I lived on REDUCED FOOD for a week in LONDON 

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This week I buy unsold food that restaurants and supermarkets would have wasted.
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2. dec. 2019

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Kiefer Burt
Kiefer Burt Pred mesecem
Better chance of fresh pasta to be reduced
Zach Roy
Zach Roy Pred mesecem
Still working on my video: “I lived on REDUCED FOOD for 2 years while building my business that was finally profitable right before COVID then went down the shitter”
XIXgeordie Pred mesecem
FrenchyHD Pred mesecem
The only thing in this that needs to be reduced in this video is how much ketchup you put on that sandwich 😂
Sufyaan Khan
Sufyaan Khan Pred 2 meseci
Nice joke 18:05
Yop Pred 2 meseci
We have the same microwave and oven lol
TheGreekGuyNL Pred 2 meseci
I love this video soo much, this is my second time watching it, lovley!!!!!!!
KING LION Pred 2 meseci
Man went heavy on the bass.
Ethan Hughes
Ethan Hughes Pred 3 meseci
Does anyone else keep re-watching this for some reason?
Legion Pred 3 meseci
Kon has a massive forehead ngl
troyg1337 Pred 3 meseci
Employed by millionaires yet the last 2 videos I've seen of yours...you winced at giving £100 prize for your competition and then on reduced food for a week I think you need a raise 🤣
Eli Neti
Eli Neti Pred 3 meseci
22:48 you were gonna say “magic mushrooms” 👀😏
Clementino Gilbert Tj
Clementino Gilbert Tj Pred 3 meseci
You're not allowed ketchup! >:(
Akul Sharma
Akul Sharma Pred 4 meseci
what does reduced food exactly mean though?
trizzac is a nonce
trizzac is a nonce Pred 4 meseci
this man eats so much lmao i eat like 1 meal a day
Mhm Mhm
Mhm Mhm Pred 3 meseci
called eating 3 meals a day like a normal person
Ahmet Askar
Ahmet Askar Pred 4 meseci
Akxeu Pred 4 meseci
Lol my mum does this her whole life
Gvidux Games
Gvidux Games Pred 4 meseci
18:35 she said Hitler
EC Ash
EC Ash Pred 4 meseci
I have watched this about 8 times and I dont get bored of it
Akash OZKI
Akash OZKI Pred 4 meseci
As a uni student I would like to say that that's all I eat all day everyday mate
Rameesha Pred 4 meseci
Wait she said no to the pizza and then got some from Waitrose 😂😂 what?
Erin Eve
Erin Eve Pred 4 meseci
£7 for fucking chicken ! jesus christ 🥴
ELDIS MORINA Pred 4 meseci
As a new vidoe do reduced food for a week lockdown edition?
Turhan Ahmed
Turhan Ahmed Pred 4 meseci
Your not a bad man fam your deji's camera man
Boolin Pred 4 meseci
now kon knows how we all live down here in the comment section
Name Here
Name Here Pred 4 meseci
I love reduced food. I found mr Kiplings marshmallow and chocolate cakes for 30p per box. I bought like 10 packs
Konstantin Pred 4 meseci
I got a whole tub of coleslaw last week for 16p in Tesco’s, bargain!
6 ads on one vid
James Board
James Board Pred 4 meseci
anyone know what does cool lights are called that are attached to his wall?
Konstantin Pred 4 meseci
Nanoleaf :) Check this video out sltv.info/label/bK99zMSpmYyxg6o/video
Jordan Marshall
Jordan Marshall Pred 4 meseci
Loving the videos 👊🏾
Konstanstly on my mind LOL
tom brown
tom brown Pred 4 meseci
lmao waitrose reduced fully a joke
Lil Pye
Lil Pye Pred 4 meseci
I’ve only recently started watching Kon but I’m so happy I have his Content is so entertaining
Aviraj Singh
Aviraj Singh Pred 4 meseci
This guy Gained 135k after Ksi talked about him
Thomas Winnett
Thomas Winnett Pred 4 meseci
your toaster is weak man. you can't even call that toast its literally just bread xD
Oliver Neale
Oliver Neale Pred 4 meseci
You think you’re unhealthy just had had onion rings for breakfast
Drxppy_ F1N
Drxppy_ F1N Pred 4 meseci
18:35 never seen a cup of tea more weak than that in my life
notkane-_- Pred 4 meseci
Ok but why does he low key sound like callux
capxsam Pred 4 meseci
*goes to waitrose* Kirsty: THATS EXPENSIVE
Nave Bushes
Nave Bushes Pred 4 meseci
Waitrose is so expensive
lNaufall Pred 4 meseci
next thing, i tried fasting for a day/week
Xd Scorbion?
Xd Scorbion? Pred 4 meseci
Whats that sidemen vid at the start
Trash Salsa
Trash Salsa Pred 4 meseci
I thought this as tiny Tim I want a refund
mr twollock
mr twollock Pred 4 meseci
i didn't know that there were people that didn't do this
Ayman Sahin
Ayman Sahin Pred 4 meseci
this is my favorite vide
Ismail s_playz
Ismail s_playz Pred 5 meseci
18:06 k0nstantly?
WOJIPOJI Pred 5 meseci
If he sent Tesco’s it would be different
Sad Vibes
Sad Vibes Pred 5 meseci
Didn’t know this was a challenge, thought it was called living in poverty. I’ve been doing this challenge for the whole of my life
Sad Vibes
Sad Vibes Pred 5 meseci
I’ve been doing this challenge all my life...
M2WAVY Pred 5 meseci
This challenge proves how hard kon works
Chicken dipper Juice
Chicken dipper Juice Pred 5 meseci
MC BigMac
MC BigMac Pred 5 meseci
Kon works Konstantly
J.24 43
J.24 43 Pred 5 meseci
If anyone sees this don’t you just miss old England without corona
Not Fortnite Llamas Real Llamas
A thing i love about kons vids is that it shows a different side to sidemen then they show in their vids
Just Justin 373
Just Justin 373 Pred 5 meseci
Who actually shops at Waitrose
Hungryleo101 Pred 5 meseci
*I lived as a nonce for a week*
Ryan Wilson
Ryan Wilson Pred 5 meseci
Daniel Hay
Daniel Hay Pred 5 meseci
Goes to Waitrose. Complains everything is expensive. 🤨
Hugo Pearce
Hugo Pearce Pred 5 meseci
*When cpm is shite
Luconium Pred 5 meseci
Reduced food isn't bad it's just what tesco cant see due to the lack of shelf life
Yeetogami Pred 5 meseci
How the turntables
Amazanta Pred 5 meseci
Kon got bullied so hard by the sidemen that he couldn’t say technical difficulty
ferniefordays Pred 5 meseci
8:36 that tea is just milk and water
The Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit Pred 5 meseci
I genuinely love this guy but he makes it sound like this is a challenge. This is how i live.
Ripe Banana
Ripe Banana Pred 5 meseci
21:57 lol
Chicken dipper Juice
Chicken dipper Juice Pred 5 meseci
HumourusLAV Pred 5 meseci
wasabi probably hates kon!!
Myst1x Pred 5 meseci
You deserve more subs than 400k
Myst1x Pred 5 meseci
This guy deserves more followers
xd IHyperl
xd IHyperl Pred 5 meseci
Kon fuck the prices what about the dates 😂😭
ConorInnit Pred 5 meseci
ur oven or mircowave is called sidemens
M4H1E Pred 5 meseci
Just watching this coz I’m fasting and I’m ber hungry so imma torture myself
Lizzie Campbell
Lizzie Campbell Pred 5 meseci
Let's be honest what does everyone actually use vpn for....
Trvpicxl Pred 5 meseci
What is it with this guy and ads.... watch 2 videos. Had 19 ads. Won’t be watching you again.
Majed Mansour
Majed Mansour Pred 5 meseci
0:36 plays a lot of UNO I assume
xZoom Pred 5 meseci
Tesco is very good for reduced shit at like 7pm
Shujinko Pred 5 meseci
When ur broke af and you find something decent on reduced you know you made it in legit an asda near me always has sandwiches and pastry a at 10p on reduced on a night
Kieran Deane
Kieran Deane Pred 5 meseci
Technically the free food is reduced from it's original price soooooo
Josh Collins
Josh Collins Pred 5 meseci
This vid made me realise how much work the BTS guys do compared to the sidemen
Sam Rudkin
Sam Rudkin Pred 5 meseci
We gonna let him slip with putting ketchup on a sausage sandwich
bloregan火 Pred 5 meseci
The good all days when back in the day we went shopping
OdgeBodge Pred 5 meseci
I've been doing this challenge for 20 years
Saeed Alshehri
Saeed Alshehri Pred 5 meseci
“Jacket potato” shout out to Cuckoo 6:48
Aysha siddiqa
Aysha siddiqa Pred 5 meseci
Covid-19 gang
OdgeBodge Pred 5 meseci
Noah Dann
Noah Dann Pred 5 meseci
When someone makes a video on your everyday life: 😢
College Students : *_AMATEURS_*
Dream King
Dream King Pred 5 meseci
anyone else annoyed that kon used a bread kinfe to cut up chicken?
Jagdeep Singh
Jagdeep Singh Pred 6 meseci
I rate the effort
Aidan CE
Aidan CE Pred 6 meseci
This isn’t anything special, Uni students have been doing this for years.
Alister David
Alister David Pred 6 meseci
My Indian dad is laughing at this video
Shilen Patel
Shilen Patel Pred 6 meseci
how are you just going to show vikks girlfriend like that lol
Zinc Pred 6 meseci
@Shilen Patel at what time?
Shilen Patel
Shilen Patel Pred 6 meseci
@Zinc the blonde girl in the background
Zinc Pred 6 meseci
who is it
itslaila Pred 6 meseci
Damn i didn’t realise how much work he has to do
Jay Young
Jay Young Pred 7 meseci
Are u eathans brother
Justashton69 Pred 7 meseci
i think kon should do some gaming videos i think he would be jokes
Oxility Tea
Oxility Tea Pred 7 meseci
that he is romanian
Astro Pred 7 meseci
Kon is so underrated
Z. A.
Z. A. Pred 7 meseci
To be fair, EU food safety laws are extremely strict, so most foods in this video are perfectly fine and would not even be reduced in most countries in the world. We, as human beings, are simply spoiled in this day and age. Also, I used to eat those Waitrose reduce pastries too mate as a Uni student ;)
Benjamin M
Benjamin M Pred 8 meseci
Hey Kon, Where did you get that mouse pad?
QuantumCaza Pred 9 meseci
Love the video bro actually NAHHH I love all of the videos you make!! legit inspiring me to make other videos on my channel other the coffee
Ella M
Ella M Pred 9 meseci
im new to ur channel but that girl that he was with in waitrose seems so toxic she was giving and telling him always waht he picked was unhealthy and giving him the healthier option for obvious reasons
Demxnbxyxo_999 Pred 9 meseci
6:23 who's that girl at the back???
Toni German
Toni German Pred 9 meseci
Just realised. Close your eyes. Sounds like callux
SkeppyJr Pred 9 meseci
I think he liked the Kashimiri chicken curry, they make some Hot Curry..
Catching fish as big as CARS