How I burn 5,000 calories EVERYDAY ( 35,000 CALORIE CHALLENGE PART 2 ) 

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What I use to track calories: amzn.to/2HwmhlF
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Bas: bastakespics
Charlie: roxburghxo
Song at 7:30 - bit.ly/ODotCashOut
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The camera's I used for this video:
GoPro Hero 7: amzn.to/2LhCix3
Sony A7SII
Rolling by Confz - spoti.fi/2YV0tY8



4. sep. 2019

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JSzonda Pred 3 meseci
Bro I play badminton for my county and have also played for wales aswell and watch someone new play is so tilting bc u want to help them but u also want to watch them mess up as it's funny
Dogsie Pred 4 meseci
i also have a fitbit watch and it counts the calories very very unacuratly
XtomharryX Pred 4 meseci
Stephen Chester jr
Stephen Chester jr Pred 4 meseci
Is this including you’re BMR or BMR + 5,000 ?
Callum Parkin
Callum Parkin Pred 4 meseci
Dead at skating
Flow Vision
Flow Vision Pred 5 meseci
Kon said what can i do that will be easy on my legs Charlie said rowing Now as a proper rower myself who rows in races and things like that I can confirm that rowing uses 90% legs and 10% arms 11:50
Western Didcot Boy
Western Didcot Boy Pred 8 meseci
Not gonna lie kong, I’d like to see some shots of freestyle ice skaters, the way some of them perform makes a directors mind work and I’d love to see the work you do show that off to some more mainstream audiences, there’s a couple places in the UK where you can see them in there “natural habitat” if you will. As far as I’m aware, oxford ice rink is the best place, mainly on a Friday night. During that time there is also a speed skate, which is people with there own skates blitzing it round the rink with no one else in there way. I feel like your work could show off the skaters and the work they put in in a different light. Just a suggestion from a casual fan. Love the work you put in, keep being you!
Konstantin Pred 8 meseci
Noted! Much love
Ummm Pred 9 meseci
Is that Chealsea Dagger (the drum bit) at the begging
Lurking Lian
Lurking Lian Pred 11 meseci
Bas and Josh: teaching Kon how to English like good friends Charlie: waits to lick camera while seductively beating his food
avg895 Pred letom
Badminton is so great haha. Gets the heart racing well when you're in a good rally.
ツLearf Pred letom
That ice skating session was so good, too bad i can't even go on the ice (tried once and broke my arm). Well edited so keep up the good work kon
Mike Petruccelli
Mike Petruccelli Pred letom
I don’t know why I watch all these videos of u guys working out... but this video makes me wanna get off my ass and work out... Maybe because reminded me I can always skate . thanks for the motivation
Ramm Pred letom
Song at 3:00 is HDBeenDope - BYRD
Im Kokos
Im Kokos Pred letom
True but it's remix. Dylan Sitts feat. HDBeenDope - Byrd (Dylan Sitts Remix) - this is the one used in video :)
james hart
james hart Pred letom
is it weird that josh is my favourite sideman
Saad Aljeraiwi
Saad Aljeraiwi Pred letom
your videos are really entertaining
ALL DOR Pred letom
Konstantin, at first I saw you in Ethan's video about the twin stuff, you've created your own identity on SLtv and are definitely one of the best content creators out the side men. I think it's important to mention "your own identity" because people could have remembered you as just Ethan's side kick. But you're interesting and a cool down to earth guy. You're gonna blow up, I pray the money don't change you.
Bacon War
Bacon War Pred letom
Was I the only one who knew he was at a wetherspoons because of the bowls 😂😂
zuhair rashid
zuhair rashid Pred letom
Song 3:00
Ramm Pred letom
HDBeenDope - BYRD
Jo Renard
Jo Renard Pred letom
I'm pissed kon was at crystal palace train station which is literally 30 seconds outside my house. If I knew I would have wanted to meet him goddamn it
Mo Zafor
Mo Zafor Pred letom
10:32 is probably the best part of the series, you see the joy of kon's face 💯
rajke Pred letom
just film porn it burns a lot of calories bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my name egg
Fahima Y
Fahima Y Pred letom
Does anyone know what editing software he uses
Konstantin Pred letom
Adobe Premiere Pro
Jake Devey
Jake Devey Pred letom
K HD Pred letom
8:45 im thinking to myself rah why is this old lady playing with these yout then 2secs later i realized why, granny got a arm on her!
Amberr Pred letom
okay but charlie’s outfits are always🔥👌
Bronte Toohey
Bronte Toohey Pred letom
your editing is gasss!!
Courtney Pred letom
Skipping is reallllllly good
Caroline Herlihy
Caroline Herlihy Pred letom
You should do a series where you try a different sport with each of the sidemen. Keep it up your videos are great!👍❤️
Xp3r Pred letom
this is good shit, you should make more of these after this little series
Nico LH
Nico LH Pred letom
Kons actually certi at ice skating
A2L Pred letom
I am a new fan
Charlie Bila
Charlie Bila Pred letom
Weird (to me mostly) that I was looking forward to this video. I think it's I wanna see Him succeed and what ways he goes about this challenge.
Dynamixx Pred letom
I really like Kon you know, just such a nice, chilled out guy
x7Black Cobra
x7Black Cobra Pred letom
Kon, how good is that Fitbit versa, I’m looking to purchase one
01DYG Pred letom
i thought it was 'BAGminton' tbh
Owen Thornley
Owen Thornley Pred letom
9:33 them calories creeping up around 11pm go on kon fella
Sidney Hughes
Sidney Hughes Pred letom
Kon banging this vlogs like bangminton
Equinox Pred letom
Great videos mate :) You need more sleep though, 4 hours isnt okay! haha
Patrick Uljan
Patrick Uljan Pred letom
Honestly as a swim. coach and swimmer I rate your freestyle stroke. Gotta chuck some short rest sprints into. Getting the heart rate up with minimal oxygen is the best way to burn calories. If your shoulders allow it do a bit of butterfly cuz it's basically death and do s bit of hypoxic training, which is short rest minimal breathing. Hope you see this comment but pros wont cuz you a busy boy
Patrick Uljan
Patrick Uljan Pred letom
@Konstantin well it's good to be of assistance. You provide me with engaging and interesting content. I can send you a workout based on your skill. If you a beginner/intermediate just know your time for a 50m and try improve slowly but surely.
Konstantin Pred letom
Love this!! Been looking for swimming advice tbh, it’s one of my favourite ways to get that cardio in
Akshit rao
Akshit rao Pred letom
You should have shown your weight
Quququ Wywywy
Quququ Wywywy Pred letom
I mean .. idk how you made this video fun and interesting , but you did 😂❤️
Tom Walsh
Tom Walsh Pred letom
How does Kons Vids not get 100s of thousands of views? They are sick
Stephen Gibson
Stephen Gibson Pred letom
Im enjoying this series.
alx100 Pred letom
Oi I beg you continue this series for like a few months... it's in my current Top 3 Favourite Series on SLtv ! No-one does it like you mate, all other ''Fitness Journeys'' are Dull and Repetitive... this is genuinely Fun to Watch :D
Mikê'e Stark
Mikê'e Stark Pred letom
6:43 Kon implying that drinking that later means he's gonna smash. Skip to 12:46 Kon you naughty dog! Or should I say, you naughty sobaka?😉
Mikê'e Stark
Mikê'e Stark Pred letom
The ice ring reminds me so much of my old high school's hockey arena and the badminton court reminded me of the gymnasium there too!
RP Entertainment
RP Entertainment Pred letom
No way Kon used a Maggie then burnt the other calories 😂😂
King of The Sky
King of The Sky Pred letom
XiXora Pred letom
Lol dude… how did the Magnum go?
Unidentified Aircraft
Fellow earthlings get bigger and smaller ! We're I'm from I just stand on the sun and sweat it out.
connlaodh donnelly
Kon your smashing it man😅😄
CammyT Pred letom
Loving how all the cameramen meet up for activities together. Like a B-Tech Sidemen Edit: Thankyou so much for all the likes
nolonger athing
nolonger athing Pred letom
allana Pred letom
kon out here doin bits
Ben Johnson
Ben Johnson Pred letom
Badminton is an amazing sport I love it so much glad it’s getting some good exposure
Ben Beardsell
Ben Beardsell Pred letom
Yo kon dunno if u remember me bro but if u ever wanna skate lemme know I’m working at Queensway ice rink but I’ll come ally pally or wherever
Brian Conway
Brian Conway Pred letom
U are really talented at using a camera
aminur rahman
aminur rahman Pred letom
He used the magnum XDXD she looked so confused
Curious Cat
Curious Cat Pred letom
I love bangdmington.
Benji_Janko Pred letom
Josh always looks like a little toddler when he waves
Logan Mason
Logan Mason Pred letom
I’m gonna try and do this and hopefully lose weight
blancomega Pred letom
12:42 Kon ran through Kirsty lol
Kevin Vekz
Kevin Vekz Pred letom
more than that mate, that was his dinner as well :P
ExtraKettle Pred letom
anyone else notice that the station at 5:50 was empty
Angejo ‘
Angejo ‘ Pred letom
Course the kid is Asian
d. Pred letom
DONT READ MORE You have good luck for forever☘️ likee and śubścribë to activate
Arctiix Pred letom
kon thinks he could skate but he aint that good lol
vague pack
vague pack Pred letom
Well can you skate
Hugo Terry
Hugo Terry Pred letom
Great video, Kon!
Lazarenko1106 Pred letom
Love the video keep it up
Jamie Harris
Jamie Harris Pred letom
Very epic
Andreas Athanasakis
I think Imma take on this challenge as well, need a bit of motivation to get back in the gym and your days are looking hella fun not gonna lie. Great videos lad, can’t wait to see the last part👍🏻
Jacob Pred letom
Kon is basically the most likeable guy you'll ever see
Theo Marshall
Theo Marshall Pred letom
Every like this gets is how many calories kon burned in this challeng
Vivid Pred letom
nice try mate but not gonna happen
sevkay Pred letom
InXaN3 Pred letom
Gj kon!
Elliott B
Elliott B Pred letom
11:38 thought you was gonna say wank 😂😂. Great video btw👊🏿
Elliott B
Elliott B Pred letom
Bear Pred letom
Loving this series! Congratulations!
Abe Pred letom
big up kon you're an inspiration lad
Fin_Wilson 05
Fin_Wilson 05 Pred letom
Kon the slim don 🔥
Becca 246
Becca 246 Pred letom
This is actually such an interesting idea! Keep up the great editing and video ideas
Matte Jensen
Matte Jensen Pred letom
I love this series!
Joe T
Joe T Pred letom
4:55 I met you at witherspoons
_Basically_ /CR
_Basically_ /CR Pred letom
Hi Kon you won't recognise me! Like the badminton, you made me look good😜 the 12 year old.
_Basically_ /CR
_Basically_ /CR Pred letom
@Thewin dragon lmao. Wow how could you tell
KristersHD Pred letom
@Thewin dragon dafuq you on about I was asking in the video
Thewin dragon
Thewin dragon Pred letom
@KristersHD I think you don't know how to read
KristersHD Pred letom
@Thewin dragon did he say his name before or after the game ?
Thewin dragon
Thewin dragon Pred letom
@KristersHD his name and his face match together hahaha
Sampo Poikelin
Sampo Poikelin Pred letom
When they went skating I died😂😂
David Barrett
David Barrett Pred letom
Really loving this content and the editing is sick as usual
Dart Memer
Dart Memer Pred letom
Love these videos you all ready look better
samii suleiman
samii suleiman Pred letom
LOOOL if you know about magnum 😂
KG Productions
KG Productions Pred letom
Kon losing weight to remain Ethan's twin
Hi Sir
Hi Sir Pred letom
Best comment all day😂
Emma Richardson
Emma Richardson Pred letom
I play badminton, it's sooo good
Jack Hawker
Jack Hawker Pred letom
Yes Kon 🔥
Ara Ara
Ara Ara Pred letom
How do u ice skate... i cant ice skate for shit
IT'S JDS Pred letom
What background music do you usually use for sidemen videos?
rikarudo;ruka Pred letom
One that I've noticed is the instrumental of Rev Run by HDBeenDope. He also used his song Byrd on this video.
Fly Pred letom
What's the name of the song at 4:02?
Dakarai Davis
Dakarai Davis Pred letom
Nick.F HDBeenDope: BYRD
Josh Pred letom
Was that lean
Bruce Fernandes
Bruce Fernandes Pred letom
Nice one man and are you gonna direct the next diss on Logan cos the boxing match on 9th November
MrGoffy98 Pred letom
Love the series and amazing filming. Keep it up!
Ambroreignllins Guy HD
Nice idea . Cool editing . Amazing filming . Great Vid 🤘🤘🤘
Red Riot
Red Riot Pred letom
8:12 Here lies kon Murdered in a vicious badminton accident
Konstantin Pred letom
Can't Touch Dis 😂😂
Jibberish Pred letom
3:53 - 4:00 is just a newly married couple going skating.
Darkisha Pred letom
Can't wait for the next part, love this keep it up
Alex Gandy
Alex Gandy Pred letom
Great mini series kon
OSM Vision
OSM Vision Pred letom
Big Kon!
Jamie Stevens
Jamie Stevens Pred letom
This video should be really dull and boring but you naturally manage to make it fun and interesting. Well done mate.