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@Kirsty W and I try out the weirdest food combinations and cravings during pregnancy. Also shoutout to @TBJZL for the bonus round!
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Ruhi Patel
Ruhi Patel Pred 4 dnevi
I ain’t never seen a lemon that dull
pukeylukey199 Pred mesecem
Cameraman got himself a cameraman. I like how you had yoghurt (never new I struggled to spell that) in your hair for the rest of that part.
Nyall Tarman
Nyall Tarman Pred mesecem
Barely got 15k views
Auraツ Pred mesecem
My mates mam had the toilet paper craving
M Islam
M Islam Pred mesecem
Kirsty is acc underatedly funny
Ismail s_playz
Ismail s_playz Pred mesecem
I don't believe how weird womans get sometimes.😐
Kirstie Whelan
Kirstie Whelan Pred mesecem
When I was pregnant with my daughter I had cravings for raw potatoes, raw onions and also would crave weetabix crushed up with raw onions diced and like a sprinkle of sugar all mixed in a bowl🤦‍♀️
Alexander COWDY
Alexander COWDY Pred mesecem
close your eyes and listen 1:13
Kayleigh Ruston
Kayleigh Ruston Pred mesecem
My sisters friend had a baby and wen she was pregnant she was craving ice 2:05
kay5 Pred mesecem
Swear its 2 in the goo 1 in the poo or 2 in the pink 1 in the stink
joel kirkland
joel kirkland Pred mesecem
close your eyes then listen to the lemon part
Madison xx
Madison xx Pred mesecem
Kirsty is such a mood honestly 😂
Kaartik Jeyakumaran
Kaartik Jeyakumaran Pred mesecem
Is Kon pregnant
Tapiwa Muza
Tapiwa Muza Pred mesecem
Man like Kon 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿
Gasem Pred mesecem
Mithusan Pred mesecem
Y is this in my notification box a day late
Isaac Bruce
Isaac Bruce Pred mesecem
Most youtubers: today we have a sponser Me: oh nice! Konstantin: this video is sponsored by sqaure space Me: ik m8
PERFO92 Pred mesecem
"Tastes like dry sandal, that's been walking in a puddle" hmmm 😂😂😂
pure savy
pure savy Pred mesecem
do a photo shoot with tobi. thatd be cold
Dairon R
Dairon R Pred mesecem
Nobody : Kon : This video is sponsored by squarespace
A1-Tommy O
A1-Tommy O Pred mesecem
She is like Freya they both look innocent but r not 😂
Max Pred mesecem
you trying to tell us something?
94JReedy Pred mesecem
My mrs craved vimto, she made me go to selfridges in the Trafford centre to get loads of vimto products and she spent around £100 🤦‍♂️
Magic X1
Magic X1 Pred mesecem
You should do Eating Over Cooked Food for 24 Hours!
Magic X1
Magic X1 Pred mesecem
Yes Kon 💓
Eloise Teisha
Eloise Teisha Pred mesecem
so proud of kon and the video ideas
saz19s8 Pred mesecem
Hmmm is there something you’re not telling us Kon 👀
NO APPEARANCE Pred mesecem
What is this 3:00 minutes in and their biting 🧊.
Team Vainz Official
Team Vainz Official Pred mesecem
Great Video Kon!
VooDoP-04 Pred mesecem
Have a kid before jj so he will be jealous lol
Cillían O'Byrne
Cillían O'Byrne Pred mesecem
C'mon now 15k likes for a Tobi and job vid. YES now
Henry Estrada
Henry Estrada Pred mesecem
this is the most perfect couple i feel the love this is why KON is a goat
Dominic Kay
Dominic Kay Pred mesecem
I’m sat here at 25 to 3 in the morning watching Kon putting toilet paper in his mouth what is my life 🤔🤦🏻‍♂️🤣
Dominic Kay
Dominic Kay Pred mesecem
Konstantin that is very very true 🤣
Konstantin Pred mesecem
Could be worse.... you could be watching Jake Paul videos
Liron Hadad
Liron Hadad Pred mesecem
Kirsty just dont give a shit , you need to make more videos with her , she funny
Ben Collecott
Ben Collecott Pred mesecem
Your colour grading it's off, best of a luck next time
Sherri Marie
Sherri Marie Pred mesecem
Two of my biggest cravings when I was pregnant with my first were cheese Doritos dipped in milk and the smell of brand new foam paint rollers
Moonz -
Moonz - Pred mesecem
im so in love, idk why im ready to be in a throuple with you both.
Kayla Acker
Kayla Acker Pred mesecem
9 months pregnant and I totally sit down with a big cup of ice and watch youtube
Tejalkera_Msp love
Tejalkera_Msp love Pred mesecem
Wait Kirsty is pregnant? I am confused. Haven't even watched the video. Everyone has been talking about pregnancy recently. I wonder why
Emmanuel Guzman
Emmanuel Guzman Pred mesecem
Comn guys we need 15k likes for Tobejizzle!
JC Justin
JC Justin Pred mesecem
So did all pregnant women take all the toilet paper before quarantine??
GoldenTriangle Pred mesecem
Did you delete negative comments about Kirsty, fair play if so
Kirsty W
Kirsty W Pred mesecem
Prob did 🤣
Luis LuLu 2.0
Luis LuLu 2.0 Pred mesecem
You two are adorable!
Charlie Calvert
Charlie Calvert Pred mesecem
David10134 Pred mesecem
When he bite the ice, I grit my teeth 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Namadon Pred mesecem
I smell original content
Sean Unwin
Sean Unwin Pred mesecem
Just saying is bad for the baby’s health but a pregnant lady can bleed
Gracie Pred mesecem
Aha I thought Kirsty was pregnant when I saw the video
Connor Sherwin
Connor Sherwin Pred mesecem
honestly couldnt stop looking at the white spec of food he got in his fringe for the whole video
Robyn Lowry
Robyn Lowry Pred mesecem
In Ireland you can buy (Tayto) chocolate bars with crisps in it.
Steelers Gang
Steelers Gang Pred mesecem
I'm from the usa and from watching You, Zerka, freya, and Gee I've noticed that the U.K got some very beautiful & freaky girls lol.... I wanna move over there so bad
Sadok Baraketi
Sadok Baraketi Pred mesecem
'' Tennis balls are green'' he says bruuh
Stephanie Pred mesecem
ew if that's what pregnant women crave I'm never getting pregnant
Jello 099
Jello 099 Pred mesecem
These aren’t really common cravings. Everyone craves different things, this video is trying the “weirdest” pregnancy cravings. My mum craved strawberry gummy sweets when she was pregnant with all 3 of her pregnancy’s
Nikki S
Nikki S Pred mesecem
We have chocolate covered potato chips here Also chocolate drizzled if you want a smaller chocolate ratio
Mapetlarr Pred mesecem
Kirsty is providing the NSFW content!
Due To noobs
Due To noobs Pred mesecem
Aksel Jordan
Aksel Jordan Pred mesecem
Remember when he said that he wouldnt eat more unheathly food since the food combination videos
Patrik Torac
Patrik Torac Pred mesecem
I said it once i will say it again.... I love your content and your personality
Moto Moto
Moto Moto Pred mesecem
The colour grading in this was so funny
Nabula Pred mesecem
12k views in 2 hours kon deserves way more
Jacob Klaire 🔌
Jacob Klaire 🔌 Pred mesecem
Get this to 15k lads
Nabula Pred mesecem
Anyone else stop seeing shadow legend sponsors and ads the past few months
T2S gaming
T2S gaming Pred mesecem
Yh thank god
XiXora Pred mesecem
Nandos supermarket sauce is rough.
Connor Anderson
Connor Anderson Pred mesecem
The title had me going that their was a little kon on the way😂
Random Human
Random Human Pred mesecem
Can someone teach me how to comment?
Shxdow X
Shxdow X Pred mesecem
Random Human, do a funny
J Fox
J Fox Pred mesecem
Two in the pink and one in the stink 😂
Bhavishya Pratap Singh
Is it just me or the greens and yellows are really muted?
AxTech Pred mesecem
Kon, if you had fans like JJ, this vid would have ended your career lol
windolitEGamer Pred mesecem
I feel like his girlfriend is a sex addict
AxTech Pred mesecem
Wait what, how did you think of this idea?
Phil Mitchell
Phil Mitchell Pred mesecem
Josh and Kon using these videos to eat what they want
Tom Crook
Tom Crook Pred mesecem
@Treitama Jordan Cyar Williamson ..... are we first?
TW MS Pred mesecem
Watched this video, got 5 ads for award winning pregnancy products, thanks Kon
Aisha 98
Aisha 98 Pred mesecem
Why was tobi randomly there hahha
Youi Pred mesecem
im sorry im Australian but when he called yogurt yohgurt it pissed me of so bad lol whether or not the video was good :)
Curious Cat
Curious Cat Pred mesecem
I love the dynamic between you two. Especially that pushing over when tasting the yogurt haha. And I spent the video wanting to get that piece of white paper thingy off your hair Kon.
Konstantin Pred mesecem
Same can't belive no one told me :(
creativedreams Pred mesecem
i've just seen the first two items and wtf..... AM I PREGNANT
Rudhresh KN
Rudhresh KN Pred mesecem
Kon and Squarespace probably have a better relationship than Kon and Kirsty 😂😂
Ervin Lengyel
Ervin Lengyel Pred mesecem
24:05 probably not a thing because the sauce expire faster than the Crisp, and need like a cold place
Rishab Kotemane
Rishab Kotemane Pred mesecem
The most underrated channel on SLtv 👌👌
Shaheed Pred mesecem
For a second I thought you were cappin about that being a lemon but once I looked closer you weren't joking but love the content
Uwais Hafizal
Uwais Hafizal Pred mesecem
I like crunching ice, does that mean I'm a pregnant woman?
Josiah Johnson
Josiah Johnson Pred mesecem
The Ice-cream on Kons head really annoyed me
Zeke Magic
Zeke Magic Pred mesecem
This is how many people appreciate kon keeping us entertained during lockdown 👇 (btw I’m a small SLtvr and magician 😊)
Calzee Pred mesecem
I thought u said you were starting your fitness transformation and the last food video was your last guilty pleasure meal....
Calzee Pred mesecem
True 😂
Konstantin Pred mesecem
This one wasn’t that terrible 😂
ORANGE NEMO Pred mesecem
In the UK humans eat food, in Russia food eats humans
Kurtis Weller
Kurtis Weller Pred mesecem
Go home your drunk
Dale Radders
Dale Radders Pred mesecem
Your a content creator who specialises in photography but your colour grading was shocking 😂 other than that i do enjoy the content! Haha
Konstantin Pred mesecem
Dale Radders haha no stress I appreciate all feedback helps me grow and pay attention to future things properly
Dale Radders
Dale Radders Pred mesecem
Now i feel bad... people always pick the negatives and i read my comment again it sounded really bad haha! Good content you and your partner and you and josh always work well together. would love to see something like Simons video all prem stadiums or another league not in 24 hours and get a great picture from each one that really captures that club.
Konstantin Pred mesecem
Yeah did a bad job on this aha I need to sort out a blackout in my studio, currently a lot of natural light coming through makes it hard to control the lighting and colour temp of the shot it was changing too much.
shapwr Chris
shapwr Chris Pred mesecem
7:30 very interesting
Sidemenfan Pred mesecem
ItzWolfer Pred mesecem
Kon: Smooth as Kirsty: Ya balls when you shave em This got me 💀 😂 0:49
Hi Wheeze
Hi Wheeze Pred mesecem
Kon’s girlfriend isn’t pg
Hakan Otan
Hakan Otan Pred mesecem
her ig hit different
Aryan Mendiratta
Aryan Mendiratta Pred mesecem
I really dont know why I am watching this. I subbed to Kon for his more of his Photography, Videography and editing work And yet I watch every video. Even weird ones like this
Veroun Bhim
Veroun Bhim Pred mesecem
His vids are too good bro. You can't avoid it.
Kinghans1231 Pred mesecem
Yall are both pregnant i aint eatin none of that🤣
J Tries
J Tries Pred mesecem
Big up Kon. As soon as I wake up from a nap he pulls out a vid
Jash Pred mesecem
"Looks like we will be staying together for longer" 😐 Famous last words
SpongeBob Starr
SpongeBob Starr Pred mesecem
Plot twist,kon's girlfriend is pregnant
KJY Pred mesecem
I knew Kirsty was pregnant with double triplets when I read the title
Arjun Pred mesecem
Tejalkera_Msp love it’s a joke smh
Tejalkera_Msp love
Tejalkera_Msp love Pred mesecem
Ummm but she said she was on her period so how 🤔😂
nxahsvids Pred mesecem
this weirdly came at a relevant time for my family atm, my cousin went into labour today 😂
EpicBeatzzz 1011
EpicBeatzzz 1011 Pred mesecem
I thought she was pregnant lol
Unknown DZ_Life
Unknown DZ_Life Pred mesecem
Kon how come you dont uploaf on kon plays
Karla Freeman
Karla Freeman Pred mesecem
I eat ice cubes every day and I'm definitely not pregnant but I'm pretty sure I got it from my mum she always ate ice when pregnant with me
E-zen Maharjan
E-zen Maharjan Pred mesecem
So how many months till we get a mini Konstantin ? 👀
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