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24. mar. 2021

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The normal one
The normal one Pred 6 dnevi
Honestly felt like the side with Josh and Tobi was much more of a cohesive reaction/discussion taking place. JJ and Simon were basically adverse to any video with a soundtrack below 100bpm 😂 "its not hype enough"
Farrahnaz Clarke
Farrahnaz Clarke Pred 8 dnevi
The second one reminded me of Black panther
Chokyo Pred 13 dnevi
Kon is such a legend. Doing bits for the VFX and editing community
Sam Amory-Joly
Sam Amory-Joly Pred 15 dnevi
Get Kon to 1 million before the end of the year
Hannah Travers
Hannah Travers Pred 15 dnevi
EdIt FrIeNdS
SHOJ Pred 16 dnevi
How do I learn how to edit like this?
Maniac3536 Pred 16 dnevi
Simon woke up and chose violence
Fat Orangutan
Fat Orangutan Pred 17 dnevi
I forgot kon was bald
Nahom ค
Nahom ค Pred 19 dnevi
18:50, Man's looking like no mustache Jafar.
dylanjones761 Pred 19 dnevi
why don’t they advertise on yt
Almost at *1Mil* !!
Harambe 098
Harambe 098 Pred 24 dnevi
12:41 fucking hell harry AHAHHAHAHAHHA
Josh Tomlinson
Josh Tomlinson Pred 26 dnevi
Last one and second ones are the best. Well done.
Josh Tomlinson
Josh Tomlinson Pred 26 dnevi
Second one*
Harvey Cope
Harvey Cope Pred 28 dnevi
Harry pick one football team and stay with them
Shubham Bhole
Shubham Bhole Pred 29 dnevi
The couple wasn't on point todya6
Bondbalistic Pred 29 dnevi
Never realised simons really picky with everything.
Julian Griffiths
Julian Griffiths Pred 29 dnevi
This showed how sdmn clothing is more than just merch, same with illvzn and joshs brand.
AndersTC Pred mesecem
The last one was INSANE
Vengance Studio
Vengance Studio Pred mesecem
the one at @18:00 kinda has an old school Vans feel to it
DJ RoXsTaR Pred mesecem
11:56 JJ muted
Rashed Elamin
Rashed Elamin Pred mesecem
2nd was definitely my favourite but there were so many good ones
creativedreams Pred mesecem
for your own well being, skip the jj/simon/harry parts because they genuinely are just slagging everything off without proper constructive criticism and it sucks
You Mad boi
You Mad boi Pred mesecem
Lol 18:52
The dank lord
The dank lord Pred mesecem
Get this boy to 1M
ThePanda Pred mesecem
This is all just a ploy for the sidemen to get people to edit stuff for them without having to pay them
Maitreya MJ
Maitreya MJ Pred mesecem
Yo did kon seperate the six into two teams of threes according to who has more subscribers? Cheeky
Tiago Xavier
Tiago Xavier Pred mesecem
18:32 JJ has an hair on his chin. O.o
Villaluz Cilo K.
Villaluz Cilo K. Pred mesecem
3:10 whats the music?
Sigurd Sindum
Sigurd Sindum Pred mesecem
Why dis dood bald
Uday Kaushik
Uday Kaushik Pred mesecem
Literally one of the best videos ive ever watched... Madddd!!!
Jamie Walker
Jamie Walker Pred mesecem
No1 going to point out harrys hat he says he's a chealsa fan with a. City hat on
PYSCHOFNM ✓⃝ Pred mesecem
100K till 1M
arya sriram
arya sriram Pred mesecem
kon is honestly such a modest dude. He is the goat
Smoke Pred mesecem
I really hate simon
HiMyNameIsJakeAble Pred mesecem
This video is just GOATED
Demon Killer
Demon Killer Pred mesecem
Kon wht happened why is JJ,Simon and harry not in timed with the video
M Pred mesecem
23:56 Kon got absolutely violated
adheet nair
adheet nair Pred mesecem
She Reen
She Reen Pred mesecem
Kon please read this. I need u to up the money on these challenges I get what u are doing but I’m sure you KNOW how much editing like that can go for so to award them with 100 pounds is belowwwww the bar and you KNOW that , I feel like u really take advantage of these young artists. Pay them proper next time. £1k for first place £500 for second 3rd £250 especially if u have received a sponsor for your video. It’s only fair. A lot of these younger people entering do not know the value of their craft and u should not be giving them such low amounts so then they have an altered view of how they should value their future work. U know how long these edits take esp the ones of quality . Nothing against u at allll , just do better by these people. Do better.
Striker2312 Pred mesecem
Leave kon alone man. He could easily just give them an itunes gift card or nothing if he didn't want to. Like he has budget per video and he's given over 1000 of his own money on this video alone
Konstantin Pred mesecem
I do the best I can - I just gave away £2600 split with 13 people and you want me to do better? Go secure me a sponsor then we can talk haha
Sophie Maguire
Sophie Maguire Pred mesecem
No one: Harry: “Dan from PAKISTAN” 😂😂
ScxrZ Pred mesecem
This really makes me want to learn how to edit but I don’t have the money for softwares I have the specs on my pc but can’t get softwares
Konstantin Pred mesecem
DaVinci resolve
Parqs Pred mesecem
Imagine the 2nd one on TV during a break it would look mad.
SA -G Pred mesecem
sidemen video idea, kon takes footage of the guys modelling their own clothes than they have 24hrs each to come up with their own edit to which they can watch and rate at the end with kon.
Jaymir Bergrok
Jaymir Bergrok Pred mesecem
hahhaha bald kon
Hassan W
Hassan W Pred mesecem
20:23 I thought Vik was legit beside me it sounds like he is in my room wtf....?
TaimSatOnYou Pred mesecem
HAMZAH SKILLS Pred mesecem
How would I join your contests
Benedict Mathias
Benedict Mathias Pred mesecem
mad how you guys remind me of my friends
Tahmid ALI
Tahmid ALI Pred mesecem
You should get your audience to edit footage of calluxs notwoways
MIND - Brawl Stars
MIND - Brawl Stars Pred mesecem
You know what its not bad you've gone bald
Ameera Rahim
Ameera Rahim Pred mesecem
first of all, these edits are insane. second, kon providing these opportunities for aspiring editors is so admirable on his part. third, imagine the honor it holds for the sidemen to watch your edits and consider paying you for your work. big up the editors man, well done!
loolymk Pred mesecem
A C Pred mesecem
18:59 ksi have new girlfriend proof
Lee T
Lee T Pred mesecem
Sick idea kon spreading the love
Rollii Pred mesecem
mate im really dissapointed u didnt get the 1 mill
Baduquinn a child of god.
m8 you got a hair on ya chin...........
DYL 3 Pred mesecem
Today we learned that JJ and Simon are the real boomers in the group 😂😂😂😂
TheReaper_Unspoken Pred mesecem
simon not liking most of them like it's a team choice mate not just you ya lanky fuck
Ida Klemenčić
Ida Klemenčić Pred mesecem
i felt the slavic roots when he said "sdmn"
I Pred mesecem
18:30, ksi using beard extenders.
Kaya Pred mesecem
So, now we know KSI's girlfriend is blonde with long straight hair😂😂
AbTv✅ Pred mesecem
OOOO FRIENDS👍(Inbetweeners)
Tekwez Pred mesecem
The voice crack tho 😂😂😂
Xd mcreamy Xx
Xd mcreamy Xx Pred mesecem
weebabyshakeus Pred mesecem
I’m really starting to hate Simon. He got that come up in life, and has become a straight prick.
POISON 13 Pred mesecem
My top 3 favorites in order 1: 14:18 TheoDHN 2: 3:03 Zeal VFX 3: 17:50 Jack.OMO_
Faiz Khalifa
Faiz Khalifa Pred mesecem
899k ❤️🔥👍🏽
Faiz Khalifa
Faiz Khalifa Pred mesecem
Where's the bts bro? I love those! Hope everything is well
Matthew9203 Pred mesecem
Ayyyyy they actually used the 2nd one in the recent Sidemen Sunday!!! That's *SICKKKKKKK,* props to that lad!!!
Antonia Prince
Antonia Prince Pred mesecem
next challenge have simon edit a video and let people react to it
Antonia Prince
Antonia Prince Pred mesecem
well done to the editors!! editor 2 was crazy good for me and editor 1 was also great
Nathan C
Nathan C Pred mesecem
Just realized after watching sidemen Sunday that they used the 2nd video edit for the end!!! That is so cool
Nathan C
Nathan C Pred mesecem
Really nice of kon to use other people’s videos and edits, really shows what kind of guy he is and it’s great to see
SourJuice Pred mesecem
Last one was personally my favorite it’s hype but not too hype, that shit hits different idk
idk what to put as my name so yeah
MATCH IT 100 POUNDS!!! on sidemen clothing 😐
Konstantin Pred mesecem
Dw I did cash for the total amount in the end 😅
Amal Joe Sojan
Amal Joe Sojan Pred mesecem
18:53 that made me ROFL
maxi Pred mesecem
Ksi has the attention span of an American
Milly Moo
Milly Moo Pred mesecem
Freya Walsom
Freya Walsom Pred mesecem
Did anyone else get ‘Come dine with me’ Simon vibe in this video?
Luka Šimek
Luka Šimek Pred mesecem
yeah so whiny
Floyd Emmett
Floyd Emmett Pred mesecem
the jack omo one is the best imo. he took a different approach in the fact he tried to keep it light and up beat. a lot of the other ones where flashing neon lights and with dark gloomy settings with music to match. loved how unique his one was
h3llo mah dude
h3llo mah dude Pred mesecem
Kon is a very good lad...i like you mate🥰 keep up the good work
Marc Lehmann
Marc Lehmann Pred mesecem
Thanks for picking mine and congrats to all the other winners! I had so much fun editing this. Stoked for the next Challenge!
mahmoud alabady
mahmoud alabady Pred mesecem
my fav is the nike adidas one
GS SBP Pred mesecem
14:06 watch tobi face for kons voice break
Royale Gaming
Royale Gaming Pred mesecem
Anyone notice jj was muted 11:56
Carna Lampret
Carna Lampret Pred mesecem
I know Simon wasn’t ungrateful, but he was a bit harsh haha
Filip N.
Filip N. Pred mesecem
20:45 by who artist i cant find the song when u search the name its vids of people milly rocking
KiNG Hawky
KiNG Hawky Pred mesecem
Simon is acc annoying
Sulekh Pred mesecem
Wtf this is like SidemenReacts on cracks
Calvin Pred mesecem
They should find a way to get these into sidemen videos like sidemen sundays, more sidemen, sidmen reacts great use of the footage from the editers and great for the brand
ksey Pred mesecem
The one with the rap was a little hard to watch.
TheHidden Pred mesecem
101k left Kon!
Aahil Khan
Aahil Khan Pred mesecem
ffs who does harry support
Alex Buxton
Alex Buxton Pred mesecem
These competitions are actually sick content, and a great opportunity for editors to get their hands on high quality footage to practice their skills. I love it
PWR_MAY Pred mesecem
Did anyone realise kon just put a video of jj reacting for the face cam and the voice was the actual reaction
Ralf Alexis de Guzman
@JACK.OMO_'s edit is definitely my favorite
sswittch__ Pred mesecem
20:50 lmaoo that failed ksi sync
RP Entertainment
RP Entertainment Pred mesecem
Edits were crazyyyyy! Please don’t separate it into categories it’s unfortunate that not everyone can win but you can’t downplay the talent some editors have shown. Big respect for giving editors a platform to shine, see you in the next video
Sonia x
Sonia x Pred mesecem
Looool JJs beard; haha his gfs hair xD
Marcel Ngini
Marcel Ngini Pred mesecem
Simon is so blunt, I love it
WilmottOntheGo Pred mesecem
22:19 this was the best clip so far! I’m in awe
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