Testing my DNA to see If I am Related to Behzinga from The Sidemen 

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Konstantin Pred letom
So I forgot to send our kits off that’s why the intro is in the sidemen house 😂😂😂 the results actually took 2 weeks to get back!!!
Tejalkera_Msp love
Tejalkera_Msp love Pred 10 meseci
KJY Pred letom
Hayden Pred letom
@Jack Mcwhir they already have
Jack Mcwhir
Jack Mcwhir Pred letom
Do you think you could get all the side men to do this ?
DJ BurnsTV
DJ BurnsTV Pred letom
Well done Kon 😝!!
Brodie Sticht
Brodie Sticht Pred 3 meseci
If you put a human body in a pig den or whatever they’re called, the pigs will eat every part of the person - Including bones - except they won’t eat teeth. Smash up the tweet with a hammer until they’re dust. Drive around town slowly sprinkling the dust around and boom, you’ve just made it near-impossible to find the body
K K Pred 3 meseci
They look like Lincoln and Michael
TeDA Pred 3 meseci
Plot twist: Kon is Ethans dad..
Big Daddy
Big Daddy Pred 3 meseci
Conspiracy kon is actually Ethans dad
clutch_ckrupt Pred 3 meseci
Wait tf up ethans dad left right. Yes so what if ethans dad went to Russia and then kon was made lol
Pandaa Pred 3 meseci
Turns out, Kons Ethan's dad, dadadaddaddadada
prayut kelaiya
prayut kelaiya Pred 4 meseci
manlike alberto
manlike alberto Pred 5 meseci
What if kon is ethans dad and no one knows
Sophia Stirling
Sophia Stirling Pred 5 meseci
Wait there not brothers
TITAN Playz Pred 5 meseci
Ethans dad and kons dad are the same
Leah H
Leah H Pred 6 meseci
my schools in stratford wouldnt mind him gettin rid of it
Officially Kels
Officially Kels Pred 6 meseci
I legit thought it was
Theresa Mc
Theresa Mc Pred 6 meseci
185th comment
G1George __
G1George __ Pred 9 meseci
hang on, maybe this guy is ethans dad?
Eliotskii Pred 9 meseci
Yo this edit is sick how did you copy paste yourself that good?
Kael Is a cabbage
Kael Is a cabbage Pred 9 meseci
You are brothers
Colum Richardson
Colum Richardson Pred 9 meseci
You know that insurance companies buy the data off of those dna tests. That means they know if your cancer prone, dementia prone, or any other disease that would make you able to withdraw money. That would mean that if your kids had a higher chance of getting *ANY* disease they won’t be able to get life insurance.
GogiSensei Pred 9 meseci
Am i the only one who thought they were brothers.
Tmvse Pred 9 meseci
I had to replay the “what place in the uk would you get rid of” because I thought he said where I live 😂
DeV0 Pred 9 meseci
I can’t see that they look alike
b jr
b jr Pred 9 meseci
plot twist: He is actually KSI brother.
forbiden Clan
forbiden Clan Pred 9 meseci
Konstantin: Everybody knows roll - ons last longer Me: Cheap scape
Caleb Grant
Caleb Grant Pred 9 meseci
Relationship hmmmmmmmm
Banana Squad
Banana Squad Pred 9 meseci
So I’m not the only one who thought they looked the same
DryftPVP Pred 9 meseci
kon is nick cromptons long lost brother
Aramaru 1837
Aramaru 1837 Pred 9 meseci
If I was in or someone in the sideman crew I would be at the front so I’m the one that ate so I don’t just eat the people’s crap.
Abdul F1
Abdul F1 Pred 9 meseci
9:10 I thought he was gonna say Newcastle
Cloudy Pred 9 meseci
batezy 44
batezy 44 Pred 9 meseci
Lions MSP
Lions MSP Pred 9 meseci
Your voices are similar
MrNoOne Pred 9 meseci
now they have your DNA and in 20 years they will offer to make you younger with this DNA or Palpatine will make clones of you and then attack the jedi
JJ olatunji
JJ olatunji Pred 9 meseci
How are they alike ????
Hamza Khan A.K.A Baby Yoda
They can be in the same shot just they don’t want to coz they are the same person
XciTe Kinkz
XciTe Kinkz Pred 10 meseci
You guys literally dont look alike at all
Kim Foster
Kim Foster Pred 10 meseci
I’ve always thought they were genuine brothers until this video
Kanguru Jack
Kanguru Jack Pred 10 meseci
id i wake up in the upsydown, where people think that people who look the same really look nothing like each other?
KAI Pred 10 meseci
brooo i see 2 ethans wt the hell
deanwrld Pred 10 meseci
How tf can people say u are the same person? You dont even look similar
Zyb Pred 10 meseci
Are you brothers?
Nate's Gaming
Nate's Gaming Pred 10 meseci
he looks nothing like him? XD
Astro fizzy
Astro fizzy Pred 4 meseci
Okay nate
Hyper Pred 10 meseci
Breaking New´s: So now apparently Moscow is in Europe Proof: 13:07
Killer Shark
Killer Shark Pred 10 meseci
They don't even look alike
Ed Karikari
Ed Karikari Pred 10 meseci
Miniminter minibehzinga feel the payne!!!
commo content
commo content Pred 10 meseci
@konstantin not to be offensive but did ur dad leabe aswell
Tejalkera_Msp love
Tejalkera_Msp love Pred 10 meseci
Omg I fault THEY were related 😂😂😂😂😂
Hyadus Pred 10 meseci
Alex Florea
Alex Florea Pred 10 meseci
For once kon, make a video to the end
Jamie Priestley
Jamie Priestley Pred 11 meseci
I wonder who this company is selling your DNA to...
Lauren Allison
Lauren Allison Pred 11 meseci
I couldn't help but think of Jeffrey dahmer when they were talking about disposing a body
Arlene Cox
Arlene Cox Pred letom
Human centipede is a disgusting movie. Can't believe you enjoyed it.
kimberley paterson
In the sidemen hide and seek in the private jet I thought you were the same person😂
Ethan R
Ethan R Pred letom
Nah for so long I actually fully thought they where brothers
Lord vader
Lord vader Pred letom
Привет мой русский друг
Tahmed Chowdhury Year 13
wait there not brother, I'm confused
Leon Lukah
Leon Lukah Pred letom
I am gonna be honest, I thought u were the same person for a long time, until I saw u guys togheter in this video
Aron Pereira
Aron Pereira Pred letom
I used to think they were brothers🤔
Littlest Hobo
Littlest Hobo Pred letom
SHUT UP! l always thought you guys were brothers, maybe even twins... you even have the same mannerisms and accent!! wtf hahahah! this is mental... not watched the video yet but you honestly are the spit of eachother
Matt Caswell
Matt Caswell Pred letom
you remind me of a guy off a channel 4 home improvement show ahaha
fizzys edits
fizzys edits Pred letom
8:05 Kon's Russian He'll have the treasure hidden in an extremely highly secured spot, somewhere inside the Russian's hidden base
QuinnyFM Pred letom
Kons hidden in a Russian elevator (Stranger Things reference)
Carly Malone
Carly Malone Pred letom
I’m so confused like I swear I heard Ethan’s brother in so many sideman videos and separate videos like WHAT you guys tricked me
Luiz Caballa
Luiz Caballa Pred letom
No shit ethans idea to kill someone is actually genius😂😂like he must have thought about this before 😂🤔
rapeeng Pred letom
bro stop using green screens i know you both are the same person
Konstantin Pred letom
David Clarke
David Clarke Pred letom
I'm so confused 😪😪😪
David Clarke
David Clarke Pred letom
Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww holy shit did you switch places or something this shit maddddddddd
Jacob Anderson
Jacob Anderson Pred letom
I actually though of the icicle before the only thing is how are you gonna carry that around
Kelyaan Pred letom
People think you're brothers because Josh called you that in a video a good while back, At least that's why I though it.
secrets Pred letom
Am I the only one that actually notices they look nothing alike?
Iestyn Symonds
Iestyn Symonds Pred letom
Up until about a month ago i always thought you were brothers 😂
Hanley Pred letom
4:06 Not a human?
Xx GeJMSiK xX Pred letom
Wait you aren't brothers? Wtf.. 😂😂😂😂 I thought you were brothers since 2016... 😂
Rye 25
Rye 25 Pred letom
Is kon Russian or just born there
Ara Ara
Ara Ara Pred letom
Your clone effects is too much man,is cloneing jj not enough?
RTzeexy Pred letom
Ohh the old sidemen house
Amy Pred letom
Am I the only one here who uses both roll on and spray :0
Sarcastic Brit
Sarcastic Brit Pred letom
Fuck, he caught me pausing, now I have to like
Mya Fewell
Mya Fewell Pred letom
Nobody : Kon : RoLl ON iS bEttER
STORM -TV Pred letom
Very well edited video. It really seems like you both are separate people. But you are fooling no one.
iblamekristy Pred letom
SO RELIEVED loads of people thought they were the same person too.. my Brother thought I was crazy when I first asked him "why do people call them different names?" 😂🤣
CurryHellcat 32
CurryHellcat 32 Pred letom
3:01 you cheeky don 😂
oi oi
oi oi Pred letom
Konstantin has really mastered the cloning effect
nznz nznz
nznz nznz Pred letom
Kon's got a bigger head, that's how I tell who is who
CatDribble Pred letom
Wow kon spent some much time cutting himself out for all these frames just to convince us he's two people
Rashed Elamin
Rashed Elamin Pred letom
10:35 got eem 😂😂 11:35
Rashed Elamin
Rashed Elamin Pred letom
0:20 Rah is that the Sidemen house Never mind, just read the comment
Jorge Corral
Jorge Corral Pred letom
Needed to get my guy Kon that view!
ItzBundz Pred letom
1:27 yo kon what are those light things on your wall I saw them in joshs video but didn’t know what they were called.
ItzBundz Pred letom
Konstantin thank you I’ll check out the video as well
Konstantin Pred letom
They are called Nanoleaf, I made a brief video on them in the past - 'My $10,000 set up' video
Ben Bridges
Ben Bridges Pred letom
I enjoyed everything except the Human Centipede bit. Eww.
ACID Pred letom
Title change?
Danny van der Weijden
I’am Alert 6:49 😂😂😂
Isstrill Pred letom
Де моя сметана!
archaeological waterbed
"I'm alert!" *Bangs head* "O₩!" 6:49
LegendaryButt Pred letom
5:04 only a real brother would do that to another
Its_Lauren Pred letom
Nice like plug Kon
Kian O Sullivan
Kian O Sullivan Pred letom
the sidemen house brings back old memories
Angel survivor
Angel survivor Pred letom
Maybe there cousin's lol
That Car Addict
That Car Addict Pred letom
Why are you guys in the old sidemen house
Mario Morales
Mario Morales Pred letom
Its funny because I regularly get gallons of acid every week for work
Jake Grant
Jake Grant Pred letom
Can you give some to me so I can chug it
Adnan Z
Adnan Z Pred letom
Love your idea
Frank -
Frank - Pred letom
Bro, leave Millwall alone...
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