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19. jun. 2020

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Konstantin Pred 4 meseci
Do you think you can do a better edit? Then you can enter #KonsEditChallenge INSTRUCTIONS --> 19:00 DEADLINE 26th JUNE
Lydie Pred mesecem
Tipene Moeke was uuuhhjp
Grodey -_-
Grodey -_- Pred mesecem
17:00 I would of done a little trade or asked You know you give him a video he wants or needs he gives you one If that is how it works
everyvore Pred 2 meseci
Next time hit me up i can better for free
Konstantin Pred 2 meseci
Gian Angelo Mico you can still do it, I set the deadline in order to make a video about showing the best edits after.
Gian Angelo Mico
Gian Angelo Mico Pred 2 meseci
I want to edit your footage but unfortunately, the deadline is over, sad.
Holographic 80s
Holographic 80s Pred 5 urami
I love the last one. They actually slowed down and SHOWED the product; ie, gave it time for the viewer to register what they were looking at.
20% advertisment
Genovese Pred dnevom
Whats the music 6:10
AngelJames Pred 18 urami
The song is legacy by a group called nyger ( thats the bane of it im not trying to be offensive)
밀크빵 Pred dnevom
This is very insightful. Thank you.
Bton H
Bton H Pred dnevom
I’m 15 and I am a genuine hard working editor who tried Fiverr. It failed, because there are so many scammers who made the website a total joke.
John Michael Nebres
Clouze 1x
Clouze 1x Pred 2 dnevi
You should have revised it
Buddhable Pred 2 dnevi
the place at 17:35 looks like the place that the first Kingsman movie was filmed when Eggsy does the parkour to run away from the dudes
AngelJames Pred 18 urami
Oh yeah 😂 probably is tbh
Kesedapan Mekdi
Kesedapan Mekdi Pred 3 dnevi
Lurk Skywalker
Lurk Skywalker Pred 3 dnevi
The guy he gave 3rd place had the best edit for a streetwear brand in my opinion. The guy he liked the best edited exactly the same way he edited the car commercial so feels a lil whitewashed.
MidMOGrower Pred 3 dnevi
Wish I could edit like that
Issac Brackett
Issac Brackett Pred 3 dnevi
Great video my boy I would love to be taught how to edit and learn how to just know how to explore more editing skills
TheStew Pred 3 dnevi
cancel orange and teal color grade
DustyNeymz Pred 4 dnevi
Lo fi
Heber Lopez
Heber Lopez Pred 5 dnevi
The last one dont do NOTHING with the brand !!! All the scenes was to the models face.
Pliz lav en nømer 1!! yøng jegge fan
Love video comercials
Yohana Andrea
Yohana Andrea Pred 6 dnevi
Blue Story
Yohana Andrea
Yohana Andrea Pred 6 dnevi
Who knew that Marco from Blue Story?
Pen Wednesday
Pen Wednesday Pred 6 dnevi
I hope there’s another contest like this. 😎
Curly Chameleon
Curly Chameleon Pred 6 dnevi
last one was dead hahah
Androidmastras -android gaming
I think he was driven to like the last one because of how much it costs
HukkleBrry Pred 8 dnevi
I like the lofi on the 5 dollar one
M R Pred 9 dnevi
I’ve could done that for a much better editing on the 50 quid edit. And i will just edit that in a smartphone. Too bad i don’t have a fiverr, and doesn’t have an experience on professional editing. But could definitely edit that video quite well. Wish i could edit that video. Maybe for the price i could give it for free, if it didn’t satisfy the taste of the buyer. And be willing to take any amount of money if it satisfied the buyer.
Konstantin Pred 8 dnevi
You can download the footage from my website and give it a go if you like
Sleek Market
Sleek Market Pred 9 dnevi
Guys Fiverr is Scam there Web Traffic and Backlinks ruined my website. Go with the Best Only. Go to Bluehost @t and install WordPress to make your Website/Blog See @t , That's what we did. Learn urself and implement than go to shit places like Fiverr.
pedjarudnik Pred 9 dnevi
I watched 10 videos like this. Why are you copying other youtubers?
Konstantin Pred 9 dnevi
Because I liked the idea and people like watching it
UniMindPerson Pred 10 dnevi
Well, 41$ is top 1.
UniMindPerson Pred 10 dnevi
5$ is not price for this task.
モモ シ
モモ シ Pred 11 dnevi
The last guy is very talented. That one is the one that really sold the brand. Great track with that buildup and then a really neat drop. Some really awesome shots in there, really felt like a proper professional advertisement you’d see on TV or SLtv. Totally worth his original price. Hope you gave him a nice tip he deserves it!
Become a Guru
Become a Guru Pred 12 dnevi
5$ You Get Only Low Result My recommendation is for this 100$ For Best Result
FlamingGorilla Pred 12 dnevi
5:01 Wow I was also thinking the same. Even though I am not good at editing I was thinking that pillar is good for transition :D
Surreal Visuals
Surreal Visuals Pred 13 dnevi
Well I think for the 5$ gigs it's wrong to expect songs from epidemicmusic. The membership for that website itself cost more monthly for what they earn on Fiverr. What do u expect them to earn then..!
Andy Marshal
Andy Marshal Pred 13 dnevi
C'mon dude edit for 5£ is bargain! 🤑
Andy Marshal
Andy Marshal Pred 13 dnevi
Music is like 70% of the impression
Andy Marshal
Andy Marshal Pred 13 dnevi
An edit for 5£ and he's not impressed 🥴
jk Pred 13 dnevi
15:25 "It does take extra time when editing so-" and the rest were edited out ._.
Hiraeth Yzma
Hiraeth Yzma Pred 13 dnevi
I feel bad for the fiverr editorsw
Skull Wrecker
Skull Wrecker Pred 13 dnevi
Why SLtv......again came to 480p!!!!!!
PrettyPearPricess Pred 14 dnevi
I love the cut outs it very rap and hip hop it’s what allot of famous or upcoming rappers do
lardma Pred 14 dnevi
a man takes the time to edit a video for $20 and you complain is not good? I mean is not very good obviously but you are cheap man what were you expecting? I finished watching the whole video, damn man you are cheap as fck lol. these guys are making their best for the little amount of money you are giving them, you purchased the basic pack on every one of them and you even want to refund one of them lol
Mo Pred 14 dnevi
Matej Mikloš
Matej Mikloš Pred 14 dnevi
Vamsisai Reddy
Vamsisai Reddy Pred 15 dnevi
Harvy and Tim naild it
Theo Radimo
Theo Radimo Pred 15 dnevi
I thought you put it there to avoid copyright
mana mino
mana mino Pred 16 dnevi
How are people this bad and getting jobs while I'm just over here.
Synthetic_Future Pred 16 dnevi
I won't even wake up for 5 USD, let alone edit a video... being hard on someone that charges so little seems weird. If I where to do the job for 5 USD that would give me 12 minutes to edit and render your clip assuming I want to make a pretty normal "I don't want to live on the street or starve to death" rate per hour. That would be just enough to see the footage you shot. Let us see what you can do for 5 USD. No prework! Source the royalty free music, import and cut the clips and edit transitions + grading. I'll give you the advantage of using your own shots even.
Thiago Cesar
Thiago Cesar Pred 15 dnevi
I do agree it was an illogical rating for a $5 job (-$1 royalties to fiverr) at the rate it got delivered...Though from the seller's perspective it wasn't smart that they charged triple the amount for a really horrible royalty free corporate sample jingle. The seller had an opportunity to upscale his price by simply picking a better song and being more suitably recognized by promoting an overall great project to price ratio, the edit itself for $5 wasn't half bad but if you gonna multiply your charge for the music it would make sense that you don't compromise the work you did in the edit itself.
G. T
G. T Pred 18 dnevi
$126 one looked kind of lame.
Ashir Nadeem
Ashir Nadeem Pred 19 dnevi
its shows new sellers are also talented but they not get a chance to sell their service
Bluetopia Pred 20 dnevi
I think you're really a bad critic. You don't even know how a sad song is supposed to sound like.
Imposter king
Imposter king Pred 20 dnevi
10:20 song?
phuong thanh
phuong thanh Pred 20 dnevi
thanks you for every things you bring to us, please do more challenge, that's a awsome content for you, and good for people too. Go ahead
Vince Beltran
Vince Beltran Pred 21 dnevom
finish the clip first before u write lol, u missin good shots
Android Editing
Android Editing Pred 21 dnevom
This makes me a little confident 😅 Like I charge very less and I make better than those first 2 xd
Dennis hezron Bonifacio
dude have a try on 'dylan locke' his really good in fact super amazing at editing
Tajae Ramsay
Tajae Ramsay Pred 21 dnevom
Who sees top boy star
R SG Pred 22 dnevi
For $20 I don't even turn on my pc kekw
Good Healthy Natural Choices
Man from Top Boy innit
Flare IOS
Flare IOS Pred 23 dnevi
this is exactly why doing everything urself is so much more reliable
Jason W
Jason W Pred 24 dnevi
6:08 was my favorite, watermarks aside that was a pretty entertaining edit. I love his style, $41 is a steal.
Ian Fontana
Ian Fontana Pred 24 dnevi
$41 was toit
Loki Vance
Loki Vance Pred 24 dnevi
Personally I liked the 60 dollar one better than any of them and I’d say the 200 dollar one is probably a 6/10 for me but that’s me
MaaN Jatt
MaaN Jatt Pred 24 dnevi
send me Video i will do my best for Free🔥🔥🔥
Android Editing
Android Editing Pred 21 dnevom
@MaaN Jatt appreciate that 🔥
MaaN Jatt
MaaN Jatt Pred 24 dnevi
But i will Edit in mobile I do not have better system to Edit video Send me video i will Edit it for free but i will Edit in phone
Jada Kisses
Jada Kisses Pred 24 dnevi
If you're looking for an editor on fiver! I edit vids my user is gracejada123!
Mark Santos
Mark Santos Pred 25 dnevi
you should've hired me lmao
mandy camara
mandy camara Pred 11 dnevi
@slimblank exactly what I'm wondering
slimblank Pred 12 dnevi
Mark Santos no disrespect but how you gonna have 200k subs and have a video with 2k views
Mark Santos
Mark Santos Pred 22 dnevi
@lamyedits check me out on fiverr lmao
lamyedits Pred 22 dnevi
no one knows who you are lmao
stonynotdusty Pred 25 dnevi
67 music was best
Andy Aftene
Andy Aftene Pred 26 dnevi
BRO THAT FIRST SONG...........................DAFUUUUQQ...
radziUUU Pred 27 dnevi
Big Shows
Big Shows Pred 28 dnevi
It feels to me like you are just making fun of the filmmakers on Fiverr (( Don't do that next time
Konstantin Pred 27 dnevi
Nah not at all, as a filmmaker too I’m used to way more harsh criticism and most times it’s with good intention, only way you can improve is honest feedback. I’d much prefer honesty over people being nice.
The guy from top boy?
pepino marino
pepino marino Pred mesecem
Jaime from Topboy !!!
ᗩᗪOᒪᖴ ᗷᒪ
“The first one was a scammer”
ANKAN GHOSH Pred mesecem
10:00 It's him. It's Cj.
ANKAN GHOSH Pred mesecem
9:20 that's why sellers like us are pissed. Are you serious? Asking revisions without any reasons?
Si Hargreaves
Si Hargreaves Pred mesecem
Let's be honest though, they all deserve to charge more money. $5 for an edit is madness when you think about how long these things really take.
Bruno Pred mesecem
6:08 whats the name of that beat
SketchPaint Pred mesecem
That last one...when he said the suspense is building up....to an anticlimactic reveal.
SebasCraft Pred mesecem
15:46 8/10! I would give that guy at least a 9/10! You put 8/10 to the one that has the stock photo!
Tsukigomori - Przemysław Chojka
I think the watermark thing on transparency grid was a done ironic/as a Joke. I have seen "watermark filters" on the internet, and I get the gag.
Malhar Nagapurkar
Malhar Nagapurkar Pred mesecem
Me: You are no mr beast how will you pay so much Konstantin: They will pay me to remoe video😎😎😎
VortexionPlayz Pred mesecem
Brand: No snakes Indiana Jones: I couldn't agree more
Max Wagenaar
Max Wagenaar Pred mesecem
41 dollar is champ
Jack Lister
Jack Lister Pred mesecem
I guess none of these editors heard of warp stabilizer
Hakdog Pred mesecem
The last one is sucks
Tarush Jain
Tarush Jain Pred mesecem
I liked the guy who used stock.
Rydal S
Rydal S Pred mesecem
"video editor and proofreader" 😂
Jed Edits
Jed Edits Pred mesecem
Why didn’t u say this was Daniels idea?
ultraali453 Pred mesecem
Loved the video. Thank you for making and uploading it.
kyuminval Pred mesecem
Being honest though, if i saw the $41 id instantly check out the store n buy something. The effects and musics were so hype like id imagine this edit if i was walking down the street wearing the store's clothing and know i made the right choice
potato Pred mesecem
0:42 "second of all'' HUH??
Thomas Jonker
Thomas Jonker Pred mesecem
Called AirPods nice headphones...
Arianit Haziri
Arianit Haziri Pred mesecem
Are those scenes near Abbey Road?
WHO CAN RELATE ? Pred mesecem
DanielPlayz Pred mesecem
The 41$ I think he nailded it !
truth_decay Pred mesecem
Bro, I won't even walk out my door for 20 bucks... You don't need to be a prick. Jesus. Yah the song was bad and didn't fit. I guess you get what you pay for....
Millie Manson WYD & Collaborations - RD 347
You stare at the camera too much and creeps me out ngl
Keegan Hedley
Keegan Hedley Pred mesecem
Maybe cuz the shots actually suck
WiggersART Pred mesecem
the first one sounds like "how to bake a cake in 10 minutes" - music..
Chris Camo
Chris Camo Pred mesecem
That’s the guy from the show summerhouse
8D AUDIO Pred mesecem
That's what I was thinking. Jamie
Razka Ananda
Razka Ananda Pred mesecem
Plot Twist : He is actually writing a list of names of people to kill because they wasted his money
ApexHR Pred mesecem
$63 - HARVEY was the best
Jala Brat - PARTIJAM
Ogledi 4,2 mio.