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16. sep. 2018

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Konstantin Pred 2 leti
Had to re-upload due to the video not rendering properly!!! Anyway enjoy you lot let me know your predictions.
Haroon Mubtakir
Haroon Mubtakir Pred 2 leti
where can i get the KON merch.....
Adam James
Adam James Pred 2 leti
cmtricks chivers
cmtricks chivers Pred 2 leti
Pavietheran Sriskantharajah just shut up
Pavietheran Sriskantharajah
If u love your fans replie to me pls
cmtricks chivers
cmtricks chivers Pred 2 leti
I reakon majority draw u know
Felicity Evans
Felicity Evans Pred 4 meseci
This was so fun watching Brian being all jealous and kon and Laurence having banter
Tharsan J
Tharsan J Pred letom
Now his on almost 300k subs lit ep.
michael puente
michael puente Pred letom
What does Lewis do? I seen him in a couple sidemen videos and affiliates vids
Plasmo Wiz
Plasmo Wiz Pred letom
Randolphs got more subs now 😂
JAYBEE Music Pred 2 leti
Uploaded on my bday
RFC Lewis RFC Pred 2 leti
“Kon is eating my lunch” -Laurence
ZUIRTUZZ 269 Pred 2 leti
Spoilers they draw
LT FIZZY Pred 2 leti
the end man im dead
Alkan Channel
Alkan Channel Pred 2 leti
fight Zoella
The Hh
The Hh Pred 2 leti
Can someone explain the ending? 😂
The Hh
The Hh Pred 2 leti
6:26 Hahahhaha
MegaAbomin8r Pred 2 leti
are you guys legit having a boxing fight?
Smokeyy Pred 2 leti
Is it just me or has Kon lost weight?
ShaneOfThrones Pred 2 leti
I hope they have a legit match
HST Pranks
HST Pranks Pred 2 leti
Kon your content has been great over the past couple of months and good luck in the fight
Ozair 2510
Ozair 2510 Pred 2 leti
Is this beef real
Toxiic Pred 2 leti
6:30 Geordies laugh kills me
Jabaholic Pred 2 leti
The first scene with brian was actually class. Sick one mate
Joe Abrahams
Joe Abrahams Pred 2 leti
5:45 what's it called
Joe Abrahams
Joe Abrahams Pred 2 leti
OSM Vision
OSM Vision Pred 2 leti
Odotsheaman - Repo
Dave Eaton
Dave Eaton Pred 2 leti
Can I feature in the music video lol
Jake Taylor • 12 years ago .
I’m actually confused on wether they are actually fighting
Jack Mckie
Jack Mckie Pred 2 leti
Its so cringe haha
Mitchell Smith
Mitchell Smith Pred 2 leti
What like professions and gcse and stuff do you need to have to be what kon is, what job even is it? Video directing? I want do do something like this but don’t know much about it I’ve just started year 9 so this is an important year any help lol
Austin Kingsley
Austin Kingsley Pred 2 leti
@Mitchell Smith no worries :)
Mitchell Smith
Mitchell Smith Pred 2 leti
Austin Kingsley thanks loads
Austin Kingsley
Austin Kingsley Pred 2 leti
@Mitchell Smith idk man, just read up on it online and see what's best for you. Hope you make it :)
Mitchell Smith
Mitchell Smith Pred 2 leti
Austin Kingsley I don’t know what I want to do is the thing, I wanna do this but like if that fails I have nothing I wanna be
Austin Kingsley
Austin Kingsley Pred 2 leti
Mitchell Smith no worries, but you should always keep your options open. From what I know it's pretty hard to get into music production, much harder than getting into engineering somewhere in America, Europe, or the Middle East.
Mouse Pad
Mouse Pad Pred 2 leti
kids behind camera
FemtioCent Pred 2 leti
Lol the ending haha!
Natasha Kotru
Natasha Kotru Pred 2 leti
2:29 😂😂
FIFA FRANTIC Pred 2 leti
Can u and Josh analyse that music video like On Point
Rusydinul Pred 2 leti
randolp make 15 acc and disliked ur vid
Nedinos Pred 2 leti
Sounds like Brian could sing? Just me?
Laura O'Donnell
Laura O'Donnell Pred 2 leti
Honestly can’t tell where the fake beef ends and the real beef begins with these lads
EdTek Pred 2 leti
Summer lovin'... had me a blast.
Ali Sheikh
Ali Sheikh Pred 2 leti
Shit content, you're better than this. No purpose to this video didn't take much from it.
fifa legend
fifa legend Pred 2 leti
Randolph would win
Will Pred 2 leti
His music is genuinely so awful
dthrie Pred 2 leti
"This place feels like a greenhouse, no wonder you've grown so tall" fucking hilarious
Ronny DiSalvo
Ronny DiSalvo Pred 2 leti
Hey I’m an old fuker on Long Island..New York..love the content brings back memories of me n. Y boys,,enjoy every second of it man..u a good dude,,tell Brian stop wit he hour long futbol vids and do more like this..unfortunately in America we don’t give a shit about soccer,,I mean futbol..and his n your personality are great content even just doing silly fun shit,,trust me man..u both can blow a lot more ..thanks for keeping my old ass entertained I appreciate it
OSM Vision
OSM Vision Pred 2 leti
jheeeze im gassed! My guy Konstantin ya kna! Track at 5:45 by me
Sabeel Khan
Sabeel Khan Pred 2 leti
How many dislikes can I get #pewdipie
Ish 1
Ish 1 Pred 2 leti
Kon pulling up on Randy and he GOT EXPOSED ooooooooooooooooooooo! Great vid!
Matthew Launchbury
Matthew Launchbury Pred 2 leti
randolph vs kon (undercard)
Jakeasaurus01 Pred 2 leti
I saw you yesterday in Lakeside, wasnt sure to say hi or nah.
SamSned97 Pred 2 leti
would love a new intro of you turning, the screen freezing with your cheesey smile, lawrences voice saying"everybody loves kon" and the words appearing arched around your head as he says it
culturalize Pred 2 leti
Kon is like the rookie in a fighting movie who touches everything and breaks them xd
JZ And Bianca
JZ And Bianca Pred 2 leti
When are you gonna get punch 🥊 again 😂😂
Emmanuel Munyani
Emmanuel Munyani Pred 2 leti
That transition for the music playing from phone to video was filth, carry on
Carli Stott
Carli Stott Pred 2 leti
My days!! He can actually sing
Randolph Pred 2 leti
After I leave you on the floor Brian is next
Random content guy
Random content guy Pred 2 leti
Brian would punch you into next dimension
Sexy Fusion
Sexy Fusion Pred 2 leti
I like all the sidemen and friends... But you and kon
isaiah Pred 2 leti
Ur so underated like con
isaiah Pred 2 leti
Hi randolph love ur vids
Tom GT
Tom GT Pred 2 leti
Randolph Brian would sit on you
Lydon Green
Lydon Green Pred 2 leti
Kon is going to win.
Robert Drăcea
Robert Drăcea Pred 2 leti
the song is fire
Jack Douglas
Jack Douglas Pred 2 leti
Brian, Kon and Loz is such a good trio
legendary-_-26 0
legendary-_-26 0 Pred 2 leti
Are they actually gonna fight
aidain ashby
aidain ashby Pred 2 leti
Kon is getting train by true there is no loss there kon 100%
El Tanko
El Tanko Pred 2 leti
😂 great vid had me in stitches
Sam Berry
Sam Berry Pred 2 leti
Is this actually going to happen. Im so confused
Imnotoo Wise
Imnotoo Wise Pred 2 leti
That ending
Haidar Ali
Haidar Ali Pred 2 leti
Great vid bro, your awesome
Jellybean 28
Jellybean 28 Pred 2 leti
love u Kon but everyone needs to stop fighting joe vs JJ. JJ vs logan and others it needs to stops. ur next setting a good f****** example to younger viewers I'm sick of it but I'm on ur side tho
CammyB Pred 2 leti
This fight will be better than KSI vs Logan Paul
Emelia King
Emelia King Pred 2 leti
Yay someone liked my comment Oh wait...it was me
Syeda Shakila Islam
Its so hard to choose between kon and randolph they'r both so blessed
JHolland Pred 2 leti
My guy Randolph playing Spider-Man
Spacky Jack
Spacky Jack Pred 2 leti
Con the next SLtv boxing champ
Scap Pred 2 leti
So lucky to have met you in Southend, sorry again for the way I approached you.
KG Productions
KG Productions Pred 2 leti
Was about to comment on the last upload about the weird cut off ending but, here we go, sorted! Drop a disstrack on Randolph and let KSI direct it ;D
Emelia King
Emelia King Pred 2 leti
Whose gonna win Like for kon Comment for Randolph
EZ DJ Skywalker
EZ DJ Skywalker Pred 2 leti
Rhys52 E
Rhys52 E Pred 2 leti
Report if your tired of this
fizzys edits
fizzys edits Pred 2 leti
FireBlazzt Pred 2 leti
tarqo Pred 2 leti
Reupload for that 10 mins x)
Emelia King
Emelia King Pred 2 leti
Omg it's deja vu😂
Cai Spedding
Cai Spedding Pred 2 leti
I would actually love to watch a proper fight between these two in the rematch
Aðalsteinn Máni
Aðalsteinn Máni Pred 2 leti
is this actually happening
Daniel McConnell
Daniel McConnell Pred 2 leti
If con will win like this comment
jimmi cartwright
jimmi cartwright Pred 2 leti
Kon makes me laugh sm🤣🤣, keep up the good content g❤
The Musical Guy
The Musical Guy Pred 2 leti
Yoooo such a good yt love u
Rudez Rudy
Rudez Rudy Pred 2 leti
Charlie brxn
Charlie brxn Pred 2 leti
36th commenter
A . J
A . J Pred 2 leti
Roses are red Violets are blue 5 people are “1st” And none of them are you
Niraj G
Niraj G Pred 2 leti
Before 100 views 🔥
AlfieAFC /Comps
AlfieAFC /Comps Pred 2 leti
you are so inspirational
Harry Ford
Harry Ford Pred 2 leti
Love you bro keep up the good work
Danielofhyrule Pred 2 leti
New video hype!
Conrad Annor-Wiredu
Udhhshssysshssyssusjsysyssssgshsssjushshssiss yewgwwjjwuywge
SeaveyGal Mitchell
SeaveyGal Mitchell Pred 2 leti
Ahhh I’m so exited to see your journey ❤️❤️❤️
ꬺꬰⱬꬳ Pred 2 leti
lol ok
BERT Pred 2 leti
hey kon
The Truth Maker
The Truth Maker Pred 2 leti
who thinks randolph will win
what hell
what hell Pred 2 leti
literally everyone
JSC Pred 2 leti
When is KSI and randolph maling a new song
kelsey Pred 2 leti
This is everything ❤️
Jeevan Gill
Jeevan Gill Pred 2 leti
Shou Pred 2 leti
Peter Stafford
Peter Stafford Pred 2 leti
Kon vs Behzinga
Gurdial Kusbia
Gurdial Kusbia Pred 2 leti
Ya yeet
ronapar tv
ronapar tv Pred 2 leti
Yo Kon you are an inspiration bro 👊🏻❤️
Warren Sabih
Warren Sabih Pred 2 leti
Boris Pred 2 leti
Target 37
Target 37 Pred 2 leti
Not first This is a re opload
Dathu Pred 2 leti
cmtricks chivers
cmtricks chivers Pred 2 leti
What happened there
Attlee Maycock
Attlee Maycock Pred 2 leti
B4 the B3gging
B4 the B3gging Pred 2 leti
Salumi Pred 2 leti
Randolph vs. KON - FACE 2 FACE
FREAKS Of Nature In Boxing!