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6. sep. 2019

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Konstantin Pred letom
WEIGHT UPDATE: Forgot to keep up with this on the vlog but at the end of the week there was a 1.5kg weight difference. PART 1: sltv.info/label/sMl1ucaifpiPrKY/video PART 2: sltv.info/label/j6ud26WubnetlIQ/video PART 3: sltv.info/label/qsp5y8SrppatjaI/video
FaZe LandFill
FaZe LandFill Pred letom
You should do this as like a monthly thing
jason smith
jason smith Pred letom
btw i hear that reggaton beat😉VAMOS HPTA
Evren Er
Evren Er Pred letom
Konstantin why did you not shower
Gethin Evans
Gethin Evans Pred letom
Why can’t there be a part 4
B14_TREET Pred letom
finally ksi is training
Wilderbeast Pred 2 meseci
11:38 when the MDMA hits. Great work mate, great content! Keep it up!
d2hundred Pred 2 meseci
Txbz_17 Pred 3 meseci
8:48 is when Kon had the magnum
Txbz_17 Pred 3 meseci
@Konstantin yo bro I loved your vids I watched every video I've been watching you since day one hope to meet you one day 👍. Can you upload more videos on your other channels
Konstantin Pred 3 meseci
Poki kid
Poki kid Pred 3 meseci
Outro song name?
T B G Pred 3 meseci
Boy, u lost 7kg in a week
It's A Music Thing
It's A Music Thing Pred 4 meseci
8:47 He's preparing for the sex olympics
Battamz Pred 4 meseci
Tf I lose 500 grams sleeping which is 4K calories 🤣
Sam Ward
Sam Ward Pred 4 meseci
you can do it ! you just dont belive man 😪
X V Pred 4 meseci
16:34 something healthy aswell. My mans got a coke😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️
Ryan Mathew
Ryan Mathew Pred 4 meseci
Fitbit app doesn’t actually work properly I got 1400 calories lost when I woke up in the morning
Simply Bogdan
Simply Bogdan Pred 4 meseci
Herald Uzumaki
Herald Uzumaki Pred 4 meseci
15:39 Dat ass
Stephen Grainger
Stephen Grainger Pred 4 meseci
Kon is a legend
Lize Pred 4 meseci
lewis !! didnt know they still hung out with him
Devastators Army
Devastators Army Pred 5 meseci
The Reason JJ can do the whole boxing training is because he did it for 3 maybe 4 years so if you did it for that long you could beat it and finish it
Devastators Army
Devastators Army Pred 5 meseci
All Black Everything wait what
Devastators Army
Devastators Army Pred 5 meseci
Yo yo yo is josh being racist look at the protein that kon picked it says all black something yo is josh being racist
BenMcCarthy Pred 5 meseci
what the outrow muic called it be a vibe
Jerone Roach
Jerone Roach Pred 11 meseci
I enjoyed this
TSM Dirty
TSM Dirty Pred 11 meseci
KSI won
Yummy Waffle
Yummy Waffle Pred 11 meseci
What is the song used in the video?
Jennen Davies
Jennen Davies Pred 11 meseci
Well done mate, impressive stuff
John 1s
John 1s Pred 11 meseci
This is so good
basxco Pred letom
8:47 idk why but it looks so funny 😂😂😂
Joe Deans
Joe Deans Pred letom
What gym are you and ksi training in? looks like a really good gym
Ryan Wilson
Ryan Wilson Pred letom
What kind of car does Tobi have
ツLearf Pred letom
Kon!!!! Where can we buy merch??
Bulent Aydin
Bulent Aydin Pred letom
i dont like rap but i loved this men, hey konstantin can you challange me, can you start fire on me?
Khym WantsToDie
Khym WantsToDie Pred letom
Kon is such a cute boyfriend
lukasnielsenyall Pred letom
Make more of these Kon!!
Tomikins Pred letom
Can you do more editing videos I would love that so much❤️
shakeem Archer
shakeem Archer Pred letom
Good fucking vid kon
Lebam Tata
Lebam Tata Pred letom
i would dream of training w jj
Lebam Tata
Lebam Tata Pred letom
13:59 jj stsarting to reform
denden51 Pred letom
you look like Bill Skarsgard!!!
Dr swajjur
Dr swajjur Pred letom
Love to see JJ Train for the fight
Ahmad Hasif Abdul Nasir
Never give up bro. 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
Gelep Pred letom
U say "I couldnt do it" but u keep doing it, nice
kyl Powell
kyl Powell Pred letom
Random question... what did you do the day after this video, did you still keep track of your calories ? Still done exccersise? Or did you just laze around and enjoy a nice day off lol
kyl Powell
kyl Powell Pred letom
@Konstantin omg you've replied! Thanks for taking time out of your day to reply, hope you enjoyed gamescom and enjoy the rest of your day!
Konstantin Pred letom
kyl Powell I went to Germany for Gamescom for three days so was pretty active still
Daftilicious Pred letom
im getting inspired rn
Underwear Baker
Underwear Baker Pred letom
Ma man KSI looks pretty skinny
Tom Griffin
Tom Griffin Pred letom
Keep going lad after this you'll give bezinga a run for his money
OMEGA Pred letom
All of them burning fat like crazy.Me here just watchin this vid in my bed with some chips....🤣
TZ ANK Pred letom
I once had a muscle cramp in the treadmill
Pruthuvi Akalanka
I fucking love you man Keep up the good work I'm a new subscriber btw
thijs vnoordt
thijs vnoordt Pred letom
Saying your body is letting you down is lowkey weak. If you've ever done boxing s&c you know its purely mental
thijs vnoordt
thijs vnoordt Pred letom
@Ekath Fidel very true but i meant on occasion
Ekath Fidel
Ekath Fidel Pred letom
Nah man, without doubt there’s no doubt that on occasion it’s mental and all it takes is a push. But you need to listen to your body, they’ll be days where you just can’t and your body will tell you so.
NSB Gamer
NSB Gamer Pred letom
Please do a transformation video!!
Sam Gilbert
Sam Gilbert Pred letom
Come lad
Omar Hussain
Omar Hussain Pred letom
Which Fitbit is that?
Roxburgh Pred letom
Great series brother. Loved this
Raed Pred letom
how tf did he know that i clicked on because ksi was on the thumbnail >:D
Josh Binghit
Josh Binghit Pred letom
Bro kon keep up the work man. I love that positivity and how u don't give up. Keep doing them vids bruv
Karan Chauhan
Karan Chauhan Pred letom
Are you Ethan's brother
The Rivster
The Rivster Pred letom
I've subscribed but need to question something.. how is it possible for what seems a nice guy who talks like an adult who also shows respect to everyone.. yet he only has 325K subscribers???? compared to "comedy shortage" Mr Wank gang who isn't an adult doesn't show any truth or respect to anybody and has 9.8M????
Tashan Thomas
Tashan Thomas Pred letom
JJ’s shirt legit changed colours.
Aryan C
Aryan C Pred letom
"Control your breathing, that's the key" -something to take away
Joe Johnson
Joe Johnson Pred letom
Ngl mate, but this was a banging video you should do more of these.
James Telcer
James Telcer Pred letom
Jmatt 12
Jmatt 12 Pred letom
I’m new and when I clicked I honestly thought u were bezingha 😂
Breaker Pred letom
I believe in just 1 month u will hit 1.5 million subscribers,,,,,, btw I subscribed, this is the first video I saw and I loved it,
kiko Pred letom
Respect for kon for helping the sidemen while doing his own youtube content.. Keep up ma man!!
NOTHING 2413 Pred letom
Respect the hardwork bro keep it up 💯🤘👏
Travis Ireland
Travis Ireland Pred letom
Correct but not watching 1 and 2
EvaQ8 Pred letom
track id at 13:35 someone ? :D
Logan Adams
Logan Adams Pred letom
Not gonna lie JJ be shredding hard af
Lhognath Lhog
Lhognath Lhog Pred letom
This is why everyone says Kon is Ethan's brother
jason smith
jason smith Pred letom
yessss matee i lovr it
intelligent Human
About the intro if people watch KSI or any of the Sidemen and they dont know who you are Kon then they arent true fans g
Tharsan J
Tharsan J Pred letom
lit ep.
Fahima Y
Fahima Y Pred letom
17:21 when is this shirt being released 😩
Fahima Y
Fahima Y Pred letom
How does kon burn calories so quick I lose 25 calories in a 10 min run how did he lose 80 in a 5 min run😩😩
legendsnowSK - CoDM
How’d you know I only clicked cause of ksi 😂
Alex w
Alex w Pred letom
Your correct I only clicked because ksi was in the thumbnail
Aji Kuriakose
Aji Kuriakose Pred letom
people came here only to see jj train
MIA XO Pred letom
Skillshare - give me money SLtv - have loads of free videos about everything
E Cruz
E Cruz Pred letom
Great Job Kon. Keep Grinding keep up the good work. Very inspirational to all and pushing til the very end. Keep up the good work‼️‼️‼️💯
Daniel Canwell
Daniel Canwell Pred letom
Leaving the night out... Love that commitment from you!
Darryl G
Darryl G Pred letom
This series made me realize that even though you’re “unhealthy” You still can do most things that heavier people can’t do. I mean you can swim, ice skate and do many athletic things (I can’t even fo those). Hype for you kon.
Destiny Jones
Destiny Jones Pred letom
another underrated youtubers
Harry W
Harry W Pred letom
"whos hand is this"
LCT Pred letom
Probably lost some more when the lights went off 😉😉
f off
f off Pred letom
As much as i love ksi i think that a fight without headguards will be his doom. We all saw how logan went in and i think ksi cant take all this punches. He couldnt take them with headguard so how will he take them without one. 😂
Superhoran21 Pred letom
Enough ads??
Hazy Vizions
Hazy Vizions Pred letom
Good job bro keep it up 🙏🏻 And JJ is just another beast when he puts his mind to something he achieves it much respect to him !
J80TLK Pred letom
bro, this is big. congrats
LR10 Comps
LR10 Comps Pred letom
What's the song used during the workout with KSI?
AB Alan
AB Alan Pred letom
oussama vx
oussama vx Pred letom
yoo jj is looking like a beast i like the super sayen 3 mode
URIX IX Pred letom
0:13 how did he know
Levi Litman
Levi Litman Pred letom
This series was great!
allana Pred letom
the effort you put is insane
Charlie Heed
Charlie Heed Pred letom
What kind of calorie tracker does he use?
A Wilsdorf
A Wilsdorf Pred letom
Fantastic video. Loved it mate
Shahzaman Khan
Shahzaman Khan Pred letom
we all know how Kon went from 4,438 to 5000 :P 18:11
Harrison Peck
Harrison Peck Pred letom
Everyone prefers Randolph
Docke Pred letom
JJ going supersaiyen easily
Jay Pred letom
Sick video ❤️
AAS454 GAMING Pred letom
I just watched cause jj’s in the thumbnail
NO VISION Pred letom
Ur a bit unfit m8 how about u focus on ur weight
Viraj Shah
Viraj Shah Pred letom
JJ is finally shredding
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