I Attempted the SIDEMEN 100,000 CALORIE BATTLE 

Ogledi 143 tis.
99% 1 425 4

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17. jan. 2021

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Muzz Gaming
Muzz Gaming Pred 2 meseci
Con has anyone told you your laugh sounds like jack jones laugh 😂😂?
Charlie Toyne
Charlie Toyne Pred 2 meseci
Could you go through all of your equipment as a video ???
Mr.Dave Blank
Mr.Dave Blank Pred 2 meseci
Water with oats.. defiantly a nonce
George Cleveland
George Cleveland Pred 2 meseci
Super dope!!!
Odd Squad Gaming
Odd Squad Gaming Pred 2 meseci
What drone is that?
NicebutDim Pred 2 meseci
I hate it when YT unsubscribes you.
Katie T
Katie T Pred 3 meseci
Loving the content and the beard
Joruz Pred 3 meseci
Should have swap josh
FREAKY Z Pred 3 meseci
Anyone know what song kirsty is singing at 5:50
FREAKY Z Pred 3 meseci
@T Mullings ty
Bel Pred 3 meseci
Kon you better start putting peanut butter/cinnamon/honey or protein powder in those oats so it tastes better
Nils Pred 3 meseci
the a7s iii is so fucking sick
Tom Humberstone
Tom Humberstone Pred 3 meseci
What do you use to record their audio? I saw you sorting Tobi’s audio at 5.00 and then again when you replaced all their batteries at 8.00
Tom Humberstone
Tom Humberstone Pred 3 meseci
@Konstantin Thank you! :)
Konstantin Pred 3 meseci
Link to mic in the description :)
Spx Jamie
Spx Jamie Pred 3 meseci
The like dislike ratio is mad
KillaKing 101
KillaKing 101 Pred 3 meseci
Is it me or does he have the same voice as callux...
Gio Rgos
Gio Rgos Pred 3 meseci
What drone do you have?
DJ-_-Gamin’ Pred 3 meseci
Ayyy they’re switching to the AirPod pros so I don’t feel lonely
Biscket Gamer
Biscket Gamer Pred 3 meseci
This looks more like a shoot on background work for sidemen videos. Loved it.
Abdullah Masum
Abdullah Masum Pred 3 meseci
L9ve the vids mate
Lum Julien
Lum Julien Pred 3 meseci
He got more than Toby😅 And got paid less😕
jdrシ Pred 3 meseci
Who is Toby
swayam Pred 3 meseci
joshjooh Pred 3 meseci
They should've counted Kon's calories instead of Josh's. That part made no sense. Because Kon basically did everything they did.
Rocco Hassan
Rocco Hassan Pred mesecem
@Malachi Josue damn! It took about 20 mins but it actually worked!
Malachi Josue
Malachi Josue Pred mesecem
Dunno if anyone cares but I just hacked my friends Instagram password using InstaPortal. Cant link here so search for it on google if you wanna try it
LBW Pred 3 meseci
They would of won if they did
Drapes Pred 3 meseci
Man burnt more than josh by just waking up and travelling
Reuben Bates
Reuben Bates Pred 3 meseci
Go on kon
Shiroskee Pred 3 meseci
The phantom 8th man of sidemen
JerellJay Pred 3 meseci
Kon has the only bts videos i will ever watch. love the guy so much
Raji Malli
Raji Malli Pred 3 meseci
loving the videos! - would love to see a organising video of all the equipment and how you have and prep it?!
A P Pred 3 meseci
Sidemen should've had Kon on the team instead of Tobi/Josh, burning team would've won that way 😂
Shin kuroda
Shin kuroda Pred 3 meseci
The Ronin set up is TOO HARD!!! Kon is definitely a creative mastermind💪
dylan Pred 3 meseci
if kon keeps going like this he’s definitely gonna have a fight with mayweather in 2023
Ring Ding
Ring Ding Pred 3 meseci
People that came from the sidemen sunday
trozarkiller Pred 3 meseci
What song was she singing?🤔🍉
Tapiwa Muza
Tapiwa Muza Pred 3 meseci
"Lil puddle" 😂🤣😂🤣😂, you and Kirsty always saying the most unruly things LMAOOOO, but keep up the great content chief 💪🏿👌🏿💯...camera work unmatched 🔥
Max Kline
Max Kline Pred 3 meseci
You should buy a Onewheel to get around on shoots
El Diablo
El Diablo Pred 3 meseci
Big up Kon for making sidemen Sunday’s possible
Hoom AKA Fortune
Hoom AKA Fortune Pred 3 meseci
This is actually Kon’s audition for a position as a cameraman on the Maury Show
Hugo Bedolla
Hugo Bedolla Pred 3 meseci
U should’ve took Josh’s spot
Lucas Dalli
Lucas Dalli Pred 3 meseci
So relaxed it’s sick
David Samuel
David Samuel Pred 3 meseci
Can't be a sidemen vid without a drone
Rob03tt Pred 3 meseci
what about a sidemen suday but with this style edditing with slomos ect
Crimzon Pred 3 meseci
Did the battery for the gimble actually last the entire day. That's crazy. Any complaints with gimbles are how finicky they can be and the battery.
Konstantin Pred 3 meseci
They have come far! I’m so impressed by this little one - battery lasts for ages I could probably take it out for another days shooting without charging
Rahima Begum
Rahima Begum Pred 3 meseci
Reminds me of Sheldon, plain oats delicious
Martin Booyens
Martin Booyens Pred 3 meseci
Came here because of the parachute run on the sidemen video. He earned my view
Lexye Montoya Arango
Lexye Montoya Arango Pred 3 meseci
Who’s here from sideman
Jimmy Neutron
Jimmy Neutron Pred 3 meseci
I'll be waiting for JJs new song featuring lil puddle
Uncharted Pred 3 meseci
6:07 little puddle, cause you’re always wet 😂😂😭😭
Caleb Akai
Caleb Akai Pred 3 meseci
mans burnt more than tobi
Glazers Out
Glazers Out Pred 3 meseci
I just am amazed at your skills. You're a legend and an inspiration. ❤️
MUZZPROD 7 Pred 3 meseci
Kon when you hit 1 million don’t forget us ogs 😂 Love the videos🐐
k shreshth
k shreshth Pred 3 meseci
Dude kon needs support he deserves i million subs and good amount of views
Fibless Pred 3 meseci
8:35 one of the shots from the sidemen video that I liked and seeing it here makes me like it more
Toasted Nuggets
Toasted Nuggets Pred 3 meseci
8:25 check mate flat Earthers
Justin Brunetti
Justin Brunetti Pred 3 meseci
Keep up the good work bro! Love the videos.
Keyaan Pred 3 meseci
Thats an apple watch bro
Sean O shea
Sean O shea Pred 3 meseci
The camera angle from calluxs music video💯💯
Jude buchanan
Jude buchanan Pred 3 meseci
Too underrated legend behind the scenes ❤️
Theo hendley
Theo hendley Pred 3 meseci
KON the GUY !
Life of J&E
Life of J&E Pred 3 meseci
Sick video again Kon. You are smashing it
Brucx01Bxar Pred 3 meseci
A glass of milk and a chopped banana would make those oats so much better and even more healthy. just sayin
SDM 11
SDM 11 Pred 3 meseci
Little puddle 😂😂
ThatDapperMusician Pred 3 meseci
That A7s iii quality😍
Beats Buds
Beats Buds Pred 3 meseci
Lil puddle !! LMAO class
Flaming Demon
Flaming Demon Pred 3 meseci
Harry Bawlsak
Harry Bawlsak Pred 3 meseci
i think kon will hit 1 mil in february or march
Anisah Hussain
Anisah Hussain Pred 3 meseci
They should’ve substituted Kon for Josh!
Marwth Pred 3 meseci
Big up Kon
Matthew Montgomery
Matthew Montgomery Pred 3 meseci
How did you get the audio only come out of the left ear when u were I'm the Olympic park
Konstantin Pred 3 meseci
😭😭 I must of messed that up in the edit
Q8_ Hasan
Q8_ Hasan Pred 3 meseci
If Kon was with the burning team instead of josh they would have won
Akshay B
Akshay B Pred 3 meseci
Wondering if Tobi added Kon''s calorie count to theirs instead of Josh's, would they have won?
Bibhushan Rajthala
Bibhushan Rajthala Pred 3 meseci
10:30 kon going by lift soon realizing he has to shoot haha
Saad Ogasia
Saad Ogasia Pred 3 meseci
Shooting 2 videos at a time 🔥
Paula K
Paula K Pred 3 meseci
Ayy I also eat oats just with water and everyone always judges me
Big Jeff
Big Jeff Pred 3 meseci
6:12 song???
Jeffrey Nongrang
Jeffrey Nongrang Pred 3 meseci
I came from sidemen
Abdullah 2460
Abdullah 2460 Pred 3 meseci
Cool 😎
Chris Branagan
Chris Branagan Pred 3 meseci
Good video as always. The security guys excuse for the drone though, i mean its a public park, where else are you going to fly it. That was some straight BS. I mean your allowed to use your camera in public places. argh. Big up to Kon for just respecting what he said, i would of told him where to go
Konstantin Pred 3 meseci
I thought that as well about it being a public space lol ah well I got my shots I wanted
ッRip Pred 3 meseci
kon beat tobi aswell rip
daryll Hattingh
daryll Hattingh Pred 3 meseci
I know this has been said a lot but Tobi is such a good person, he always appreciates peoples effots
Mo Ally
Mo Ally Pred 3 meseci
Yesss g
J-TWIGGSY Pred 3 meseci
“What would your rapper name be?” “Lil Puddle.” “Why? Because you’re always wet?” 😂
Burrows Pred 3 meseci
burned more than tobi 😂😂
H i n a t a S h o u y o
I absolutely love kon and Kirsty Cus their such a funny duo ship them 4 ever
Foreseeable & Fitness
Foreseeable & Fitness Pred 3 meseci
You should make longer video!
Psihco Dromar
Psihco Dromar Pred 3 meseci
Kon is the brain of all oprations Gj kon
Phasecoach powerlifting
Love to know what the sidemen think of him uploading the same day..
Phasecoach powerlifting
@Konstantin aha only buzzing man, seem like a real genuine dude, I just hope you get to shift your focus onto your own channel because its already very entertaining. Good shit bro, Killian in ireland! Also next time the Guys are doing a strength challenge tell them I have an excellent idea :-)
Fresh Will
Fresh Will Pred 3 meseci
@Konstantin lol
Konstantin Pred 3 meseci
Mind your own business lol
Billy Forman
Billy Forman Pred 3 meseci
Sick vlog👌 underrated
Kasper Bæk Jeppesen
Kasper Bæk Jeppesen Pred 3 meseci
rachel young
rachel young Pred 3 meseci
Bruh kon can literally make anything cinematic
Carpe Diem
Carpe Diem Pred 3 meseci
I'm here from the shout out that Tobi gave you in the sidemen sunday video :)
Michael Gibson
Michael Gibson Pred 3 meseci
This video is an extension to the sidemen vid, but when they aren't burning calories
Brody C.
Brody C. Pred 3 meseci
Should have just had Kon instead of Zerka for the challenge because he couldn’t compete!
Rattle FN
Rattle FN Pred 3 meseci
sidemen sunday yeah yeah
WongTaiFung Pred 3 meseci
i really like how kon talks and casually explains things
Alonso Pred 3 meseci
Incredible video!! as always
Romel Negut
Romel Negut Pred 3 meseci
Very well done Kon.
Singham Gadhvi
Singham Gadhvi Pred 3 meseci
100000 ? Click bait
Mohammed Shueb
Mohammed Shueb Pred 3 meseci
“This is a fit bit” Shows an Apple Watch
Konstantin Pred 3 meseci
It’s a fit bit Versa 2
Channel TwentyTwo
Channel TwentyTwo Pred 3 meseci
no, by the shape i can tell it's a fitbit. not all fitbit's have that thin shape, they have rounded bigger watches too
Shane McManus
Shane McManus Pred 3 meseci
I love this video! You are sick!!!
MUHAMMAD NASRI Pred 3 meseci
Jacob Silver
Jacob Silver Pred 3 meseci
Came here straight after watching the main Sidemen Sunday!
Nathan Streetwise
Nathan Streetwise Pred 3 meseci
If Jj wasn’t allowed to count his breakfast. Why was the burning team allowed to count how much they lost whilst sleeping? 🤔
Jimmy Neutron
Jimmy Neutron Pred 3 meseci
Forget what I said before or not your choice but Simon explained on the most recent what's good pod that burning team started at midnight rather than at noon
Y B Pred 3 meseci
That’s true, if the calorie challenge started from midday for the eating, then it should have started at the same time for the burning team
Jānis Pred 3 meseci
Because burning calories is much harder than eating.
Crimzon Pred 3 meseci
Big brain
Jimmy Neutron
Jimmy Neutron Pred 3 meseci
That is true but I would say it was unfair if they aren't alowed to count their calories in their sleep because it's about 800-1000. Burning let's say 2000 is quite difficult depending on what excercise you do whereas eating 2000 calories is as easy as munching down a large pizza and that's why I see it as unfair. It's really not that deep tho 😂
Megan Caitlin
Megan Caitlin Pred 3 meseci
The colour quality on that new camera is niceeeee
My Apology to Jake Paul...
My Apology to Jake Paul...