Reacting to Useless 5-Minute Crafts 

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15. okt. 2020

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Ohpuhls TM
Ohpuhls TM Pred 5 urami
15:13 are we not gonna talk about the fact they are also melting the plastic
Rio10101 Pred 6 urami
You're atleast 6'10 with the bins on your feet brah
Dan Day
Dan Day Pred 8 urami
Too underrated man
Ed Sharp
Ed Sharp Pred 9 urami
concrete the thing that is used to build stuff
DH 005
DH 005 Pred 10 urami
Kon: *raman was good for building ur house but concrete is better* I think thats what hold the bricks together
Sla - Va
Sla - Va Pred dnevom
hello from belarus
Shivain Manchanda
Shivain Manchanda Pred dnevom
The Ramen Fever coming out next year
Nebality Pred dnevom
It’s going to be stiff and hard - Kon 2020
George Pred dnevom
Who else is creasing at how con pronounces ramen, “Rarmen”🤣
AVIRAT Pred dnevom
kon are you ethans brother???
Eonz_vfx Pred dnevom
yo 99% sure he used the same colour correction on the sidemen split or steal video. Notice how i nboth videos people with blue eyes the blue is very extravagent and cyan looking
Eonz_vfx Pred dnevom
@Konstantin yooooooo no way you actually responded to meeee holy crap!!!!!! omg i love your videos bro you inspired me to use premiere pro keep it up
Konstantin Pred dnevom
Correct! What’s your thoughts on that grade?
Imaan Effendi
Imaan Effendi Pred dnevom
Everyone of kon’s video: this video is sponsored by Nord VPN
Rahul bandyopadhyay
Rahul bandyopadhyay Pred 2 dnevi
People in 1920- We are doing so great, imagine people.of 2020 and their thinking, they will be amazing People in 2020- 2:38
HalloweenBaby Pred 2 dnevi
Those bins on his feet are from Ikea and they're like 90p hahah. I have one.
Reindert Ekelson
Reindert Ekelson Pred 2 dnevi
Love u
Louca GEORGIOU Pred 2 dnevi
banger vid
Xx_emmaxx9 •
Xx_emmaxx9 • Pred 2 dnevi
Jj should the beard thing 🤣🤣🤣 Ahhah Hahahhaha oh my god he actually sent it to Jj
Yaz The Great
Yaz The Great Pred 2 dnevi
Love this content keep it up!
Tage Ottem
Tage Ottem Pred 3 dnevi
Saddowz93 Pred 3 dnevi
The beard craft should go to KSI
Young Beast07
Young Beast07 Pred 3 dnevi
Dippy soldiers brings me back to when I was a kid your the most underrated SLtvd I love you kon keep it up
Muhammad Mahmood
Muhammad Mahmood Pred 3 dnevi
Apparently Eating re-frozen ice cream can kill you
Muhammad Mahmood
Muhammad Mahmood Pred 3 dnevi
Ha we were drinking the same monster
Coaster Countdowns
Coaster Countdowns Pred 3 dnevi
Mr Beast! Make a house out of ramen please.
DX_noodlEs_ XD
DX_noodlEs_ XD Pred 3 dnevi
Why is this channel for kids
Helena Pred 3 dnevi
Liquid stuff is super glue.
Xavier Fingy
Xavier Fingy Pred 3 dnevi
Who is kons cameramen?
Baka Can
Baka Can Pred 3 dnevi
1:05 NOOOOOOOO! Made me laugh so much lol
KT S Pred 4 dnevi
Haven't watched the full vid yet but i subscribed and liked anyway, kon is the real G
Flukemind production
Abigail Lark
Abigail Lark Pred 4 dnevi
BBC iplayer isn't free you have to pay your Tv license to watch ! Just thought you should know ! 😊
DKM Productions
DKM Productions Pred 4 dnevi
Those lights behind you are really cool, where did you get them? I might have to invest in some 😁
DKM Productions
DKM Productions Pred 4 dnevi
@Konstantin Thanks for the reply. 😉
Konstantin Pred 4 dnevi
There called aster Titan tube light you can also get another brand called Nanlite pavo tube
Marley Grey
Marley Grey Pred 4 dnevi
this guy is so good at editing
Cyclops Pred 4 dnevi
i waste time, on them i hate them.
Syanugrah Pred 4 dnevi
I don't know why I know this. But this needed a better thumbnail and title
Syanugrah Pred 4 dnevi
@Konstantin Personally I thought the title was too normal. Eventhough it look unprofesional the "CAPSLOCK TITLES" usually works. And with the thumbnail I had no idea what was happening. You needed to use something oitrages but understandable like a broken screen fixed with whipped cream. Eventhough it would clickbait. It would be enough for them to click the video. Your face weren't big enough. People like seeing suprised face on thumbnails. To improve the audience retention just checkout where on the video they click off the video on your channel studio and try to fix your mistake in future videos. Anyways, I'm not a content creator or anything. But I watch a lot of youtube. So i'm not an expert or anything. Thanks for reading this
Konstantin Pred 4 dnevi
Leave your suggestions
John jones
John jones Pred 4 dnevi
Shiv is something used to slice and cut, shank is something used to stab and puncture
ENVY RL Pred 4 dnevi
5:07 it's gonna get all hard and stiff
Gingar Pred 4 dnevi
Ksi should do the facial hair hack
Charlton Mifsud
Charlton Mifsud Pred 4 dnevi
tbf im probably a useless 5 min craft. I was probably made in 5 mins and im pretty much useless xD
DEFAULT Pred 4 dnevi
Костян, делай контент
ROARZ Z Pred 4 dnevi
Is it just me or does he look like eathan
James from Wii Sports
Hey man if this SLtv thing doesn’t work I think you could become a camera man
Majorsads Pred 5 dnevi
When Kon said I'm dead inside I really felt that.
Mega Bros Squad
Mega Bros Squad Pred 5 dnevi
I have a question. In the latest sidemen video, how did you get audio from everyone? Did you just have a single big mic or did you put a wireless mic on each of them?
Mega Bros Squad
Mega Bros Squad Pred 4 dnevi
@Konstantin Oh My God! I didn't expect you to reply! Thank you so much. I really appreciate it
Konstantin Pred 4 dnevi
I use tascam dr-10l lapel recorders for each of the guys :)
MartinYFFUB Pred 5 dnevi
Love the titan tubes behind, do you run on an app or standalone?
MartinYFFUB Pred 5 dnevi
@Konstantin holy shit konstantin the legend! How're you? I know you know what you're doing but in that set up have you tried using four of the smaller ones? Two over each shoulder and two vertically by your arms? May give it more of a intense view. By the way if you're in bristol (after covid) Slx is a hire events company I've worked for 8 years they've got everything from audio to intelligent fixtures to smoke and snow machines. Also can I ask a favour, I've dm'd jj and mrbeast to highlight a scam everytime you follow mrbeast you get added by two other account asking for your bank details for a giveaway I'm just trying to keep mrbeast out of trouble.
Konstantin Pred 5 dnevi
Thanks! When using just two I tend to have them standalone and I tend to use the app when all 8 are in action
v FAHRENHEIT v Pred 5 dnevi
this was a really good video Kon, I shall be back for more
Joshua Feather
Joshua Feather Pred 5 dnevi
Is it just me who finds it disgusting when people repair things with Ramen?🤮. It’s literally food in your table or sink or whatever you are repairing.
michiel van de populiere
White monster is the best monster
Chishimba Chimanya
Chishimba Chimanya Pred 5 dnevi
kSI should try the beard thing to see if it'll suit him
Jhezzy Aguila
Jhezzy Aguila Pred 5 dnevi
Is this Ethans brother
Kyle Salt
Kyle Salt Pred 5 dnevi
Kon im so glad you don't have bots. In your comment section. You must be the only youtuber ive read the comments. And I havnt had any bots. With rude pictures. Thank you so so so so much
Ronaldinho Pred 5 dnevi
Your videos are better than sidemen reacts
Storm 69 Arno
Storm 69 Arno Pred 5 dnevi
The beard one is for jj
Connor OMahony
Connor OMahony Pred 5 dnevi
mysteriotube 123
mysteriotube 123 Pred 5 dnevi
mr beast could make airpod slime
[ᑭᗩҜ] βєןเєשєг
Showed this to my girlfriend Nothing. Just wanted to flex on you lot
Kyle Salt
Kyle Salt Pred 5 dnevi
What girlfriend 😂😂
Zlyerr Pred 5 dnevi
1:18 Idubbbz ??😂
kristian pockpas
kristian pockpas Pred 5 dnevi
The 9th sidemen
Vrother Pred 6 dnevi
Best youtuber
NotSmall Pred 6 dnevi
Toby Rowbotham
Toby Rowbotham Pred 6 dnevi
12:52 Don't worry Kon I am... ...not
Clayton Burnite
Clayton Burnite Pred 6 dnevi
5:09 thats what she said
Charlie_9918 Pred 6 dnevi
right. let's face statistics here. i don't think you have a garunteed chance at 1mil this year, but it's still entirely possible. however, it's safe to say you will hit 1 million very soon. keep up the grind Kon
Colbyn Thangalan
Colbyn Thangalan Pred 6 dnevi
Jj needs that beard
Louie Onyett
Louie Onyett Pred 6 dnevi
Where did you get the lights from?
Lightskin Lancer
Lightskin Lancer Pred 6 dnevi
kon to 1M
Lucas G
Lucas G Pred 6 dnevi
When he called them dippy soldiers I died inside. My childhood is a lie
MetaNich ChayChay
MetaNich ChayChay Pred 6 dnevi
Is it Just me Or when he talks he sounds like Emily Black
Mazharul 2004
Mazharul 2004 Pred 6 dnevi
3:56 when jj said he was 6ft
Tsultrim Zala
Tsultrim Zala Pred 6 dnevi
Hannah Travers
Hannah Travers Pred 6 dnevi
Kon is a unit but has the softest voice Everything Kon says is hilarious
SMusic Pred 7 dnevi
5:20 "concrete is sick for building stuff." Yeah no shit sherlock😂
Hossam Barhom
Hossam Barhom Pred 7 dnevi
rage diffy
rage diffy Pred 7 dnevi
lmfao that noise he made was hella realistic 2:46 damn
Jimmy The Beast
Jimmy The Beast Pred 7 dnevi
So your reacting to their whole channel
FootStar Fanatics
FootStar Fanatics Pred 7 dnevi
Kon to 1 mill before 2022
WaffleBoy Pred 7 dnevi
Is konn ethans older brother?
The Jaw Spinner
The Jaw Spinner Pred 7 dnevi
How does this guy not have 1million
Syeda Islam
Syeda Islam Pred 7 dnevi
every comment in this vid be like " like is kon is the most underrated youtuber"
AKMOD07 PLAYZ Pred 7 dnevi
Experiment on red bull can
Hannah Myers
Hannah Myers Pred 7 dnevi
You should do this again but recreate the hacks😂
King Teapot
King Teapot Pred 7 dnevi
Funniest video I’ve watched in a good while 💯
elz penn
elz penn Pred 7 dnevi
Wait kon are you actually Russian??
Nether Boss
Nether Boss Pred 7 dnevi
its the cameraman from the sidemen
KD 11
KD 11 Pred 7 dnevi
Shout out kon for wearing kyrie lows
Feaf GMR
Feaf GMR Pred 7 dnevi
Do the coke thingy
Daniel Vinas
Daniel Vinas Pred 7 dnevi
" I never knew concrete was this useful" Literally has buildings made of concrete🤣 Jk love u Kon
majenter Pred 7 dnevi
Jeez , almost mistook you for Jeremy swaz in the intro with the monster
patrik borovsky
patrik borovsky Pred 7 dnevi
I always thought it was super glue that they used on the ramen videos
David Bubar
David Bubar Pred 7 dnevi
@JJ Olatunji 13:05
Jacob T
Jacob T Pred 7 dnevi
The same diwhy’s that pewdiepie reacted too
Lum Jashari
Lum Jashari Pred 7 dnevi
anheas sayami
anheas sayami Pred 7 dnevi
Naice Kyrie's Kon.
Matthew Perks
Matthew Perks Pred 8 dnevi
You should definitely do the toy soldiers one
SUFIYAN 123 Pred 8 dnevi
Lol at 5: 04 he said I’m glad they didn’t put 2 balls and a pipe sticking out tell me in the comments what he meant by this phrase
Bibhushan Rajthala
Bibhushan Rajthala Pred 8 dnevi
13:07 get that to ksi reddit
Stephanie Pred 8 dnevi
wait why do I love the army man one lmao
Peter Naze
Peter Naze Pred 8 dnevi
More of this
Moonz -
Moonz - Pred 8 dnevi
Imagine i watched the concrete one every single one the other day... And now im here watching it with u
Konstantin Pred 8 dnevi
Moonz -
Moonz - Pred 8 dnevi
By far my favourite human on SLtv 💖
Funniest Design Fails Ever
Funniest Design Fails Ever
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