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1. apr. 2018

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Stonks Don
Stonks Don Pred 2 leti
If it's an April fool's prank this will be pinned
oliver lynch
oliver lynch Pred 2 leti
Sidmen Uploading j
Junior Hughes
Junior Hughes Pred 2 leti
Sidmen Uploading is crap
Serena Pred 2 leti
song at 5:41 please??
Mooresey Pred 2 leti
Sidmen Uploading noooooi
Shae Stevens
Shae Stevens Pred 2 leti
I know this was it doesn't take a scientist to work that out.
arrowsbtw Pred letom
I actually wished this happened
Sunny Farquhar
Sunny Farquhar Pred letom
Deji be laughing but he lost the fight and he be losing subs and he got exposed on randolphs Diss track
Wickeds Pred 2 leti
Hey, I lowkey wanna see you in the pitch next year bro! Earned a sub
DatAsianGuy Pred 2 leti
Rahhhh deji laugh is muad
Juiicethakid Pred 2 leti
I love this guy
frutalse Pred 2 leti
Deji on April 1st: "You thought you'd make it on the team? [laughter]." Deji on June 2nd: [Misses two open goals and drags SLtv Allstars to a 7-1 defeat].
Remastered Pred 2 leti
To funny
Ermis Paguada
Ermis Paguada Pred 2 leti
Kon is future of the sidemen lol
Ermis Paguada
Ermis Paguada Pred 2 leti
I subbed from simons eye surgery vid found it from that vid
Thomas Sibille
Thomas Sibille Pred 2 leti
What’s the name of the song you used for your training montage?
xdylanx yt
xdylanx yt Pred 2 leti
Nikhil Thomas
Nikhil Thomas Pred 2 leti
What happened to Behzinga?
Henri Mcc
Henri Mcc Pred 2 leti
This was such a funny vid. 😂😂great content
That Guy
That Guy Pred 2 leti
If vik can play he can
youssef hossam
youssef hossam Pred 2 leti
That is absolutely brilliant😂😂
Spacky Jack
Spacky Jack Pred 2 leti
Con me ur boy is supporting u the whole way
Matt Burns
Matt Burns Pred 2 leti
Nooooo ffs I not Gunna watch it nah this cause ur in it
Esso TV
Esso TV Pred 2 leti
He should actually play
Shreyas Bundhoo
Shreyas Bundhoo Pred 2 leti
thing is having seen the tag ruines it i saw aprils fool in the video tags
AbhiBecomesFit Pred 2 leti
Omg one of the funniest vids I’ve seen in a while! Good job
Robin Marcus Luik
Robin Marcus Luik Pred 2 leti
Good joke Kon 😂😂😁
Harrison Sikora-Bradley
For real I actually think you should play😂
Pacey2004 Pred 2 leti
I love the way he said sidemen😂😂
Callum Hajjar
Callum Hajjar Pred 2 leti
I used to think U were behzingas brother
Hassam's Productions
whats the song 4:42
kyle dice
kyle dice Pred 2 leti
your fat and not even apart of SDMN
Benjamin Dybro
Benjamin Dybro Pred 2 leti
You are Amazing KON! :D
8Trayer8 Pred 2 leti
Paul Rowlston
Paul Rowlston Pred 2 leti
Hi there! Wonderful Channel you got. I'm currently just walking across the whole of Spain for a charitable foundation aand would love you to have a look at my clips and even subscribe. I dropped you a like on this video additionally :P
sarp boys
sarp boys Pred 2 leti
can you even play football
True Geordie
True Geordie Pred 2 leti
6 Ads. Unreal
MrDXB ✔️
MrDXB ✔️ Pred 2 leti
Noah G161 I was like he’s fake
MrDXB ✔️
MrDXB ✔️ Pred 2 leti
Noah G161 ikr
Mertin Pred 2 leti
True Geordie the man
Aman United
Aman United Pred 2 leti
CSG is the biggest dickhead lol, he thinks he's better than everybody in everything, gets put down on his ass anyway all the time.-Ksi's Biggest Fan
Joshua Cox
Joshua Cox Pred 2 leti
This was actually such a funny video + 1 sub
Frank -
Frank - Pred 2 leti
I love this it's brilliant 😂 never laughed so hard.
Xanninja Pred 2 leti
3:21 KSI is gonna beat the piss out of Logans tramp head, holy shit cannnot wait!
The One And Only Xavier
Kon vs Vik in a 1v1
Chris Sheasby
Chris Sheasby Pred 2 leti
Your more out of shape than your bro and he's still like mad tings fat
Djordymans Pred 2 leti
gary o'sullivan
gary o'sullivan Pred 2 leti
elitesnipezz yt
elitesnipezz yt Pred 2 leti
5:12 it was at this moment he knew he fuck up
Logan Internet
Logan Internet Pred 2 leti
Sidemen need to auction off the jerseys
PyeM 23
PyeM 23 Pred 2 leti
Quality montage 👌
Omer Pred 2 leti
Ngl I think Kon deserves to play for them for all the help he’s put in throughout the year
Lumpen Dumpen
Lumpen Dumpen Pred 2 leti
Simple but yet BRILLIANT!!!
Thomas Weeks
Thomas Weeks Pred 2 leti
I think you should be in the team... As the water boy.
Simon Mroczek
Simon Mroczek Pred 2 leti
You're just a behzinga lookalike I don't like u at all
craig kennedy
craig kennedy Pred 2 leti
Are you actually playing
Same Bari
Same Bari Pred 2 leti
See in the montage you did what was the song man
Ewy456 Pred 2 leti
Didn't even make your own thumb nail
MANIAC Pred 2 leti
Emlyn Foord
Emlyn Foord Pred 2 leti
This was really good. Really enjoyed it, please do more like this
Andrew Tai
Andrew Tai Pred 2 leti
Deji can’t really say anything... 😂
Etta Jalloh
Etta Jalloh Pred 2 leti
It’s a joke. Jesus how gullible are you.
Kaan Erkul
Kaan Erkul Pred 2 leti
I wish i can do a video call with you Kon :( A true legend about filming 💎
Scarly Charlie
Scarly Charlie Pred 2 leti
Nice April fools 😹😜
LegendGames Pred 2 leti
STEVEN VLOGS Pred 2 leti
Lol the thumbnail he edited his head onto Simons body 😂😂😂
Adz 711
Adz 711 Pred 2 leti
Is thst football video set in hainault?
Arjun Pred 2 leti
Simon eating bare weird. His fork is in his right hand. 🤦🏾‍♂️
RobJeromeJ Pred 2 leti
Absolute Banger haha
Mutt Baby
Mutt Baby Pred 2 leti
Callum Waves
Callum Waves Pred 2 leti
i was an april fool joke
Jake Bebington
Jake Bebington Pred 2 leti
Rodger G
Rodger G Pred 2 leti
Why do I have a feeling that Vik was actually just eating and you just filming before he got a chance to finish or leave
Ben Twissell
Ben Twissell Pred 2 leti
Did you edit your face on simons body? 😂
Elisa Bela
Elisa Bela Pred 2 leti
your acc bare funny keep up the uploads
Official_ DJ-Moe
Official_ DJ-Moe Pred 2 leti
Anybody knows the song from 4:39 ???
Tanveer Najib
Tanveer Najib Pred 2 leti
Aapprriill ffooooollss
Ben McNutt
Ben McNutt Pred 2 leti
even its this is a joke, he should still play for bants. Like vikk is playing, so I don't know why Kon can't play
MH04 Pred 2 leti
Ben McNutt that’s cause vik has to play cause he’s in the sdmn
JPR Sportsman 11
JPR Sportsman 11 Pred 2 leti
It is only a fool
Jaden Hua
Jaden Hua Pred 2 leti
Screw jj your edits are the best
brainfreeze Pred 2 leti
i actually want kon to plauy tho
Dark Zappa
Dark Zappa Pred 2 leti
You wish
Serena Pred 2 leti
song at 5:41??
miszczu piszczu
miszczu piszczu Pred 2 leti
I dont like you
Alex Miller
Alex Miller Pred 2 leti
Anes Merabet
Anes Merabet Pred 2 leti
Is it a joke (april fool day!!)
Saksham Pred 2 leti
this video earned you a sub
Ariz Kamal
Ariz Kamal Pred 2 leti
The thumbnail 😂😂😂, your head in Simon’s body
Matthew Bailey
Matthew Bailey Pred 2 leti
are you ethans brother?
master ed
master ed Pred 2 leti
get fit mate then play
Tom Moore
Tom Moore Pred 2 leti
One of the most entertaining videos ive seen in a while!
Emily Jayne
Emily Jayne Pred 2 leti
I’d die seeing Kon running about on a football pitch tryna be professional 😂😂😂
Palmer Perspective Podcast
This video was sick. I actually want you to play though as there is a comment you pinned saying, "If it's an April fool's prank this will be pi nned"
muhammad tamtahm
muhammad tamtahm Pred 2 leti
Good luck
Ram Pred 2 leti
Ay let kon play even though he doesn't know how to play it's just for the charity and he's been a good person and he always helps you record videos and without him you'll be a bit helpless . So its fair enough to let him play and deji you can fuck off
Ashton Whitaker
Ashton Whitaker Pred 2 leti
So it was Kon that spanked Miley Cyrus? 🤔
The Yorkshire pud
The Yorkshire pud Pred 2 leti
kon does the sidemen pay a cut of their earnings each video for you been a camera man? if so is it your fulltime job aswell as doing bits of your own youtube?
Jason Yu
Jason Yu Pred 2 leti
April fools BUT i really fucking want this to happen. For fuck sake . just do it
coxy97 Pred 2 leti
Your camera-man looked like a hobo lol
Nad Does Dokkan
Nad Does Dokkan Pred 2 leti
100% April fools
Hemanth Shankar
Hemanth Shankar Pred 2 leti
Honestly, you play such a big part for the sidemen to the point where you should be playing, like lewis last year
MD GAMES Pred 2 leti
This is a really good vid
Sam Charlesworth
Sam Charlesworth Pred 2 leti
Get Astro Jordz to play pls
Zohaib Saigal
Zohaib Saigal Pred 2 leti
Sidemmen 😂
jez Cas
jez Cas Pred 2 leti
Hahaha i love you Kon! Keep the quality content and videos coming!
Haress Nazary
Haress Nazary Pred 2 leti
awesome vid way better than most of the sidemen vids lol
papaduck888 Pred 2 leti
More of u ND Jay plzzz hahaha
Veteran Person
Veteran Person Pred 2 leti
Fam this guy deserves more subscribers 🤙🤙
nocdim Pred 2 leti
We Tested 3 Cracked Dash HACKS
We Tested 3 Cracked Dash HACKS