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The results are in! @TBJZL and I have reacted to some of the best edits from #KonsEditKontest out there! Hope you enjoy the video and thank you to all who entered.
Here is an unlisted link of 50 more edits that I really enjoyed
👉 sltv.info/label/oZV00qPJjJedopA/video

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18. sep. 2020

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Konstantin Pred mesecem
15k likes on the video and I do one for Sidemen Clothing !!
Kastacle Pred 24 dnevi
@Konstantin it didnt get 15k are you still doing it?
Adrian Oduma
Adrian Oduma Pred 27 dnevi
Give us another contest. Dont forget the stock footage @Konstantin
sauceie wept
sauceie wept Pred mesecem
@Konstantin you are the best you reply to the comments respect bro and tell tori I said hi man
OConnor_60 Pred mesecem
Do it no matter the likes bro
Ben Amoah
Ben Amoah Pred mesecem
@Konstantin Simon or jj would be amazing
Rytis Januškevičius
....thats it going back to editing.
manu g
manu g Pred 13 dnevi
these people are so sick
D G M M G D Pred 13 dnevi
Come on dude get creative, sick of these reaction videos
SScearTus Pred 17 dnevi
kon have an idea make a discord server and make everyone join in and make a photoshop contest you give us 2 pictures and we try to combine then and edit them so they become funny and the most funniest one wins out of 5 rounds
NOM15 Pred 19 dnevi
Yo ksi sent me to sub and like keep up the good work. And a big hello from australia
Scarlet M.
Scarlet M. Pred 19 dnevi
tobi’s camera always hurts me, physically
James Curtler
James Curtler Pred 20 dnevi
You had a quick mention in the recent @jamie o brien
s1mp3I Pred 21 dnevom
If this gets on the top of the like list you have to have to make me a thumbnail
sksk Pred 22 dnevi
In the thumbnail I thought Tobi had a fucking spliff ffs 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Dyllon Fomby
Dyllon Fomby Pred 24 dnevi
Who else really likes this guy? Just found him .
Anishhh Pred 26 dnevi
You should do a video where you try to edit a gaming montage!
The Resistance
The Resistance Pred 27 dnevi
Kon why don’t u make ur own version of Lyrical Lemonade just for the UK prominent rappers
Nona Pred 27 dnevi
Kon you gotta make this a series. I'm not an editor yet but this makes me so passionate and intrigued. Especially when you technically go over the edits and explain what's good about them and what works. Make this a series so future film makers can learn too! Or even make your own class on skillshare or one of those websites. Cause this is sick.
Parham Biz
Parham Biz Pred 27 dnevi
these are mad
Julian J Cohen
Julian J Cohen Pred 28 dnevi
Damn!! These edits make me want to do a photoshoot for a product just so they can edit it! So much talent!!
Het Kothari
Het Kothari Pred 29 dnevi
hi Kon big fan. can you please make a video on the free editing software shotcut and give like tips and tricks and do`s and dont`s on the software for beginners like me would the world to me
Karim Gibaly
Karim Gibaly Pred mesecem
watching this made me realize how untalented and useless i am
Tevin Pred mesecem
I've recently started doing youtube, I would love to learn. I don't know anything about editing man and I'd love to be able to post videos
Jamie Valentine
Jamie Valentine Pred mesecem
*closes premiere pro and curls up in the corner*
Abdul Khadar
Abdul Khadar Pred mesecem
Tobi is sick man
JSTEV Pred mesecem
I’m totally wanting all the merch after watching this wow those coats are fire and mad quality. And Kon +Tobjzl allowing artist to shine creates a great community and appreciation for the craft. Makes me wanna create some more new art. Inspired!
I forgot my name
I forgot my name Pred mesecem
Big man tobi
Jordan Wolhuter
Jordan Wolhuter Pred mesecem
How do you get a top 3 from a selection like this?
Samuel Richardson
Samuel Richardson Pred mesecem
This video is amazing please do more of these videos it motivates me so much to get back to editing big love and appreciation to both KON and TOBI! All the dopamine flowing through the 🧠 !!
Chris Khar
Chris Khar Pred mesecem
Tobi: somebody has to teach me how to do that!! Kon: am I a joke to you? 😟
AppleAnomie Pred mesecem
I loved this video Kon!!!! Literally just inspired me so much! Also Tobi is actually the best, he didn't have to match the prize money but he did! Ugh we stan
Kevin Khan
Kevin Khan Pred mesecem
"Its not the quality of the paint, its the picture that you're painting that counts"
DYG Media
DYG Media Pred mesecem
Just gonna stop editing when i know these people are around.....
Max. O4
Max. O4 Pred mesecem
This video should have more views guys he edits.
Lara Thomas
Lara Thomas Pred mesecem
Can I ask if this fashion line can be ordered from south africa
Elias Qussad
Elias Qussad Pred mesecem
the collab we never asked for but very needed
Sylvester Siara
Sylvester Siara Pred mesecem
After watching this, man feels like editing something
Sebastian Pred mesecem
Wait did that drip already or is it a promo for a soon drop
Quique Pred mesecem
whoever made the bird fly I suggested making it real and fly big shout out to you
Lankyboiii CODM
Lankyboiii CODM Pred mesecem
Allen PK
Allen PK Pred mesecem
Tobi got his teeth fixed. Since then he has been more been more confident!! 😀😂😁
mahfooz khan
mahfooz khan Pred mesecem
22:02 why did the edit disappear
Jash Kumar
Jash Kumar Pred mesecem
Dont think enzo one should be first
Jash Kumar
Jash Kumar Pred mesecem
The last one...captured by zohaib
Jash Kumar
Jash Kumar Pred mesecem
@Konstantin the last one u reacted to...oh my god wtf u replied
Konstantin Pred mesecem
Who was your fav?
Connor Wallace
Connor Wallace Pred mesecem
O:27 lmao that shit shouldn’t be that funny
Seb Henderson
Seb Henderson Pred mesecem
This video is spo...... Everyone: tap tap
King LE
King LE Pred mesecem
ngl i thought tobi was holdin a zoot in the thumbnail 😂😂
MyronTheBeast Pred mesecem
Aye you lot are too talented 😭😭😭😭
Aymen 2k
Aymen 2k Pred mesecem
For me that enzo one was the definition of the brand but maybe not as commercializable as the others
Chewie Pred mesecem
Bruh these edits
OConnor_60 Pred mesecem
What are they using to edit?
Tapiwa Muza
Tapiwa Muza Pred mesecem
Love the people around you, and cherish the moments you get to spend with them ¡Peace, love and more life to everyone out there, stay safe! 👊🏿🙏🏿❤️
Adithya Menon
Adithya Menon Pred mesecem
Kon to 1 mil end of 2020
Shivang Veer Singh
Shivang Veer Singh Pred mesecem
What do these editor type to get this sort of music??? I'm trying to find the hack to good editing music
Konstantin Pred mesecem
Try epidemic sound everyone in this contest used music from there - link in my description
Nakul Nagra
Nakul Nagra Pred mesecem
Luke CMB
Luke CMB Pred mesecem
"Punchlines coming like one cap, the way its designed to go over your head"... BARRSSSSS
Kingdraper64 Pred mesecem
Taylor Staab
Taylor Staab Pred mesecem
Kon needs to record a book so I can listen to it :)
PWDMaximum -
PWDMaximum - Pred mesecem
Toby's reactions are wholesome asf
Tharsan J
Tharsan J Pred mesecem
Lit vibes
zxidy Pred mesecem
I missed the deadline but I'm going to still make an edit for my portfolio.
Josh Ellis
Josh Ellis Pred mesecem
24:34 when Tobi's eyes light up!!
Nader Harb
Nader Harb Pred mesecem
These are better with josh
Tim Verhagen
Tim Verhagen Pred mesecem
Can anyone recommend a free editing programme?
Karlord 04
Karlord 04 Pred mesecem
I just hate school so much! The first day u announced this editing challenge was my first day of school!! And i didn't have any little time to edit!! Maybe next onee
Ireland Ireland
Ireland Ireland Pred mesecem
0:29 dont know if its just cause im high but that what was the most convincing sarcastic what I've ever heard
CJ - Dragonball Legends
Why does tobi have the pause icon on his nose
adninhoo Pred mesecem
Two of the kindest British you tubers
Zohaib Alam
Zohaib Alam Pred mesecem
Okay mine was the one on 27:02 and I'm genuinely speechless with the reactions. My family thought my skills weren't any good, in fact got told as "constructive criticism" to stop going for this carrer, the day before. Showed this video to them and they didn't even say a word! Definitely a boost to follow this as a career, along with SLtv!
Zohaib Alam
Zohaib Alam Pred 28 dnevi
@RhysLawy Cheers brother! Appreciate it :)!
RhysLawy Pred mesecem
Keep pushing bro so many people want edits like yours to advertise their product. Very talented.
BonkerzT Pred mesecem
Man Like, 7up and dat
LaszyKeroen Pred mesecem
SLtv is shegging you my friend, Personally haven't been recommended a video of yours in well over a month and I used to watch your vids quite a bit...
Goldxn Pred mesecem
siyaad Maxamed
siyaad Maxamed Pred mesecem
Can you say like today's video is sponsored by _______ and but we'll talk about it at the end of the video
Alex Pred mesecem
The Joy and excitement on Tobi's face. This man has worked his for years and years and seeing his brand portraited like that makes him tear up. LEGEND. Also big up to the editors, this is amazing. Crazy how much talent is out there.
SuperChiko 2.3
SuperChiko 2.3 Pred mesecem
Destined for greatness
SuperChiko 2.3
SuperChiko 2.3 Pred mesecem
Great stuff
SuperChiko 2.3
SuperChiko 2.3 Pred mesecem
This is a beautiful video 🌟🌟🌟🌟
Joe W
Joe W Pred mesecem
The more i watch Kon the more respect I have for him, He seems like such a genuine guy.
Richard Arnaldy
Richard Arnaldy Pred mesecem
Thank you so much kon and tobi for reacting and giving the opportunity to edit these footages. I've leaned so much through this contest. It took me days to finally came up with the edit and keep pushing my creativity even further. Also big up for the others who joined this contest, all the edits are insane and so sickk! 🔥🔥
Harry Lewis Whyley
Harry Lewis Whyley Pred mesecem
big up the female model on the thumbnail and in the videos INDI MALKKK
Peque Beats
Peque Beats Pred mesecem
Nobody: Toby: If that makes sense
Xenn Pred mesecem
petition for kon to do a video of editing his footage like these lot
Xenn Pred mesecem
Kon's watching these knowing he's gonna be sacked off lmaoo
Ioane Kerrigan
Ioane Kerrigan Pred mesecem
benison Pred mesecem
bro why do you spend 4min wasting time just get into the topic of the video already
SDhakZZZ Pred mesecem
Love this they are seriously giving some talented people the spotlight they deserve .
Rheagar9 Pred mesecem
we love you kon
Ronan Carr
Ronan Carr Pred mesecem
This video got me wanting to learn how to edit..anyone else?
Daxart Pred mesecem
Tobi is such a wholesome person.
Daniel Gildenberg
Daniel Gildenberg Pred mesecem
at 22:02 there is no editing clip to see, would be nice to see it. Especially because you emphasize on the ending
enzyyy Pred mesecem
Tnx for adding my edit. This is @editbyenzo
Keshxn Pred mesecem
damn tobi man hats of this man is so kind 🙌🙌
Mackenziejc Pred mesecem
Why’s Kon reacting like he hasn’t already seen all these?
stiepšanās karalis Lv
Tobi is mean
Kiba Haeto
Kiba Haeto Pred mesecem
Tobi's teeth so white
Mushfiq Ahmad
Mushfiq Ahmad Pred mesecem
22:08 Where's the footage?
Sam Kemp
Sam Kemp Pred mesecem
Thank you so much kon and toby for reacting to my edit, i feel so blessed, there are so many amazing editors that put in so much time and effort into this and its been honestly incredible looking at all the edits and different styles, well done to everyone, you guys are fucking insane!
M477H3W Pred mesecem
ur such a chatterbox kon
Ginge Pred mesecem
Kon’s video’s are so high quality and nice to watch, he’s so under rated
Excelligent Pred mesecem
Who is here after seeing little Kon in Josh's latest video?
PranksterGangster Pred mesecem
Con might lose his job
Callie Sharpe
Callie Sharpe Pred mesecem
Hi koshin and tobi also I watching you when you upload new videos thanks koshin & tobi however I am always be there for you & see you when you upload new videos
Cameron Colford
Cameron Colford Pred mesecem
Enzo gotta win
RTzeexy Pred mesecem
But when does this drops
papi chulo
papi chulo Pred mesecem
Tobi casually handing out just under £1k 😩
mississippi biscuits
I guess Tobi is the one guy with the United 3rd kit.
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