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3. apr. 2020

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Adam Doyle
Adam Doyle Pred 3 meseci
I really want to see him do a video with windows movie maker
David Beirne
David Beirne Pred 3 meseci
50 thousandth view
Aiden Drew
Aiden Drew Pred 3 meseci
Kon feeling like JJ with his beard growing problems
Sirus Pred 4 meseci
3:23 I under stand y he doesn’t know the half past thing. In russian, if u say half past 10 it is 9:30 but in inflame if u say that it is acc 10:30
Ants Liivamägi
Ants Liivamägi Pred 4 meseci
Ayy, It was uploaded on my birthday.
Amazanta Pred 4 meseci
Kons probably is 24-28
Joachim Grech
Joachim Grech Pred 5 meseci
Set 8 time lessons
Drone Addict_FPV
Drone Addict_FPV Pred 5 meseci
what is half 10? i dont know... what is it 5?
ellie Xx
ellie Xx Pred 5 meseci
Kons voice is so calming
Zoe Badzx
Zoe Badzx Pred 5 meseci
Loving the content Kon mate👍🏽
BigRandomUn Pred 6 meseci
Why does Kon look like Gru from Despicable Me in the thumbnail?
Tapiwa Muza
Tapiwa Muza Pred 6 meseci
Meier Pred 6 meseci
Thanks for being nice :)
John Tech Tips
John Tech Tips Pred 6 meseci
How do you put pop up social media credits on you video? Thank You.
Dominik Dedić
Dominik Dedić Pred 6 meseci
I want to see little Kon. Will you make one, pls?
wh0s_ Max
wh0s_ Max Pred 6 meseci
“Get a real job” - Konstantin 2020, a man that makes videos on the internet.
Epic Gamer Man
Epic Gamer Man Pred 6 meseci
He's a cameraman actually
Iúri Teixeira
Iúri Teixeira Pred 6 meseci
Shantanu Kawale
Shantanu Kawale Pred 6 meseci
Seb Henderson
Seb Henderson Pred 6 meseci
The guy who jumps on the guy who threw the paper airplane is the guy who created the plane and he gave it to a Quarter back to throw and they got the record
Seb Henderson
Seb Henderson Pred 6 meseci
The guy who jumps s on the guy is go threw the paper airplane is the guy who created the plane and he gave it to. Quarter back to throw and they got the record
Laura Pressey
Laura Pressey Pred 6 meseci
Charlie just going SAY SOMETHING IM GIVING UP ON YOU so seriously made me laugh so much hahahahaha
bedrockminecart Pred 6 meseci
Kon really doesn't know how to tell the time. I learned this in year 2
bedrockminecart Pred 6 meseci
Kon: Who doesn't like satifying videos Me: *walks away
Joe Balmes
Joe Balmes Pred 6 meseci
in the first clip the guy who is throwing axe's he looks a lot like tanner in Dope or nope
Tejalkera_Msp love
Tejalkera_Msp love Pred 6 meseci
Amazing video! 😂😂😂😂
TheRealAyaan Pred 6 meseci
Can you do more editing videos?
Nicola J
Nicola J Pred 6 meseci
Get a air duster can?
Ilyas Ghziyel
Ilyas Ghziyel Pred 6 meseci
Charlie was annoying during the hole video. I don't know, if he did it on purpose or something, but technically they even did'nt react to something...
Jezza Santry
Jezza Santry Pred 6 meseci
4 is TinTin
Jezza Santry
Jezza Santry Pred 6 meseci
Lightroom is soooo good
Jeffery Collins
Jeffery Collins Pred 6 meseci
So in Afrikaans, a language in south africa, if someone says it's half 10, it is 9:30. So you were right either way😁
Depressedtickles Pred 6 meseci
willne idea stealer alertttt
YT Vanced
YT Vanced Pred 6 meseci
Kon, you are a super talented bloke unlike many others on YT If you did more content relating to your cinematography side it would legit bang. You have a skillset not many have on here mate! Anyone can react to Reddit. Not everyone on YT has your experience behind the camera about production
Mill Kim
Mill Kim Pred 6 meseci
Kon the con artist out here fishing 🤑👌
LoLMaybe Pred 6 meseci
Only brittish people say half 10 is 10:30 EVRYWHERE else its 9:30
Blaziken_14 Pred 6 meseci
yh i say half past 10
Random Boi
Random Boi Pred 6 meseci
The world record paper plane thrower is a NFL quarterback and the creator is a scientist
Kill_monGar67 Pred 6 meseci
Pin this kon if you are in quarantine right now
sksk Pred 6 meseci
Actually love kon’s videos
Rashed Elamin
Rashed Elamin Pred 6 meseci
10:55 man like Kon LMAO 11:10 Mario bros is a show?
denden51 Pred 6 meseci
ill stfu
Mr TMH Pred 6 meseci
Subscribe to him he is the best you tuber after me subscribe to me
Serenus Paul
Serenus Paul Pred 6 meseci
0:10 Cringe of the day
Deaniemcg Pred 6 meseci
Have you mesmerised the squarescape script Btw not hating
Awoz Pred 6 meseci
Love the kontent
Shannon Smith
Shannon Smith Pred 6 meseci
Number 4 (the cartoon pic) Tin Tin
Mo Pred 6 meseci
Kon can you show us your set up and your pc
ALL DOR Pred 6 meseci
Lmao the beard part
Hamzah Pred 6 meseci
Was Charlie actually there? How did he answer you immediately if he wasn't there. Am confused
Roxburgh Pred 6 meseci
We called eachother on discord, he screenshared his reddit page and I filmed myself. Just a matter of syncing after that
Sam Osa
Sam Osa Pred 6 meseci
vm.tiktok.com/thm7HJ/I did the Tik Tok thing Kon said .
Curious Cat
Curious Cat Pred 6 meseci
I love Kon.
ffinllayy Pred 6 meseci
yes then kon
Laura T.
Laura T. Pred 6 meseci
I expected to see WillNE and all I got is SquareSpace...
thom Pred 6 meseci
9:47 “inexpicable”
sponge bean
sponge bean Pred 6 meseci
Hi Konstantin, Libbidy
dominos753 Pred 6 meseci
Kons ripped this from WillNE
OoMz_X Pred 6 meseci
If you like square space so much why don’t you marry it hahahaha
eden exe
eden exe Pred 6 meseci
In England half ten is 10:30 but in Germany if u say half 10 its 9:30 (half to the hour)
Aakash .o
Aakash .o Pred 6 meseci
Can u try making a stopmotion animation
Ryan Bauer
Ryan Bauer Pred 6 meseci
React to POPPIN vid
N24 Gamez
N24 Gamez Pred 6 meseci
SmoshyTV Pred 6 meseci
7:43 Kon: I don't "drink" Since when did anyone drink snow aha🤦🏻‍♂️♥️
SmoshyTV Pred 6 meseci
Kon did you film poppin? And if you did will you do a behind the scenes of it
Akshansh Sharma
Akshansh Sharma Pred 6 meseci
He didn't
Ejay Nath
Ejay Nath Pred 6 meseci
Underrated channel and I’m actually gonna use square space 😂🤘🏾 my guy
SmoshyTV Pred 6 meseci
Kon your such a good youtuber keep the amazing work up man
Astro Pred 6 meseci
Yasssssssss upload time
Ryan Dawson
Ryan Dawson Pred 6 meseci
We need more like this
Rajesh S
Rajesh S Pred 6 meseci
Kons voice really be the actual satisfaction
[GD] MADZMAN Pred 6 meseci
Kon who is your favourite person apart from the sidemen?
febin varghese
febin varghese Pred 6 meseci
Kon is just the nicest guy
MadGuy64 yeah
MadGuy64 yeah Pred 6 meseci
I can imagine time being hard for bilinguals tbh. don't really know much foreign languages but "half 10" means 9:30 or half to 10
MadGuy64 yeah
MadGuy64 yeah Pred 6 meseci
In german, once they get to half the hour they refer to the hour ahead, hence half to 10
Arjun Pred 6 meseci
Definitely not. Half ten means half past 10
Apidafu Pred 6 meseci
No it means 10 30
J.E Purugganan
J.E Purugganan Pred 6 meseci
I love this man And his video.
Mate sort by top next time
Jack Cullen
Jack Cullen Pred 6 meseci
Why are they looking through posts with 8 upvotes?
Jack Cullen
Jack Cullen Pred 6 meseci
Konstantin 😂😂
Konstantin Pred 6 meseci
I’m new to Reddit 😂
DeAchterhoeker Pred 6 meseci
In Dutch half 10 would be 9:30
Daniyal Naeem
Daniyal Naeem Pred 6 meseci
Willne is fumin
Josh McCree
Josh McCree Pred 6 meseci
this was a good video. :P gud video kon. gud jub
Epziba Pepzi
Epziba Pepzi Pred 6 meseci
'Say something I'm giving up on u ' 😂
Anders Aaskov
Anders Aaskov Pred 6 meseci
The whole half ten thing has always confused me, as it's the opposite in my native language.
rutger Pred 6 meseci
Sam Osa
Sam Osa Pred 6 meseci
No one: Absolutely no one: Kon: SQUARE SPACE!!!
Will _
Will _ Pred 6 meseci
Yeah!!!! Wooo another video
Shazza Boi
Shazza Boi Pred 6 meseci
I am sorry, but who says half ten????
Apidafu Pred 6 meseci
@Shazza Boi so do we but this is just slang
Shazza Boi
Shazza Boi Pred 6 meseci
@Apidafu I am from Australia and we say half-past X
Arjun Pred 6 meseci
Apidafu Pred 6 meseci
Its a very common phrase here in the uk. Not sure about elsewhere
Mason Larkins
Mason Larkins Pred 6 meseci
Shazza Boi most people I know say the time like this, yeah
Davezex Pred 6 meseci
half 10 is 9.30, half past 10 is 10.30, he lied to you Kon
Jere Seilo
Jere Seilo Pred 6 meseci
But when Brits say half ten it means 10.30.
Konstantin Pred 6 meseci
I don’t know who to believe right now 😂
akz loves bis
akz loves bis Pred 6 meseci
coming for willnes career
Eqexu -
Eqexu - Pred 6 meseci
Fast asf
Light_fade Pred 6 meseci
He ran out of idea's and still got a sponser, this man is literally a legend
Heaney_S Pred 6 meseci
Light_fade that’s literally any youtuber that gets a shadow legends sponsor
eu. clixy
eu. clixy Pred 6 meseci
Big Chungus
Big Chungus Pred 6 meseci
What should i write? It's 20:55. But am gonna watch you anyway
Zahi Pred 6 meseci
KON will never replay to this comment even if we are in lockdown
GeometryGV Pred 6 meseci
Cause he cba spending time too see your comment cause your worthless
Stefan Pred 6 meseci
Man like
Yothik Indraraj
Yothik Indraraj Pred 6 meseci
What is a Kon’s video without a SquareSpace sponsor
Steve Reid
Steve Reid Pred 6 meseci
Konstantin no
Ha1exo Pred 6 meseci
@Konstantin yes
Konstantin Pred 6 meseci
Shout out Squarespace ❤️
GM playz
GM playz Pred 6 meseci
39th like
Thomas - Thommothy
Thomas - Thommothy Pred 6 meseci
dub kon idolo
Rohit V
Rohit V Pred 6 meseci
I'm watching this in the top 10 people category. Good luck Kon
Nick Narara
Nick Narara Pred 6 meseci
Aqil Pred 6 meseci
Like for charlie
William Moffat
William Moffat Pred 6 meseci
When you run out if ideas but still get a sponsor
The European Fisherman
Arun Jaswal
Arun Jaswal Pred 6 meseci
big man kon
Paul Apoel
Paul Apoel Pred 6 meseci
1st lovu boo
Claire Lancaster
Claire Lancaster Pred 6 meseci
First, con your a legend mate
ALL DOR Pred 6 meseci
PlasmaEnergised Pred 6 meseci
Claire Lancaster *kon
First Debate Cold Open - SNL