UNSEEN Footage From A KSI Music Video 

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8. jan. 2019

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Xtinc-T Pred 16 dnevi
first video where jj isnt wearing bandana
Paradox Pred mesecem
POV: you thought it was a millions music video
Xvis Pred mesecem
Vik is still asking for cereal
Arctiguana Pred 3 meseci
That’s what ducked up Ksi’s hair
Zeko Pred 3 meseci
bethany g
bethany g Pred 4 meseci
plot twist: another ksi was made while the real ksi was still somewhere else
Wang Motions
Wang Motions Pred 4 meseci
Babatunde would be jealous
simjinha1 Pred 4 meseci
it sounds like you've dubed your owne voice xd
Taiga Uchiyama
Taiga Uchiyama Pred 4 meseci
8:24 uuuuhhhh HOLD UP
VipKro Pred 5 meseci
Prød By Bøßz
Prød By Bøßz Pred 5 meseci
500th comment
M2llionz Pred 5 meseci
In peoples recommended a year later
Daniel Clairmonte
Daniel Clairmonte Pred 5 meseci
7:26 she’s thinking about it and biting her lip
Murtza _
Murtza _ Pred 5 meseci
This is some doctor who type shit
Blaze Pred 5 meseci
8:23 this is for myself because I’m lazy
Ben Lambert
Ben Lambert Pred 5 meseci
How can you guys get milk for a music video but yet my dad hasnt found the milk for the 15 years he has been looking😂
Noozie Pred 6 meseci
8:35 jj‘s arm looks huge
Kutzaher Pred 6 meseci
Arctiguana Pred 6 meseci
That’s how ksi’s purple hair I got fucked
Hassan Aldjanaby
Hassan Aldjanaby Pred 6 meseci
Konstantin deserves more views
ExxoticCrimson Pred 6 meseci
7:40 JJ looks like Pennywise
james hart
james hart Pred 7 meseci
490th comment
DedTech Pred 7 meseci
Vikk is sweating
NW7 Pred 8 meseci
5:40 awesome don’t understand any of that 😂
Daniel Addanki
Daniel Addanki Pred 9 meseci
Kon has put so much effort into the videos i swear hes so underrated. BIG UP KON
Ray Taheri
Ray Taheri Pred 9 meseci
4:40 Lorenzo's laugh makes this vid ahahah
cooltrue Pred 9 meseci
you are one of the most professional people at what they do i ever saw , if even this is a word 😂
Im Baby
Im Baby Pred 10 meseci
Which music video is this from?
Dappe Games
Dappe Games Pred 10 meseci
Ann Etchells
Ann Etchells Pred 11 meseci
Kon’s work is so underrated. He does so much
13at155 Pred 11 meseci
9:14 that asssssssss
gracjan619 Pred 11 meseci
That's vikks milk gone.
Michael Pearce
Michael Pearce Pred 11 meseci
You should have sold that milk water on eBay, would have Made thousands
Marcos Scott Little Baños
I mean it should be black water
HavocGames Pred 11 meseci
Deltazz Pred 11 meseci
kon you just hearted a comment on your Lamborghini video faking pictures with a “real” one, lets see if you’ll heart this one and maybe reply back ;)
"milk","white water" you meant cum
Joey Chestnut
Joey Chestnut Pred letom
4:51 *Vikk is quaking*
Scrittles Pred letom
Bro I guess this explains how cum makes a person
Devyn Leighton
Devyn Leighton Pred letom
You can see in the background at a part where Ksi filmed Ares, on the stairs. Pretty cool all these little things in the background of the video.
Peter T
Peter T Pred letom
When you spend £115,000 on camera lenses
Flipz1x Pred letom
Lol the water bill be like
Angielski Lad
Angielski Lad Pred letom
I cant wait to See Jj 🙃🙃🙃
Tryisie30 Pred letom
How can ksi be made in a milk bath and still look clapped smh
SMMG Pred letom
Get your KSI Bulking Bath Water
KassoruIn Pred letom
Simon: - Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew... - Can I watch?
CD12 Pred letom
Why kin eye red at the end
DΛ snoozy
DΛ snoozy Pred letom
If jj was actually lactose intolerant he would die after 3 seconds in the pool
Daniel1243 Pred letom
10:50 Cooked?
PyroTortilla Gaming
That’s not milk it’s cum water
Ifeoluwa Ojesina
Ifeoluwa Ojesina Pred letom
You ruined jj hair
MS.10 Pred letom
5:28 lil dicky dopple ganger
MAVERICK 42 Pred letom
I bet the Milk farmers are angry right now at how much of a waste of milk that is lol.
Shronk Pred letom
You didn't have to use milk lmao. Could've just thrown a few bath bombs in there mate.
Melendope Pred letom
Anyone else clocked how that girl reacted to JJ asking if he'd be naked? Maaaan hahahahha.
Alen Thomas
Alen Thomas Pred letom
swear kon's videos are unreal Shows he's a great director
Wilson CM
Wilson CM Pred letom
*Just a grown man swimming in milk in a kiddy pool*
Megasupergamer25 fOrTnItE
7:53 Is his stomach a d*ck
Jaša Lebar
Jaša Lebar Pred letom
its so visible that he works extremely hard
Jonas Friese
Jonas Friese Pred letom
8:01 lol look at his stomach ...
Licey boi
Licey boi Pred letom
JJs finally not wearing a bandanna
Fortnite Weekly
Fortnite Weekly Pred letom
Loll 8:02 loos lie jj has a massive doc on his chest
Nick David
Nick David Pred letom
6:39 ksi without a bandanna holy shitttt boiiii
Bopper Ω
Bopper Ω Pred letom
His forehead is so damn big
TNKI Jeremy
TNKI Jeremy Pred letom
Dude it looks like Im looking at a porn movie 9:00
Skengzz Pred letom
You been smoking too much...
Harrison Drury Smith
Is that Logan Paul at 4:28
Varun Chaurasia
Varun Chaurasia Pred letom
Black man can't swim
Souhel Daneyl
Souhel Daneyl Pred letom
Kon we are still waiting for the ON POINT deleted scenes Video
Pubg mobile Eddara
Wait does that means black people come from white water?
Viboh Pred letom
28000 x. 6 ---- 168000 So Kon you spent 168,000 jeez relax
tom church
tom church Pred letom
Samik Gurung
Samik Gurung Pred letom
ksi exposed
Texting Story's
Texting Story's Pred letom
10 year old joe does maths 28x6=166x1000=166000
BigMan Tom
BigMan Tom Pred letom
Why didn’t you just milk JJ😂
Bizarre Beats
Bizarre Beats Pred letom
*Thanks for uploading this. Great content!*
TavianLv Pred letom
You bad fam you ksi's camera man
Seb1105 Pred letom
RE DHA Pred letom
Now it’s not unseen
Aaron D
Aaron D Pred letom
My man said 28 grand per lens! I thought he was going to say 10!
Parm Pred letom
the only reason people wanted a bts is they thought jj couldnt swim lol
Losian Plays
Losian Plays Pred letom
Shawn Jaison
Shawn Jaison Pred letom
9:04 - 9:20 JJ was too excited for Destroy Dick December
Arlene Cox
Arlene Cox Pred letom
is simony GAY?
reilly Pred letom
6:39 a rare headbandless ksi sighting
Ax!s Pred letom
We wanna see the rest of behind the scenes of Berrus kon!!
Toby Conoley
Toby Conoley Pred letom
So that's where black people come from holy shit i didnt know that
Xeno Pred letom
7:58 JJ's torso looks like a gentleman's area.
Dean Bich
Dean Bich Pred 5 meseci
I was literally about to send it and then I went on the comments and saw this and I was like "bruh"😂
Rizzte Pred letom
William Armitage ha
Calvin British
Calvin British Pred letom
£168.000 lol
KlTPVP Pred letom
Nah nah nah he was high asf in the end like xDDDD
Lewdolf Pred letom
Pretty sure it’s the opposite *wink* *wink*
Lewis Fearon
Lewis Fearon Pred letom
Mate are you Ethan’s brother or somet
iSpy Pred letom
What the vest that jj wears in beerus video the one with all the shiny zippers??
Loco Pred letom
Jj getting chubby
Jazz Singh
Jazz Singh Pred letom
can you do a photoshop manipulation piece?
jordBTW Pred letom
Great VIDEO!!
FOoDISmYLIfE !! Pred letom
Why this man doesn’t have a million 🤔
James Dixon
James Dixon Pred letom
Director: *Animorphic Distorted* Me: *WHAT*
Panda Plays
Panda Plays Pred letom
show us how you edit please
Michael Campoverde
Konstantin is an amazing director 😃😃😃😃 Fan from usa
Stella Adofo
Stella Adofo Pred letom
Micah Schwarz
Micah Schwarz Pred letom
"The black light helps us see things that we normally would not see" Will it show JJ's hairline tho?
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