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VLOG #2 I take you on a tour of the Upload Event with Laurence Mckenna from the True Geordie Podcast and show you some exclusive unseen clips and reactions from backstage KSI vs JOE WELLER press conference argument at upload .
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Song used: Peter Kiemann - Lost With You ft. Jordi Davis




13. sep. 2017

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Konstantin Pred 3 leti
Over 10K subs ALREADY??!!! You Guys are awesome!!! Thank you for all the feedback. Don't forget to subscribe and put channel notifications on for more footage behind the scenes :)
Thewildellis Pred 4 meseci
Over 560k now
Strawberry Doughnutman
I watched this when you have 58k so well done
Jason Yu
Jason Yu Pred 2 leti
Konstantin 28k ! Congratulations
Oisin Tiernan
Oisin Tiernan Pred mesecem
Jjs got no hope 😂😂
Jacob Silver
Jacob Silver Pred 3 meseci
14:40 that didn’t survive well
Harishan Harithas
Harishan Harithas Pred 6 meseci
came back to the vid to laugh at the kids who said weller was gonna win
Alpha Redeye
Alpha Redeye Pred letom
Amazing video however I did find it quite lame at 7:29 should hv jus givn the kid a free shoutout
Betzey Lee
Betzey Lee Pred letom
Oh shit, my man's got finesse 7:28 😃😃😃
notsriii Pred letom
2:15 deji hello?
Gerald Don
Gerald Don Pred letom
Talia at 11:59
Sunny Farquhar
Sunny Farquhar Pred letom
wellar is a fucking pussy and so is Elliot
JDoactive Pred 2 leti
15:34 Will NE fans though
Izaak Wood
Izaak Wood Pred 2 leti
Still waiting for that Typhoon Rollercoaster game play with Kon
Izaak Wood
Izaak Wood Pred 2 leti
Konstantin no rush mate, keep up the great work. Much love from Australia 🇦🇺
Konstantin Pred 2 leti
Soon come!
Yxhaan Sxnyal
Yxhaan Sxnyal Pred 2 leti
I love how you just cut his channel😂
Dominic Rogers
Dominic Rogers Pred 2 leti
Where's the rollercoaster tycoon livestream?
Alec Goodwin
Alec Goodwin Pred 2 leti
Sooooo....rollercoaster tycoon?
Sohail Rahman-Blake
Geordie at 12:15 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
mini cooper 005
mini cooper 005 Pred 2 leti
9:32 there is a massive chair in Switzerland
Me Pred 2 leti
07:25 im dead😂😂
Will Coleman
Will Coleman Pred 2 leti
Good camera skills in all the videos nice work
Tezkka Pred 2 leti
Best editing I've seen in ages and also it was so funny when you cut of the kid when he was about to say his name #BigUpKon #KutOfThePlug
kaze3 Pred 2 leti
I'm your second brother.... (do you remember Ethan react to comment video ???)
John Pred 3 leti
Been watching a few of these vids and the editing skills within this awesomeness is where I want to be one day. Need to learn so much. Love your style
A_kuul 15
A_kuul 15 Pred 3 leti
Loved it mahn!!!!!
Charlotte Cropley
Charlotte Cropley Pred 3 leti
when you don't make the cut for the video at 1:45 if u see this I'm the girl that decided to be weird and say yea you get that shot that's what I get for being socially awkward
samairey 2003
samairey 2003 Pred 3 leti
You legit have the potential to be the best SLtvr out there. Your editing is literally amazing can't wait for some more videos
samairey 2003
samairey 2003 Pred 3 leti
9:00 thats that kid Charlie from Full Time Devils innit
EllieClapham 10
EllieClapham 10 Pred 3 leti
Is he Ethan's brother
ABK Undershine
ABK Undershine Pred 3 leti
Ur channle is amazing ur gonna make it to the top if u carry on much hope 😁😁
Ablaze Demon
Ablaze Demon Pred 3 leti
Starts at 13:04
Adnan Z
Adnan Z Pred 3 leti
I sub to you my m8
TZ Pred 3 leti
Flick_ AssassinYT
Flick_ AssassinYT Pred 3 leti
really great youtuber
Carlo Pred 3 leti
Underrated af
yungvicush Pred 3 leti
You are from Balkan?
Wholegrain Pred 3 leti
the ting goes skrrraaaaaa
Yassine Benyahia
Yassine Benyahia Pred 3 leti
Best editor i know
SRSA2004 Pred 3 leti
You should start doing some filming turtorials
J.J. Medusa
J.J. Medusa Pred 3 leti
Is Konstantin related to Behzinga?
Carsonpog Pred 3 leti
what happens when someone whose actually good at filming and editing does vlogs
jack Gilbert
jack Gilbert Pred 3 leti
Your editing and camera work is the best
Kevin Tieu
Kevin Tieu Pred 3 leti
I'm confused, is konstantin and Ethan the same person?
Tanveer Hannan
Tanveer Hannan Pred 3 leti
Kevin Tieu No, they look similar
Abdullah Al Qattan
Abdullah Al Qattan Pred 3 leti
You are the best editer i ever seen in my life
Zaki Pred 3 leti
What editing software
Holly Scott
Holly Scott Pred 3 leti
mans in the background with the space buns at 3:7. Big up my G, gabriella Bee with Sub2Willne on her forehead. Mad Ting
Atomic Flea
Atomic Flea Pred 3 leti
awesome editing
Jarie B
Jarie B Pred 3 leti
6:29 you can hear some kid go "oh no. OH NO!"
TheRestlessrogue Pred 3 leti
tbf this is just ethans brother right? xD
Emily Jayne
Emily Jayne Pred 3 leti
These edits are so fucking sick💙
Sha Brothers
Sha Brothers Pred 3 leti
Hero x shotT
Hero x shotT Pred 3 leti
Some of the best cinematics ive ever scene keep up the good work
Jesper Pred 3 leti
Subbed to you❤️👌🏻
C___X_V____ Pred 3 leti
1 milli subs in the next couple of months easy💪🏼
So Pred 3 leti
7:28 get shegged 😅😂😂
Max Collins
Max Collins Pred 3 leti
You are gonna go far man
Cheems 09
Cheems 09 Pred 3 leti
Your vlog burned my phone
Lord Crisis
Lord Crisis Pred 3 leti
Your cinematics is fucking amazing and hella talent
lizardly lizard
lizardly lizard Pred 3 leti
Ksi will fuck weller
Max Dirks
Max Dirks Pred 3 leti
poor security guard hahaha
Roby Joby
Roby Joby Pred 3 leti
Great editing bro
Tawheed Al Amin
Tawheed Al Amin Pred 3 leti
Subbed you when you were on 100subs, glad to say i'm going to be one of the first people to be subbed to you when you hit 1mill
Zoe Andrea
Zoe Andrea Pred 3 leti
Oh boy...you are definitely going to be my favorite youtuber 👌🏼
Official Johnny
Official Johnny Pred 3 leti
Jermaine J
Jermaine J Pred 3 leti
Ethan looks different
ManLikeGold Pred 3 leti
Wheeey! Big up Charlie is a red
D pilotis
D pilotis Pred 3 leti
Elliot mate pipe it down ur a kick down the spine from a lesbian
uncle evans
uncle evans Pred 3 leti
Jme is life
PortuguesePirate99 Pred 3 leti
Is he related to Ethan someone pls tell me
DAM 4216-8
DAM 4216-8 Pred 3 leti
Editing is sick!
Matthew Kenny
Matthew Kenny Pred 3 leti
Edwin Jonathan
Edwin Jonathan Pred 3 leti
The best vlogger at the moment. PimpJuiceK for laaaaiiiiifffeeeee
Mehran Choudhury
Mehran Choudhury Pred 3 leti
12:14 wp mate wp.
Binary Sunburn
Binary Sunburn Pred 3 leti
Lawrence reminds me of bilbo baggins aka Martin Freeman
3li Pred 3 leti
12:57 who's she ?
ella steadman
ella steadman Pred 3 leti
Ethan's girlfriend Emily
Omar Mahmoud
Omar Mahmoud Pred 3 leti
You have an amazing editing
mohammed ramees
mohammed ramees Pred 3 leti
those fucking idiots still talking about ksi winning becuz of diss tracks....this is a fucking boxing match cunts..
Vedang Parimal
Vedang Parimal Pred 3 leti
Wellers gonna beat ksi Also this was an amazing vlog Keep up!
Giulian Pred 3 leti
Kon is a fucking savage, edits out everyone's shoutouts
Nukri Samyurashvili
diss track was good he is gonna win fight - WTF?
Caulifla-San Pred 3 leti
r Pred 3 leti
honestly your content is speechless keep doing wht you do
Erz Pred 3 leti
Play me in cod4 again fam PS3
Taasshaa101 Pred 3 leti
This is sick, I love the transitions they looks so fluid and just plain cool
Learn-2-Earn Pred 3 leti
I enjoyed this video...atleast it had genuine reactions and not some fake scripted shit which is going on these days... sick of it...
Shay Pomeroy
Shay Pomeroy Pred 3 leti
Is this Ethan's brother?
Charli C-Rose
Charli C-Rose Pred 3 leti
I love you, behz and your mum... is that weird? bc you don't even know who I am
Jake Visser
Jake Visser Pred 3 leti
Are you Behzinga's brother?
shashank Kulkarni
shashank Kulkarni Pred 3 leti
omg those transitions though!
Arya Vidya Utama
Arya Vidya Utama Pred 3 leti
Sick editing, sick content. Deserve more subs
Mussarat Durrani
Mussarat Durrani Pred 3 leti
You and behz are bros arent you?
Muhd Aliff Muhd Arshad
The editing is mad!!!
King Xirerox
King Xirerox Pred 3 leti
Your vlogs are lit AF
Donger Pred 3 leti
ey its ya boy with the boomerang
Curious Cat
Curious Cat Pred 3 leti
Damn, that was mad sick fam, trully magic bruv. I saw two vlogs and now my accent is stuck in this weird English street slang. Brilliant.
Cracking Plur
Cracking Plur Pred 3 leti
Im here before 1m subs
SteveWest Pred 3 leti
Con sounds like Ethan and callux
ItsJive Pred 3 leti
funny how the parents wants to watch the lil tussle too lol
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha Pred 3 leti
Is it me or he looks like Ethan am I tripping
James Washington
James Washington Pred 3 leti
Omg LOL the kid was about to plug in his channel...He cut him off he wasn't having that
$hoda Pred 3 leti
Honestly I like your videos more than your brothers
Nathan Collett
Nathan Collett Pred 3 leti
Great editing and camera work keep it up Kon
D-VIII A-IX Pred 3 leti
nice work Elbow
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