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Link to the book: www.emekaegbuonu.com/books
EMEKA: emeka_bnc
Ambitions of the Deprived chronicles the lives of four teenage friends as they experience life through a lens of contradiction, conflicts and struggles for space and identity. Refusing to be limited by the stereotypical expectations of society due to their race, age and social status they pledge to rise above their circumstances and succeed against the odds. At the crux of adulthood they have high aspirations and great motivation for careers in teaching, law and the Olympics. Their destitute area, violent gang members and a local murder uproot their plans when one of the boys, Junior becomes unwittingly caught up in the crime. His innocence is of little importance when the trial tarnishes him with the same brush as the perpetrators.
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18. jan. 2018

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Kingdom Soul
Kingdom Soul Pred 2 leti
Bloody hell that was bad ... i mean the commentator was a bad choice, moving forward all in grey wasnt a great choice just makes it really dull to look at. Still didnt get the point of any story had to skip so much of it since it was silent , oh yh congratz on ure subs man keep doing what u doin
jAEL Pred 2 leti
Kon I really like it and because of you and meji you have made me want to pursue a career in film and photographer
Aaron Toms
Aaron Toms Pred 2 leti
wicked work lad
Douglas W
Douglas W Pred 2 leti
What camera did you use for this video?
Julija Milasiunaite
This is amazing
Surain Pred 2 leti
do a video on how you colour grade your vids
s A
s A Pred 2 leti
Fucking ceertttiii💯💥
Florinda D'Archivio
congrats 🎉🎉
Robert Dixon
Robert Dixon Pred 2 leti
Been looking for cons SLtv for fucking ages !! Just seeing him on the other vlogs
Sinate Maraiwai
Sinate Maraiwai Pred 2 leti
This is so cool and I'm so proud of you 💜
AaMiRLuVsMuSiC91 Pred 2 leti
Love this so much big man! Absolutely killing it
Brenda chavarin
Brenda chavarin Pred 2 leti
This is one of the best videos I’ve seen.
Eline Pred 2 leti
This gave me chills Kon, wonderfully made!!
hamzah rababaah
hamzah rababaah Pred 2 leti
just seeing you happy kon makes me happy
Adnan Z
Adnan Z Pred 2 leti
Really i love you
Hendric Pred 2 leti
simon greene
simon greene Pred 2 leti
what a wonderful video. keep it up!!
Beth Empsall
Beth Empsall Pred 2 leti
I remember you speaking about this on your insta live!!! So glad you decided to do this❤️ and congrats on 50k
TroubledGamerHD Pred 2 leti
Your photography and video skills are actually Insane man such a talented person and can't wait to see what other videos your going to be producing in the future bro, congrats on your SLtv career and all the best for the future
Anime Pred 2 leti
Direct a film I swear I'll watch it
Ozze Ozze
Ozze Ozze Pred 2 leti
Congrats on hitting 50k you are a god
Beatrice Gabriel
Beatrice Gabriel Pred 2 leti
Ngl this gave me goosebumps, your cinematics w the story was amazing. U should do stuff like this again if u can in the future
Ollie Cottrell
Ollie Cottrell Pred 2 leti
Love u man, keep up the great work!!
jackson04 Pred 2 leti
Yo bro i think your a pretty good youtuber and it was cool getting a picture with you at upload👍🏼👍🏼
evie aves
evie aves Pred 2 leti
well done Kon every one of us is so proud of you and what you've been able to do, keep up the great work x
Buffy S Back
Buffy S Back Pred 2 leti
Your talent knows no limits. Makes me wish I could hire you. Show us more 👍👍👍👏👏👏😃😃😃
Brenna Weasley
Brenna Weasley Pred 2 leti
This is so unbelievable! great job, keep it up! (And I mean your work not anything else)😊😁👍
Mariah Rain
Mariah Rain Pred 2 leti
So beautiful! Loved this
MySuspect Pred 2 leti
I joined only recently cause you look like a fun and cool guy in sidemen vids! Plus I know you do camera work for them which is of the chain! This was a really really cool video and your cinematics really helped grasp the feeling of an already good story! Which I do think could’ve been improved is the smoothnes of the camera, in market for example, I thought it didn’t move completely in a straight line through the shot. Maybe it’s just me. But there’s some critism for you, like you wanted. Good luck and see you next time Ps: I’m dutch so sorry for any broken English or anything
Emily Pred 2 leti
This was crazy good Kon. Such an important message throughout that story yet such a sad ending. The cinematics with the music kept a calm atmosphere to help me drift off into the story. Intimidatingly good video Kon. Congrats on 50,000 subs! So clearly deserved X To the next milestone! ---->
Hobbo Pred 2 leti
kon, this is absolutely amazing the cinematics really help to get the story across and make It more meaningful to myself and everyone else who watched this incredible piece of work. keep it up!!
Insha Ali
Insha Ali Pred 2 leti
Koooooooooon your talent makes me cry at how untalented I am😭💖 LOVE this cinematic and the story oh lord, you best believe I’ll be buying it. Also, CONGRATS ON 50K !!!!!!!! You fully deserve it 💖 also this comment keeps on increasing so before it becomes TOO big, lots of love for you Kirsty and best wishes for your channel! xox
Andrew Oti
Andrew Oti Pred 2 leti
This is the most captivated I've been watching a video for a long time, the story and cinematography had me engrossed from start to finish. Really well done, you deserve everything that comes your way. Stay Blessed
Majenta Langs
Majenta Langs Pred 2 leti
Sick video
UD Pred 2 leti
anialee Pred 2 leti
Amazing cinematics and the book sounds great too! Love your content Kon 😁 keep it up 👌🏻
Joel Maher Productions
Grats Bro
I forgot my name
I forgot my name Pred 2 leti
Man like Kon getting a million sub very soon!
HyperLonX HD
HyperLonX HD Pred 2 leti
I wanna hear the whole book, this is beautiful
Calum Masterton
Calum Masterton Pred 2 leti
Well done man keep up the good work
JK FLASH Pred 2 leti
Killing it
Joachim Bogh Frimodt
Music at the beginning?
JakeMcBoss Pred 2 leti
True Geordie
Athul Gopz
Athul Gopz Pred 2 leti
Kon Wow just wow. Pure talent. Keep it up.
Alesha Davies
Alesha Davies Pred 2 leti
This was so amazing. Like I have no words.
Tejam Godse
Tejam Godse Pred 2 leti
yo blue eyes have a sports challenge with vikk
Tvha Khan
Tvha Khan Pred 2 leti
MegzMarine Pred 2 leti
This is beautiful, it's rare for me to get captivated by stories but this is deep. The cinematics helped me to feel the story. Nice work!! 👌🏼
Dave shivam
Dave shivam Pred 2 leti
Your videography skills are just amazing and top notch . Love your vids.keep it up✌👌✌👌
Hibo K
Hibo K Pred 2 leti
This was beautiful
Ishaan Dhingra
Ishaan Dhingra Pred 2 leti
Dude Kon, you are such an amazing cinematographer. You're so good. This way of filming was always something I had too in the back of my mind but I could not ever capture it. You're really talented
Not_X3 Pred 2 leti
The cinematics of the video reminded me of a story I had read about the nuclear booming at Hiroshima and Nagasaki it talked about the silence after the booming that people died and injured but the cinematics was really good keep it up
Trinzeh Pred 2 leti
Congrats on 50k Kon well and truly deserved, It's clear to see how passionate you are with filming would look forward seeing more stuff like this.
Ginger Josh
Ginger Josh Pred 2 leti
Kon I’m actually bare impressed with this well done man
Pallavi Sridhar
Pallavi Sridhar Pred 2 leti
This is amazing. The cinematography is incredible and even though it doesn't line up with the whats being spoken it's so artfully placed and it flows and transitions very well. It's something super beautiful to watch and experience and makes your emotions swell. You deserve so much more recognition than you get now. I hope you are having a great day/night and keep up the great inspiring work!
Curious Cat
Curious Cat Pred 2 leti
Well, more of this please! Vlogs everybody does them (but of course, keep them coming, I like to see your vlogs). But this is another level and if you love to do them, please continue. Also you could make some behind the scenes explaining the process, tips and tricks, etc. Something that is usefull to whoever wants to go the same career path, as i believe can be quite technical and scary. I do have a question, where is the music from? I love it! Congrats and keep going.
Wingy Media
Wingy Media Pred 2 leti
Kon mate, you really piss me off. The editing and effort you put into your vids is mental and I know I'll never get to your level 😂 All seriousness though, you fully deserve 50k and a lot more too! Most slept on SLtvr atm
Arti Rathore
Arti Rathore Pred 2 leti
Thank you for this. I really hope SLtv serves as a stepping stone for you to go on to bigger things and for you to continue to inspire people through your art. This is genuinely the purest thing I have ever heard or scene. Congrats on the success and exposure you have recently gotten and although I have just recently discovered you, I'm glad I did.
doom reaper666
doom reaper666 Pred 2 leti
i was going to bed bored but after watching this and listening i ordered the book so i can find out what happened to junior. nice vid con 👍👍
Rudy Can't Game
Rudy Can't Game Pred 2 leti
Желаю тебе всего хорошего.
Chiiiaro Pred 2 leti
Casey Neistat V2.0?
Tahmid Haque
Tahmid Haque Pred 2 leti
Emily Stobbs
Emily Stobbs Pred 2 leti
This video is amazing it takes you away from a shit day and puts you in a dreamland keep it up and well done for 55k
failyear Pred 2 leti
This is what should be on trending. Fresh, beautiful, intelligent...new and real content. Well done.
vidimurphy Pred 2 leti
This is amazing. I love that you used 50k as an oppurtunity to give another creator a voice. Great stuff.
Ed Hallam
Ed Hallam Pred 2 leti
that was epic!
Mr ChubbyCupcake
Mr ChubbyCupcake Pred 2 leti
You are so funny man, love ur vids🔥🔥🔥
sheridan e
sheridan e Pred 2 leti
i really feel i got what the cinematography against the story was expressing. i love that this video makes you think. i’m so happy you’ve hit 55k, you really deserve it.
Da Best
Da Best Pred 2 leti
Well done
Matt MG
Matt MG Pred 2 leti
This was sick Kon, congrats on the growth of the channel keep up the quality (and the clickbaiting)
George paps123
George paps123 Pred 2 leti
Well done
jessi c;
jessi c; Pred 2 leti
absolutely sick kon!!!
Jkl Pred 2 leti
Love you
Jamie Cxk
Jamie Cxk Pred 2 leti
10 people missed the like button
Assil Pred 2 leti
The fact that i litteraly could see the story tells a lot about the quality of the book and the cinematics, you're getting the reward for your awesome work Congrats from France for the 50k and see you for the 100k 🤘
Not_X3 Pred 2 leti
Assil why not a million he disserves it
SJA Pred 2 leti
Along with the vlogs, this sort of content is what SLtv needs, talent telling a story. Great work Kon!
Robert Bewley
Robert Bewley Pred 2 leti
been watching for only a few videos so far. I've always been interested in film and photography. I love your style of editing. the seamless blend between audio and imagery is outstanding. perfectly layered to create a master piece.
Ruairi Doyle
Ruairi Doyle Pred 2 leti
you tricked me i am not mad i am just dissapointed. just kidding u r awesome but pleaase stry not to become one of those chsnnels [cough cough jake pual] who trick and diseat their audience everyday. but right now u r awesome
ItzImzyyy Pred 2 leti
Congrats on 55k One thing I think you should do: have more enthusiasm in your videos because you do awesome things
Rowen Hedley
Rowen Hedley Pred 2 leti
Insane. Deffo need more of that.
Shai. Apex
Shai. Apex Pred 2 leti
This was really beautiful, the shots were really well done and it all fit well together! Really like seeing cinematic projects like these, very inspirational and always make me want to go out and try it myself. Hope to one day reach this level! Some of the shots were very noticeably clever put imo, for example at one moment the audio mentions the cracking of a fake smile, while the video shows a person frowning instead. I liked that, since you were going for something else instead of a straight depiction of the audio, really well done! Hope to see more of these and would love to see things like your music video as well!
Bradley Barrett
Bradley Barrett Pred 2 leti
This book sounds like something that should be created in a GCSE /A-Levels exam. But it is AMAZING. The editing really brings out the emotions throughout the book and the voice is a very communicational thing. It very much relates to the modern society troubles and I think sounds like a good read. Anyway Keep up the good work and congratulations for 50k. Keep up the good work.
RegulatorsMountUp Pred 2 leti
Bought the book bruv!
MattRHD Films
MattRHD Films Pred 2 leti
This is great, keep it up mate 💯💯
smileymiley Pred 2 leti
This was good. I liked it!!!!
Pasión Van Akoleyen
I felt like the video reflected the calm after the storm, a time of reflection and assimilation of past events, a path towards acceptance and strength. Honestly I loved it, it made me feel and think. Also the book sounds like an amazing piece, I will read it.
caeerly Pred 2 leti
congrats kon !
ronja Pred 2 leti
Congrats for already 55 thousand subscribers! You deserve it! As for the book and the cinematics i created a picture in my head... the story in my head and that is good book writing! The cinematics were amazing and i could really fit the cinematics into the picture so thank you KON for the experience and all the hard work you've done! I Look forward to seeing more of you! YOU DESERVE IT KON!
Frost freak
Frost freak Pred 2 leti
u r one of the best editor
Louis Turner-Scott
Louis Turner-Scott Pred 2 leti
Congrats that audiobook is sick
Gourav Nawani
Gourav Nawani Pred 2 leti
Love ur vids bro ❤️❤️❤️
TheJTG Pred 2 leti
Your channel is amazing and always has been since September. As a media student I wish to go into either the editorial or the the directing sides of videos and was hoping if you'd be able to do tutorials as I feel like your content is the best and would help not just me but others alike to become better at what they want to do.
Alix Buck
Alix Buck Pred 2 leti
This was amazing and congrats for reaching 50,000 u deserve it. 👊👊
B.N.L One
B.N.L One Pred 2 leti
man like kon with the 50k+ subs keep up bruv
Brad Wilmot
Brad Wilmot Pred 2 leti
Your videography is something to admire to say the least, congrats on 50k, u deserve it
Donal Crowley
Donal Crowley Pred 2 leti
That might been one of the best videos I’ve ever seen
Alex-james Davies
Alex-james Davies Pred 2 leti
Wow, really good man, deep shit
Max Collins
Max Collins Pred 2 leti
That was mad, next one at 100k?
Yannick Put
Yannick Put Pred 2 leti
You deserve it man
Jim Ross
Jim Ross Pred 2 leti
Camera work was amazing. Editing was mad. Black and white sets the tone of this straight away. Keep doing these.
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