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28. avg. 2020

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Jack Wade
Jack Wade Pred mesecem
I'd rather sit in that crappy chair than a stool tbh. Gotta be able to lean back while getting a cut.
ツSam Pred mesecem
Kon really matched the backdrop to his eyes
JiglyWiggles Pred mesecem
Kon - make sure his site utilises local SEO. Titles/Desc. with information that outlines where abouts his business is, this will help it appearing in search results. Also make sure he is listed with a Google/Bing Business listings as well as being on things like yelp/yell etc. to increase backlinks to the website. I also suggest changing the book now button on the site to go to a contact page with a contact form on it instead of a mailto link that will try open someones mail app. You can then have an alternative by listing the email address as a link in the footer as well as a contact number etc.
Swastik Mishra
Swastik Mishra Pred mesecem
Imagine his brand becomes MASSIVE
Dulneth Pred mesecem
TiMorton Pred mesecem
He could set up an expo in a public space with a countdown for how long he’s giving away free haircuts for (1 time only)...could help gain more clients, especially if they appreciate the idea and like the haircut.
stiepšanās karalis Lv
How is he now?
Leon Goodman
Leon Goodman Pred mesecem
quality content!
Nishant _b
Nishant _b Pred mesecem
Damn. Wish him the best of luck.
Dionisius Jonea Lesmana
Also tom’s logo is sick
Dionisius Jonea Lesmana
This video is actually really cool, and interesting about how much fivver could do, (fivver pro)
Natemar10 Pred mesecem
if you disliked this video you have no heart
The ScanLegend
The ScanLegend Pred mesecem
This should have more views
Masked MintZz
Masked MintZz Pred mesecem
Mate I Rate Kon More Than I Rate Myself because that's What True Friend's And Good People Do.. Kon If You're Seeing This I wanna Tell you *You're The Absolute G!!* And I Always Love You're Videos Mate Keep Up The Good Work Kon!!💚💚 And Give You're Friend A SLtv Channel so Everyone Can See What He Does :)
Charlie Hurren
Charlie Hurren Pred mesecem
Inspirational video 🙌🏻 Such an amazing thing you did for your friend!
Gig Pros
Gig Pros Pred mesecem
C A Murray
C A Murray Pred mesecem
Why is youtube not recommending this!??
Kon PewDiePie needs someone to do a music video go apply for it
NeonPheonix Pred mesecem
Amazing advert, great video
SamiTheAnxiousBean Pred mesecem
can we just appreciate this guy for a second? Like he really helped him out I love it
MrChas09 Pred mesecem
Smashed it Kon. Such a great guy helping your friend out. Keep up the good work :D
JUMPERAXIS Pred mesecem
How can anyone hate Kon? You've absolutely done bits mate. Love it ❤️🖤
Maxim Dubois
Maxim Dubois Pred mesecem
it feels like a documentary
Maxim Dubois
Maxim Dubois Pred mesecem
are you sponsored
RIIIFT Pred mesecem
Kon u legend this video was amazing
Gibby reviews
Gibby reviews Pred mesecem
Shades Pred mesecem
We NEED to get Kon to 1 Mill!
Quidzz Pred mesecem
I want to see this as a seiries like if you agree
Luke Sargeant
Luke Sargeant Pred mesecem
"Been a good friend of mine and my barber for 10 years" Me: Hmm ok Barber: **insults Kon in the first 5 seconds** Me: Yep, they're good mates
Ireland Ireland
Ireland Ireland Pred mesecem
We should get this on jjs Reddit maybe he'll see it and shout it out
Loki Odinson
Loki Odinson Pred mesecem
Are we going to assume the fact that the photos Kon sent are over 70MB lol
Loki Odinson
Loki Odinson Pred mesecem
And here I am struggling to get mine to 1MB
Konstantin Pred mesecem
Loki Odinson 😂😂 super hi res
Shantanu Kawale
Shantanu Kawale Pred mesecem
Im not getting notifications wth man😐
Alex Meert
Alex Meert Pred mesecem
Get Kon to 1mil
Daniel Burns
Daniel Burns Pred mesecem
He should get a van with a barber chair in the back of it he could pull up and do them in the back of the van 100% mobile and can travel to shoots and all that good stuff
Shenoi Pred mesecem
Your house is sick NGL
AlwaysLearning Pred mesecem
How did you make the website? Interested to see the process!
elliot ashley
elliot ashley Pred mesecem
barber looks like the guy from The Worlds End
Just Fin Ok
Just Fin Ok Pred mesecem
Underrated SLtvr, seriosly an amazing piece of work.
Andile Bekker
Andile Bekker Pred mesecem
Kon really makes incredible videos
Cam Pred mesecem
Damn, he's cute! Tom's not bad looking, either.
VWGaming Pred mesecem
this is such a wholesome video
Challenge Andy
Challenge Andy Pred mesecem
I may have to try fiver to get someone to edit my videos. I’m so bad
SamSned97 Pred mesecem
Id love a mini series of this, for different people and different jobs, actually very entertaining. reminds me of Gordon Ramseys kitchen Nightmares, but not a restaurant
Jensemand 69
Jensemand 69 Pred mesecem
What a fucking banger
Shannon N
Shannon N Pred mesecem
Most underrated SLtvr. You’re amazing Kon, good job.
Klaudia Paula
Klaudia Paula Pred mesecem
Wow this video made me so happy, this is amazing of you to do and I love how much I’ve learned about marketing from this video and resources. I love fiverr but never considered that all these services were available, amazing!
Chandan Jolly
Chandan Jolly Pred mesecem
Kon is so underrated wow
WMBS Pred mesecem
Quality content Kon, you had a big increase in subs recently and you've grown your channel and adapted perfectly
fatehali shaikh
fatehali shaikh Pred mesecem
This is so wholesome
Matti Anwia
Matti Anwia Pred mesecem
A camera man of the camera man ?? What type of sorcery is this ?
Jen Munro
Jen Munro Pred mesecem
You could make this into a series of helping people. Would really love to see some other types of industries doing the same thing!
M_ NaZ
M_ NaZ Pred mesecem
This video did not bang
Calzee Pred mesecem
Very good video kon !!
Meshal Almaymoni
Meshal Almaymoni Pred mesecem
I wish I had a friend like Kon ❤️ Incredible video!
Talbir Singh
Talbir Singh Pred mesecem
I was really interested in the LinkedIn stuff but if you're serious about using this stuff then you should know at 6:14, in the fourth paragraph down the guy used memorial instead of memorable I believe, just thought I'd let u know. Btw keep smashing out these videos they're actually amazing ❤️
Juan Manuel Espinosa
I love this fiverr video because is not just spending money on random stuff. It is helpful and meaningful ❤
Diego Pred mesecem
Its 1am but I'm watching con
[ᑭᗩҜ] βєןเєשєг
Still waitin for Kon to get a house Source: Simon
[ᑭᗩҜ] βєןเєשєг
Thanks Kon 🥳
SuperLeo74 Pred mesecem
Kon: can I get free haircuts for life Barber: No
Tushar Ahuja
Tushar Ahuja Pred mesecem
You're a champ Kon!
Tushar Ahuja
Tushar Ahuja Pred mesecem
Wholesome content
Fleur Palmer-Paquis
Fleur Palmer-Paquis Pred mesecem
this is so sweet!!! amazing vid x
Abdul halim Bashiru
Abdul halim Bashiru Pred mesecem
Love the background
Ian Boden
Ian Boden Pred mesecem
Kon this video is fucking sick pls post a pt 2 💙
Will C
Will C Pred mesecem
The one video that isn't sponsored by squarespace, he makes a website in 😂
Swastik Goswami
Swastik Goswami Pred mesecem
Don’t mind but LinkedIn can directly source information from different social media : You got scammed for opening a account
Alfie Potter
Alfie Potter Pred mesecem
He's 16 but has been cutting kons hair for 10 year smh
kneedowntom Pred mesecem
Alfie Potter funky looking 16 year old that Tom 😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️
ben walsh
ben walsh Pred mesecem
do a strangers business next
tejas ganesh
tejas ganesh Pred mesecem
I love kon
Etienne Ager
Etienne Ager Pred mesecem
This is so wholesome
Christian Ganser
Christian Ganser Pred mesecem
Love those lights. How are they called? Thanks 😊
Nitro Pred mesecem
Kon is the most generous person I've seen.
Ivana Vulovic
Ivana Vulovic Pred mesecem
Insane video ideas from Kon for the last couple of months! One of the better UK youtubers for sure!
Max Mittelberg
Max Mittelberg Pred mesecem
Man didn’t even get free haircuts🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Khush Naheta
Khush Naheta Pred mesecem
JDP Pred mesecem
This is how many people want a part two. (Please)
Kaartik Jeyakumaran
Kaartik Jeyakumaran Pred mesecem
How can u dislike a person helping another person WooW
Yellnuts and Gibson
Yellnuts and Gibson Pred mesecem
It’s my birthday today Kon and I would love it if u responded
Dec Patterson
Dec Patterson Pred mesecem
Love it Kon! It could be even more beneficial to set up a tiktok as that platform is booming atm. Maybe posting videos of his best cuts or funny moments. Just another area to pull In more customers in the London area.
BiggieZ Pred mesecem
Lol this video itself is one of the biggest boosts for Tom! Sick one mate
Owen Mutuku
Owen Mutuku Pred mesecem
APOSTLE Pred mesecem
Kon is a legend
LeaveEye Pred mesecem
Smashing the content recently Kon, keep on the grind man. Good work :)
Ekeng Jr
Ekeng Jr Pred mesecem
I loved this Full professional branding with just 1k
Sasha Shinkevich
Sasha Shinkevich Pred mesecem
bro this camera quality looks peng
Zarko Pred mesecem
Keep doing these Fiverr type videos. Very enjoyable 😊
RETRO JAMIE Pred mesecem
This video is so good man you did so much for him he's very lucky ❤️
Kyle Oattes
Kyle Oattes Pred mesecem
Konstantinos is killing it lately!!
Dan Roe
Dan Roe Pred mesecem
Could have brought him some decent clippers :)
Tejalkera_Msp love
Tejalkera_Msp love Pred mesecem
Your channel has helped me alot. You are like a teacher to it always helps. Tyyyy so much for it, cause I don't learn so photography at school so I watch your videos it's very good. So tysm 😊. Have a great day
Artssy Drag
Artssy Drag Pred mesecem
three videos in one week no flipping way
Artssy Drag
Artssy Drag Pred mesecem
three videos in one week no flipping way
Abhijith Pred mesecem
Kons content is actually more interesting than the people he shoots for, criminaly underrated
Ghost_brothers Pred mesecem
Pls do another video like this with someone else
YedhuKrizz Pred mesecem
Where is the website???😭
Joshua Julius
Joshua Julius Pred mesecem
This is one of my favorite video 😊 loved it ❤
AxTech Pred mesecem
This feels like a documentary damn
Aymxn Pred mesecem
0:30 Barber: "There's not much to work with on that square head of yours" WillNE: "Am I a joke to you"
TheGamingProject Pred mesecem
Big up MOO print
Epicgamer25 23
Epicgamer25 23 Pred mesecem
Ayo how does this guy only have 638k subs this guy deserves so much more recognition
Shawn Mendes - Wonder
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