Making Tobi and Manny's FIRST Music Video ( Destined For Greatness ) 

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In this video, I show you the process of how we put this music video together as well as behind the scenes footage on how we shot Tobi & Manny's new music video Destined For Greatness.
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6. feb. 2020

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TBJZL Pred 8 meseci
Thank you ♥
Zafrul Faridzal
Zafrul Faridzal Pred 15 dnevi
Let’s gooooooo
The Randoms
The Randoms Pred 2 meseci
My g
200 subs No videos challenge
My guy
StephanBeast Pred 3 meseci
Finggy Mow
Finggy Mow Pred 3 meseci
Ayyy love you man !
David Wang
David Wang Pred 10 dnevi
Tobi: ‘yes’ *Stalin intensifies*
Emma Pridmore
Emma Pridmore Pred mesecem
Totally worth all the effort you put in the video it looks sick
Howard The Alien
Howard The Alien Pred mesecem
Kon is the honest best in the game✊🏾
Redha Ali
Redha Ali Pred mesecem
Tell us the budget dont be shy :)
wintrluvswinter Pred mesecem
I think the roof top with the rain would of been better with rain
SKIΣZ Pred 2 meseci
Bare in mind it says 'First'.
Anonymous 0
Anonymous 0 Pred 2 meseci
Manny has shot up a lot compared to tobi
JaBz MaTe
JaBz MaTe Pred 3 meseci
3:14 is where Toby sister is
fantastico there goes my super like Hug greeting from Brazil
ZOZO MOZO Pred 3 meseci
Kon is a legend
Zafir Siddiqui
Zafir Siddiqui Pred 3 meseci
I just imagine them preparing the intro with Tobi before pressing record
Tshepang Ngoma
Tshepang Ngoma Pred 3 meseci
The Rain made the Video better
TG elite Reti
TG elite Reti Pred 3 meseci
Kon: What kind do budget do you want? Tobi: *yes*
xX_SAURUS.39180_Xx 5
xX_SAURUS.39180_Xx 5 Pred 3 meseci
Bruh just notice behind the camera the production is insane
dids valds
dids valds Pred 3 meseci
Legit Kon KONstantly makes videos bang hard💥
Joel Pred 3 meseci
Great vid
eesa durrani
eesa durrani Pred 3 meseci
Get this guy some fucking clout
MrGoldenMC Pred 3 meseci
Who all thinks that Kon looks just like Mumbo Jumbo?
Palayan Pred 3 meseci
Tobi's 1 his only 1 mv cost more than most of jj's
red 25
red 25 Pred 3 meseci
Why was this demonetized?
ok. Pred 3 meseci
Janellé is SOO underrated her voice is amazing ❤❤
blade sparkii
blade sparkii Pred 3 meseci
i watched the music video without thought of the process behind it kon deserves more subs for all hes done for the sidemen
le meme boi
le meme boi Pred 3 meseci
euphoric_tsumi Pred 4 meseci
Kon deserves more recognition. He films most of the sidemen videos and I think some of the music videos too. I wish Kon had more subscribers and more offers :’’) Nothing against sidemen they do credit him it’s just nobody bothers to go to his channel. It really does annoy me
Raidar Winters
Raidar Winters Pred 4 meseci
Reminds me of a more mature version of tayk
VITAL Entertainment
VITAL Entertainment Pred 4 meseci
Tobi is so cool
Mazharul 2004
Mazharul 2004 Pred 4 meseci
Wait... the feature was his sister!... dang.
MOZZY Pred 4 meseci
Bruh it looked like it toke one day than 6 days wow
Eoin Harris
Eoin Harris Pred 4 meseci
Tobys jacket is so niccceee
Luke m
Luke m Pred 4 meseci
When i waswatching this u are at 599k subs and i hope u het 600k
Torchic YT
Torchic YT Pred 4 meseci
700th Comment
Lewis taylor
Lewis taylor Pred 4 meseci
700th comment
Danny Blue
Danny Blue Pred 4 meseci
Kon is so fucking dope
finster231 games
finster231 games Pred 4 meseci
Kon I'm confused do they sing in the video or not??
Stoked Shredder420
Stoked Shredder420 Pred 4 meseci
Is it just me or did konstantin just gain an absurd amount of subscribers in a short time? Big up the lad jj always helps out the smaller channels
M Pred 4 meseci
God damn the rain came in clutch tho.. I thought it was intentional
M Pred 4 meseci
Eyyy big up for the like Kon!
Lina Daily
Lina Daily Pred 4 meseci
Kon + Lorenzo = Match made in Heaven
OCTPUSIK Pred 4 meseci
Anyone know where I can get the reflective jacket Tobi and manny are wearing?
Hey Im Glue
Hey Im Glue Pred 4 meseci
LightTV Pred 4 meseci
I guess there was 47k raindrops
Nasr Ullah
Nasr Ullah Pred 4 meseci
is this the same location that was in black mirror's shut up and dance?
Renzu Pred 5 meseci
The rain aspect made it better ngl
XYN Mandloi
XYN Mandloi Pred 5 meseci
Bruv your filming is Sublime
Sam Rodriguez
Sam Rodriguez Pred 5 meseci
Man said kon the camera man now has a camera man
Pro_Joe 69
Pro_Joe 69 Pred 5 meseci
shozical Pred 5 meseci
Does anyone know where this was filmed - i’d love to go there for pictures - im an aspiring photo and video editor - @Kon????
Gamer Y with Lord P
Gamer Y with Lord P Pred 5 meseci
The rain actually made it look better tho
Bzenni Pred 5 meseci
Normally i hate people that just get subscribers because they got pushed by some kind of famous friend. But this guy, he deserves ist just look at the quality of this video. ❤️
Christian Wilson
Christian Wilson Pred 5 meseci
Joel Kibina
Joel Kibina Pred 5 meseci
Pope #7017
Pope #7017 Pred 5 meseci
I was about to say something like yo he looks likes ethans brother then i read the comments and realised he *was* ethans brother
Zanwer Aga
Zanwer Aga Pred 5 meseci
‘’That was reeely naice’’
Un Active
Un Active Pred 5 meseci
Why’s Kon sounds like he’s from BBC
Samrth Z
Samrth Z Pred 5 meseci
J 0 M I L L 0
J 0 M I L L 0 Pred 5 meseci
The rain honestly made it better
LBX MEGA Pred 5 meseci
3:38 best moment
Gabriel Wong
Gabriel Wong Pred 5 meseci
i see why tobi gets along with vikk well
Luke Upton
Luke Upton Pred 5 meseci
Who dis deep a camera man has a camera man
No Sir
No Sir Pred 5 meseci
Kongratulations to Tobi and Manny for having their first song blow up 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Tayyab Shahzad
Tayyab Shahzad Pred 5 meseci
i am ksi
Ollie Cook
Ollie Cook Pred 5 meseci
This is such a good video. Keep it ip
Jay '
Jay ' Pred 5 meseci
The visual on this was so fucking fire.
Remy Hollis
Remy Hollis Pred 6 meseci
This is a sick vid
BoyanT Pred 6 meseci
Kon acc bangs it wit these music vids big up
llwyd boobyer
llwyd boobyer Pred 6 meseci
Manny looks like awb 😭
Itz- Pudala
Itz- Pudala Pred 6 meseci
Make more songs wiv ya brotjer he got a good voice plus the chemistry wiv you 2 is special and that wud leave to beter songs xx
Rohan Arcs
Rohan Arcs Pred 6 meseci
Even the rain can’t stop them
Anigith Ms
Anigith Ms Pred 6 meseci
Noice #b99
That Crack Head Under your bed
Great song and great film crew ❤️
No Nut Novemder
No Nut Novemder Pred 6 meseci
Manny is low key on point with his puns in this
Tyler Jordan
Tyler Jordan Pred 6 meseci
I feel like the rain really made the video look better
DS Nickolas
DS Nickolas Pred 7 meseci
Konstantin:" what kind of budget do you to spent on this ?" Tobi: " Yes!"
Addison Marriott
Addison Marriott Pred 7 meseci
Kon does seriously not get enough credit for what he does, he produces amazing content for the sidemen, himself, and all the other content creators/artists he’s involved with
Edison Leal
Edison Leal Pred 7 meseci
Kon's video editing skills are so dope!
Merk Pred 7 meseci
You did a bangin' job Kon! Would love to see some editing behind the scenes for this one xd
Master Yoda
Master Yoda Pred 7 meseci
could we maybe get a shot of Janele backstage singing in the start without autotune :D
Abdullah 2460
Abdullah 2460 Pred 7 meseci
Wag 1
peik YT
peik YT Pred 7 meseci
My name is also Konstantin❤️
Poison Pred 7 meseci
is nobody gonna talk about the fact that they are using skype? (0:00) great song tho
JOSIAH IKO Pred 8 meseci
I love ur ideas man sometime i wish i had one
Ollie Bigland
Ollie Bigland Pred 8 meseci
Where can I get the trackies that tobis wearing?
Rick Maassen
Rick Maassen Pred 8 meseci
Dp did an amazing job
wilson suarez
wilson suarez Pred 8 meseci
Saw both videos, subscribed it was that easy
Rory Forsyth 2
Rory Forsyth 2 Pred 8 meseci
Kon is the best editor on SLtv , Facts !
Lydon Green
Lydon Green Pred 8 meseci
Lit behind the scenes video I loved it Kon 🔥♥️
Thomas Cardillo
Thomas Cardillo Pred 8 meseci
Even the behind the scenes videos is directed beautifully
H_Bâlinť Pred 8 meseci
The rain was beautifull
TB RNZ Pred 8 meseci
Good job pal
Kir Hulk
Kir Hulk Pred 8 meseci
600th commenter
WaveWarrior Pred 8 meseci
Kon is so underated
SweetMissAJ ­­­­­­­­­­­­
What's the two songs been played over in the back ground I have it in my head its annoying as hell love the video and the song destined for greatness 😃
CiaBeeBee Pred 8 meseci
When there are more views than subscribers👀
JAM ROLL Pred 8 meseci
Sooooooo dope I like the behind the scenes
Jack Hudson
Jack Hudson Pred 8 meseci
Big up kon
Matthew Lipthorpe
Matthew Lipthorpe Pred 8 meseci
Big up Kon!
lxvi Pred 8 meseci
Ksi: Wake Up Call is the best. Tobi: No.
Rafed Kamil
Rafed Kamil Pred 8 meseci
kon is so underrated man. You deserve more respect my brother
Nicole Park
Nicole Park Pred 8 meseci
I love Tobi, he seems like such a genuine and down to earth guy. The fact that he did this with his brother and sister? Love that. Also, good video. Keep up the good work!
No Peak
No Peak Pred 8 meseci
I actually love the rain.