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18. jan. 2019

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Golden Hoops
Golden Hoops Pred letom
Kon, you can just highlight the clips you want -> click on sequence in the upper left corner -> close gap.. Boom, takes 2 seconds
Kai CZY Pred letom
Konstantin pi
E Y Pred letom
@Randolph can I show you some of my music clips?
Joel Sorsoni
Joel Sorsoni Pred letom
Randolph Pred letom
Konstantin this guy is way better than you. Delete your channel
Nazman Rosman
Nazman Rosman Pred letom
Hahah. I was about to comment the same thing
Johny Mathew
Johny Mathew Pred 2 meseci
Kon question , I have adobe premiere rush . is the effects you do here on premier pro the same in rush
Miko Pred 4 meseci
what software do you use??? please help
Jheeze Pred 4 meseci
Anyone else notice one of the models is Jamie from top boy
Quibb Pred 4 meseci
Mad one of the models is In top boy
iTrixtr Pred letom
You guys should get a photoshop expert to help you guys make a billboard advert so you can make bigger promotions
Mikk Pred letom
thank you for this video, i’m currently working on my first promo video and it helps me a lot! at the moment i‘m struggling the most with finding good royalty free music for my videos... where and how do you find yours?
Konstantin Pred letom
I use Epidemic Muisc library :)
your kneecaps lack seasoning
Kon would be a model if he was fit.
_aam.11 Pred letom
Do u do pics for ILLVIZN
AzrØ Pred letom
shit... I always just dragged the clips together :/ That'll already save plenty of time
Siddiq Pred letom
Thanks these few tricks will definitely help me
Tad Pred letom
Bro please keep making more videos like these ya know like Peter McKinnon type stuff
Turne Gaming
Turne Gaming Pred letom
Do you use After Effects at all. How do you go putting all the animations and texts etc? thanks for the editting tips, nice to see how much you can do with just the basics
I X Pred letom
I loved this video.
Merk Pred letom
I love your editing tutorials Kon! Hope you do more of these since as an aspiring editor i could learn alot from you :D
Davies Vlogs
Davies Vlogs Pred letom
this video was so sick many people will appreciate it
Ankith Nagabandi
Ankith Nagabandi Pred letom
Do you edit all the Sidemen videos?
Amir Pred letom
the sidemens sidemen
- AAA -
- AAA - Pred letom
I like that david dobrick's merch
BTFly Pred letom
Костя , сделай реакции KSI и Randolph на русскую музыку (Big Baby Tape и прочее)
fanto Pred letom
If you did direct it, please make Ares KSI behind the scenes it would be great
mohammad patel
mohammad patel Pred letom
How do you film the true goodie (the kick off)
Luka getsadze
Luka getsadze Pred letom
канстантин нв в выдео josh а не дал нму попоробоват аливие я че русскн я грузн парин как кон
LGZ Pred letom
Who else thought zrk meant zerkaa aka josh’s channel
Oliver vlogs
Oliver vlogs Pred letom
Name of song at 1:45
Oliver vlogs
Oliver vlogs Pred letom
What's the song in the edit
Thomas Huckstep
Thomas Huckstep Pred letom
Can you do a vid on another type of software (Logic pro X) possibly !!!
james ivory
james ivory Pred letom
Is Rudolph gay (I know he is married)
Thedodgymonkey 600
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Jacob Foster
Jacob Foster Pred letom
Parts of it look like where avelino did stand up
Иван Смирнов
Кость, сколько ты знаком с сайдмэнами?
MrJonojono34 Pred letom
Konstantin's ear lobes are connected to his chin
Nightowl 488
Nightowl 488 Pred letom
Jallow watches this too learn from Kon oof
Mosab Khalid
Mosab Khalid Pred letom
i'll unsub if this is the last tutorial kon will ever make i want more tutorials who's with me?
Aaron D
Aaron D Pred letom
Kon, I realize that this content isn't going to get the most views for your fan / viewer base but I actually really appreciated this. WE DO CARE! Well some of us. Honestly Kon if you want to tap into actual video editors and photography editors you would bang as a tutorial channel especially because you already have that work ethic. Just record it.
kieran donovan
kieran donovan Pred letom
This bangs bro
operation blackout soldier 1
Kon are you Ethans brother
Dan Longyear
Dan Longyear Pred letom
Whats the black dot to the right of Kons phone that keeps appearing and disappearing? Really bugging me XD
cussac000 Pred letom
i got a bit confused about kons legs at 10:20
Tom Packham
Tom Packham Pred letom
Do more tutorials these are sick
Graffiti Bck
Graffiti Bck Pred letom
Hi my name is Konstantin too
Raahem Rashid
Raahem Rashid Pred letom
What’s the outro song? It doesn’t matter He’s linked it
Dominator Pred letom
I thought you could just ripple delete from the start?
pay2win Pred letom
just a foreign language to me
Tash Pred letom
7:22 wtaf boi
Air Spike
Air Spike Pred letom
do not joke about moms with Russians :D
defender one
defender one Pred letom
They need to fight 😎
Joel Sorsoni
Joel Sorsoni Pred letom
back in 2017, i wanted to master Photoshop and Premiere Pro.. i watch several tutorials on photoshop where there is too much tools for me and didnt quite like useful to me (but blending is my favorite) wherein Premiere pro i just mess around bit here and there then BAM! my first time using premiere pro was there's this school project we had to do and ive been the editor. I somehow master the BASICS where i still got a complex outcome and that satisfies me. the point is, just go mess around for quite a bit and youll master what you love (i just dont like photoshop tho)
L T Pred letom
Best free editing software plz😭😭
Defoe18 Pred letom
I think that the pink smoke is excessive and the effect itself is nowadays very overused. But other than that it's cool.
HXNTER.X Pred letom
"Is he single?" Bruh i died haha
Tharsan J
Tharsan J Pred letom
wavy ep but id rather solo vids g.
Ben Greatholder
Ben Greatholder Pred letom
I use premiere pro cs2 cause adobe things are expensive
Samir Chaudhry
Samir Chaudhry Pred letom
You guys work well together
dixiecupz15 Pred letom
I miss using Premiere so MUCHH, I was getting kinda handy making artsy music videos but I barely have the time and I want to have a better PC than I have crrently before I even think of buying that program to dabble into that hobby again (:
Chadason McGraw
Chadason McGraw Pred letom
Kon hooking up Randolph with some new bits haha
Saber Entertainment
If this is the content you make you will get tons of subs
ケネス Pred letom
This video has Kon's and Randolph's cringe and it is high in this video.. and I love it😁❤️
Pickled Onion
Pickled Onion Pred letom
We DO care Kon
Gaming Is Fun
Gaming Is Fun Pred letom
Dsohal04 Pred letom
Kon when I'm older in like uni (I'm in year 10 atm) I wanna be a editor for anthing pics, videos etc. but I hardly find any courses on it for colleges and universities so what do I do. I've been trying to test my editing on yt like gameplay and I edit all that on sharefactory on ps4
Shadddzz3000 Pred letom
Idea: Make a Russian Hardbase with Josh *Sabaka* and Randolph
Matěj Beránek
Matěj Beránek Pred letom
What's the name of the outro song?
Opinionated Phiri
haha just when some thought final cut would be what all mac users use lool
eddie ripley
eddie ripley Pred letom
What is his intro song
Trending Videos
Trending Videos Pred letom
Download adobe premiere pro full version here #adobepremiereprocc2019download
ZixPain Pred letom
Thank you mate, it works fine for me :')
Trending Videos
Trending Videos Pred letom
@CookiesNCream Nope, it's not dude
CookiesNCream Pred letom
budgie saaab
budgie saaab Pred letom
You Two Should Do More Collabs👊
utkarsh panwar
utkarsh panwar Pred letom
That's useful great work kon🥂
Balázs Jenei
Balázs Jenei Pred letom
WOW! I couldn't find normal editing software
supershrimp1 Pred letom
i appreciate how much effort you both into these videos! :)
JENNY FYN Pred letom
how abou final cut pro
salty s
salty s Pred letom
A dobe lol
Marco K.
Marco K. Pred letom
Which programm do you use?
Marco K.
Marco K. Pred letom
Two Sidekicks doing a video together... Amazing
Dart Runner
Dart Runner Pred letom
What do you mean
IRON Pred letom
keep doing videos like this bro!
DonDon Pred letom
Kon, can you show us how you make your intro/outro? Btw, love your videos man, really inspirational!!
Miguel Alves
Miguel Alves Pred letom
Hey! can you do a "tutorial" on how you did your intro? the different colour lenses look sick!
Spyrouz Pred letom
People feel like editing can fix bad footage, but having good footage really makes your editing process a lot easier
ty Pred letom
Outro song?
Mimen Hamiani
Mimen Hamiani Pred letom
DuhJango Fett
DuhJango Fett Pred letom
Jallow out there somewhere taking notes on this video
Ara Ara
Ara Ara Pred letom
Like your edit is so sick fam like how
Erin M
Erin M Pred letom
What's the intro song?
Leo Williams
Leo Williams Pred letom
Please make a song together like so they can see
JoJo Beast
JoJo Beast Pred letom
Whats the editor named?? I couldnt understand him lol
IfeOluwa Akinrinade
15:35 is the edit
Kieran Robins
Kieran Robins Pred letom
Kon, please do more of these! Found it really interesting and a sick insight into the basics of editing! More of these, slowly going into greater detail and a higher skill level would be sick!!
Azzam Rey
Azzam Rey Pred letom
9:56 lol Kon was like "no it wasn't"
DuaneTV Pred letom
This is dope! Appreciate the tips, was cool to watch the making of the beat then applying it in the video, next we need that collab track! 😂 You aint done rapping yet homie
Krisstoffer Pred letom
Another good tutorial from King Kon, even with the dead weight that is Randolph the momdiver.
JustRithwik Pred letom
to be honest, if people can't afford to buy premiere pro, they can use this alternative called "Hitfilm Express" or "Lightworks". They work like magic
Wanderrlust Pred letom
Who else here has like 0 clue what is going on here but is loving it anyway??
NYCity9YT Pred letom
Wanderrlust Pred letom
@Josh Marwaha no i mean like i dont know how to to all the edits and stuff not that i dont know why they're doing an edit lol
Josh Marwaha
Josh Marwaha Pred letom
Watch Randolphs video and it will make sense
Aldiyar Toibazarov
ye like obviously
Wanderrlust Pred letom
@Tharsan J just making trying to have a joke mate calm down
DevilishHD Pred letom
Im a 3rd year TV production student, great tips mate would love some more videos like this and some other set up videos, maybe on a second chanbel???
Yasin Elahee
Yasin Elahee Pred letom
I would personally enjoy a real in depth tutorial at some point, i could see why some people wouldn't though if they aren't looking to do any video editing
Harrison Nicholls
Love these vids more tutorials please 🙏🏻
anydrk Pred letom
Please do more videos like this, it's really helpful. Thank you.
Gintare K.
Gintare K. Pred letom
I love Randolph being over sexual with Kon haha
Joel Davies
Joel Davies Pred letom
it is "Adobe-eee"
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