How To Improve your INSTAGRAM Pictures The £1 Challenge 

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Head to www.squarespace.com/konstantin to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using code KONSTANTIN
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24. okt. 2019

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Konstantin Pred letom
For those who would like to edit the pictures in this video themselves make sure you watch all the way till the end!
Tejalkera_Msp love
Tejalkera_Msp love Pred 4 meseci
Nick liddell
Nick liddell Pred 4 meseci
@Alex Mackenzie thanks bro!
Alex Mackenzie
Alex Mackenzie Pred 4 meseci
@Nick liddell premiere Pro and after effects for videos and photoshop for the photos I think
Nick liddell
Nick liddell Pred 5 meseci
hi con what editing app do you use? is it adobe?
VIZION Pred letom
What camera did you use in this video?
call of duty pikachu157
Who else saw true Geordie look a like at 6:14
Pred 3 meseci
Everyone in this video represents my different high moods.
The Cricket Badgers
The Cricket Badgers Pred 4 meseci
15:52 looks like the stranger things season 3 posters...
Hunt Bro
Hunt Bro Pred 4 meseci
Wanna glitch SLtv click this time stamp 18:47
finster231 games
finster231 games Pred 4 meseci
15:53 wait is that the guy from polar express
Gonçalo Cabral
Gonçalo Cabral Pred 4 meseci
Can ya Be more careful? Putting soap everywhere and being consumerist is not what this world needs in these recent times.
Tejalkera_Msp love
Tejalkera_Msp love Pred 4 meseci
That is amazing and cool. I love your channel.
UK G.R.AN.D Pred 4 meseci
London bridge got removed and sold in the 1970s
Carson Freeman
Carson Freeman Pred 4 meseci
I’m not the only one who noticed lethamyrs intro
SirUltim8 Pred 5 meseci
Why specifically instagram? Bruh why u gotta be normie
Shockwave27 Pred 5 meseci
Kon: uses 7 pound still needs a sponsor
Brandon Pred 5 meseci
That other guy is so annoying
Tech Elite
Tech Elite Pred 5 meseci
1:35 got that white ball
Tom Wormell
Tom Wormell Pred 5 meseci
all you need is one pound and a £10 k camera
J Tries
J Tries Pred 5 meseci
8:00 the audio unsynced
Dr CAL123
Dr CAL123 Pred 6 meseci
Swear down I’ve been that poundlound lol
Alexander Davis
Alexander Davis Pred 6 meseci
Love videos like this really inspire me to think out side of the box for photography ideas. Keep up the great work!! Which lighting cube do you use ?? Would love to use this myself! Cheers
Ykrz GUNNA Pred 6 meseci
Please read this comment ............no matter how much less your views are, please don’t stop uploading content like this ......I have fun watching them cause I’m learning a lot
Askor Pred 6 meseci
letting the ads play :)
walsoe_ Pred 6 meseci
what camera do u use? those raw pics looks amazing bro
Ideal vapez
Ideal vapez Pred 8 meseci
definetly going to edit these up would love your feed back whats your email i can send them to you
Shadow Pred 9 meseci
The other dude is such a beg, don't bring him back. Bare jarrin 😂😂
Kyle Buchan
Kyle Buchan Pred 10 meseci
9:00 is that the bad luck kicking in 😂😂👀👀
Kyle Buchan
Kyle Buchan Pred 10 meseci
6:09 what editing software did you use?
Kyle Buchan
Kyle Buchan Pred 10 meseci
3:39 Anybody else wondering why Kon knows where the handcuffs are? 👀😂
Matthew Launchbury
Matthew Launchbury Pred 10 meseci
To this day, He's still trying to get the womens attention...
Zarzo Pred 10 meseci
1$ item and 3000$ camera ... everyone can do it
Dennis Sulemani
Dennis Sulemani Pred 11 meseci
How has he spent £5.50 in a pound shop
Kakashi Pred 11 meseci
where do you buy the smoke grenades
Optified Pixels
Optified Pixels Pred 11 meseci
£1 items and a 4k camera just easy things you know
RTX_Echo Pred 11 meseci
UsEs A cAmErA tHaTs LikE 500 quid
TheGenuineFish Pred 11 meseci
"mans a fountain cuz"
CakeThatFace Pred 11 meseci
What filter did you use on the pics and what editing software?
CakeThatFace Pred 11 meseci
What camera did you use ?
Alex wood
Alex wood Pred 11 meseci
Whats your camera?
Journeylife56 Pred 11 meseci
Your boy is useless🙋🏼‍♂️
Vinnychenzo Pred 11 meseci
Does anyone know what the prism rig is called (the actual prism and the rig)?
liam connelly
liam connelly Pred 11 meseci
8:04 fam it's hella lip said
fakefirstname Pred 11 meseci
*just download PicsArt*
TW Pred 11 meseci
You guys are really talented🤩 hopefully you get rewarded with something great in the future
Michael Barron
Michael Barron Pred 11 meseci
Does anyone know where you can get the prism he used for the neon shot? I would love to use that style of rig for some of my photos.
Konstantin Pred 11 meseci
Search for PrismFX company that’s where I got mine from
F2 MTCJ Pred 11 meseci
What the song called at the end
Daniel Lowther
Daniel Lowther Pred 11 meseci
What are the bikes your on and where’d you get them from ??
Ørigin Pred 11 meseci
BRO lmao your mans is high as a kite! 🤣 Awesome vid dude!
D J Cruze
D J Cruze Pred 11 meseci
where do you get your sound tracks?
SA SHROUD PUBGM Pred 11 meseci
Love this vid
IDunno Pred 11 meseci
Such a underrated video
Rezkii Pred 11 meseci
What smoke grenades do u use
Callum _photography2019
Photography is one thing I love
Callum _photography2019
This is so cool
Jazman Pred 11 meseci
A) Kon is a creative master B) Charlie is a beautiful human being
callumdnx Pred 11 meseci
any one know what photoshop software he uses?
shredded shrek
shredded shrek Pred 11 meseci
PNDA_BeAsTs Used photoshop magic at 11:42, uses Abode Premiere Pro to edit videos but I don’t know what he normally uses for editing photos.
Bradcool Gaming
Bradcool Gaming Pred 11 meseci
what's ur camera?
SebzY_ Pred 11 meseci
Anyone know where specifically they are at 4:50?
Sarah McCarthy
Sarah McCarthy Pred 11 meseci
U need to be sponsored to spend a pound
Russell Chapman Esq.
Russell Chapman Esq. Pred 11 meseci
Now I know what you do. Was an interesting chat with you today about what goes into making your videos. I learned something
Tarevachine Francis
Tarevachine Francis Pred 11 meseci
whys the nursy song caed London Bridge is falling down Ect but its called tower bridge
Konstantin Pred 11 meseci
There is also a London Bridge not far away from Tower Bridge
Kev Mc
Kev Mc Pred letom
So what you need is thousands worth of camera equipment then we can go Poundland and get some bangers
Mariusz Mojka
Mariusz Mojka Pred letom
George Pred letom
What lens were you mainly using?
Skittles Raps
Skittles Raps Pred letom
What is the orb ball thing called
Micky Thompson
Micky Thompson Pred letom
Smoke canisters in B roll where do you get them from??
Oscar Curry
Oscar Curry Pred letom
Square space sponsored £12 wow 😂
Gustav Johansson
Gustav Johansson Pred letom
It was a noise in the beginning that made me Think that there was a mouse in ny house
Amberr Pred 11 meseci
HolmsInTown Pred letom
What's that at 14:12 called?
S J V Pred letom
HolmsInTown coloured powder
shotsbybailey Pred letom
Jheeeeze Poundland on Hoxton street yh
Voyage Pred letom
i use the screen of my phone to take some of mine. i angled it at the lens. makes a cool reflective image
Hong Feng Liao
Hong Feng Liao Pred letom
Join team trees
Ron Pred letom
Hey kon, does Instagram reduce the quality of your photos once you post them? Because my pictures seem worser on ig compared to on my phone's gallery
Damian Pred letom
Mans creative
Sadok Baraketi
Sadok Baraketi Pred letom
wow how can i find your quality camera for 1pound. AMAZING 😂
L.D Pred letom
Damn these are illegal in Germany
lake Pred letom
yo this video is awesome. definitely gonna be stealing some of these ideas for my photography class at college :)
BlainBoy39 Pred letom
Your friend isn’t the brightest lol
Cha Raf
Cha Raf Pred letom
i didn't get the notification no only this channel but all of them
Zak Adams
Zak Adams Pred letom
This is the content i could watch for hours
Cameron McKechnie
Josh Pred letom
Only Kon would get a sponsorship for a video and spend £12.50 XD
Kristian Russell
Kristian Russell Pred letom
Though of a video idea or series for you Kon, Revamping a fan's Instagram, or something along those lines where you take a fan and get some really good Instagram pictures with them.
MaxDrinky Pred letom
This video was lit. Wavy pics!!
Ryan Wheway
Ryan Wheway Pred letom
Song at 15:18?!?!?
m9 Pred letom
11:33 i did that in my gcse photography for my course work
Luke Fielding
Luke Fielding Pred letom
Anybody get ASMR from the beginning of the video? hahaha
Xplorography Pred letom
Inspired, got a challenge for you, photoshoot using only a kids toy camera 📸
Haroon Pred letom
Jscotties Pred letom
Where are the smoke grenades from ????
Bree Tregurtha-Nairn
Why are people so rude in the store
Donny Pred letom
ahh nice phone kon :)
Sam Pred letom
Kon has such a good eye for everything
subscribe for no reason
2 promations same video what is this aids
Jonathan Rauch
Jonathan Rauch Pred letom
Really like this kind of content💪 keep it up Kon
CHOPPER-Mills Pred letom
10:10 rip whoever walks down them steps 💀
Feba R
Feba R Pred mesecem
bahahaha harry 😂😂😂
TatyMaty Pred 10 meseci
Mikhail Sydow
Mikhail Sydow Pred 11 meseci
Steele Powell
Steele Powell Pred letom
ur friend high as hell lmaoooo
A N N E - M A R I E
Liem Khoa Cullen
Liem Khoa Cullen Pred letom
what camera is kon using to take the pictures? can someone tell me please
Konstantin Pred letom
I am using the Sony A7SII
iblamekristy Pred letom
The coolest effects on a budget! Would love to give these a try 👌🏼
J T Pred letom
U lost weight Kon?
Erin Elizabeth
Erin Elizabeth Pred letom
Really cool video! Got me inspired
Vlog me please
Vlog me please Pred letom
So squarespace gave you a £1
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