley Pred mesecem
Idk much about photography but this vid is pretty informative. Thank you Kon! I hope I can take some stuff from this vid and implement it whenever I take photos.
Mirza Hasri
Mirza Hasri Pred mesecem
Kon can you post more photography stuff please
Officialasim Pred mesecem
What editing software did he use?
Yogi Joshi
Yogi Joshi Pred mesecem
What camera did he used?
Gabriel Macias
Gabriel Macias Pred mesecem
Kon is getting slimer, good for him
Jake Cebryk
Jake Cebryk Pred mesecem
could you do a video that helps out people who want to start with photography including low budget gear
Alfie Potter
Alfie Potter Pred mesecem
Do they get paid or this?
Patrik Torac
Patrik Torac Pred mesecem
Ngl kon lost bare weight
Nabula Pred mesecem
Guess we saw the dirty side of kon today
Bad Banana
Bad Banana Pred 2 meseci
Are YOU from ROMÂNIA ¿
Daniyal Thaslim
Daniyal Thaslim Pred 2 meseci
Hey whats the app you use to edit photos
nadah thaslim
nadah thaslim Pred 2 meseci
Whats the app you use to edit the photos?
James Davies
James Davies Pred 2 meseci
What trainers does Kon wear?
Tejalkera_Msp love
Tejalkera_Msp love Pred 2 meseci
I thought Kon and Kristy were married. Well both of them are so adorable and amazing!
extrox zux
extrox zux Pred 2 meseci
Pls can u make a video just using your phone for photos vlog and editing
Tristan Singh
Tristan Singh Pred 2 meseci
Kon can i get the name of the camera that kirsty used? and also the name of your editing software
Tristan Singh
Tristan Singh Pred 2 meseci
@Konstantin thank you, keep up the great content
Konstantin Pred 2 meseci
Sony A7R IV Sony 85mm F1.8
KNZ K Pred 2 meseci
Kon could you make a series to teach basic photography
Stephen Scully
Stephen Scully Pred 2 meseci
When is your next song
Marko Marko
Marko Marko Pred 2 meseci
Freya is so skinny omg
Lewis Edwards
Lewis Edwards Pred 2 meseci
Don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone as bored as your mrs in this mate ahah
Ben Gray
Ben Gray Pred 2 meseci
who needs GCSE photography when you have Kon
Quincy Deigh
Quincy Deigh Pred 2 meseci
We need more of these photography vids, they're really great
Krishna Pred 2 meseci
You have to be kidding me that she is learning and starting of with a7r4 xd, all seriousness tho congrats to her for venturing into this amazing art, pretty sure shes gonna help you and your brand in future. She's trigger happy which isnt bad but dude going through 650 photos must be a session itself :D also those Disks are gonna get filled up with 100mb raws. Amazing photos btw
sunflower Pred 2 meseci
I thought she already took some pics at the SIDEMEN goes camping and they looked great!
RETRO JAMIE Pred 2 meseci
this video banged photos came out so sick
Sammy Hampson
Sammy Hampson Pred 2 meseci
14:31 Mrs WillNE who?
will roussel
will roussel Pred 2 meseci
is it me or has he lots loads of weight??? big up kon
Cardinal Pred 2 meseci
i like how it says ANUS above his head in the intro. check your surroundings while filming lol
Zoom Pred 2 meseci
5:39 had me laughing
Ethan Clements
Ethan Clements Pred 2 meseci
anyone know what editing program he uses for photos?
Tapiwa Muza
Tapiwa Muza Pred 2 meseci
Btw, if you see this Kon, do you have any recommendations for the best good cheap camera to get for someone who's doing photography for fun? So not something dirt cheap, but something with good bang for buck at the lower tier end
Tapiwa Muza
Tapiwa Muza Pred 2 meseci
Man like Kon always delivering great content ✊🏿💯 | Love the people around you, and cherish the moments you get to spend with them ¡Peace, love and more life to everyone out there, stay safe! 👊🏿🙏🏿❤️
LazyTv II
LazyTv II Pred 2 meseci
5:39 kon: now it's about getting creative and artsy ...you get right into that bush, is what you say to me all the time 😂
Shan Ellahi
Shan Ellahi Pred 2 meseci
Was that freya in the thumbnail?
Konstantin Pred 2 meseci
Did you watch the video lol
Vizion Builder
Vizion Builder Pred 2 meseci
would it really be a konstantin video if it was not sponsered by squarespace?.?.??
XiXora Pred 2 meseci
Playing that SLtv game… surprising girlfriend results for 24 hours!
Roger Pred 2 meseci
who the hell filmed it?!?! they're exposer was terrible
Yaseen Aliyev
Yaseen Aliyev Pred 2 meseci
Why does his voice seem to change or is it just me
Kaleru Relaxing Music
Kaleru Relaxing Music Pred 2 meseci
Great video! I found these videos going through my feed. The visual is beautiful. I make relaxation videos too and I thought this was inspiring! I just subscribed to your channel, and look forward to more of your channels.
Kieran Deane
Kieran Deane Pred 2 meseci
My guy on the bike thought no one saw. Little did he know thousands saw
Oscar B.17
Oscar B.17 Pred 2 meseci
Imagine if kon got sponsored by wix
Ben Neal
Ben Neal Pred 2 meseci
bit of a clipbait title but still good
Julie Kothari
Julie Kothari Pred 2 meseci
Kon looks fit to be honest
LetsROAMaround Pred 2 meseci
"Lick my bumhole" lmao
bigwardy111 Pred 2 meseci
"these nobs are hurting my bum" kon 2020
TaylorlArcher Pred 2 meseci
Everyone gonna skip past the Trump and Kirsty eating Cheetos together ??
Amal John
Amal John Pred 2 meseci
Siddhant Joshi
Siddhant Joshi Pred 2 meseci
Wait... If Kon records the Sidemen.... Who recoded this video?!!!!
M4CD Pred 2 meseci
Kon I know you've answered this before and done a full video but what software you use to edit photo's, I am an estate agent who does all photos and I want to step up my game for the family business. I also don't think I'm optimising my use of my camera I have the nikon d5200 with a 8-20 lens I currently have on auto focuse and use the macro setting then just do a lot of work in editing to make it lighten. Any advice would be appreciated
lilxEmoRawr Pred 2 meseci
We need more vids like this imo
WetCracker Pred 2 meseci
Yo I’m only 16 and was just wondering what Kon studied for university cuz I’d really like to have a job like kon
Konstantin Pred 2 meseci
I studied Digital Film Production at Ravensbourne Uni
Snowyyy Pred 2 meseci
I love how simple Kon explaining it like im learning as well
King king
King king Pred 2 meseci
Whats the camera setup she used kon??
King king
King king Pred 2 meseci
@Konstantin thank you for that! Would you recommend this camera and lense for photography. I love photography but I do it with my mobile only. I want a camera and lens for portrait photos so this setup looks perfect and a lense for landscape pictures if you have any suggestion? A different camera or lense?
Konstantin Pred 2 meseci
Sony A7RIV with the Sony 85mm f.18
Louis Lishman
Louis Lishman Pred 2 meseci
sick vid, enjoyed. loving the content atm ahah
Regency Panda
Regency Panda Pred 2 meseci
Where did you get your jacket from 👍
Rayyan Al Shantir
Rayyan Al Shantir Pred 2 meseci
The amount of sexual jokes in this vid is insane
Gold Ribbons
Gold Ribbons Pred 2 meseci
I love the photo of freya kneeling down in the corner with the sun shining on only half the side. It's gorgeous!!
lauxy Pred 2 meseci
The kid on the bike watching 👁👄👁
IV Elmendorf
IV Elmendorf Pred 2 meseci
haha love it
Joel Wagner
Joel Wagner Pred 2 meseci
16:08 looks like it could be a magazine cover
BiggieZ Pred 2 meseci
This was sick! Also I know the locations for the photos, outside cross keys and also the walkie-talkie building 👍🏼
Liam Murphy
Liam Murphy Pred 2 meseci
Love the photography based vids🙏🏻 love the chemistry 😂😂
Turki BA
Turki BA Pred 2 meseci
OMG, She fisted Trump.
Ishmam Chowdhury
Ishmam Chowdhury Pred 2 meseci
Kirsty low-key looks exactly like a fed... xD
Kirsty W
Kirsty W Pred 2 meseci
Jason Official
Jason Official Pred 2 meseci
3:22 kinda sounds like josh???
Hello There
Hello There Pred 2 meseci
"I don't know why I clapped, I don't need to clap" well i mean she is ur gf after all, if ya know what i mean
Patrik Kelek
Patrik Kelek Pred 2 meseci
"You get right into that bush, thats what you say to me all the time" Classic Kon banter lmao
David Baltazar
David Baltazar Pred 2 meseci
yo kon, what camera and lens do you use ?
Akshansh Sharma
Akshansh Sharma Pred 2 meseci
Do you know what software he uses for editing photos
supper blade 1889
supper blade 1889 Pred 2 meseci
Bro your gals got back dow
Oki Master
Oki Master Pred 2 meseci
Fucking get in lads
Ahmed Mohammed
Ahmed Mohammed Pred 2 meseci
14:16 did willne had sister we don't know about it
Danielle Needham
Danielle Needham Pred 2 meseci
Great video, loved to see how others compose an image.
AnY Pred 2 meseci
"I can do lot of drilling into you" 😂🤣🤣🤣
10k Without any videos challenge! !
Ok but Kom can legit do anything : SLtv : filing : photography and the most surprising one GET A GIRLFRIEND
LimQuinnMusic! Pred 2 meseci
That poor kid with the bike 2:02
Matt Pred 2 meseci
Kon has the most underrated content, not only that he works so hard on his content plus doing the sidemen stuff as well. Kon is the 🐐
Assim Ahmed
Assim Ahmed Pred 2 meseci
is he using Lightroom to edit the pics?
Elysian Tattoo Travel
Adam McMullan
Adam McMullan Pred 2 meseci
the banter between kon and kirsty is genuinely class
Daniel Bujor
Daniel Bujor Pred 2 meseci
The walking one! Looks fireeee 🔥
Nima Pred 2 meseci
that pink flower pic is a vibe
King king
King king Pred 2 meseci
What camera and lenses does he use
King king
King king Pred 2 meseci
@Akshansh Sharma Adobe lightroom
Akshansh Sharma
Akshansh Sharma Pred 2 meseci
Do you know what editing software he uses for photos
Rashed Elamin
Rashed Elamin Pred 2 meseci
5:04 5:39 LMAO I want a relationship like this. bants
Marcellus Wong
Marcellus Wong Pred 2 meseci
Hey Kon, love the video, what lens was used in this video? Keep smashing it man!!
Swiftuhh Pred mesecem
looks like an 85mm 1.8 (in the photo editing you can see at the top right at 10:30)
Marwth Pred 2 meseci
Kon lost some weight
J.A.N _03
J.A.N _03 Pred 2 meseci
Fam the camera quality of this video is maaaad
Amazanta Pred 2 meseci
*Use cheap cameras with three of your mates and three others for models 10 minutes in each location 5 rounds is 5 locations the group with the most best images wins hope it made sense lol*
Amazanta Pred 2 meseci
Kirstan forever 😆
Juicy Crips
Juicy Crips Pred 2 meseci
ur gurlfriend peng
amisha falloon
amisha falloon Pred 2 meseci
kirsty is soooo funny 😭😭😭 i luv her
Zach Wills
Zach Wills Pred 2 meseci
Does kon own squarespace???😂😂😂
Stephanie Pred 2 meseci
Kirsty did so well! I think the walking shot was my favorite. Banging video!
Bryce Tiltman
Bryce Tiltman Pred 2 meseci
these photos look like a fragrance photo shoot
_Abinayan .K_
_Abinayan .K_ Pred 2 meseci
By now I actually think con owns squarespace😂
Clueless Gaming
Clueless Gaming Pred 2 meseci
Kon,привет ,я русский и я обожаю твой контэнт,продолжай так же
Ishwant Singh
Ishwant Singh Pred 2 meseci
I really wanna know what it sayssssss
Atto tame
Atto tame Pred 2 meseci
How did they meet?
Artssy Drag
Artssy Drag Pred 2 meseci
first turquoise now luminance
Isaac Bruce
Isaac Bruce Pred 2 meseci
Kon teach me your ways Plz
Artssy Drag
Artssy Drag Pred 2 meseci
teaching your viewers instead of your girlfriend
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