How The Sidemen Made Their VIRAL Tik Toks 

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@Miniminter explains how he edited his viral Tik Tok from last week's Sidemen Sunday challenge video. And I give a step by step breakdown on how I edited @Zerkaa ' You're a BOOMER ' Tik Tok on Adobe After effects.
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30. apr. 2020

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Konstantin Pred 5 meseci
MY TIKTOK: vm.tiktok.com/vxyRfG/
abu khan
abu khan Pred 5 meseci
Kons a pro, need to learn a lot.
selorm allorsey
selorm allorsey Pred 5 meseci
can you do a short quarantine series teaching simple edits for youtube and on free good platforms :)
Max Roberts
Max Roberts Pred 5 meseci
SCOTTISH KEV he's doing it because he's a great guy and is trying to help put people.Big up Kon
SCOTTISH KEV Pred 5 meseci
Why you giving your ticks away for free ? Give stuff away for free is making you lose business and not get booked
Glorious tv
Glorious tv Pred 5 meseci
Hi konstatin do you know how to edit with daVInci resolve
Taylor Staab
Taylor Staab Pred mesecem
paid a lot of money to learn this in university and Kon did better in 20 minutes than my prof did in a full semester
Jordan Hooper
Jordan Hooper Pred mesecem
Sony Vegas 🤢
windolitEGamer Pred mesecem
I love the more frequent posts. Camera videos are so sick and kon is just so entertaining
LieutenantGizmo Pred 3 meseci
Was that a voice crack or no 4:51?
Vids with Jack
Vids with Jack Pred 4 meseci
If you get the video footage where do you get the music from to get it in to adobe
johannes gamer
johannes gamer Pred 4 meseci
ur so underrated
mehrab _123
mehrab _123 Pred 4 meseci
Who else love simon Press this and see how many people lkke simon ⬇️
Калоян Борисов
I really like Konstantin but can you please make people not call you Kon because in Bulgarian it means horse and it could also be used as a swear word 🤣
OFFICIAL MAZZ Pred 4 meseci
This gave me a mad headache
Perveshan Mari
Perveshan Mari Pred 4 meseci
KON is OP at editing🔥🔥👑
Ali Ahmad Haidari
Ali Ahmad Haidari Pred 4 meseci
yo lets get dis man into 700k subs or more in the end of the month ALL SIDEMEN FANS DO YOUR MAGIC
TinyRuto Pred 4 meseci
To* U wanna go into his subs?
CoothVFX Pred 4 meseci
Joshua Aldred
Joshua Aldred Pred 4 meseci
i lost you after 4 seconds flat
King Mk47
King Mk47 Pred 4 meseci
what editing app did you use?
Rory Abel
Rory Abel Pred 4 meseci
Who doesn’t actually do editing and will never use this video to help but just watch them anyway
luke oxborough
luke oxborough Pred 4 meseci
you know what kon never before have i seen a youtuber make and actually intersting keep it up
E1ectr0n Pred 4 meseci
Video on editing a sidemen video??
Top Facts
Top Facts Pred 4 meseci
Kon actually makes fire content
Top Facts
Top Facts Pred 4 meseci
Thanks kon
Bilal Khan
Bilal Khan Pred 4 meseci
This man's a genius
M Pred 4 meseci
More BTS Kon
steelzz Pred 4 meseci
who else gets photoshop adds when they watch kon?
Safaa Khairalla
Safaa Khairalla Pred 4 meseci
which text font did u use?
NF P Pred 4 meseci
Is anyone else confused lol comment if you are.also pls sub to my channel
Elias Osman
Elias Osman Pred 4 meseci
For someone who is not an editor, this was a bit challenging to understand but I really do appreciate the work you do for your videos and for the sidemen
Halleturki Svennson
Halleturki Svennson Pred 5 meseci
which font did you use for the saber? (4:45)
Kobe Cuerdo
Kobe Cuerdo Pred 5 meseci
How did josh make his ur a boomer tiktok
CoolKid Pred 5 meseci
Am i a nerd for knowing all the effects you used before you explained it ;-;
Cormac Pred 5 meseci
Kon to 1 million
Olley Thorpe - Income Automated
Great Video Con! Im a final cut man so great to see some behind this editing software, not used it in a while!
Izaz1 Pred 5 meseci
is kon ethans brother
Mr_mostdrill Pred 5 meseci
Stop trying to make your money off there name
Cjw Charlie
Cjw Charlie Pred 5 meseci
Kon is better at teaching than my IT teacher in school 😂😂😂😂
Azargfx Pred 5 meseci
Hector Bech
Hector Bech Pred 5 meseci
All of this for a Tik Tok MAD!!
Ibrahim Shehzad
Ibrahim Shehzad Pred 5 meseci
Good boy
Horus Hancy
Horus Hancy Pred 5 meseci
do you edit music videos on after affects ? - - pls reply
TypedSea Pred 5 meseci
9:28 what is that song called ?
StilliAno Pred 5 meseci
Big up Kon!! Amazing video
Stranger Danger
Stranger Danger Pred 5 meseci
Yesterday he was on 402k now 404k big up kon
Victoria Pred 5 meseci
I feel sad because Simon did all that but he couldve just downloaded the app from the app store where you can do all that editing like 10 minutes
10 000 subs with 0 videos
I don't have after effects, why did I watch this lmao
Swerve_ Pred 5 meseci
Aha we now know the drone flyer 😂
TMZINO Pred 5 meseci
For simons tiktok you can use Zoomerang
EvasiveSnail Pred 5 meseci
THANKS FOR THE ADOBE TIP. Went to the chat immediately and within 1 min it was applied to my account!
Jameson Dubliner
Jameson Dubliner Pred 5 meseci
Im very happy that I'm subscribe to you. This is helping me make videos for my channel :)
oashr6 Pred 5 meseci
or you can get the full version for free forever if you have a school account
C0nN05 Pred 5 meseci
Let’s go
McKenziePlayz YT
McKenziePlayz YT Pred 5 meseci
The Mumbo Jumbo Of Editing
Oskiito Pred 5 meseci
i saved this vid to watch later in case i wanna do any of these, thanks for the vid. AMAZING
Gillian Hansborough
Gillian Hansborough Pred 5 meseci
You look like bezhinga
Sewesteezy Two
Sewesteezy Two Pred 5 meseci
Kon is like an older version of Slazo 🤣
Callum Andrews
Callum Andrews Pred 5 meseci
Wow ur honey advert got me hyped
Harricub Pred 5 meseci
Who’s here before 100M Sike he won’t reach that Jk again I love you kon😘
PWJHughes1 Pred 5 meseci
Everyone should like this video
AmongUs God
AmongUs God Pred 5 meseci
I’ve been looking through the comments of that video, and there is another way you can do simons edit without taking so long with a app called zoomerang, though it doesnt look as clean and good
Stanyee Pred 5 meseci
Stanyee Pred 5 meseci
Dhruv Pred 5 meseci
I never realized how helpful Kon's editing tips are. Thank You So Much!!
Qusai Atah
Qusai Atah Pred 5 meseci
i need help i was trying recreate josh's tiktok however while creating the text the glow wasn't showing I'm sure I picked the right text and put it transparent I want to ask if there is something to do with the order or no
Qusai Atah
Qusai Atah Pred 5 meseci
Konstantin thank you so much i fixed it an hour ago and it worked however thank you so much again and keep up the hard work loving your work all the way from Dubai
Konstantin Pred 5 meseci
Did you make an adjustment layer where you apply the saber effect or did you apply the saber effect to the text layer??
lapz Pred 5 meseci
underrated youtuber✊🏾!
Maddie Izzi
Maddie Izzi Pred 5 meseci
Love this vid Kon, defo a master!!!
Miraj Devani
Miraj Devani Pred 5 meseci
Kon don’t got enough subs
DominatorW2005 Pred 5 meseci
Kon is the greatest of all time like I actually appreciate what he does so much. love ur editing bruh ur lit
Robbie Deaville
Robbie Deaville Pred 5 meseci
Big up Kon! Just got my three months Adobe for free! Thanks bro
Omar Asghar
Omar Asghar Pred 5 meseci
I’m trying to do the adobe free service thing but I’m not getting a reply 😐 sad times
JustDragonBall Pred 5 meseci
Who else saw the ssb vegeta and ssr goku black on Simon’s monitor
Pack Tay
Pack Tay Pred 5 meseci
This guy deserves more
Xcypress Pred 5 meseci
do you think saber works with premire
Jordan Boy
Jordan Boy Pred 5 meseci
Make sure u get randolphs song sorted ASAP or babatunde will come and beat you
Bigmac _7406
Bigmac _7406 Pred 5 meseci
13:49 when Simon and Talia are alone 😏
Josh Counihan
Josh Counihan Pred 5 meseci
Kon can you shows us edits and effects with iPhone that we can use for things like this
Rottxn Pred 5 meseci
Am i right or wrong? saber plug-in cost money??? im i right
Konstantin Pred 5 meseci
It’s free
Seema Sabharwal
Seema Sabharwal Pred 5 meseci
Best video editor ever
loucoo217 Pred 5 meseci
Kon I went live on ig w u and Kirsty
I duck Eat
I duck Eat Pred 5 meseci
I’m not smart enough to watch this
Con robo
Con robo Pred 5 meseci
Am I the only one watching who will never do this
maaz ahmed
maaz ahmed Pred 5 meseci
U r a insane editor
Hannah MARGINSON Pred 5 meseci
The talent
Marcus Rashford
Marcus Rashford Pred 5 meseci
Harvey Giraffe
Harvey Giraffe Pred 5 meseci
Adobe is the much better program
Jared Clark
Jared Clark Pred 5 meseci
MATE!!!! THIS IS WHAT YOUR CHANNEL SHOULD BEEEEEEE!!! This video was dope and I actually learned a lot....may try and pick up photoshop and adobe illustrator
Lewis Widdicombe
Lewis Widdicombe Pred 5 meseci
I really like this style of vid Kon would love to see more editing tutorials
Emili Nightingale
Emili Nightingale Pred 5 meseci
Kons the best, but my favourite part is when he smiled while saying “now let’s make his eyes light up”
Aby Pred 5 meseci
Whats the font uses for the text
Diogo Piteira Castelos
Kon's Vids >>>>> Anyone else's Vids YOU GOTTA UPLOAD MORE KON!!!!
2 DGTZ Pred 5 meseci
I love you kon , 🔥🔥🔥
Astromaniac Pred 5 meseci
Kon is the Main Director of SDMN
Wolves 9 Sam
Wolves 9 Sam Pred 5 meseci
is saber plug-in free
Mufudzi Afeki
Mufudzi Afeki Pred 5 meseci
What kind use for editing??
IA king
IA king Pred 5 meseci
Kon needs more subs.....hes too underrated
xavier Alexander
xavier Alexander Pred 5 meseci
Kon is talent
right hello
right hello Pred 5 meseci
so this is just for views bcos they explained that in their vid
Dima Osada
Dima Osada Pred 5 meseci
You're very tallented! I love your videos and your productions!
Straight Talker
Straight Talker Pred 5 meseci
Kon sensei! You are a good dude for explaining all this for free and teaching the world the editing skills and tricks !
M Singh
M Singh Pred 5 meseci
Listen to Me Kon, finish Simon's and Randolph's music video.
Devil FUT
Devil FUT Pred 5 meseci
Love this guy
GAMA LASER Pred 5 meseci
after effects gang
UngluedMovie Pred 5 meseci
Kon should do more vids like this but different edits and or photoshop
Y Unreleased
Y Unreleased Pred 5 meseci
Is this ethans brother??