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10. sep. 2020

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Konstantin Pred mesecem
Constantinos Michail
hey just wanted to say that I'm half russian as well and my name is Kon and Con at the same time cause I'm also half cypriot
Jastej Gill
Jastej Gill Pred mesecem
Kon you need to DM @sivemorten on Twitter not post on his subreddit
Yousef Gouda
Yousef Gouda Pred mesecem
He said to contact his editor Sive
Yousef Gouda
Yousef Gouda Pred mesecem
You can contact sive his editor
Shubham Bhole
Shubham Bhole Pred mesecem
I became okoo
jedda Pred 29 dnevi
ᗩᗪOᒪᖴ ᗷᒪ
I won’t be Suppressed if this was Badzinga’s Brother.
Trash Ladd
Trash Ladd Pred mesecem
Wait why is josh so mean
Jack Endean
Jack Endean Pred mesecem
It’s kinda annoying that he can’t say bald properly
Whirlzz Pred mesecem
Still can’t believe you actually changed your Reddit pfp to the picture I made. Thank you so much ❤️🙏
pukeylukey199 Pred mesecem
Would you do a video tutorial of how you do a project it'd be cool to see your process; why you set cameras that why, why you chose those shots cwhat you did to edit them. Start to finish. Won't be the best video SLtv wise (Clickbaits galore) but thats would help others looking to get into it.
AAKHGHG Pred mesecem
Kon, if you want to talk to PewDiePie about the diss track collab, dm his editor Sive on twitter. @sivemorten
Zaayonik Pred mesecem
Kon : Do you want me to say about squarespace Me : No Kon : Squarespace is ideal for creating professional websites Me : "Ah shit, here we go again"
MRA edits
MRA edits Pred mesecem
Dog actor=doctor I just blew your mind
Kamikaze Pred mesecem
Ngl I don’t like the new cameraman on Josh’s channel cuz of the smudge on the entire vid
Ant.Edits_ Kaasje
Ant.Edits_ Kaasje Pred mesecem
8:04 I made it to and it got like 4 or 5 up votes en personally I think mine was better and I’m only 12 years old! Sad me noises*
Mission Exposed
Mission Exposed Pred mesecem
Only nice reddit
Mission Exposed
Mission Exposed Pred mesecem
SONG SONG!!!!!!!!!!
The Dally-Outlaw
The Dally-Outlaw Pred mesecem
Thought I’d make it 222 comments
Mohamed Ammar
Mohamed Ammar Pred mesecem
EO Pred mesecem
6:50 That's my Outroooo
Stuart James Anderson
Get Konstantin to 1 million subs
Caleb Jackson
Caleb Jackson Pred mesecem
Who else is super gassed about JJ’s new music video thats coming out this Friday that Kon has directed?
Jamxz Pred mesecem
make a music video ft ksi
Just a Random Channel
Squarespace be spending on Big Man Kon Big up
NazalR7 Pred mesecem
Yo badman pls release a new song
Conaway Pred mesecem
get this to the top of comments so he does another song
cmcfall77 _
cmcfall77 _ Pred mesecem
You have to dm his editor called sive, he put his twitter on the screen
You Dont Need To Know This
Not even mad about the absolute spamming of squarespace, if you aren't getting the love you deserve in the form of subscribers, you atleast deserve the money for all the hardwork
BOXPIE Pred mesecem
dm sive !
Kreate Pred mesecem
What mic is he using?
Ahmed Nahian
Ahmed Nahian Pred mesecem
Does kon know that there is a kpop band name ikon.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Victor Flores
Victor Flores Pred mesecem
Main Videos: Kon Mondays or KONdays Reddit Days: Stantin Saturdays
Riley Watkin
Riley Watkin Pred mesecem
Make another track plz
CRIM Pred mesecem
i really love this guy
Franklin Ticas Castellon
Yes Kon! My guy! Do all of them. I love all the ideas!
mehmedcraft34 Pred mesecem
This man knows how to get views.
Jake Paul
Jake Paul Pred mesecem
I liked the lighting change when the integration happened
Henry Davidson
Henry Davidson Pred mesecem
JJ can easily connect PewDiePie
Fresh Kesh
Fresh Kesh Pred mesecem
200th comment
jv Pred mesecem
so kon do you like own squarespace or something what’s the deal here
plopploofer Pred mesecem
monzk Pred mesecem
6:56 I'm sorry but that's complete shit lmao
Sadok Baraketi
Sadok Baraketi Pred mesecem
Josh was lowkey mean 😂
Pancake Smasher
Pancake Smasher Pred mesecem
Literally the first thing that popped into my head when pewds posted that XD
GamerRavage26 Pred mesecem
“Kontent with Kon” for Reddit videos
TheSinging Diamond
TheSinging Diamond Pred mesecem
Do the disstrack cuz you'll get loads of memes for reddit therefore more content
pop bubble
pop bubble Pred mesecem
spr_carz Pred mesecem
Yes lol
NATHAN OOMMEN Pred mesecem
The Dark Carnage
The Dark Carnage Pred mesecem
Chavan Pred mesecem
Kon you can try contacting mo cause he knows Sive and you can get in contact with sive who you are suppose to dm to enter the compitation
bramthesmooveboss Pred mesecem
Please do not go bold
Josh Leader
Josh Leader Pred mesecem
Josh said in vid that neck hurt from sidemen vid no idea what it is but hoping they do zorb footy in dark that would be funny
dasharath u menon
dasharath u menon Pred mesecem
What's up with his eyes man looks like he's high as a cloud lol
Daniel Sá
Daniel Sá Pred mesecem
heyyyyy my post got to be in kon´s video
DarklingCorn 668
DarklingCorn 668 Pred mesecem
Don’t go bald
Dylan Hickman
Dylan Hickman Pred mesecem
Do redit Wednesday
RIzky Arief
RIzky Arief Pred mesecem
Bro im loving all of the ideas that you told us about in this videos!!
Jace Pred mesecem
I love the behind the scenes videos because I like to see what you do and how you film stuff
MegatronYoutube Pred mesecem
Kon you just need to DM Sive Morten on Twitter. He is PewDiePie customer support
Beano 29
Beano 29 Pred mesecem
Next song is going to be a diss track on josh after that response
Tsuzal Pred mesecem
Kon dm sivemorten on Twitter. For the pewdiepie music video.
VWGaming Pred mesecem
bruh if you direct music vid for pewdiepie that is hugee, really look forward to you actually doing it make sure you document it
Abhi Samak
Abhi Samak Pred mesecem
Kon saying hes in the sidemen sunday Everyone liked that
SnIperxSl0th Pred mesecem
go on pewdiepies subreddit and type konstantin a guy with the name u/barbarian1133 posted something about kon looking to collab. go upvote it
lizzie02t Pred mesecem
My video has no sound
Mza 28
Mza 28 Pred mesecem
Pewdiepie:Dm SiveMortem Kon:i wish there was somebody i can Dm 😂
Goh Yu Tim
Goh Yu Tim Pred mesecem
i'd have a random reddit day? i think that its cool!
DragPlaysGames Pred mesecem
I see that *Megamind* reference.
Just Zeus
Just Zeus Pred mesecem
A dogtor😂😂
TheMighty Cat
TheMighty Cat Pred mesecem
bro it would be sick seeing kon collab with pewdiepie.
Littleminter Pred mesecem
@konstantin when you do reddit you should call it reddit wednesdays.
Adam Smith Premium
Adam Smith Premium Pred mesecem
Lol kon looks like he's on coke. Luv u kon❤
Danny Martian
Danny Martian Pred mesecem
Okay. This is nuts! Kon, I don’t know if you’re reading this comment, but I’m the guy that posted that meme about you not cleaning your camera. I apologize for mistaking you for another cameraman. I had no idea. But low key, though, Josh really needs to hire a new cameraman. Either that or try to get you back. Either way, big fan of your work. This was so awesome! ❤️
Matrix Titan
Matrix Titan Pred mesecem
I think you could do something like "how to make and film a music ,(video) in 24 hours"
William Patrick
William Patrick Pred mesecem
Arsalan Ali
Arsalan Ali Pred mesecem
Hi now i cry but why haven't you still said hi oh well bye
ALKEG Pred mesecem
Kon you have to DM sive (PewDiePie’s editor) for the disstrack edit
OCTPUSIK Pred mesecem
Kon u just need to dm sive his editor on twitter
Ollie Pred mesecem
can’t wait for the JJ FELIX track! oi if that actually happens right, imagine the views! Over 100M I can only imagine those beautiful horn sounds, until then🙏🏽
Lethal Bacon
Lethal Bacon Pred mesecem
Kon it said in big text to contact sive on insta on pewds vid.
Fro5ty Pred mesecem
Kon Wednesdays
Robert Healy
Robert Healy Pred mesecem
Uno how some fifa you tubers have coin sponsors that they just shove a loop at the start kon should just do that with willne space
Roberto 17457
Roberto 17457 Pred mesecem
I was so excited to see if my reddit post was in the video but it wasnt so rip :/
Alien Monkei
Alien Monkei Pred mesecem
Elmirtheone Pred mesecem
Im so sad that he skipped my post with 176 upvotes, im aleays unlu ky with reactions
Roasting Camp
Roasting Camp Pred mesecem
Dm his editor sive Morton and also post it on r/pewdiepiemusicvideo
Thanos Diamantopoulos
Pewds x Kon collab would be mad
N4thanmb4 _
N4thanmb4 _ Pred mesecem
Do these more
sparkle listz
sparkle listz Pred mesecem
I am new in here and my first impression of him is he was chill and a cool dude u have a new sub today !
Louis Houiller
Louis Houiller Pred mesecem
Lil Soothe
Lil Soothe Pred mesecem
Diss track clothes in the tank
All about boxing
All about boxing Pred mesecem
13:16 I got about a 100 upvotes, still did not make it😖✊ *sad noises*
Alik Bar
Alik Bar Pred mesecem
Why Josh fire you
MJenius MJ
MJenius MJ Pred mesecem
It's been 2 mins in and Kon just reminded me that it's almost been 2 years since the disstrack
R James_
R James_ Pred mesecem
Kon: Editor, cut that out!? Me: As if he has an editor You must be the best, most privaledged human on planet earth
tjappa schuur
tjappa schuur Pred mesecem
Pros and kons with professionals in their field sounds like a great idea!
Jesse Ormond
Jesse Ormond Pred mesecem
This man actually has some of THE BEST content coming from the UK this year. Sooooo underrated. Get him to a mil by 2021 I beg
Liddz Pred mesecem
Weddit Wednesday
Kazi Samir
Kazi Samir Pred mesecem
Just DM sive + The subreddit for video is different
Felipe lopez
Felipe lopez Pred mesecem
The challenge ends on my birthday
Jay Gagwani
Jay Gagwani Pred mesecem
Some dm sive the clip where kon says he's down to colab
Erik van Schie
Erik van Schie Pred mesecem
If you are going to do more music, please do it comedic, like your disstrack
Pranav Bhardwaj
Pranav Bhardwaj Pred mesecem
Kon DM sive(pewdiepie's editor) on twitter for the project discussion
Giuseppe Pred mesecem
Konstantin Pred mesecem
Ahaha yes!!!! Love that name