I Let My Subscribers EDIT My Commercial 

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I react to the video edits with @Zerkaa submitted from my subscribers. Thank you all for taking part in #KonsEditChallenge it was really difficult to choose my favourites as there were so many top-quality edits. Everyone can use this footage to showcase your editing skills for any potential jobs in the future!

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00:00 Intro
02:19 Meme Edit
02:56 Unique
04:22 WOW
05:27 10
06:43 9
08:57 8
11:58 7
14:40 6
16:33 5
18:55 4
20:27 3
23:00 2
24:48 1



2. jul. 2020

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Konstantin Pred 3 meseci
Thank you all for taking part in the editing challenge it was really difficult to choose my favourites as there were so many top-quality edits. Everyone can use this footage to showcase your editing skills for any potential jobs in the future!
Tech World Uol
Tech World Uol Pred 2 meseci
Please help me to grow
disserted Pred 3 meseci
Where were lukes and starkers entries, definetly shouldve been in there
The Jaw Spinner
The Jaw Spinner Pred 3 meseci
Your content has been so enjoyable in the pass while. Love the video!
Vegeta_Playz Pred 3 meseci
DeMeNt3D_ Ch1CkEn•0161
Fionn Breen not really sure about that one mate
King Hassan
King Hassan Pred 2 dnevi
Bro the guy from blue story Marco is there model
Heber Lopez
Heber Lopez Pred 3 dnevi
The last one was amazing ... !!!
Konstantin Pred 2 dnevi
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hectix. Pred 17 dnevi
what is this brands ig ?
hectix. Pred 17 dnevi
i found it ;}
Bahrul Arifin
Bahrul Arifin Pred 22 dnevi
All of them are sick
sleeper tomato
sleeper tomato Pred 27 dnevi
i didnt know hes friends with drake damn
mayzee Pred mesecem
was suprised to see jamie from top boy lmao
Provolt Pred mesecem
who else is watching this to compare your new contest edit to this but these edits are like 10x better 😂
*Bulls6* Pred mesecem
The 6th one though...
ErCapoAlex GamesGalaxyit
NGL, all these edits were far better than the fiverr edits!!
Expos GFX
Expos GFX Pred mesecem
The fans are better than the fiverss
Fedcjffvvfufdjc Pred mesecem
Kinda cool they got the guy from top boy
Aleksimaier Animations
My AdBlocker stopped working and... oh god
Akshay N
Akshay N Pred mesecem
Damn for a second I thought it was drake 😱
Jack Pred mesecem
For those guys who edited the videos, do you edit the clips(vfx) first without thinking in the music/sfx and afterwards sync the clips already edited, or you guys sync the clips first with the music and then edit the clips with vfx?
Surfboomc Pred mesecem
what is the name of the song in 23:00 ?
Ashik Hredoy Arko
Ashik Hredoy Arko Pred mesecem
Can anyone tell me the name of the last video used sound track name?
PlayBoi_exe Pred mesecem
11:50 someone tells this man that he is not editing an amv lol
Jeremyaful Pred mesecem
I just bought his merch because of this video 😂
Amir Reyani
Amir Reyani Pred mesecem
restrained fn deserveed 1milliom from that edit. Pure fire
Partible Pred mesecem
I would click of the top 3 if it were to be a ad it justs yells "CLICK OFF MEEEEEE"
i have no clue
i have no clue Pred mesecem
RIIS Pred mesecem
That last one who wins that edit!!!!! Full of Sickness!
Fee Hideki
Fee Hideki Pred 2 meseci
The subscribers are better than the Fiverr's
Heber Lopez
Heber Lopez Pred 3 dnevi
That is SOOOO true
NeonMangos Pred 5 dnevi
It's because they did it out of fun, and passion.
Eli Roman
Eli Roman Pred 2 meseci
Let me try to edit your commercial I'll do it for free
Dr. Gaming
Dr. Gaming Pred 2 meseci
i m so lucky to have this type of content on youtube.. Thnks Kon for evrything
Aintepoi Pred 2 meseci
Hi i am new subscriber ✋
Chris Taylor
Chris Taylor Pred 2 meseci
Can we have a subtitle for the bearded guy... I don't understand anything he says 😂
Sura Pred 2 meseci
I am like 10 times better than all those editors
Ne0n Girl BG
Ne0n Girl BG Pred 2 meseci
How are these effects called and are there any tutorials on how to recreate them in premiere pro/after effects??
Koteka Khaar
Koteka Khaar Pred 2 meseci
Really love, i'll edit your footage too 😁
Timbin Pred 2 meseci
I feel like 10, 7, and 5 all could've placed higher they were very nicely done.
Vivace Voce
Vivace Voce Pred 2 meseci
when will the next ' i let my subscribers edit' be! wanna participate!!
Sebastian Mandal
Sebastian Mandal Pred 2 meseci
8:42 PUN ALERT 🔞
cole boyce
cole boyce Pred 2 meseci
wowie my fav entry didnt even place :oo
itz areous
itz areous Pred 2 meseci
I loved the one before top 3
Elijah Mock
Elijah Mock Pred 2 meseci
#6 insane
Elijah Mock
Elijah Mock Pred 2 meseci
What's a quid
Danny Cruz
Danny Cruz Pred 2 meseci
What if all this was to promote the brand ?👀👀😂
Lehgendz Pred 2 meseci
please do more i missed this one
Zion-Elijah Pred 2 meseci
Breeze7 definitely won and I havent even finished the video
Himel Pred 2 meseci
11:58 music name can anyone help
Renny C.
Renny C. Pred 2 meseci
too much transitions in 3 imo
Matthew Swart
Matthew Swart Pred 3 meseci
I want to see Kon's edit
Alex Lombardo
Alex Lombardo Pred 3 meseci
One of the models are out of top boy
Fin Ryves
Fin Ryves Pred 3 meseci
is one of the models Michael Ward from Topboy?
Pred 3 meseci
Fantastic stuff from the subscribers, always putting fiver to shame. I personally thought number 5 deserved to be in the top 3.
LexColly Pred 3 meseci
This dude is only trying to earn money nothing more
Dominik Matleković
Dominik Matleković Pred 3 meseci
Evans Meki
Evans Meki Pred 3 meseci
All these edits are fire... better than most of the previous paid ones.
Marsel Reihss
Marsel Reihss Pred 3 meseci
Really want to learn how to do the unique style. If anyone can help please comment
ZaineRST Pred 3 meseci
Where can I learn to do this, what course do I need to take to really get into editing
Nebula Phantom
Nebula Phantom Pred 3 meseci
what editor do you use
George Evans
George Evans Pred 3 meseci
Kon is going to get big I reckon
kethmin. Pred 3 meseci
It’s not a kon video without a square space promotion
Fin Kirby
Fin Kirby Pred 3 meseci
Fuckin hell josh didn’t like number one at all 😂
RIP BIS Pred 3 meseci
Did the last clip remind anyone of call of duty illuminate if ur an og you will know
Chris Colvin
Chris Colvin Pred 3 meseci
Josh should have sponsored this video so I didnt have to watch ads on a video dedicated to watching a multitude of ads...
prodnsa Pred 3 meseci
did they realize it was jamie from top boy
Csaba Rikk
Csaba Rikk Pred 3 meseci
I know Kon that you're more a digital photographer and videographer, but I'd really love to see you work with film, how you'd go about it, both in photography and videography (super8 kinda film)! i think it would make a sick video!
Konstantin Pred 3 meseci
Yes! A world I’d love to explore one of my fav youtubers for that stuff is Willem Verbeek check him out
Zhi Pred 3 meseci
Kon you can do an Instagram review video. It would be fun for you to comment on some photographer accounts or even subscribers
ItsRich 이츠리치
ItsRich 이츠리치 Pred 3 meseci
so sad that my video wasn't shown, but there were so many people with good editing skills! hopefully I can keep doing more challenges 1
Idriz Pred 3 meseci
Glad I made it. Number 10:) Thank you for the feedback Kon! :D
MC BigMac
MC BigMac Pred 3 meseci
Love the vids kon ❤️
MarkussB911 Pred 3 meseci
It seems like Kon only has 1 sponsor... SQUARESPACE
Halsey.R6 Pred 3 meseci
jus clocked thats jamie from top boy init thats mad
Şkypē43 Pred 3 meseci
Wheres dinush
RK7 CHUBBZ Pred 3 meseci
Do an ILVZN version
fizzys edits
fizzys edits Pred 3 meseci
Where can I get the footage from
FaiZan Edits
FaiZan Edits Pred 3 meseci
Who won the 1st?
Your Mum
Your Mum Pred 3 meseci
Sick video
Matthew Wood
Matthew Wood Pred 3 meseci
Sad i missed this, edited it anyway! Kon we are here for your content not who you bring on the channel!
Marcin Arciszewski
Marcin Arciszewski Pred 3 meseci
Did you use someonne from the netflix series top boy
sarah Pred 3 meseci
Too many ads
David Cairns
David Cairns Pred 3 meseci
Konstantine: "And we have a special guest!?" Everyone: 😃😃😃😃😃 Konstantine: "Its Zerka!!!" Everyone: 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑
Black B
Black B Pred 3 meseci
I’m not hating on the third place edit but it doesn’t deserve to be there .... just saying
F8TE DZN Pred 3 meseci
Yo bree7 made it ( ik him we friends in the fortnite graphic scene)
Issac Petra
Issac Petra Pred 3 meseci
Kon can you make a tutorial for mobile editing?
Zidane Pred 3 meseci
I wasnt in it but shrek was? I mean im...not complaining 😢
Quy Pred 3 meseci
Where starker at
KlcG Gaming
KlcG Gaming Pred 3 meseci
Is that Jamie from top boy???
AINSLEY ROSEN Pred 3 meseci
Merijn Pred 3 meseci
That 1 place is insane!! Super cool
Merijn Pred 3 meseci
So much good editing but so many of these editors need to put some time into sound effects. Could have made many of the edits 10 times more epic. Good stuff tho! :D
L ✌🏻🔰
L ✌🏻🔰 Pred 3 meseci
No one gonna talk about how he look like Han Solo 🤣😂🤣
Fyzle Pred 3 meseci
felt like number two was better than number one but they're all sick
QuantumCaza Pred 3 meseci
Loving the content bro!! Edits are so CLEAN!! ENERGY IS A VIBE 💪 Love it
George Lynch
George Lynch Pred 3 meseci
Mad amount of instagram ads
HiddenPants123 Pred 3 meseci
R u ever gonna do some type of audio vid?
MDL-Prxgii Pred 3 meseci
Is it me or the guy looks like he’s from top boy and blue story
Mandingo Pred 3 meseci
Yeah it is him, his name is Michael Ward
Dhany Pred 3 meseci
Bro your fans talented
Konstantin Pred 3 meseci
Hella talented
Versinul Pred 3 meseci
Kons videos bang
Jay Trainor
Jay Trainor Pred 3 meseci
Deffo ethans cousin or something 🤣
Harry Sonley
Harry Sonley Pred 3 meseci
The ads and sponsors are getting out of hand
Brayton Servin
Brayton Servin Pred 3 meseci
Am I the only one attracted to Kon?
Victor Oliveira
Victor Oliveira Pred 3 meseci
Never really studied/tried to edit stuff, but this video alone made me feel extremely talentless
Jordan Walker
Jordan Walker Pred 3 meseci
Being a sound engineer when josh is talking about recreating sounds in a film is called foley and is used in basically every single film from footsteps to breath etc etc Its really fun and can be very difficult to do well
Josiah Pred 3 meseci
Is that Jamie from topboy ??
AINSLEY ROSEN Pred 3 meseci
CarDoor Pred 3 meseci
Lets get Kon to 1M! No one deserves it more, and his content is so professional.
Dec Patterson
Dec Patterson Pred 3 meseci
this is class! One of my favourite SLtvr's at the minute. Would like to see another one with maybe ILLVZN (tobi)
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