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2. feb. 2021

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Atharva Pawar
Atharva Pawar Pred 22 dnevi
Watching after 2 monts, good to see kon with hair
Matty Morgan
Matty Morgan Pred 2 meseci
wait... so is our guy russian?
Nafis Rahman
Nafis Rahman Pred 2 meseci
Kons SLtv content is such high quality - so underrated. Deserves 1 mil!
Katie Stephens
Katie Stephens Pred 2 meseci
Dude deserves 1M just for his views on Doctor Who !
Oana Zorlescu
Oana Zorlescu Pred 2 meseci
bro, dont say harry maguire is alright, even man united fans hate him lmao
Shayan Nuri
Shayan Nuri Pred 2 meseci
Bro missed opportunity for naming the video KONspiracies...
Kedarnath S
Kedarnath S Pred 2 meseci
"I'm 6'1 that's average right?" JJ: *cries in 5'10*
This man deserves more recognition❤️🙏🏾
tom Pred 2 meseci
Mr Me Myself & I
Mr Me Myself & I Pred 2 meseci
I’m a week late so odds are that you don’t see this but your relationship with Kirsty is the best of the Sidemen group... just here to say that
FluFNBR Pred 2 meseci
Looks like ethans bro
Kemianna Spence
Kemianna Spence Pred 2 meseci
Kon, did you know honey is bee vomit looooool
Nilesh Amarathunge
Nilesh Amarathunge Pred 3 meseci
yoo record a sidemen cricket video🏏🏏
Strafin Kanga
Strafin Kanga Pred 3 meseci
Kon, don’t sell yourself short, the amount of effort put into the sidemen channels and your videos is evident you are truly amazing with the camera 💯 I see you producing and directing your own movie one day
Luis Perez
Luis Perez Pred 3 meseci
The intro was 🔥💯🔥💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Reshiram EX
Reshiram EX Pred 3 meseci
My man's said with his chest that 6'1 was average/okay 😳. Me knowing I'm only 5'9 😅
Ezra Brooks
Ezra Brooks Pred 3 meseci
Just commenting to make the video more recommended 😂
Ezra Brooks
Ezra Brooks Pred 3 meseci
Just commenting to make the video more recommended 😂
Ezra Brooks
Ezra Brooks Pred 3 meseci
Just commenting to make the video more recommended 😂
Ezra Brooks
Ezra Brooks Pred 3 meseci
Just commenting to make the video more recommended 😂
Ezra Brooks
Ezra Brooks Pred 3 meseci
Just commenting to make the video more recommended 😂
Ezra Brooks
Ezra Brooks Pred 3 meseci
Just commenting to make the video more recommended 😂
Ezra Brooks
Ezra Brooks Pred 3 meseci
Just commenting to make the video more recommended 😂
Faiz Khalifa
Faiz Khalifa Pred 3 meseci
Kon and Kirsty are goals
Faiz Khalifa
Faiz Khalifa Pred 3 meseci
If you're watching this please sub to Kon
becky Towers
becky Towers Pred 3 meseci
U have the nicest voice to listen to 😊
Brandon Pred 3 meseci
Can we just deep that kon doesn’t know who Harry maguire is 😶
Rajman Munankami
Rajman Munankami Pred 3 meseci
Kon: Honey is our sponsor for todays video Me: HEHHHHHHH
Grainey_Dev Pred 3 meseci
NO not the logitech webcam lol
Grainey_Dev Pred 3 meseci
Doctor Who 'was' banging lol
Grainey_Dev Pred 3 meseci
When you Showed me your setup and how much effort you put into your videos i subscribed lol ps. Nice Video Loved it
C CF Pred 3 meseci
Collab with bald and bankerupt ? 😂
SmokeAutumn5 Pred 3 meseci
kong bro catch up with doctor who man theres like 3 others doctors after david tennant go watching it man next one is matt smith
Dylan O'Halloran
Dylan O'Halloran Pred 3 meseci
Someone get this man to show LTT how to write a segue!
Viktor laurila
Viktor laurila Pred 3 meseci
Can you react to funny english football Chants
Siddharth Srinivas
Siddharth Srinivas Pred 3 meseci
Kon you are the best, you always make my day with your innocent sense of humor and your great knowledge on editing and photography. Love all the way from India man. Idk if you will see this but I would flip if you responded.
John_d 31
John_d 31 Pred 3 meseci
The Russian government using kon to get info about the next sidemen Sunday is hilarious 😂
Ben Sims
Ben Sims Pred 3 meseci
If sidemen took in a new member it would have to be Kon
Luke Barretto
Luke Barretto Pred 3 meseci
I was the one who asked that you are a spy from Russia and you are spying on the sidemen
Andrea DC
Andrea DC Pred 3 meseci
the color correction on this one is beautiful Kon!
AB bmt
AB bmt Pred 3 meseci
"in every likkle way" dat was hard
alen saji
alen saji Pred 3 meseci
kon big time now getting honey sponsorship and all
Madhav Dahiphale
Madhav Dahiphale Pred 3 meseci
I was hoping for a sidemen behind the scenes
Quetzali Ostrich
Quetzali Ostrich Pred 3 meseci
That's disrespectful
Amazanta Pred 3 meseci
Love the jokes here lol
Clout master 69
Clout master 69 Pred 3 meseci
Love how kon has no idea who slap head is
Imaad IDK
Imaad IDK Pred 3 meseci
5:50 that's meeeeeeeeeeeee hallo
Amadea Franstella
Amadea Franstella Pred 3 meseci
Is it weird that I actually want to third-wheel Kon and Kirsty? I'd probably pee my pants but have a great time nonetheless.
Арюна Башинова
обожаю то, что ты делаешь!! респект;) продолжай doing bits!
Quetzali Ostrich
Quetzali Ostrich Pred 3 meseci
Chichinyenyo por lo mam koksu ven gram
Tapiwa Muza
Tapiwa Muza Pred 3 meseci
Bruh this man's editing skills 🔥🔥🔥...make it make sense 😯😯😯
Stephen Iyanu
Stephen Iyanu Pred 3 meseci
Would be a madness if Kon followed me back on IG though 😂....the dude is great at his craft no 🧢
UrbanPix Pred 3 meseci
Where can you join the discord ?
BrodieTV Pred 3 meseci
“Wrong, I have an X6 not an X5” HAHAHHA I LOVE YOU BRO
Chef Pee Pee
Chef Pee Pee Pred 2 meseci
Zwertix Pred 3 meseci
@Konstantin hi kon
Konstantin Pred 3 meseci
😅 I knew you’d love that one aha
Harry Smith
Harry Smith Pred 3 meseci
Kon is underrated man he deserves way more views
Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds Pred 3 meseci
Anyone know what his twitch is?
Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds Pred 3 meseci
@Konstantin omggg yeas I’m so excited
Konstantin Pred 3 meseci
KonKonLive - I will be starting to stream consistently next month :)
Sam Harris
Sam Harris Pred 3 meseci
This was actually a really good video, keeping it interesting and love the editing jeeeezzz tecxars haha rate the effort gone into this man , keep up with the madness
Kingjames02st Pred 3 meseci
Talks about his twitch - also kon ‘last steamed 7 months ago’
Виктор Дьяков
Kon, who you lying to, its not honey on pancakes, its sguschenka on bliny!
Sonia x
Sonia x Pred 3 meseci
Kon: curl up cos of the pain (after a dump) - depends what i ate that week. .... !?? If your pooping after a week, you need more fibre, weetabix, 6dates if constipated, pear apple and banana. Thank Me Later.
Saad_ whoelse
Saad_ whoelse Pred 3 meseci
ay yo sub to konstantin now m8
IEatCurry Pred 3 meseci
'You run the sidemen' 'No, the sidemen run me'
DamianGRH Pred 3 meseci
Joe Alley
Joe Alley Pred 3 meseci
Man like KONNNN
Johnathan Rodriguez
Johnathan Rodriguez Pred 3 meseci
Come on million 2021
Frazer Ingham
Frazer Ingham Pred 3 meseci
Great video keep up the great work💯💯
FunkierCrib Pred 3 meseci
Sponsored by Honey?! YES KON ❤️🔥
Stefan Cardwell
Stefan Cardwell Pred 3 meseci
Do you think Kon will like this? I would like that, but still doesn't change that he is one of the most talented people on SLtv. Legend ♥️
AxTech Pred 3 meseci
Kon to 1mill!!!
The MadIrishCow
The MadIrishCow Pred 3 meseci
Amazing video Kon!
MasterCrafter101 - Minecraft & more
woow new car new house you really are gettig paid a lot they weren't joking
Please help get 1k subscribers
To the person who is reading this you’re perfect and don’t let anyone bring you down
zack 41
zack 41 Pred 3 meseci
Why is slabhead is in here always ruining my life cant even score a open goal
vishal pratik
vishal pratik Pred 3 meseci
Epic video
Curious_Cat Pred 3 meseci
Hey Kon, do you think you can make a clone of yourself and send it to me? I can't find guys like you around here which is a pity. :/
Spectrum4Real Pred 3 meseci
The green leaves with the blue lights reminds me of Jurassic world...
ArticulatePanda Pred 3 meseci
Let's go I was the 1000th like
Sergej Stojanovic
Sergej Stojanovic Pred 3 meseci
So fucking sick car
The destroyer 777
The destroyer 777 Pred 3 meseci
When are the sidemen gonna shout to push kon to a mill?? Underateddddd
Azwad Sifat
Azwad Sifat Pred 3 meseci
Vansh Nayak
Vansh Nayak Pred 3 meseci
U said if u dont like pancake you were not loved in chilhood...What about in india where people dont know bout pancake
Tehqzy Pred 3 meseci
Reece Johnson
Reece Johnson Pred 3 meseci
My trim is so bad I wear a hat in the toilet
MxTj0_ Pred 3 meseci
6:15 oh so the sidemen pay that much eh?
Fares Pred 3 meseci
Get this legend to 1 mil
John Robertson
John Robertson Pred 3 meseci
Khon out here bein consistent with uplooooaads? Bout to hit 1 mil real soon my guy💯
Chuckiie Pred 3 meseci
Subscribe you Monsters
Patrick Cartwright
Patrick Cartwright Pred 3 meseci
Kon USSR 1Mill takeover 💪🇷🇺
Almeida Márcio
Almeida Márcio Pred 3 meseci
2:23 oooohhh thats why you got a new haircut last night
Konstantin Pred 3 meseci
HAHAHAHA I think the new cut is shorter but more patchy
DiyaCake Pred 3 meseci
8:55 No wonder in the sidemen split and steal, Simon's eyes looked sick xD
Vistrix Pred 3 meseci
man sponsored by honey, big leagues now
DiyaCake Pred 3 meseci
8:55, no wonder in the sidemen split and steal Simon's eyes looked sick xD
OSCAR Pred 3 meseci
love you
Kendrip Pred 3 meseci
Logitech web cam ahh i see what you did there nice brand placement....how much they pay you...haha..am kidding nah how much they pay you
Futo Pred 3 meseci
Someone explain why people say first do they want to stand out and not watch the video for the content not First
Sanchez ICE
Sanchez ICE Pred 3 meseci
when u realise KON didn't reply to your message on INSTA! :(
liam persson
liam persson Pred 3 meseci
2:50 nice segway
Elite Pred 3 meseci
I have no idea why i said Kon secretely owned a sex dungeon. 😅
Jakob Sharpe
Jakob Sharpe Pred 3 meseci
Subscribe to Kon or else the Kremlin will deactivate him!
T Eduardo
T Eduardo Pred 3 meseci
kon's jokes, love this dude
Tim Fisherman
Tim Fisherman Pred 3 meseci
2021 1 million subs guaranteed
KausThita Pred 3 meseci
4:33 That was class 😂
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