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26. apr. 2020

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Konstantin Pred 6 meseci
Where you can check out more Elgato goodies ---> e.lga.to/Konstantin
Abdullah Ansari
Abdullah Ansari Pred 5 meseci
I want you to be my history teacher
Massoud Ahmadzai
Massoud Ahmadzai Pred 6 meseci
Con you are the man making sidmen videos great big ups hope you get 1 milion subs in 1 week
That1Ginger Pred 6 meseci
@Konstantin well I think, u should make your own feature film or at least consider it, when lockdown is over.
Konstantin Pred 6 meseci
Maaaaybe 😉
That1Ginger Pred 6 meseci
Have u ever wanted to make your own feature film or help make a SLtvr make thier own feature film?
Aquaded Pred mesecem
i wish i could stream... 1.4mb/s :(
Jehanzeb Ahmed khan
Jehanzeb Ahmed khan Pred 4 meseci
Pretty sure i dont want ma teachers to see what im doing
Nicheel Madurai
Nicheel Madurai Pred 5 meseci
Yo kon didn't wanna comment on Simon's channel cos I doubt it'll get seen, but just wanted to say (even if u didn't mean it) loved the references in the helium song 👌🔥 especially to power and the god father. Big ups u fam, your work is mad and inspiring 👌
Konstantin Pred 5 meseci
Nicheel Madurai much love I’m in the process of making a video about the references :)
Ilfan.9000 Pred 5 meseci
Can u also make a video explaining a Nintendo Switch streaming setup
hrishiv Pred 5 meseci
this is decent when youre sponsored and don't need to buy expensive elgato products 😭
Domenique Den Haan
Domenique Den Haan Pred 5 meseci
why does this guy sound like mumbo jumbo
Dodgster Pred 5 meseci
Kon where do you get your music from?
Petrit Rexha
Petrit Rexha Pred 5 meseci
This beard suits you keep it
Raghav Sharma
Raghav Sharma Pred 5 meseci
pls give me a shoutout i luv ur vids kon keep u the good work
Tom Norfolk
Tom Norfolk Pred 5 meseci
I’m beginning a film course in September so this is really great as an teaser to film. Great videos, thanks Kon
AxTech Pred 5 meseci
Are you ever going to do a review of an arri alexa?
Childish Pred 5 meseci
Kon, Can you try to make the most overkill streaming setup with all these cameras you have and the elgato products? I reckon that will be cool to have different perspectives in streaming! :) Much love.
Miami BBB
Miami BBB Pred 5 meseci
Kon is the only SLtvr who makes promoting ads entertaining
Shivang Veer Singh
Shivang Veer Singh Pred 5 meseci
ure amazing, please make a vid for upcoming youtubers trying to perform outdoor interview type videos, what gear to use and also mention those gears which are easy to use, handle, carry and can be used to make indoor videos like u did!!! Love u Kon
POSTIE Pred 5 meseci
Kon is a leg end!
Jopzey Pred 5 meseci
How does this video only have 13k views in 24 hours?
Konstantin Pred 5 meseci
Don’t know :( sad times
Bilal Ahmad
Bilal Ahmad Pred 5 meseci
Kon has to be the first youtuber that has created a video that is perfect to watch on iphone when zoomed in...no surprise with his wizardry
DroManic Pred 5 meseci
If you want the cam link but free you could just download Droid Cam on your mobile and it will use the the phone's camera just look up a tutorial on how to use it Droid Cam is just for Android
fh3102 Pred 5 meseci
Hey 👋
Anaz Haroon
Anaz Haroon Pred 5 meseci
YES YES YES! MORE SUCH VIDEOS 🙏🏻. Teach us senpai, be our free skillshare. You are clearly much much better than me, but just saying, you can always reduce the shadow on the green screen by keeping it at a little distance. Now they can stream even with 1 elgato lights 😊. Love you brother 💯❤
Konstantin Pred 5 meseci
True! But will be difficult to fit it in.
YT Vanced
YT Vanced Pred 6 meseci
Very informative Kon cheers mate
minny209 Pred 6 meseci
Not into cameras and videography but Kon makes it so interesting
Ace Hardy
Ace Hardy Pred 6 meseci
Alamin Alii
Alamin Alii Pred 6 meseci
Can you make a GoPro livestream
Short.Keane.14 Pred 6 meseci
5:50 whats the background song?
harvey skinner
harvey skinner Pred 6 meseci
not to discredit kon, but i think ChrisMD should give him the crown for king of #ad
RosePnut Pred 6 meseci
Hopefully I can find a job soon so I can work towards a streaming setup. Watching videos like this always get me excited for what I’ll be doing soon enough. Does make me sad though because I wish I had it now to be streaming during these times
RosePnut Pred 6 meseci
Konstantin yeah I’ve attempted to stream but my computer can’t handle it unfortunately so until I get it upgraded I can’t do much else, I’ve already looked around for parts and pretty much have everything in list on Amazon that I’d want so like I said, hopefully this covid stuff doesn’t ruin my chances but hopefully I can find a job soon to start earning money to save up and buy all the parts I want. Elgato are absolutely sick with the things they have and the capture card is the first thing I’d want to start streaming animal crossing or my play station.
Konstantin Pred 6 meseci
It’s also an exciting process setting it up and making everything look pro on the software side of things - in the meanwhile maybe start looking into all of that
THE y63
THE y63 Pred 6 meseci
I only watch till first add watch it and leave so I can watch it later
master Oogway
master Oogway Pred 6 meseci
how does this man make history intresting
Oliviaholdham12 Pred 6 meseci
I think this is possibly the best video I have ever watched. I actually loved it ❤️ fully shocked on how easy it actually can be 🤯
TheCyanMinecart Pred 6 meseci
Kyle Mace
Kyle Mace Pred 6 meseci
Super excited to watch this video, but my heart sank when I saw the Cam Link. Thing has been sold out everywhere for awhile now and is reselling for $500. Literally the only thing holding me back from starting live streaming with my DSLR and it’s nowhere to be found.
Konstantin Pred 6 meseci
I’m sure they will be back in stock soon!!! Don’t buy at such a high resale price that’s ridiculous!!!
Piyush Saini
Piyush Saini Pred 6 meseci
What about the cameras that automatically stop recording after 30mins?? Can we still use them for live streaming??
Piyush Saini
Piyush Saini Pred 6 meseci
@Konstantin Thanks a lot Kon, I have always had that question. Please keep doing these tutorials as they help a lot with my channel. I still can't believe you replied lmao
Konstantin Pred 6 meseci
Hey the camera doesn’t record so it’s fine. Your computer does the recording. Just make sure you have enough battery power by using a dummy batter that goes into a power outlet
Happiest Firstman
Happiest Firstman Pred 6 meseci
Thanks for all the tech tips Kon. It's helpful for a beginner
HAYKILL YTP Pred 6 meseci
the thing that a respect is that you reply and heart comments even though you have 383k subscribers...
Konstantin Pred 6 meseci
Love to engage and hear people’s thoughts on the content I put out :)
LBandCOOLJ Pred 6 meseci
Good stuff Kon
Neo Skadoosh
Neo Skadoosh Pred 6 meseci
Yes Kon! Keep up the good work
Jommar Pred 6 meseci
Can you do a tutorial how you make a sidemen thumbnail?
Konstantin Pred 6 meseci
I don’t do the sidemen thumbnails. However making a video on thumbnail tips is a good shout
Bibhushan Rajthala
Bibhushan Rajthala Pred 6 meseci
i have to say kon has help me with my youtube life....alongside sidemen
Adnan Z
Adnan Z Pred 6 meseci
love thet
3ie Pred 6 meseci
Class video as always Kon!
simun klepo
simun klepo Pred 6 meseci
Tnx kon for filming the vid so i can watch it on my phone that has zoom to fill❤
Piggybomb 21
Piggybomb 21 Pred 6 meseci
Looks like good products shame about the price tho if your not pro
Aayush Jain
Aayush Jain Pred 6 meseci
You should try to make a basic youtuber gear video. Maybe with different budgets and needs category too. Like what camera makes most value and in what order should upgrades be.
POSTIE Pred 5 meseci
Aayush Jain would like to see this too
Expohaks Pred 6 meseci
Kon u r the one solution to my every youtube problem
Theo Pred 6 meseci
jeez bro, really helpful and i enjoyed the vid. keep it up
Serenus Paul
Serenus Paul Pred 6 meseci
0:24 me explaining how phub vids were filmed to the viewers
Cu3tom Pred 6 meseci
Yay now i can make this to watch my fav youtuber on!
Yash Pred 6 meseci
Im loving the new hair!!! It sickkk
FinestCompilations Pred 6 meseci
Loving it kon. Great!
Aman Pred 6 meseci
Caleb Jackson
Caleb Jackson Pred 6 meseci
Kon, I’m only 13 years old and feel pretty good about how I edit. Though I can’t give myself that much credit, I definitely have to thank you for consistently uploading whilst having to edit the Sidemen’s videos and what not. Even know I edit on Sony Vegas, you are still a huge inspiration to me and what I want to do as a career! Subscribe to Kon please!
archive Pred 5 meseci
As a 15 year old I totally agree with you. I want to make my future as a graphic designer and a videographer and to see other teens with the same goals as me it really cheers me up. Keep up the good work!
Jamie Canning
Jamie Canning Pred 6 meseci
Sidemen: How many cameras u want? Kon: yes
Ha1exo Pred 5 meseci
I miss my dad
Konstantin Pred 6 meseci
Definitely the other way around 😂😂
Jamie Canning
Jamie Canning Pred 6 meseci
Google meet is so underrated
Trush Shashank
Trush Shashank Pred 6 meseci
Ppl have pros and cons. But here kon is pro....my man has no problems
Kuresa Galu
Kuresa Galu Pred 6 meseci
Ur really that bored aren't you?
Shell Shock
Shell Shock Pred 6 meseci
God you're cinematography knowledge makes these videos so interesting, even if I have no idea what you're talking about half the time
Konstantin Pred 6 meseci
Astronomic Pred 6 meseci
That quality though :0
Hazy Pred 6 meseci
Best quality video of 2020 change my mind
Hazy Pred 6 meseci
Oh my god, Kon this was a great video! The rest of youtube’s video quality is good. Kon hold my beer Nice video keep it up
Edit Flamez
Edit Flamez Pred 6 meseci
Konstantin Pred 6 meseci
thatguycian Pred 6 meseci
Can we honestly appreciate how much time and effort Kon put in these videos and what he does behind the scenes of filming 🙌🏾🙌🏾
Ducky Pred 6 meseci
Even though i know nothing about filming but i still watch your videos for the quality it’s astonishing
BRiTe Bombers
BRiTe Bombers Pred 6 meseci
Yes Kon! I'm loving these uploads, keep it up.
Bradè Lane
Bradè Lane Pred 6 meseci
Bubbles From Trailer Park Boys : "DECENT"
Bradè Lane
Bradè Lane Pred 6 meseci
@Konstantin omg you replied glad I could make you smile
Konstantin Pred 6 meseci
Tonnow Boonmee
Tonnow Boonmee Pred 6 meseci
my next zoom meeting will change drastically thansk to BIG KON 🙌🏽😂
jef 101
jef 101 Pred 6 meseci
0:00 is when the vid starts thank me later
AykayMusic Pred 5 meseci
Omg been looking for this comment everywhere THANKS
John Pred 6 meseci
MTN9541 Pred 6 meseci
great vid
Beaven M
Beaven M Pred 6 meseci
He Needs more videos like this
Martin Wolff
Martin Wolff Pred 6 meseci
Really helpful! :)
OldMan Pred 6 meseci
LittleNezie Pred 6 meseci
The quality thou.
trio gamers
trio gamers Pred 6 meseci
REST OF SLtv : Normal quality KON : yes
vaishant Pred 6 meseci
Konstantin your videos are so good
Jay Devarajan
Jay Devarajan Pred 6 meseci
17th comment
Muzza Gaming
Muzza Gaming Pred 6 meseci
Big fan, keep it up
Darkest blader
Darkest blader Pred 6 meseci
Notification squad Another amazing video i really enjoyed it have Fantastic day. Stay Safe. 😊🙂
Andrea DC
Andrea DC Pred 6 meseci
the quality is your videos is insane kon!! you seem really a genuine person and I would love to chat with you about anything film wise.
Konstantin Pred 6 meseci
Much love
Kelljo Pred 6 meseci
Kon keep it up man
shredded shrek
shredded shrek Pred 6 meseci
crystalgamingpro Pred 6 meseci
henri Pred 6 meseci
legend has it kon pins early messages
therealalfo Pred 6 meseci
Irfan safi
Irfan safi Pred 6 meseci
Yoloman81 Pred 6 meseci
This was early
smartcookie104 Pred 6 meseci
Can’t think of anything decent to say.
tommydoddy Pred 6 meseci
Hey self promoting is annoying yes, but I really want a following to interact with and hang out and just have fun with. I make minecraft videos and if u like those, check my channel out please
SEFF MALEK 2018 Pred 6 meseci