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16. okt. 2019

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Konstantin Pred letom
Head to www.squarespace.com/konstantin to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using code KONSTANTIN
Mahil Kotadoo
Mahil Kotadoo Pred 11 meseci
That’s a wild click bait I thought you were going Mauritius 🇲🇺😔
Rizwaan Miah
Rizwaan Miah Pred letom
5th Viewer
Leon McCormick
Leon McCormick Pred 2 meseci
Been here before family live there. Awesome place with beautiful views.
Blair Lang
Blair Lang Pred 3 meseci
Good vid keep it up
Atharva Patil
Atharva Patil Pred 3 meseci
His girlfriend literally looks like Summer’s annoying nerd friend nancy from rick and morty
K D Pred 3 meseci
14:58 anyone know this song?
K D Pred 3 meseci
That guy sang so well!! It was melody to hear
rai ZOR
rai ZOR Pred 3 meseci
14:38 This music montage bit was soo cool, really felt the vibe.
Liam Drinkwater
Liam Drinkwater Pred 3 meseci
Just saying kirsty is 🔥
AA Pred 4 meseci
the song at 5:08 is mexico-gamma skies
Himesh Mulloo
Himesh Mulloo Pred 4 meseci
Umm I swear the island on the title of the video is mauritius
ewan Pred 4 meseci
They defo banged on that boat
ellaellaella Pred 4 meseci
Aw this is so sweet
Levyn KHS
Levyn KHS Pred 5 meseci
hahaha-your-trick-will-not-work-on-me.On-the-thumbnail,thats-lermorne-mountain-and-the-island-is-callled-MAURITIUS. nice-try-buddy-but-great-video-bts
Mohsin Chheena
Mohsin Chheena Pred 4 meseci
Haha. This aged well.
Etrit Haxhijaj
Etrit Haxhijaj Pred 5 meseci
You should surprise and take her to Albania 🇦🇱🇦🇱
Tom Pine-coffin
Tom Pine-coffin Pred 5 meseci
2smokekacper Pred 5 meseci
actually got me hooked on his videos as the filming he does is good quality and satisfying
Gerla Berger
Gerla Berger Pred 5 meseci
This just makes me realize how single I am
Shawn Pred 5 meseci
Kon, i just have a question... Why is the thumbnail a picture of Mauritius
Shawn Pred 5 meseci
@Konstantin You should really come visit Mauritius, you won't regret it 🇲🇺👌🏾
Konstantin Pred 5 meseci
Just one of those clickbaitable things 😂
Abdullah Ansari
Abdullah Ansari Pred 5 meseci
u should have let josh plan it !!! he is a god at this
RXCE_RL Pred 5 meseci
Ayyy that's where i go to italy every 2 years
Zubair LALL MAHOMED Pred 5 meseci
Why did you use Mauritius in the thumbnail.. Thought you actually came here.. disappointed..
Harshil Thee guy that eats skittles
Ur thumbnail is where i live (mauritius) !!
aryan dookhy
aryan dookhy Pred 6 meseci
Hey I am Mauritian. Instently knew where was the thumbnail in real life.
Krishna Doocanee
Krishna Doocanee Pred 6 meseci
That is what I also thought hahaha
CloneFN Pred 6 meseci
you couldnt do this in 2020 cause corona time
Pasi Pred 8 meseci
Lmao wtf I'm always in Tropea for vacation this was a surprise to see
Sneha Sengupta
Sneha Sengupta Pred 9 meseci
Using Le Morne in Mauritius as thumbnail for going to Italy...
Awzy Pred 10 meseci
He is using TimTheTatmans outro song!! 😂😂😂😂
xPhillipzHD Pred 10 meseci
Their driver tho 👌🏻
Noé Kempf
Noé Kempf Pred 10 meseci
hey m8 i wish you had a drone that would have been so beautiful out there !!!!!
Sneakerjuice Pred 10 meseci
Kirsty is such a waifu! What a lovely little lady :)
Cheeky Nandos
Cheeky Nandos Pred 11 meseci
Kirsty kinda Peng
Jacob Smith
Jacob Smith Pred 11 meseci
Kirsty is an amazing girlfriend. So happy for you Kon. Hope you enjoyed :)
Shawzy Pred 11 meseci
I still believe you're Ethan's brother🤡banging video mate
Edward Cheung
Edward Cheung Pred 5 meseci
@Susu no
Susu Pred 5 meseci
Jon_The_Don is he really?
Twan Darsh
Twan Darsh Pred 11 meseci
goes to italy and puts a thumbnail of Mauritius xD
thomas bennettt
thomas bennettt Pred 11 meseci
thumbnail is mauritius not italy
Reece Burgess
Reece Burgess Pred 11 meseci
Nayaaz Pred 11 meseci
based on the thumbnail i can say its from Mauritius.. am from Mauritius that why the picture look familiar
bennykell3 Pred 11 meseci
My guy!
Ex Pred 11 meseci
How is this video under 100k views? You deserve better Kon 😔
Dominic Flynn
Dominic Flynn Pred 11 meseci
Come to Australia 🇦🇺
MikuChan Pred 11 meseci
Lenonceia, where all the nonces go
Nikola Obradovic
Nikola Obradovic Pred 11 meseci
Oh they deffo fucked on the boat
Ronaldo Fan
Ronaldo Fan Pred 11 meseci
5:51 😂
Bro the picture in the thumbnail is MAURITIUS(LE MORNE BRABANT MOUNTAIN)
Dazasmaza Pred 11 meseci
Go to Mauritius
Super Moosie
Super Moosie Pred 11 meseci
Came here from Taz. Very happy with what I see. ☺️👌
Omar Suph
Omar Suph Pred 11 meseci
Am sorry but that's pure thickness 11:45
Jan Martincic
Jan Martincic Pred 11 meseci
what is that mic you use for recording?
Manuel Laverdure
Manuel Laverdure Pred 11 meseci
thought you went to Mauritius with that tumbnail
Callum Mackay
Callum Mackay Pred 11 meseci
Dream vacation Goes to stansted
Super Moosie
Super Moosie Pred 11 meseci
Callum Mackay Don’t put a shame on people’s dreams! lol
HolmsInTown Pred 11 meseci
Can we get an color grading tutorial?
b s
b s Pred letom
She's probably gonna leave you sorry mate
Manda lion19
Manda lion19 Pred letom
such a british persons reaction. that bitch😂
John Ugabi
John Ugabi Pred letom
Awh kons such a romantic. This might just top talia and simon as the better youtube couple
Joe Owen
Joe Owen Pred letom
Ardit Murataj
Ardit Murataj Pred letom
NoGoodAtGaming Pred letom
4:21 would make for a great wallpaper :)
Tapiwa Muza
Tapiwa Muza Pred letom
Great video as always Kon! Glad I discovered your channel. Always was a fan of your work with the sidemen and True Geordie etc...UK's best photographer/videographer now SLtv extraordinare 💯💪🏿. Happy for you two
gibbonchio Pred letom
Welcome to Italy Kon!
Nil Esh
Nil Esh Pred letom
Dude your thumbnail isn't even from there. It's from Mauritius 🇲🇺 lol!!
hayden3112 Pred letom
You pronounced southern wrong
axellab4799 Pred letom
Disappointed... saw Mauritius on the thumbnail but you went to Italy 😞
rory craig
rory craig Pred letom
Love you g your so talented
Gersey Boy15
Gersey Boy15 Pred letom
Im such a big fan kon
Graham Webb
Graham Webb Pred letom
one of the hardest workers on the tube congrats on the success kon
Thomas Givens
Thomas Givens Pred letom
What do you use to edit your videos, would really love a reply as im only starting to make youtube videos and dont know what to use to edit my videos
Thomas Givens
Thomas Givens Pred letom
@Konstantin okay thanks very much i appreciate your reply so much and i love yout videos aloy
Konstantin Pred letom
I personally use adobe premier pro Free software to look into - DaVinci Resolve
Roxburgh Pred letom
I genuinely have happy tears right now. I love you two
PolarNigel Pred letom
Love your vids mate, there’s no bullshit & you genuinely seem to be loving what you’re doing. Keep it up 👊🏼
Armoured Phoenix
Armoured Phoenix Pred letom
Hello from Mauritius 🇲🇺 (Island in the thumbnail)
Armoured Phoenix
Armoured Phoenix Pred 11 meseci
@Tahuichi1 same man. Kon clickbaited us two. I forgive give cause I love him. 😂 It's so nice over here. Glad you had such a nice and fun time. 💯
Tahuichi1 Pred 11 meseci
Armoured Phoenix I clicked on this vid thinking it would be in Mauritius. I really love that place and I had one of the best vacations ever there
OrB1tzZ x Venom
OrB1tzZ x Venom Pred letom
Really enjoyed the vid con. You two gel very well
Dutchy Pred letom
Love vids like these! Glad you got some time off to relax
Konstantin Pred letom
My guy !!!
Kenneth Neo
Kenneth Neo Pred letom
soooo cute tgt hahaha nice one kon
Jeff Acosta
Jeff Acosta Pred letom
Oi the chick picking yall up 👀
Muntazir MTR
Muntazir MTR Pred letom
Editing the Sidmen Sunday videos have paid you well... 😂
Itachi Pred letom
12:04 Your welcome gentlemen
Trinimiksu Pred letom
Love the video, if only more people would recognize you
Absolute Absurd
Absolute Absurd Pred letom
She couldve taken a picture on her phone and checked where the picture was taken xD
Simon Kvistgaard
Simon Kvistgaard Pred letom
"With her dream vacation" *ARRIVING* Kirsty: Where are we?
OOF Meme
OOF Meme Pred letom
Last part cringe
Cassius Felix
Cassius Felix Pred letom
She's hot
Liam Mac93
Liam Mac93 Pred letom
I thought the guy said Valencia
Jirin Pred letom
your girlfriend is so lovely.. happy for you mate 😊
omar sheriff
omar sheriff Pred letom
Lovely video kon!
OceanOrange Pred letom
I really enjoyed this. Your professional cinematography was a delight to see in a vlog. Hopefully you do more vlogs with the same formula.
LetsROAMaround Pred letom
That underwater pic is actually fiiiire
Zach Benn
Zach Benn Pred letom
Actually such a good video
A7med Al7ebshi
A7med Al7ebshi Pred letom
when u talk while taking a selfie in gta v 15:24
Josh Peters
Josh Peters Pred letom
your luck with weather when you go away😂 does look really nice there tho!🏖
Sufyan Jaunbocus
Sufyan Jaunbocus Pred letom
because of your thumbnail i really thought that you were coming to Mauritius:/
IT'S JDS Pred letom
Kon deserves a holiday......... What about the Sidemen Holiday abroad??? 😂 nah but seriously Kon deserved that holiday
Thomas Hyde
Thomas Hyde Pred letom
Kirsty is fit. Kon your so lucky and it looks SO picturess
Minimal Pred letom
Picturesque u dofus
Abhishek Pred letom
oiii kon is a legend, SIDEMEN dont even know what they have !!!! cheers bruv
Abhinav Srivastava
Thumbnail change thoo
Blank Cheque
Blank Cheque Pred letom
Too underated. We need to get this guy past 1 mill
ODOT CLIPS Pred letom
T0RcH314 Pred letom
Lovely vid, I managed to surprise my GF last year like this as well, happy to see you being so happy! You really needed a holiday as well Kon (BTW isn't that the West coast? And I'm pretty sure it's the Mediterranean SEA, not the "ocean" lol. Also, can't believe you asked if "Bon apetite" is Italian haha)
BethLouisa Makeup
Kirsty is so lucky!!!! Everyone needs a man like Kon
Mike Coxlong
Mike Coxlong Pred 4 meseci
Never been so flexed on
Squeaker Creeper
Squeaker Creeper Pred letom
Is it just me or does the guy at around 2:03 look like Greg Paul?
Stephanie Pred letom
Kirsty’s a sweetheart, glad you could have fun even though the weather wasn’t ideal. Great video as always!
Adnan Z
Adnan Z Pred letom
Oh my god i got chills what a view
Catching fish as big as CARS