How I Film Professional Product Shots At Home 

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26. mar. 2020

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Cycotic Nrg
Cycotic Nrg Pred 16 dnevi
thankyou bro for being with the sidemen for years, youve aways greats footage, the best bro, if it wasnt for you ...who knows how craps it would have been, thankyou bro
Fear Less Years Tori
Fear Less Years Tori Pred 2 meseci
Great video. I've just recently found you & your content is great really informative. I was wondering where you got your tube lights from I checked you Kits list but its not there! Ive been looking for months then bam your video pops up & your using them. Would be greatful to know, That's for sharing your knowledge😁
Fear Less Years Tori
Fear Less Years Tori Pred 2 meseci
@Konstantin Raah I didnt really expect a response but thought hey let's give it a go!! Thank youuuu for that, really appreciate it😁😁
Konstantin Pred 2 meseci
The ones I’m using here are called Astera Titan Tubes - however I can also highly recommend a company called Nanlite and their product called the Pavo Tube range
Josue Coria
Josue Coria Pred 2 meseci
kon i would like to have a chat about photography. hit me back
StonksyFPS Pred 4 meseci
Do u guys know Rachel Goldwin shes my cousin it would be kinda cool if u do lol
MushtarioYTX Pred 4 meseci
9:34 Kon predicted ksi's hair?
doris asare arko
doris asare arko Pred 4 meseci
Kon deserve 1mil subs he is the man for editing and the sidemen r really lucky to have him
Jake Wilson
Jake Wilson Pred 4 meseci
I wonder how much my man kon gets paid by sidemen for this typa studf
Sync Pred 4 meseci
Grear videos keep it up.Theyre very intresting
simsamsimsam Pred 4 meseci
If I ever became a famous youtuber and got my own youtooz I would hire you to make a trailer to showcase it lol
5,000 subscribers With no videos
Kon is a real g, in his production he chose to stay with the sidemen. He could've moved to LA and went in with movies etc and really big things but he chose to stay there with his best friends . Big respect to him.
Dochter GT
Dochter GT Pred 4 meseci
Big kon shoots a video in a video while shooting a video !?
Omlimana Tryhard
Omlimana Tryhard Pred 4 meseci
what do you even use to edit these
EthanCollins_ Pred 4 meseci
0:56 “I want that knock down”
Yassin Ali
Yassin Ali Pred 4 meseci
Your the best kon keep it up
Hadi Najjar
Hadi Najjar Pred 5 meseci
Never realised how in depth and thought out video/photography really is. I think you’ve dropped this. 👑
Hungryleo101 Pred 5 meseci
I do effects on after effects why don't you?
MQXO Pred 5 meseci
I am so confused as to why this video of all videos suggests my videos according to analytics
Alex Pred 5 meseci
Ethans doesn’t even look like him
Daniel Griggs
Daniel Griggs Pred 5 meseci
I thought I was good at editing when I added my slide transitions on PowerPoint. Then I saw this 🤷‍♂️😂
Losses Pred 5 meseci
where did you get the tube lights from??
Lenny Boi
Lenny Boi Pred 5 meseci
That’s so cool
SNK _Azam
SNK _Azam Pred 5 meseci
Can u make something on gaming setup for mid budget
SNK _Azam
SNK _Azam Pred 5 meseci
Really mind blowing
Jrcarl2003 Pred 5 meseci
Do u work for youtooz or something? Because those figures they kinda not shipped yet
No Need Mate
No Need Mate Pred 5 meseci
It’s funny how I’m actually taking notes here😂👍🏼
3illie elsmie
3illie elsmie Pred 5 meseci
honestly props to kon and the film crew that make the sidemen videos tbh they dont get enough credit
Andros Townsend
Andros Townsend Pred 5 meseci
I got a dorito ad did you get the job
Red Hood Studios
Red Hood Studios Pred 5 meseci
What were those tube lights he used?
Abdura Richards
Abdura Richards Pred 5 meseci
Kon is actually a Hella underated SLtvr, big up my g❤️
Sakthivel Prakash
Sakthivel Prakash Pred 5 meseci
Superb content man I like it
Shabzi Pred 5 meseci
9:45 why does it look like ethans hair is JJ's hair rn 😂😂
Big Daddy
Big Daddy Pred 5 meseci
Great video - love the step by step editing tutorial
NinjamanX320 Industries
You should have a You YouTooZ
Dan Unplanned
Dan Unplanned Pred 5 meseci
What are those lens filters that flair the lights like that.? Amazing
snoopyyG Pred 5 meseci
ure a fkn g keep the great work and the energy for the hustle, really appreciate ur efforts.
Bruntzii Pred 6 meseci
great vid please do a vid of u editing a sidemen video and like a tutuorial on editing in premier
لمعان Pred 6 meseci
i swear flight is the most entertaining guy on earth
Rhyley Eldred
Rhyley Eldred Pred 6 meseci
Kon tell me the tips of being a photographer
Romi 15
Romi 15 Pred 6 meseci
I honestly don't know shit about cameras and that, but I always have admire your work and dedication. I subscribe because your personality as well, u seem to be so cool and chill. (Ps: your voice is calming)
Sitting on Things
Sitting on Things Pred 6 meseci
Me: thinking that Kon’s missed spots of dust on his table Also me: oh its just my dirty dusty iPad screen I haven’t cleaned in months
Dylan Hackett
Dylan Hackett Pred 6 meseci
I did this and used stationary shots taken on my phone and use glow sticks instead of tube lights 😂😂 budgeting am I right
Dylan Hackett
Dylan Hackett Pred 6 meseci
@Konstantin they were decent, obviously not as good as the ones u did but they were alright
Konstantin Pred 6 meseci
Dylan Hackett sick! How did it turn out?
IYZY_ Pred 6 meseci
Amazing video bro One question, please could you do a tutorial of the same thing but on Final Cut Pro if possible because I only have final cut oro
Penno Pred 6 meseci
what software do you use to make all of these. might try while stuck in the house
Konstantin Pred 6 meseci
Penno adobe premiere pro
Drapes Pred 6 meseci
Kon: Says he is about to advertise something. SLtv: Puts one of their adverts in front of it.
M Pred 6 meseci
Would love to see more of these tutorials!
amisha falloon
amisha falloon Pred 6 meseci
it’s mad how much work and effort is actually put into taking a few pictures. well done Kon, keep up the good work
isabelle brown
isabelle brown Pred 6 meseci
I love kon. what a guy
Ace Pred 6 meseci
Oh man this helped me so much to make better edits in premiere pro. Thank you very much :) I hope one day I'll be a big youtuber like you :)
Mauro !!!
Mauro !!! Pred 6 meseci
Witch program doe you use
gautham krishnan
gautham krishnan Pred 6 meseci
That Crack Head Under your bed
Kon is such a dedicated person. He deserves a Youtooz.
Ciel Phantomhive
Ciel Phantomhive Pred 5 meseci
Nabz Mo
Nabz Mo Pred 6 meseci
you should do a twitch livestream of you editing a sidemen video from start to finish would be very interesting
Chris Aaight
Chris Aaight Pred 6 meseci
0:56 i want that knockdown
Hutch Pred 6 meseci
Oooh, what's the music track?
Felicitas Mayer
Felicitas Mayer Pred 6 meseci
Learned so much... as always, thanks Kon
Adventure At last
Adventure At last Pred 6 meseci
jo what editing software is that
Fluffy FUF
Fluffy FUF Pred 6 meseci
Does anyone know where he might of got the tube lights from? or what they're actually called? I have been searching for a while and cannot find any rgb ones. TIA
Rui Santiago
Rui Santiago Pred 6 meseci
Amazing content! Keep up
Little Taco
Little Taco Pred 6 meseci
That’s dope 🔥
JakeyVass Pred 6 meseci
Would anyone be able to tell me what the editing software used is?
Daniel Jimenez
Daniel Jimenez Pred 6 meseci
Where did you get those lights?
LawroLagh Pred 6 meseci
Even ethans youtooz is flexing wtf
Hamed Ali Khan
Hamed Ali Khan Pred 6 meseci
Ayee yo big up kon. Mad respect to you for putting in so much work ❤️❤️❤️❤️much love and respect
Glorious tv
Glorious tv Pred 6 meseci
What editing app does he use
MLittle Programming
MLittle Programming Pred 6 meseci
What background lights are you using?
Hubano Pred 6 meseci
Which editor app are you using?
ShotByKieran Pred 6 meseci
What do you use to film the BTS stuff?
Bunda Pred 6 meseci
what are the lightsaber kinda lights called ?
Jorge Corral
Jorge Corral Pred 6 meseci
Kon is such a boss dude
Zainy 31
Zainy 31 Pred 6 meseci
Mad respect u don’t get enough love ✊🏼
JamieJamieJamii Pred 6 meseci
Where did you get the Tube lights from good sir?
Baxter Kemp
Baxter Kemp Pred 6 meseci
this is genuinely interesting content and fun to watch. big up kon! keep doin what u do!💙💙
taksh16 Pred 6 meseci
Frankie Elliott
Frankie Elliott Pred 6 meseci
If you kind know how to edit alright then it’s easy
Connor James
Connor James Pred 6 meseci
I think you need to do more filming and editing tutorials, really helpful for film students :)
Cristopher Ramirez
Cristopher Ramirez Pred 6 meseci
Sup Kon
DarkQwe Pred 6 meseci
Hi Kon! I live watching “behaind the scenes” videoes like that, btw what is the editing software called?
lacari0 Pred 6 meseci
Kon: I just need a 1 second clip of a jungle Also Kon: so I flew to South American to get 3 weeks of uncut footage
Saikat Roy
Saikat Roy Pred 6 meseci
what's the name of these rgb tubes????
I have a name
I have a name Pred 6 meseci
Loving the kontent
EiStar Pred 6 meseci
What is the tube light name?
sam kilpatrick
sam kilpatrick Pred 6 meseci
what is the background song?
iRalph Pred 6 meseci
This was a really insightful and interesting video Kon
Flipturn Pred 6 meseci
Kon + Peter McKinnon = BANGER
My Instant Search
My Instant Search Pred 7 meseci
very cool! you look like you belong to the sidemen
IdkName Pred 7 meseci
All these tips on editing and couldent even put a fade out at the end
Gm4n8 Pred 7 meseci
What lights are those
Aryaman Pred 7 meseci
It's crazy how much effort goes into about 10 seconds of quality footage
Tianna Pethybridge
Tianna Pethybridge Pred 7 meseci
So sick. I love tour content and would love to get .y hands on one of the youtooz especially simon. I cannot afford one and am very upset and I have anxiety and it is making me anxious about missing out on them. I really hope you can help. Love the content and you are the best. Your so funny and inspirational ❤🔥
RJN Pred 7 meseci
Update on the stock photos?
MAVERICK 42 Pred 7 meseci
Does anyone know what the make and model is of those tubes?
IBallistic Oj
IBallistic Oj Pred 7 meseci
What are those light bars?
Fuchi Pred 7 meseci
Bro Kon's youtooz should have a camera and a green screen and even the Slavic hat he had in his Jallow diss track
Fuchi Pred 7 meseci
Thanks for the heart G!
Iyaannn Pred 7 meseci
U normally don't notice these little tings
Alex Pred 7 meseci
Anyone know what editing software kon uses? I really want to know
Konstantin Pred 7 meseci
Adobe Premier Pro
Zylka Leftridge
Zylka Leftridge Pred 7 meseci
What is that tube light? 2:18
Dylan NH
Dylan NH Pred 7 meseci
Does anyone know the editing software used??????
Where Is Mael
Where Is Mael Pred 5 meseci
adobe premier and after effects
friction btw
friction btw Pred 7 meseci
Has: expensive cameras the average person cant buy Uses: Sainbury's window cleaner to clean table Kon is amazing
HFR8 Pred 7 meseci
kon you should send the original clips all out to editors on fiverr and rate the edits maybe ask them to add music (different prices)
Konstantin Pred 7 meseci
I was planning to do a video based on fiver very soon!
Daniel Cruz
Daniel Cruz Pred 7 meseci
Kon gets no where near the credit he deserves
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