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Whilst filming with the Sidemen this week I got some exclusive footage of Simon having a private convo with his new girlfriend.
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11. jan. 2018

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True Geordie
True Geordie Pred 2 leti
Fuck me your titles are literally better click bait than anything I’ve used
Cjay Johnson
Cjay Johnson Pred 4 meseci
True Geordie hahahahahaha 😂
NoahTheKingRS Pred 5 meseci
You make worse jokes then willne that's a true diss
Amin Faka
Amin Faka Pred 6 meseci
@K M04 bro he is His friend
ツDempseyDaPro Pred letom
I read this as "titties"
ツDempseyDaPro Pred letom
@K M04 He didn't say he was pissed...
Tianna Pethybridge
Tianna Pethybridge Pred mesecem
Yh.... Talia Mar lol
lina moh ndlll
lina moh ndlll Pred 2 meseci
yh he does now
Daemon Pred letom
talia be jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ella Parker
Ella Parker Pred letom
He was with talia at that point
pender crew
pender crew Pred letom
U legend
Abigail Arnold
Abigail Arnold Pred 2 leti
You know, I think I’d rather Simon had a plastic doll gf than the really annoying gf by the name of talia, who I really don’t like
MK Matthew Liew
MK Matthew Liew Pred 2 leti
Just Subscribe bro. Miniminter's fans.
Sophie macpherson
Sophie macpherson Pred 2 leti
This was posted on my bday
Mrmarmaladecat Pred 2 leti
And there is only another clickbait
シElite Pred 2 leti
Yes Called talia
Extra Chewing gum
Extra Chewing gum Pred 2 leti
I liked the video only for that transition at the start 😂
SEAN Pred 2 leti
Ffs 😂
May Czos
May Czos Pred 2 leti
0:54 Who's that?
Yvetee Catherine
Yvetee Catherine Pred 2 leti
kon just being so clickbait master lol😂 i thought it was Talia but i thought they were together lmao
Rio Pred 2 leti
"The bigger the hoop, the bigger the hoe."
Skye Lilly Mcgreevy-Smith
Swear to god there not just brothers there're twins.
Clarke77 Pred 2 leti
BlueRoseJelly Pred letom
what video is that from?
Craig Smith
Craig Smith Pred 2 leti
the video buffered for me at 6:59 pretty convenient time tbh
Giselle Pred 2 leti
For a second there i got really jealous. Like omg he has a girlfriend nooooo😂😂😂
Dossi Green
Dossi Green Pred 2 leti
Giselle officially has a girlfriend now Talia
Millie Parker
Millie Parker Pred 2 leti
Don’t mean to upset you even more because I love simon too but Talia confirmed it on her live video yesterday 😫 they are officially together
Abbiet210 Pred 2 leti
Giselle ha ha.
Giselle Pred 2 leti
XIX SDMNXIX lmfaoo Its ok ill just go cry in the corner of my room all night 😂😂
Abbiet210 Pred 2 leti
Giselle well they shared a bed when they both went to the overnight zoo, talia has been in the sdmn house a lot lately, they were flirting in freyas winter wonderland vlog, and talia was livestreaming on Insta today and posted a pic of them together at the boxing match coz they sat next to each other and she said I just exposed something. Also on simons video about Valentine's yesterday he clicked happily taken so everyone is assuming that it is then two that are together. Sorry for your loss of Simon 🤣🤣
Asher Pred 2 leti
ahahahhahhahahhahhahahh simon's face when he saw you!
DustySandwich Pred 2 leti
Love this guy
Quirky Pred 2 leti
You deserve mord subs. I love watching you!
NotTheRealRaj Pred 2 leti
My uncle has that coffee maker but I do not use it and u are wayyy better than Behzinga
Never clicked on a video so fast..
Hibby _
Hibby _ Pred 2 leti
Andres odar
Andres odar Pred 2 leti
I died at 6:25 😂
MidgetPencil Pred 2 leti
U look like behz are u his brother
Tyrone Douglas
Tyrone Douglas Pred 2 leti
Click bait
Bruno Strunje
Bruno Strunje Pred 2 leti
What a clickbait i am not even mad
Humza aftab
Humza aftab Pred 2 leti
Habeebah K
Habeebah K Pred 2 leti
2:26 to 2:32 needs to go to innuendo bingo lol
Sdmn 91
Sdmn 91 Pred 2 leti
It would be awesome if you were a official member of the sdmn
Sinate Maraiwai
Sinate Maraiwai Pred 2 leti
Simon will forever be lonely
Oliver Quigley
Oliver Quigley Pred 2 leti
I came and saw the starbursts stubble
Sam Moore
Sam Moore Pred 2 leti
7:28 all u need
Rise Pred 2 leti
I am proud of you this is next level clickbait
T84 Pred 2 leti
Already the best clickbait vid of the year, 0:07 I would literally shit myself if someone looked at me like that
Ellie O'Neill
Ellie O'Neill Pred 2 leti
Looks like BEZ
Daisy Moore
Daisy Moore Pred 2 leti
i’m sorry but are ethan and kon related they’re extremely alike and it’s annoying me😂 i’ve never even see. this kon before
Lauren Taylor
Lauren Taylor Pred 2 leti
filthy clickbait..... but imma sub
StaticLord7 Pred 2 leti
Respect wamen
Hannah Scott
Hannah Scott Pred 2 leti
Simon is fucking hilarious 7:21 and 7:30 lmaooo
A Ghetto Christmas Carol
What’s pink and rusty? Madeline McCan’s bike.
Rebecca Villebro
Rebecca Villebro Pred 2 leti
The day Simon actually gets a girlfriends... I’m gonna move to japan. Don’t know why. But I am.
Sarah duffy
Sarah duffy Pred 2 leti
Kevin Gonzalez she's a youtuber, people been shipping them for months
Kevin G
Kevin G Pred 2 leti
Sarah duffy who is that?
Sarah duffy
Sarah duffy Pred 2 leti
Rebecca Villebro , lots of people think he might be dating Talia Mar
79treefrog Pred 2 leti
I've always wanted to see more from you, I always wished you and Lewis would have your own channels. Glad I've stumbled upon the clickbait today lol
Charlie Collins
Charlie Collins Pred 2 leti
7:31 all fangirls will die over that
Mizzy UK
Mizzy UK Pred 2 leti
Love it 😂😂😂😂👌👌 #bants
Sebastian S
Sebastian S Pred 2 leti
Lier.... Miniminter will never get a Girlfriend
Ellisha x
Ellisha x Pred 2 leti
Sebastian Stewart lol, he got one
Noot nOOT
Noot nOOT Pred 2 leti
man like fake etahan
tom_ Harry
tom_ Harry Pred 2 leti
Fuck sake man!!! BRO CLICKBATE GOD
49383892& 14
49383892& 14 Pred 2 leti
So does Simon actually have a gf x 😂
riley jamieson
riley jamieson Pred 2 leti
niggaaaaaaaaaa pleasse
Black Rocket
Black Rocket Pred 2 leti
That clickbait
Rob Worswick
Rob Worswick Pred 2 leti
sorry i have to dislike this vid misleading title. sorry im more good link.
Lucas Isdahl
Lucas Isdahl Pred 2 leti
Fake... but well done
James Campion
James Campion Pred 2 leti
Great video Kon!
Amber Bennett
Amber Bennett Pred 2 leti
I have been clickbated
Raiyan Pred 2 leti
I like your edits bro
Ali Alzayer
Ali Alzayer Pred 2 leti
Amy Mitchell
Amy Mitchell Pred 2 leti
Why did I click on this so fast 😂😂😂
Logan Barker - Hall
Ben Ward
Ben Ward Pred 2 leti
elZ09 Pred 2 leti
lol this is fake but still a great vid keep it up
Raissa Rayendra
Raissa Rayendra Pred 2 leti
I hate that i fall for clickbait’s on SLtv
Jamie Ohara
Jamie Ohara Pred 2 leti
why does he look like ethan
MLGminecraft letsplay
congrats on 50k subs
J Blaze
J Blaze Pred 2 leti
Well I’m now deaf
Aisha 98
Aisha 98 Pred 2 leti
Came for the clickbait but ended up watching the video 😬😬
EmmBee Pred 2 leti
simon KILLS me😂😂
thomas eaglesham
thomas eaglesham Pred 2 leti
Aye gentleman club barbers
Meg Timbrell
Meg Timbrell Pred 2 leti
Are him and ethan related ?
ssqueen_12 Pred 2 leti
I actually belived it cause he used so many green screens on his videos and I thought there was someone in his room 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
ssqueen_12 Pred 2 leti
Thnx for scaring me 😂❤ I clicked this video soo quickly 😂
Hannah Marie Smith
Hannah Marie Smith Pred 2 leti
You sound so much like ethan 😅😅
Rishab _
Rishab _ Pred 2 leti
I'm surprised the title wasn't Simon takes off his pants 😂😂. Really liked the vlog tbh ✌️✌️
Jylo Clim
Jylo Clim Pred 2 leti
Omar Ileye
Omar Ileye Pred 2 leti
I’m going to go to You because my cousin chunkz
Tezkka Pred 2 leti
love your vids man stay on the grind and one day you will hit 1 mill
Octagons Pred 2 leti
Who is this rando?
Sven Kalinda
Sven Kalinda Pred 2 leti
That's actually miniminter's OLD girlfriend
Chirag Joshi
Chirag Joshi Pred 2 leti
Age-Restricted??? Why?
renee barracks
renee barracks Pred 2 leti
Love you're vids thanks for being a inspiration to start a SLtv channel
A0Z Pred 2 leti
Great vid Konstantin
soph c
soph c Pred 2 leti
Ultimate clickbait
Lewis blyth
Lewis blyth Pred 2 leti
Can i be on your instagram
ibi ibi
ibi ibi Pred 2 leti
Y age restricted and the Views
Ghengaavlogs Pred 2 leti
How was this age restricted??? SLtv need sort this shizz out
Ghengaavlogs Pred 2 leti
KVolMar but nothing was shown, youtube seriously need to fix up
Kaspar Volmar
Kaspar Volmar Pred 2 leti
Ghengaavlogs 5:40 😂
Adil Hussain
Adil Hussain Pred 2 leti
Age restricted? The fuck
Random Gamer290
Random Gamer290 Pred 2 leti
Marcello Giovanni
Marcello Giovanni Pred 2 leti
You know, you're a nice person
Chinmay Sanghi
Chinmay Sanghi Pred 2 leti
yo kon, your vids are actually sick! you should try to improve the camera work a little bit, you know, since youre a cameraman and all :P
Kamaz A
Kamaz A Pred 2 leti
Kons a good kid
Aidan Bong
Aidan Bong Pred 2 leti
man we all got cb'ed so hard
Shar Louise
Shar Louise Pred 2 leti
#stopclickbaittoday.com Your editing is mad ✌
Muhammad Hazique Bin Raduwan
rajke Pred 2 leti
5:41 why is it blured? WhAT tHe FeCK
Ameya Gokhale
Ameya Gokhale Pred 2 leti
Nice Clickbait... But also... Amazing Vlog bruv
Rodger G
Rodger G Pred 2 leti
You're really bad at blurring things out so How to blur things Final cut: sltv.info/label/l82bvZqra6OCf2s/video Sony Vegas: sltv.info/label/hMuMlqOqbpGxq28/video Adobe premiere: sltv.info/label/ftJ9rquze3mFpp4/video You're welcome
Simon Being Spicy With Talia