Reacting to a Diss Track on Me from Deji's Cameraman 

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30. nov. 2018

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Elaw13 Pred 25 dnevi
why has no one else commented on the subtle roast of "Leave it, don't get money involved into this, you don't want that"? like that was such a good subtle comeback.
シAbdigani Pred mesecem
DazzaFiddy8 Pred 2 meseci
"Dont Get Money Involved In This.. You Dont Want That" LOLOLOL
Mr Claw4
Mr Claw4 Pred 3 meseci
I like how Kon roasted him for his editing so he comes back with a video he edits himself to prove his editing is good but the colour difference between the split frames for the clones shot are so obvious and in the middle frame when he has all 3 of himself one screen at once near the start he cuts out his own hand
Mr Claw4
Mr Claw4 Pred 3 meseci
SADAF Pred 3 meseci
I didn't even knew who the fuck was jallow, i know him since the distrack on jj XD!
SkeppyJr Pred 4 meseci
15 pound note
Muaz H
Muaz H Pred 4 meseci
Immortal Soul
Immortal Soul Pred 3 meseci
Haha salty much
Kalash Patel
Kalash Patel Pred 4 meseci
How did kon walk away with the w even when he doesn't rap
Ghost_brothers Pred 4 meseci
Higherzzz Great
Higherzzz Great Pred 4 meseci
Curious Cat
Curious Cat Pred 4 meseci
Is J-Low mop-head still a thing?
Inky1 Pred 4 meseci
Yes suka is cyka in poland (its bitch for the uneducated)
super gamer04
super gamer04 Pred 4 meseci
Big Shaq went to chef school though If you know you know
Sebastian Pred 4 meseci
Kon: no one reads descriptions Also Kon: reads the description
Dat Panda Guy
Dat Panda Guy Pred 5 meseci
dejis cameraman u mean his dad?
XxdunneyxX Pred 5 meseci
So Dejis dad did a dis on you
PRABU Pred 5 meseci
U should bring randolph on this fam
Pondyx Pred 5 meseci
2:46 POLSKA!!
Todor Serafimov
Todor Serafimov Pred 5 meseci
"Leave it, leave it dont get money involved. You dont want that" Damn.....
Quilted Live
Quilted Live Pred 5 meseci
Kevin Azeh
Kevin Azeh Pred 6 meseci
These are clear facts
Kevin Azeh
Kevin Azeh Pred 6 meseci
Daniel Levett
Daniel Levett Pred 6 meseci
Where is this reply bro
Morpheus Pubg
Morpheus Pubg Pred 6 meseci
6:10 Jallow hold a 50 p Kon : don't get money involved in this You don't want that🤷😏👍
Elemental Golem
Elemental Golem Pred 6 meseci
I mean it has the same meaning in polish
Dsupreme LouisVuitton
Dsupreme LouisVuitton Pred 7 meseci
tyler grey
tyler grey Pred 7 meseci
Jallow your mum wants her note back
Beefy Pred 7 meseci
What a g
Z. A.
Z. A. Pred 7 meseci
I swear he stole some of the beat from Simon's disstrack on Deji.
Dylan James
Dylan James Pred 9 meseci
Jallow.... CYKA BLYAT
Spook Racc
Spook Racc Pred 9 meseci
uhh of one his bars said that kon wanted to be him doesn't make sense kon has triple the subs why would he want that
nose afgan
nose afgan Pred 9 meseci
Get a Diss track from Randolph lol
Lame Lime
Lame Lime Pred 9 meseci
" I'm not going to pause that much' *pauses every 5 seconds🤨🧐🤔
Alejandro Martinez
Alejandro Martinez Pred 10 meseci
Imagine tapping the screen when calling someone
STG Pred 10 meseci
Sly disses kon does are joke “ don’t talk about money u don’t want that” 😂
Pjesu Pred 10 meseci
Let's be real here Randolph called out deji now it's like a 20 man brawl😂😂
rudina ziu
rudina ziu Pred 11 meseci
He is a full time rapper and a part time camera man
Mohammad Abbas
Mohammad Abbas Pred letom
Wait he is supposed to be a director and camera man. How is that video so unevenly exposed
Sirroco Pred letom
kon you won
Lancīts Pred letom
incase you didn't know suka means bitch in Russian
Sam Horrocks
Sam Horrocks Pred letom
Took it like a real man love it
Adam Dunlap
Adam Dunlap Pred letom
Roasting the heck out of him still tho diss on him
Nahim Ahmed
Nahim Ahmed Pred letom
Konstantin just went on Google to find out what does Suka mean it is polish and it means bitch so actually jallow is calling you a bitch damn that is deep bro feel so sorry for you
pikasu hvh
pikasu hvh Pred letom
yo i never seen u befor ei though its ethans second channel
SBN King
SBN King Pred letom
3:33 me bro, every heard "Holy Molu" on soundcloud, it had a video but my old channel got deleted
Aram Barbarian
Aram Barbarian Pred letom
2:47 Cyka*
kociak Pred letom
yh it is the polish way
fredgaming Pred letom
how can he have done it all alone when the cam is shacking around and moving HMMMMM.....
aMhuir Pred letom
Jallow eats tuna out of the can with a tea spoon
Gaafer Saloum
Gaafer Saloum Pred letom
Mate ur calling him “dejis cameraman” where most of your subs prolly know you as “ksi’s cameraman”
TRC Tuffy
TRC Tuffy Pred letom
I find it funny when he calls out con for being fat and eating a healthy apple
Agent L
Agent L Pred letom
15 pound note aint a real thing mate
Trey Pred letom
Ok so Jallow said name me someone who shoots their own diss Me:Jallow Video:SHOT AND EDITED BY ME(SERIOUS)
Johnny Johnny
Johnny Johnny Pred letom
Hes tapping the screen to prove that thats not a recording
Sobanel Pred letom
konstatieen !
Terry Miller
Terry Miller Pred letom
“You film wannabe rappers” wait a min, doesn’t he film Dejis music
Ibrahim Ahmed
Ibrahim Ahmed Pred letom
George Moore
George Moore Pred letom
i am pretty sure i hear Liverpool in this bit 1:10
IAmAMena3e Pred letom
Its true he is a wannabe
B.LA.N.K Pred letom
Budget 0 So the £50 is fake then 🤨🧐
Mr_ tired
Mr_ tired Pred letom
Lol my man said come at me
Stefos Pred letom
I thought Deji's dad dissed you. Cause he is Deji's cameraman.
PieLover- Joe
PieLover- Joe Pred letom
I don't know shit about recording and I would make a better video than his. You can't just have a good camera, you need skill. You got that
PieLover- Joe
PieLover- Joe Pred letom
His vid is honestly dry af. Your video are alive
Oneeyed King
Oneeyed King Pred letom
His budget was £0 coz he borrowed all his equipment xD
Hamz Abbiati
Hamz Abbiati Pred letom
Bruv u got bodied
SMH Hamborgarar
SMH Hamborgarar Pred letom
He stole ricegums line in taking a bite out of the apple logo
Paris Dawn
Paris Dawn Pred letom
A sentence or two 😂😂
Anonymous King
Anonymous King Pred letom
The only thing he said in Russian was love. Suka means love
The flash Indomi
The flash Indomi Pred letom
Your using deji's name in your title to get views!!!!!!!
I G Pred letom
5:35 and ksi is a youtuber who reacted to packs and played games. Not a big difference mate.
KawaiiTTex Pred letom
Keep going my slavic bruddah
Albert Kalmets
Albert Kalmets Pred letom
wow its cyka not suka...
JIMMYGAMES.052 Pred letom
he's not even fat tho
Zan Pred letom
Konstantin and Randolph are a different person wtf???
Big Arms
Big Arms Pred letom
Wait, hold up. Is this before his “bad man fam” track or was that track his reply
Big Arms
Big Arms Pred letom
Wait is Konstantin actually Russian?
Lil Meme
Lil Meme Pred letom
Big Shaq is a rapper :/
B4 Pred letom
He said you want his money but my man don’t even own a tripod lol
Fernie Pred letom
Funny how he used dejis name to get views
Pepega Clap
Pepega Clap Pred letom
Your not a bad man fam your Deji's camera man. Best line ever XD.
Dominic Oyalegan
Dominic Oyalegan Pred letom
jallow's not a bad man fam
rio boubou
rio boubou Pred letom
who are u
Daily Performance
the dislikes have the ratio of youtube rewind
Ali Star
Ali Star Pred letom
He spelled it like that because that’s how big shaq said it
Nigel Pred letom
Nahhh, Jallow’s flow feels like Deji’s...
dominik andrzej
dominik andrzej Pred letom
3:00 Yup it is Polish way. I mean it doesnt exactly mean the same as сука but it is a polish swearword gj for getting it right mate.
Ignacy Niznik
Ignacy Niznik Pred letom
Christopher Johnson
Kon is way cooler than all sidemen and friends. #respect
Marcus M
Marcus M Pred letom
Thought Deji's cameraman was his dad lmao
Just Random
Just Random Pred letom
so many people do that clone thing you was not the first
padillaasd Pred letom
In the philippines, Suka means to vomit or vinegar LOL
Creepy Creeper
Creepy Creeper Pred letom
Did jallow call big shaq love?
sam I am
sam I am Pred letom
You already won before the song began 😂 he couldn't pronounce a word an write it..soon as he began I paused it PASS😂😂😂WACK
alaronaldo Pred letom
your is better...
zap Pred letom
"*The guy that looks like bahzginga*"
Shyo Rayn
Shyo Rayn Pred letom
I can't lie...the beat is fire...love the gofundme shpill
doccii Pred letom
He says that he wont stop the video so many times... I got tilted before 4 minutes
YoungSlavStar Pred letom
tripods 15quid on shpock
Matty Czaplicki
Matty Czaplicki Pred letom
Who else is there lyk omg im polish im so famous bc he said something about poland
Michael Kiosev
Michael Kiosev Pred letom
Hah this guy is a total joke :D you got him good with the diss track and you don't have to be fearing big shaq cause he is for real a wack artis/rapper :D